More Graphic Art from the Hollows

Lots of stuff today.  First, here’s a shot of my favorite so far to win the Westminster, the French Bulldog, Bru.  This is an absolute fabulous dog in my opinion, and he took best in breed for the non-sporting group.  He had an indescribable air of class as he took his walk.  Sort of a man’s dog, if you know what I mean,  His handler had on a tux, and the two of them looked a pair.  He’s confident and cool, and he knows he looks good.  (grin)

But I know you didn’t come here for my opinion on who’s going to win Westminster.  I’ve got more graphic novel art for you today!!!!  This page is more toward the end than the beginning, and this isn’t what you’re going to see when it’s finished, though it’s really close. (Just one more batch of pages to go, and we move on to the colorist!)

Some of the changes I asked for was to take out the shawl-draped hanging light over Rachel’s desk, a slight modification of Ivy’s duster to look more flowing, and we gotta do something about Rachel’s hat.  But that second panel is wonderful, and the next as well.  One of the reasons I wanted Pedro to do the pencil sketches was his fabulous facial expressions, and here you can see some of his talent.  I also appreciate that the women he draws look like real women.  Oh, and the guy?  That’s Denon.  Dude, he really nailed him as far as looks go.

So, any takers today to put some words to the pictures?  -grin-  I’m not going to say how close you are to the truth of it, and there are no right or wrong answers.  Have fun!  ;-).

Tomorrow I’m going to try to explain a bit on the delayed release of the e-books.  I’ve got some good news, and some bad news . . .  And I might have to delay my post until Thursday. Harper/Eos wants to talk about it at the same time, and they might not be ready.


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89 responses to “More Graphic Art from the Hollows

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  2. Right, lol. I’ve finally come up with some dialogue.
    91.1 – Rachel: So, you’re going to bite me right?
    Ivy: Sure, just let me get my coat.
    91.2 – Rachel: Excellent! See, i’m stretching out my neck to make it easier. Is this a good position?
    91.3 – Denon: YES!!!
    Rachel: Hey, back off ghoul! This is not your moment of glory. You’ll never have one thinking bout it. Save maybe for a moment of gory…
    Ivy: Rachel, last time you warned me not to foreshadow…

  3. I can’t believe HarperCollins released 8 chapters! Yay!

    Here’s my attempt:

    *bpuh, bpuh, bpuh* (Orange juice filling glass.)

    Rachel: *Ppuff* I don’t see why we have to wait just because Mr. No Neck says.

    Denon: If you don’t stop spinning in circles and shut up, I’ll show “you” just how accurate that little endearment was.

  4. Tiffany

    You’re right, the facial expressions are great!!

    OK, a totally non-serious stab at the dialogue for this artwork:
    1 – Ivy: “Did you know that being upside down helps you think up palindromes?”
    2 – Rachel: “Mmm tea  eat  mmm”
    3 – Dennon: “Stop it Rachel, she’s only kidding.”

    Also, just wanted to send you my thanks also. Thanks for this blog where we get to meet you and all of these wonderful people who are your fans. And thanks for the NaSty sandbox, we’re having fun with it 🙂

    • Hi, Tiffany. 😉 I like your dialog! Fun!

      And it’s been my pleasure to remain so accessible. You guys are great! I’m so glad you’re having fun in the sandbox!

    • NVLOVE

      Kim, I hate to try to contact you this way but I was hoping you would be willing to be “accessed” by a writing student (me) for a very short, informal interview for my research paper I am doing on the book publishing industry? If you choose not to I totally understand.

      I had a total burning bunny moment the other night and could not resist attempting to contact you. Look forward to seeing you in Portland/Cedar Hills for the book signing of BMS!

    • Antonio Rich

      🙂 LOL!

  5. Chelikins

    Ok.. I got to the thing late. I had to work.. I posted my two posts before I went back to read the replies you had wrote and found out you were already gone. I did answer your #1 question. Wasn’t sure if you were gonna go back and see if there were scragglers. Let me know and if you didn’t I will post my question I asked and I will post my reply to your #1 if you want it!

    Oh yea.. the chapters Harpers posted were awesome!!


    • Hi, Chelikins. I had to quit at eleven thirty. I’d been on the computer for ten hours. It was much like sitting and answering email for ten. hours. I couldn’t see straight anymore.

  6. Lurker

    Not much of a French Bulldog fan, but I’d prefer him over that Scottish Terrier that is winning everything right now. 🙂

    So, you have all the panels done (at least first run)? That must mean the story is done and you will start being evil and taunting us with snippets! :)-

    • Lurker

      I still don’t know what the hell is so great about that scottish terrier… :/
      I really wanted the Puli to win it.

    • Hi, Lurker. I’m not much of a Scottish Terrier person, either, but I’m good with the choice. Tere are some years I just scratch my head and wonder. I was rooting for the Whippet or the French Bulldog.

  7. Congratulations on the graphic novel. It’s coming along nicely. I won’t touch the dialogue. I’ll read it when it comes out. 😉

  8. tracy

    Hey Kim,
    I love the art .. looks awesome!! When might the graphic novel be released?
    Oh, Gotta tell ya, I was looking around and couldn’t believe that you have a pen name!!! At first I was soo surprised .. and then all I could think was “Holy Shit, now I can read more books!!” LOL
    Will there be anymore Truth or Princess books in the future?

    • Hi, Tracy. We’re looking at summer 2011 for the release.

      Yep! -grin- I wrote a bunch of books under Dawn Cook, as well. If you like fantasy, give them a try! I don’t plan on any more books, no. The Truth series ended properly, and the Princess books had a happy ending, so I’m good.

  9. Jay

    That’s Denon!!! Wow, stolen right out of my minds eye! Ivy has the “constant simmer” look that I always picture on her face. Didn’t know about a graphic novel coming. Sweet, something else to look forward to!
    Denon to Rachel, whispering sweet nothings and asking for a dinner date? Tinks Diaphragm!!! I don’t think so!!

  10. Kathy Long

    So Sorry! I totally didn’t get that that’s a duster on Ivy. I was thinking why is Denton at the Church?

  11. Kathy Long

    o.k. Is that Ivy’s Kimona hanging on the coat rack in the second box?

  12. Sue, Chicago

    Kim, What has gotten into Harper Collins? 7+ Chapters of BMS at the link from the Author Tracker email!!!! Oh, I’m going to have a difficult time waiting for my copy of the book! I haven’t had a chance to do my usual re-read in preparation for the new book, but I got sucked into the Hollows world so easily, I almost couldn’t believe it. And the mention of Kisten just made tears come to my eyes!

    • Sue, Chicago

      Oh, and BTW, the Frenchie was on Martha Stewart today. Very good looking dog! I don’t get cable anymore and, therefore, can’t see the show. I used to watch it religiously every year. That is probably the show I miss the most about not having cable.

    • Hi, Sue. I don’t think that the chapters are complete after the first three, but I could be wrong. Enjoy!

      Very cool that Bru was on Martha Stewart! He’s a sweet looking dog. I think he showed better on Tuesday, though.

  13. JanisHarrison

    Haven’t caught the dog show, although it’s a wonderful event. Have watched a teeny bit of the Olympics. I am involved (obsessed?) with this story I started to be a SHORT contribution to NasTy. Well, it’s over 10K words now, and my witch and werewolf are sharing a home (although they haven’t gotten down to sharing a bed), but the first big confrontation from the outside world is brewing…

    Thank you, Kim, for accommodating the NasTyRoMo. Somehow it unblocked me from not being able to write. I have enjoyed and obviously benefited from your generosity and practically writing a tutorial on how to get it started and keep track of it.

    I also enjoy participating in this blog, and all the bright spirits here.

    Blessed be!

  14. Phil

    *trumpets sound* We NaSties wish to give you, Kim, a proper and most sincere token of our gratitude and appreciation for your generous assistance in our efforts with storytelling. We bake you a big cake, cyberly-speaking. You are our inspiration!

  15. What a pretty post! Thank you for making my day.

    I’m with you about the hang-light. I think i understand what you mean by expressions, both second and third look a moment in time, about to keep on flowing. It’s as if i stare long enough i’ll see Rachel’s hair swinging.

    Can’t really think of words, however, their desks look a bit too small for office use. And Rachel’s has decoration on sides? A hand-me-down or bought just to piss Denon? Or both maybe, knowing Rachel. 🙂

    Denon looks like the brute i pictured him. And Ivy looks as uninterested and unfazed about him as ever if i’m not mistaken.

    Do you think it’s possible for you to share some finished drawing with us in the future? I’m looking forward to this GN. It’s like a dream come true.

  16. Jenn

    Hi Kim,

    It sounds like you have a great V-Day (part 1 & part 2). Mine was pretty good too!
    I loved the vid of your pups, very sweet…
    I’ve been watching the Olympics & yelling at my TV….*grin*
    The GN looks fantastic! I can’t think of any dialogue right now but I’ll think on it & get back if I can!

  17. Woohoo, I love the art for the graphic novel!

    Not sure if you know this, but I got an alert from the author tracker today about BMS and Harper Collins has the first several chapters of it up! 😀

  18. suzannelazear

    In honnor of Kim Harrison Appreciation I have written a Haiku about burning bunnies…

    Flash. Bang. Soot streaked floor.
    Burning Bunnies on the loose.
    Uh oh. Must write *now*

    Okay, not the best. But Bobo was hungry and couldn’t find any old people so he ate my burning bunny I had around for inspirations…


  19. Antonio Rich

    OK…Hmmm…words to pictures. Here goes:


    IVY: “I like Skyline’s Dream Big for Best in Show. She has a pretty face.”
    DENON: “She’s a hound! Hounds don’t win. Sadie is going to run away with it.”


    RACHEL: “I don’t know, I think Paula was right. I think Sadie WAS a little pitchy. What a minute…what are we talking about again?”


    IVY: (exasperated sigh) “Pay attention Rachel, we’re not talking about American Idol.”

  20. Chelikins

    Got my Harpers thing today with the extra pages!! Woot.. will read them when I get home from work tonight. i know they will be awesome Kime!

  21. That looks great! Can’t wait to cuddle the final product! And yes, I do hug my favorite books.

    By the way, the NaStys have declared today “National Kim Harrisson Appreciation” day. So in NaStyLand, we are prepping for a party with lots of balloon animals and burning rabbits (well, they don’t know it yet but I am planning it.)
    All of this to tell you that we might have gotten our own blog now but we aren’t deserting you. So here’s your ode… kind of… attempting to be…
    *clears throat*

    “Oh, Kim Harrison!
    We were lost and bland in the desert of life
    But your sparkling words ended our strife
    And brought us together on your blog’s shore
    To follow your daily post, your writings galore
    Thus was born our garrison.

    Then came NaStyRoMo.
    A weird idea that corraled a motley crew
    An idea you nurtured with the ground where it grew
    The NaSty invasion you took in with a smile
    Has now moved but will never forget the isle
    Where it got its glow.

    Oh, Kim Harrison!
    Thanks for writing wonderful stories
    Thanks for caring about your groupies
    Thanks for welcoming all of us, NaStys
    And here shall end the list of your glories
    We love you, Kim Harrison.”

    Yeah… well… I overdid it, didn’t I? I said it’s not to be taken too seriously right? Guys? *looks around, desperately searching for support*

    • Phil

      I totally second what Aheila said!!!! 🙂

    • suzannelazear

      Great job, Aheila.

      Wow, balloon animals? Great. I’ll bake the brownies.

    • mudepoz

      Hands Aheïla pom pons. 🙂

    • Antonio Rich

      🙂 Well said! Our little sandbox has been fun! Thanks!

    • Yeah! NaStys unite!
      Brownies! What a delicious idea!
      We should cosplay too. Hollows characters or NaStys only.
      I think I’ll go for one of Jenks’ kids. I feel “girly pixy” today.

      Ok, enough with the crazy thingies, I’ve got work to do!

    • Kylie Ru

      That was total awesomesauce, and it conveyed our gratitude delightfully!

    • Jenn

      Very nicely done Aheila!
      I fully support this NaSty RoMo post!
      I have yet to get over to read everything due to OT at the office & moving…but I’m hoping to get over there tonight & take a look…
      Thanks in advance Kim…you rock!

    • *laughs* I leave you guys alone for a few hours and we have ballads…
      But, I have to say, I second! Or third… Or… LOL. Well. I support the ballad!!
      Thank you for the sandbox Ms. Harrison. 🙂

    • Marsha

      Oh I wholeheartedly agree. You have been so good to us.

    • Tiffany

      *support found!*
      *clears throat*
      *starts up singing in the round*
      “Oh, Kim Harrison…”

    • Hi, Aheila. Oh. Wow. That is so cool! Thank you, guys!! -grin-

      I’m really proud of you for collectively stretching your creative muscles, and I think it’s wonderful that you are finding your own blog space. -happy smile- You really need it. 😉

      Thank you, thank you!

  22. Phil

    I like le bulldog francais, though I don’t know that he’s my favorite. Can’t decide. But love the show. Oh, except for the woman who was pulling her dog a little too vigorously!
    The graphic looks soooooo good!!! Almost BMS time…;)

    • Hi, Phil. You saw that too? I thought it was totally inappropriate. The dog didn’t look like it needed correction. But I wasn’t the one holding the leash.

      I’m glad you’re liking the artwork. Me too!

  23. I missed the show. The Tall Dude is a Luddite and we don’t have DVR. Today I am heading home to hibernate.

    I love the rough, you’re spot on, his faces are killer.

    Eyes are burning…out I go.

  24. Chastity

    Kim, the GN looks great! Can’t wait. But you know what I’m excited about right now? Black Magic Sanction release!!! I’ve been working and I’ve been away from the internet for a while now, so I just read the ‘blurb’ about the book….OMG!!!!!!! Rachel has to put her trust in Trent, AL and (dare I say) Nick? OMG! My heart is racing and I’m literally bouncing in my seat as I type this!!! Of course, I’ve pre-ordered my copy, but still I have to wait until NEXT WEEK!! Sometimes, Life just isn’t fair!!! LOL!!!

    Anyway, just wanted to stop by and catch up, say hello (hello by the way) and to share my excitement about the book!!!!! By the way, they are calling you a genius…like we didn’t already know this! DUH!!!

    Much Love!!!

    • Frotee

      I just got my very own POB at work – so I can get my packages the day they are delivered, not the day after when I have to pick them up at the post-office. Big Step towards getting Black Magic Sanction at least a tiny bit earlier 🙂
      The pencil sketches look really nice, btw.

    • Thanks, Frotee. I think they are looking good, too.

    • Hi, Chastity. -grin- Sounds like you’re as excited as I am! Days now. I hope you like it when you get your copy. This is one of my better ones, I think.

  25. UK Kate

    Hiya Kim,

    In answer to your question a few days back, Crufts is the biggest doggie event on the British calendar. It even draws some competitors from Europe and occasionally further afield. It’s a massive deal over here and takes over Earl’s Court. There’s best of breeds, best in shows, best of this, best of that the list is huuuuge! They also have agility comps and fly ball. I love watching flyball! The dogs are so fast.
    The winner of Best in Show at Crufts ends up on the front of all the Pedigree Chum dog food for the following year and on the ads on TV (as well as winning lots of money and claiming the prestige of winning…)

    Until one of us isn’t working full time, dogs on telly are as close as Ben and I are going to get to owning a pooch :.( but still, our kitties are gorgeous and so full of personality they keep us busy 😉

    The graphic novel looks awesome, I’m really looking forward to seeing it all coloured!

    Take care, hope you are keeping well.
    UK Kate

  26. Hey Ms. Harrison!

    I have no idea where i was yesterday, lol. I looked at your post but never commented. I blame the new addition to my PS3 collection… I wanted to say that your dog is really cute, lol. Shame. I’d be scared that I’ll misplace my dog if it’s that small…
    Yes, The Nasty’s wants to say today that: We love you (Afrikaans – Ons is lief vir jou!) and thank you for indulging us!! *bows* 😉 I think I speak for all of us when I say that you are among our most favorite people, lol.
    Have a great day! I’m off to go help a friend with her dog utility class (shelties).
    Have a great day. I’ll come back later with some pane dialogue. Gotta think about it for a moment or two, lol.


  27. Kylie Ru

    I’m rather fond of the shiba inu. Um, is that Edden? Oh, I think today we NaStys are to tell you we love you . . . for the pages you let us play in. Sooooo . . . love you, Kim-san! Okay, guys, don’t leave me hanging here . . . .

    • Kylie Ru

      Jeez, I’m a moron! I was so excited to look at the art, that I didn’t read the rest of the post. I scrolled up and realized there were more words! Sorry, Kim-san. Wait, doesn’t Edden have a mustache anyway?

    • Phil

      I won’t leave you hangin’, Kylie-chan … we most emphatically loves you for giving us playtime, Kim-san!!! 😀

    • Hi, Kylie-san. 😉 It has been my pleasure to set aside some space for you guys. I’d give you some more, but it sounds like you’re growing up and moving out of the house. (laugh)

      Oh, and that’s Denon! Not Edden. We don’t meet Edden until DWW, and these books take place before then.

  28. Indy

    Hi Kim!!! Looks great. When’s the release date for the GN? Plus, we didn’t catch the dog show, but our favorite is always the pekingese. I love that little furry body with the slow walk. lol Who won for the toys?

    • Indy

      I keep forgetting to ask this: with the graphic novel starting, does that mean their needs to be a third burning bunny added to the family?

    • Hi, Indy. We’re looking at summer 2011 for a release. They have to work it around the regular Hollows releases so they don’t compete. The French Bulldog won for the toy group. Nice dog.

      Mmmm, third bunny. I think so!

    • Wait a moment. It was the toy poodle who won the toy. The French Bulldog won the non-sporting. hee-hee

  29. Kelly Golden

    I love it can not wait …..

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