Bitten by Books

Just a reminder that I’ll be over at Bitten by Books tomorrow from noon until midnight.  I’m giving away a prize pack drawn randomly from posters, so if you’re interested, pop on over and RSVP before the event to have a slightly better chance.  😉  And it’s a good idea to make sure your machines are talking before the event, as well.

Dog show tonight!  So I’m excited about that.  It’s sort of become Guys and my Valentines tradition which we stretch over two days.  The big thing around here right now, though, is that we had a weekend of snow!  It’s gone now, but these were taken Saturday morning,

just as the sun was coming up.  For about fifteen minutes, the snow in the tops of the trees was gold from the rising sun, not white, and against the pure blue of the skies it was a singularly unique sight in the middle of SC.  Breathtaking.  The dogs, too, have become used to it, and I’ve got a 40 second video of them down below.  I don’t like to use the pages here to show off my dogs, but I’d like to add some video to the website in regards to the tours, and I have to practice so I know what I’m doing.  (grin)  But Xander really likes the snow.  Go figure.

We are a week out from the release of Black Magic Sanction, but I’d like to shift gears a little tomorrow and show you some art from the upcoming graphic novel.  No Kisten yet, but we’re close.  (grin)


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  1. David Sylvester

    Doigies are wonderful. They are just pure love. Kim, I listen to your books on Do you know when they will have BMS?

  2. Chelikins

    Kim the video was wonderful. Add a video anytime you like! I can’t wait.. BMS BMS BMS !!! woot woot

    • Hi, Chelikins. I’m glad you liked it, but honestly, I felt funny putting it up there. I needed to practice so I can do it while on tour, and I learned something new already to make it faster, so it was time well spent.

      One more week!!!!

  3. Kylie Ru

    Wow, I’m posting really late. Umm, those are some pretty pics, Kim-san! BMS is sooooooo close! *happy happy happy dance*

  4. Frederique

    Those pictures are stunning and the video of the pups is adorable. I think if I took my pup to the snow she would just look at me like “you’re kidding right”.

    I need BMS to come out like now so I can kick butt on the treadmill again. I just get so bored on there if I’m not reading. When I read one of your books I can walk 4 miles and not notice it.

    Also a random note, I have not been able to get my avatar thingy up (must be my lack of tech skills) it keeps saying someone is already using my name and I keep saying “yeah it’s me”.

  5. Dina

    I am so very excited to be getting Black Magic Sanction next week. I have a countdown that I like to look at every few days and *squee* at. It is also the only thing I requested for Valentine’s day despite being a week after the actual Holiday because it is the only thing I want at the moment. You’ve left me completely excited this week with prospects of new goodies to look at and read.

    Enjoy the dog show and I love the snowy pictures!

  6. Those photos just need headstones and it would look like the church’s backyard. Just beautiful. I RSVP-ed to the Bitten by Books and am now texting my Hallows friends. I cannot wait for your next book and the longing has only intensified since I read the chapter you posted. I know you already know, but you are the queen! Keep up being your wonderful self.

    • Very cool, Jessica! I’ll see you over there. 😉 I might be a little late because I have a phone interview at 1:00 EST, which happens to be noon, Central. Ahhh, fun with time zones. . . .

  7. Stephenie

    It’s snowing here again. I don’t know why I’m surprised, I’ve lived through February in Iowa 20 times now and it ALWAYS snows, yet every year I hope. My iPod and I don’t like the snow.
    Kim, I have a question for you about… self-editing I guess. Some of my stories are alternate reality I guess; like the Hollows, they don’t follow the same trajectory as actual history, or reality. So they’re highly complex with a lot of different species, and rules, and histories. I always get bogged down trying to figure out how to shortly and sweetly explain things. It ends up being an encyclopedia. I love the way you’re able to explain enough to have people understand the world you’ve created, but still be able to surprise them (like the banshee’s 😀 ) Do you struggle to not put too much information in, or is that something you’re able to do easily? If you do struggle, how do you self-edit it out?

    End of longest story question ever.


    • Hi, Stephenie. You’re getting snow? Ours is gone for another year, I think.
      You asked about self editing? Actually, I have the opposite problem, and I leave out too much, leaving the reader confused if they don’t like the immersion style of storytelling. I have to work to get it in there. You might try to write it as spare as you can, and keep telling yourself that you can always add it in later or wedge it in another chapter–right when they need to know.

  8. JanisHarrison

    Your little clip of Xander being a busy little dog was cute! And obviously Aleix wants very little to do with snow! I agree with all: the windchimes added a je ne sais quoi, perfect for the writer of the Hollows series. And that gate is GORGEOUS.

    • Thanks, Janis! I like working in the yard, and the fence was the latest edition. Windchimes . . . Gotta have them. I have a tiny set hanging from my desk lamp, and it rings when I really get going on my keyboard and the desk starts to shake. (laugh)

  9. Kerry P

    Pre-ordered BMS today – this is the first time in my life I have pre-ordered a book! cant wait! i also RSVPed for the chat at BBB for tomorrow – questions ready (although not sure how it will work but can’t be that hard right?). Have a great week Kim!

    • Hi, Kerry.
      I’m not really sure how it’s going to work, either, but I think you just drop your question in right where you RSVPd, and we go from there. 😉

      Thank you for your pre-order! They keep track of stuff like that. Hope you enjoy BMS. I think it’s way better than WWBC.

  10. Cannot wait for the art from the graphic novel Kim! And i’ll say it again. I am So excited for the new book’s to come out! Only a little longer! This has nothing to do with the post. But i was over at your music page. And Thanks to ODW i find myself really liking Al. Do you have an more music ideas for him? I’ve noticed only one. He is a great character, and i love listening to the music you have associated with all of them. Just wondering, have a great week Kim!

    Jen UK

    • Hi, Jennifer.

      Mmmm, I am liking Al, too. sigh. I’m not supposed to, right? I don’t have any new music for Al, no. Sorry. He’s kind of being an enigma.

      I hope you like the page from the GN today.

  11. Jemma

    Awe! Xander’s definitely loving it, lookit her little tail go!

    And trust tomorrow to be the only day I’m actually doing something and won’t be able to go to Bitten by Books. I’m dragging my sister to London with me to see Megan Mullally (Karen from Will & Grace) sing with her band. 🙂

    I just thought I’d mention that today I was in a bookstore in town and noticed that they’d put up a Dark Fsntasy display thing with picks of some of their favourite authors and they had DWW up on a little pedastool. Made me smile. 🙂


  12. Lurker

    Hey, you should ship some of that over to Vancouver. I hear they are giving great prices right now for snow of any kind 🙂
    We are headed to a dog show in a couple weeks out here. Its the first one we have been to, so it should be kind of fun.

    Begin the countdown for BMS!

    • OooOOO. What kind of dog show? Conformation? Agility? Obedience? Rally?
      Inquiring dog idiots want to know.

    • Lurker

      Im guessing it is the conformation kind. Its the Silver Bay kennel club 3 day show out here at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. Athough wifey does want to do some agility stuff with the pup. I like the agility deals. We call it the doggy olympics hehe

    • mudepoz

      I know that show! Personally, I don’t do conformation, I hire someone to show the show dogs. But…we’ve done rather well in obedience, tracking, hunting, and the dogs love agility. I get lost.

    • Hi, Lurker. Good luck at the dog show if you’re competing!

    • Lurker

      not competing, just going to see whats what.

  13. Frotee

    Urgh, Snow…How about I send you a whole country’s worth of snow (between 2 months and 2 days old)? But it really does look beautiful in the morning’s sunshine 😉 And my dog loves it, too…aaaand it has the advantage of leaving her comparably clean. Your puppies are adorable 🙂
    But is it just me or are they showing small signs of…umm…to much love (around their tummies)? 😉

    Greetings from Germany, Carina

    • No way, Frotee. You can keep your nasty old snow. I like mine, the kind that looks pretty for a day, then melts. -laugh- Xander does indeed have a bit of weight to lose, yes. We’re working on that. She’s lost a pound, so we’re headed in the right direction.

  14. Oh wow that is absolutely gorgeous! The only place it snows in CA is up in the mountains. But I wouldn’t live in it, i hear stories from friends about getting snowed in and having to shovel the walkway for hours at a time!

    I love the video, the dogs are adorable, and is that a wind chime I heard?

    • Hi, Candace. Everyone in our neighborhood parks in the street when there’s snow forecast. The drives are really steep.

      Yup, that’s wind chimes. I’ve got three. Two outside, one inside on my desk where it chimes when the keyboard starts to smoke. -grin-

  15. suzannelazear

    How pretty. It’s 82 degrees today. I’m still sick, the hubby’s sick. The tot is eating all my chocolates while watching TV, lol.

    Any tips for speaking on a panel? I just found out the steampunk panel I’m on got approved for RWA nationals in Nashville. I’m very excited, but I’m a little nervous. I’m feeling underqualified right now, lol.

    Happy Monday!
    ~Suzi and the tot

  16. Antonio Rich

    I think the dogs are like “I can’t smell anything! I can’t smell anything!”

    It’s a good thing your not coming up to Ohio this week. Northern Kentucky, Ohio–we’re getting anywhere from 5-10 more inches of snow today. On top of the ice that’s already there. The road crews are doing a great job though, so no worries…

    Man! Those BBB interviews–you get hammered with hundreds of questions. I’m guessing your not going to get any writing done tomorrow. But–it’ll be fun, right? Answering “why did you kill Kisten?” a couple dozen times… 😉

    • Hi, Antonio.

      Okay. Time to get rid of the snow in Ohio. I’m coming up next week, and I want a no-snow zone. -laugh-

      I’m not planning on getting anything done Tuesday, no. It’s a dead day. Dead, dead, dead.

  17. wow!
    Not yet Kisten, but close?

    don´t complain about your very few, small, tiny, pixie-sort of snow flakes….grin

    germany is a refrigerator since december, 19., during the weekend we´ve got about 21 cm of new snow…but unfortunately is the north – where i live – really, really flat
    i bought some clothes for my dogs, which were so expensive, i couldn´t believe it. My dogs are over 60 cm shoulder-height, maybe the oversize has done the price. And what did the shivering, poor little dogs do ? They ate the clothes up! Well, not at all, but they cut it to pieces, and the younger one, her name is Leilani, liked it first and later didn´t – puked it all over my couch. I guess, I´ll take them today for a very long walk – naked!

    • Hi, Michaela. No complaints from me about snow. Really. It is such a rarity here, and I miss it.

      OMGosh, I’m so sorry your dogs ate their clothes. Aleix hates it when I put anything on her other than a scarf, so I don’t anymore. She shivers when she’s outside, but she takes care of business fast!

    • hmm..i think i can´t do anything but respect, that they don´t like to wear any clothes….unfortunately did i spent about 150 €…..expensive stuff. My husband complained about it and told me to heaten the house up. That would be cheaper than 150 € warm feeling in a dog´s coat for five minutes…
      i believe you without any doubt, that that very special sentence was hard to you. I´ve had only to read it but you “invented” it…don´t thank me for liking it, the hollows are an enrichment to my very stressy daily life over here.
      I´m always happy just to talk about books i really like, share them with others, and i don´t know many autors who are willing to correspond with their readers like you do.
      Don´t want to leave a slime trail, enjoy the dogshow, maybe you´ll find a third puppie?

    • Third puppy? OMGosh, it would have to be very special in how I found it. We are maxed out on four-footed kids. 😉

  18. becca

    wow some nice snow there kim..looks like bliss my 2 tots would love to build a snowman there.
    i was once told that florists tend to either be pyhscotic or possible mental problems in later life….they might have just be refuring to me 😉
    i would love to see a charachter in a book one day that is a florist by day bounty hunter by night(human and other??)…….imagine the presure of mothers day and then having to go out and hunt a were or vamp after hours ;-0 good times……


  19. By the way, is that wind chimes i hear? Sounds heavenly.

  20. God, how i miss the snow! I used to complain that i never wanted to live somewhere cold since i could never warm up. Two years in this new town that has seen snow only twice in the last hundred years, made me realize how precious snow is. This video with your dogs makes me want to jump right into it and roll around with them. If only i could…

    Don’t think i’ll be able to make it to Bitten by Books, but yay! for promoting BMS. Good luck.

    Yummy, new GN pics. Can’t wait! 🙂

  21. It is perfectly legit to post pics of your puppies. After it is Westminster!
    I’ve no idea who the competitive dogs are this year, but I suspect there won’t be a group placing for the ESS. Considering the father, daughter win a few years ago, and then James in 2006? it’s unlikely.

    I love the gate. Aluminum or iron?

    I have one that is perfect for a graveyard. Its Victorian, cast iron, very shabby chic with white paint flaking.

    Someday I’ll put in the picket fence, gazebo and install the gate. Someday.

  22. Chris

    Wow, a good bit of snow in S.C. and the furries like it! Locally, the locals be tempting the gods they be…calling our expected snow this evening of 1-3 inches a “laughable storm”. Normally everyone would be panicking, going to stores to stock up and schools would be closing. We’ll see. Taking the princess to health campus for bloodwork now. She hates needles but loves dragons. Her deviant art page depicts her dragon drawings. Already had my ultra sound for my ruptured discs this am., so off to busy start.

  23. Oh show off the babies! I love dogs, and cats too. In fact pretty much everything but spiders. Our snow was so beautiful as long as it lasted. Glad I took pictures ’cause it didn’t last long.

  24. Wow your yard looks gorgeous! I only wish you had tour stops were further south… maybe in Florida???? I have been waiting for one to pop up, but to my disappointment it looks like you will stay to the north. Oh well! I hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day! I just worked together with other half to paint and tile our kitchen… I am finally making a home 😀 I CANNOT wait to see graphics. I love those almost as much as the books. Stay warm!

    • I bet I get to Florida someday, Randa. Or at least Georgia!

      I so totally understand what you mean about making a home. It’s the tailoring that does it, yes? -grin-

  25. Phil

    I’m confused again. Isn’t Bitten By Books a website or online forum?
    Dog show… Yay! I likes them, too!
    Snowy scenes look nice. Actually, they look like here. 😉

    • It’s kind of both, Phil. I think you just jump over and post, sort of like here, and I’ll try to answer as best I can.

      I’m glad you like my snow pictures. It’s all gone now.

  26. Did I read right? Some art from the upcoming graphic novel? And snow? Is it December all over again because this feels like Christmas! 😉

    I’m a little bummed that I won’t be able to be over at Bitten by Book while you’re there but I hope you have lots of fun!