Young Adult release coming up!

Yesterday, was the cover for the Chinese translation of BMS.  Today, It’s the cover for the mm repackage of Prom Nights from Hell. (Yay!)  This is going to come out the same day as Black Magic Sanction, and I’m very curious to see if they show up in the signing line.

If you’ve not heard me mention Madison before, this is where she got her start in the novella Madison Avery and the Dim Reaper. If you have kids who are not quite ready for the Hollows, this might be the perfect gateway drug uh, read. I wrote this with an eye on my adult readers, too, so please don’t dismiss this as “just for the kiddies” before you crack the cover and take a look.  I’ve got a slew of the foreign edition covers that I’ve found up at the website at the PNFH page.

As for the regular work?  I had a great day yesterday creating an I.S. internal document.  Now that I’ve got one, the rest should fall right in line.  -grin-


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  1. Phil

    I’m awaiting moderation again? I could swear I entered this before. Sorry. Shouldn’t happen again. Now I shall choose an avatar.

  2. Phil

    Rachel. Ivy. Valentine’s Day. I’m just saying… I know, I know. It’s not happening. 😦

  3. Chirs

    Kim is there a plan to collect all your short stories from the Hollows? They did it with Charlaine Harris and i thought it might be good to do with yours as well. Thoughts?

    • Hi, Chirs. Huh, someone asked me the same thing over on FB this morning. There is a Kim Harrison anthology in the works, yes, but I’m working on the world books first. The anthology will be a mix of old stories and new, so not all the old stories will be in there.

  4. KatieKate

    Hiya! huge Canadian fan here, had to get this off my chest: I think Trent and Racheal should end up together, there I said it. Super excited for Black Magic!!! The grafic picture of Racheal would make a great t-shirt, also one that says “tinks titties” or Kalamack for president. I also am a fan of the dog show, its kinda like the Miss usa pagent only without the swim suit compitition and the boob and butt tape. Happy v-day.

    • Stephenie

      I have to say I agree on all fronts. We definitley need more Hollows t-shirts (and posters, but I think I’ve mentioned that to Kim before 😉 …)

      And after rereading the series after the big announcement about Rache’s father and ODW, I agree about the Trent and Rachel thing. I can never decide if I like Trent or not, and I have to say, I’d love to see the HUGE freak out that little tryst would cause on both ends…

    • Hi, KatieKate. I’ve heard your thoughts from a lot of readers, which is why book nine has them in a car together on a road trip. I figure if it’s going to happen, it will happen then. (grin) I’m not telling how it turned out. You’re just going to have to wait.

  5. BECCA

    oh i forgot say to you folks dont forget to go RSVP over at bitten by books for when kim arrives!!woot woot

  6. Frederique

    I’ve been reading your posts but work has been hell so I haven’t been able to comment. I dig the covers 🙂 Oh and also I ❤ nachos!

    Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

  7. PNFH was actually my first read of your books. I picked at the library because I was a fan of Meg Cabot’s and was reading everything I could find. Now a few years later I have to say of the 5 Kim Harrison is my favorite author! This book really is what put my into the Hollows series, of which I am seriously addicted to.

  8. Marsha

    Very nice cover. Something about the rose reminds me of a Georgia O’Keefe painting. I think the way you and guy celebrate Valentine’s Day sounds perfect. You two probably don’t get too much alone time, and you are probably a better cook thatn most restaurant chefs 🙂 We currently have four dogs…enough said about the dog shows.

    • Marsha

      By the way. I’ts been snowing here for three hours. Not something you see in central Alabama very often. It’s about two inches so far, but pretty wet and it should be gone tomorrow. but it’s very beautiful right now.

    • Phil

      Our snow is hanging around a while. It won’t take a hint.

    • Kylie Ru

      I don’t gots no snow!

    • Chelikins

      Mine is the same as Phil’s. Besides the snow hanging around, it keeps inviting more friends and family to join!

    • Hi, Marsha. Me better than a chef? (insert laugh here) No, but I can make some pretty tasty fare. Just not a whole lot of it. But thank you! You just made my day. 😉 We got the snow, too, for about two days. Its gone now but for the chilly spots, which I’ve been noting so I can plant cool-loving plants there.

  9. Maddie

    Black Magic Sanction Library Edition ? What exactly is the library edition?Are there a different release dates on Library editions ?

    • Hi, Maddie. I’ve not looked into these, but I’m thinking they are simply beefed-up on the bindings and such. I would very much doubt that they are anything that a collector would want, and it would be my guess that they would come out later if not the same day. Just guesses here.

  10. Judi in NJ

    Cool covers! I just finished the Truth series and I LOVED it! After the BMS release (and read) I will start on the Princess series. Started my WWBC re-read in prep for BMS…and this time I am prepared! Box of tissues…check….Reese’s PB Cups…check (I’ve been on a kick since Halloween…help!)…huge sunglasses so that when I laugh out loud while reading in public, no one knows who I am…check…and a new box of Twinnings Assorted Teas…check! Ok! I’m ready to rock and this year I think I’m doing VERY well keeping the screaming-in-anticipation-for-the-release to myself…but it’s getting really HARD!!!! SCCCRREEEAMMMM! sorry…….

    • mudepoz

      I’ve gotten lazy:
      Check computer for Audible download of WWBC. check.

      Fill MP3.
      Now where is Kim going to sign an MP3!!!

    • shayne

      lol is same for me audio while working 😛 helps keep me sane..ummm well im sure i was sane at one time anyways often get odd looks from customers when i burst out laughing on there roof..other guys i work with r use to it if say i got a book on they dont even bother trying to talk to me cause they know ill be a world away 😛

    • Thanks, Judi. I’m soooo glad you liked the Truth books! I love your pre-read check list. (grin) I’m getting excited, too.

  11. Chris

    I am “all in” awiting the World Book Kim. I came to Rachel’s world a bit later than most I believe. It took me about a month and a half to read the first four. I read the first and then immediately bought all the others Barnes & Noble had and zipped through those. I was searching for a new author with recurring characters. You and Jim Butler were recommended by a few people(staff & patrons) at B&N. Boy am I glad! Now, I eagerly await BMS. A question Kim, if I may? Amoung all actresses today who do you believe most embodies Rachel?

    • Hi, Chris.

      It’s going to be a while before the world book is out because I’m doing it myself, not farming it out, but it’s coming along nicely, and I’m having fun. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the books. Thanks! You asked who embodies Rachel? I’m not up on the younger actresses today that are making waves, but if you go back a little, if you mix Sandra Bullock in Miss Congeniality with Drew Barrymore in just about anything, you’d have my “internal vision” of Rachel. The outside is just the wrappings.

  12. *Blinks* I have no clue what an I.S. document is.
    I’m lucky to be able to use Word. Though I hate the new version.


    I love Madison! (I am NOT an adult. I refuse to be.)
    I’m going to sit in the corner and believe dog saliva is the fountain of youth until *Insert title here* is released.

    Is there a title?

    *Kof* Would you be interested in some bones? *LOL*
    I have more closets to clean…

  13. Phil

    Whoo-hoo! Two releases the same day! *empties piggy bank* I can do this.. 😀 I want to know how Madison got into all this before I read ODTS.
    We are having bundles of fun with NaSty. Thanks, again, Kim, for the pages. I think we saturated them.

    • Hi, Phil. Not a bad idea reading the novella if you’re going to start the Madison series. It is important.

      I’m so glad you guys enjoyed yourself over at NaSty! It was my pleasure.

  14. BECCA

    hey kim
    how are you and the gang,got over the snow??
    some amazing news i went giddy with it,ive managed to track a copy of BMS down so i place order(coming from the usa of course,cost a wopping £19.51 inc shipping)and i went to track status and gulp yep……. dispatched!!!woooohoooo happy dance 😉
    i might even have it before release day…happy for me but does this effect your standing in new york times list etc??
    hope you and ‘guy’get to have a smoochy valentines day…i dont think weve really celebrated it with me being a forist iam was normal working till 3/4 in the morning the day before and in at 6/7 in the morning the v’day so to say the least i just wanted to sleep no nooky 😉 oh well if you cant be loving and caring all year round why bother just for one day???
    becca and co

    • BECCA

      i cant spell …florist duh!!whopping doh!!

    • mudepoz

      Becca, I was a florist all the way through high school and as an undergraduate.
      I remember punching in on a Tuesday and not punching out until Saturday. We filled two reefer trucks in preparation of Mother’s day. Man, I was so young then.

      I don’t envy you.

    • Hi, Becca. We got snow! Just enough, and it lasted two days. Perfect. That is majorly cool that you got a US copy headed your way! Enjoy! I have no idea how it fits into the NYT list, but they might delay registering it until you are scheduled to receive it. (shrug)

      Believe it or not, I worked in a flower shop once.

  15. Kylie Ru

    That cover is total awesomsauce! I want it.

    Yes, I shall wait for nachos. Yesterday finished off my antibiotics, and I haven’t taken any painkillers for the past two days. All is going well!

  16. Hey Ms. Harrison!

    Hmm, Not very pleased with the fact that they put you UNDER Ms. Meyer’s name. I wanted to say something else that came out quite catty so, lol in respect to all authors everywhere, I’ll just say that I like the cover and I’m pleased that you have two books coming out! Congratulations, I can’t wait to read BMS. I tried to find Madison here, but alas, seems that she doesn’t favor SA… Really, I don’t know what century we live in, lol.
    The world book will be a lot of fun, i can tell. I love world books. 🙂 It just gives you something more to work with. Or live in, lol.
    Enjoy your weekend! I won’t make you jealous by telling you what i’m gonna do…
    If it’s any consolation, I laugh at myself a lot as well AND other people tend to laugh at me to. 🙂 So when I laugh at you, 😉 it’s not malicious. More of a… shared fate, lol.

    Have a great weekend ma’am and happy valentine’s day.


  17. suzannelazear

    Who hoo. Prom Nights from Hell is the only anthology I’ve read in a long time where I read, and enjoyed, all the stories by all the authors. I’m not entirely sure who has it…

    I’m felling a little better, so I’m going to attempt to take the tot to school. I just wish it wasn’t such a long drive. I sure hope she doesn’t get whatever I have. She’s got the daddy-daugther dance tonight.

    Happy weekend!

    ~Suzi and the tot

  18. shayne

    am guessing the I.S doc is for the world book..cant wait to read that im sure it will be very interesting and enlightening..ahhhh 11 days to go its like a slow torture 😛 am yet to read any of the madison books but i might give prom dates from hell a read see if it gets me hoooked on another of your series….hmmm wish i hada restarted series a week later i got through the 7 again 2 soon was hoping to finish em for release of BMS but i went through them 2 quick 😛

    • shayne

      lol wooo first post 😛 got in befor all the Americans woke up i thinks 😛

    • suzannelazear

      LOL Shane. I hit the snooze button twice this morning.

    • Kylie Ru

      I thought it was Saturday . . . .

    • Chelikins

      I wish it was Saturday.. oh wait.. I am off today anyways! LOL Three day weekend yea!

      I just got my first two books back, it was the two in one hardcover. Well technically I had to order it to get it back. The girl I lent it to, her neice spilled a drink all over it. We got eleven days so I think I need to reread my books now!

    • shayne

      well it was almost saturday for me when i made the post 😛

    • Hi, Shayne. Yes, the I.S. doc is for the world book. Putting this together is going to fit in well with the next three months, I think. Lots of fun. 😉 I hope you like Madison if you give her a try.