Lookie what I got!

Isn’t that just about the coolest thing?  -grin-  I don’t have it up at the website yet, but I’m going to be messing with the Prom Nights from Hell pictures that I’ve been gathering up, and when those are prepped, they will all go up together.  Seems that Ms. Meyer has stimulated a lot of foreign sales, and I’m good with that!  😉  I’ll have for you the new cover for the mass market tomorrow along with all the foreign editions I’ve dug up.  The paperback of Prom Nights from Hell is coming out the same day as Black Magic Sanction. Whoa, I’ve got two books being released the same day.

But what has my heart a pitter patter today is . . .  You ready for this?  The Westminster Dog show.  Yes indeed.  I wouldn’t miss it for anything.  It’s one of those traditions that Guy and I started even before we were married and were dirt-poor college kids with our stereos on milk crates and thought ourselves lucky.

Valentines day was going to be very bleak if we relied on the usual flowers, candy, dinner out.  It just wasn’t going to happen.  So we stayed in and made nachos together.  (Which was what we ate on our first date.)  The only thing on was the Westminster Dog show, and that’s what we watched, starting a tradition that has lasted over two decades.  (Jeez, I gotta get out more.)

So Monday–and Tuesday!–we will be having nachos for dinner and watching the dog show.  Some might say it’s weird, but I just smile and go buy my ground beef and cheese.  Diamonds might be forever, but nachos give you gas.



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  1. Sandra Treadaway

    tink’s diaphram! that looks great. i am in love with this cover. those asians….with their ways of the samurai.

  2. Oh my goodness, that’s just what I used to do with my daughter, Abigail when I was a newly divorced mom with no money! Hope you’ve had a great day. Perhaps we’ll revisit that memory too. Although at the moment we’re taking a break from a Life on Mars marathon (one of the best, best things ever shown on TV). D.

  3. Jim

    Hey Kim,
    It’s your policeman from the Covington area. Did ya know that the Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption has recently added some VERY large spot lights to the front of the building? Now the place will light up at night for miles around. Hmmmmm, me thinks this is really some “ever after” plot to help the demons in some way? Just keeping you informed and waiting for the 23rd!

  4. Hi Kim,
    finished white witch just before a few seconds and im totally up side down.I don´t know why I always get so emotional about what I read – it´s never this way in cinema – i never cried about a movie, but your chapters 30 to the end of the book nearly killed me. I hope i`ve still an aura 😉
    The way the secret about Kisten´s dead was solved is unique…..there is one sentence on page 494 i can´t get out of my mind…..”tears leaked out even as i fought oblivion, and my mind rebelled, dropping me into a memory lost for an instant in time, triggered by the scent of dust, the sensation of pain, and the feeling of love turned into the pain of sacrifice….
    I guess that´s it…that`s the essence of it, of her….
    Wow I´m really deep drawn, maybe I should bypass the time until i´ll get BMS with Obama`s Biography……maybe it will ground me…..

    but considered at it`s best …..nooooo, i don´t think I could stand that…too cold water after a hot, spicy ride through the hollows!!

    My book leaves Germany tomorrow, it will take about an week to reach you….

    have a fantastic valentine`s day

    • Hi, Michaela. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the books that much. Thank you! That scene was hard on me, too. I’ll keep an eye out for your books. And thank you, again.

  5. suzannelazear

    That’s awsome. The hubby is making me something. The last handmade something was an iron demon stake, so it’s all good. Can’t wait to see what it is. I don’t know what to get him other than I card and a chocolate fish…he axed my idea.

    I’ve spent the day sick and in bed unable to keep anything down. The hubby is like “can you take the tot to school tomorrow, I dropped her off and picked her up today and I have work to do.”

    Well, gee, if I’m up to the 45 min drive (each way) dontcha think I would? It’s not like I’m faking here, lol.

    But to give the hubby credit he did make the tot dinner (french fries) and bought me some medicine and a watermelon.

  6. JanisHarrison

    Kylie-chan, listen to your gran’ma Jan: No crunchy until the stitches are out. Good, very good, that you rinse with salt water. Just keep it up a few days more. Infected wisdom-tooth extraction sites are horrible: I learned the hard way!

    • Kylie Ru

      Thanks, Gran’ma Jan! I haven’t had any crunchy lately. Not much of a problem for me, but I don’t like having limitation in general. I’m just about all healed! But it’s weird. There’s spaces in there!

  7. Tiffany

    Hi Kim,
    Hi Kim,
    Yes!  A curly haired Rachel!  What a great cover! 
    Your nachos and dog show tradition is one of the most romantic things I’ve heard in a while :).  That’s nice to have something that’s specific and out of the ordinary to mark the day and to reminisce.  
    My girlfriend and I are headed out of town for a three day weekend.  Not a tradition for us by any means, but I’m looking forward to it.

  8. Phil

    Love that cover and dog shows, too. My brother and I watch the National Dog Show every Thanksgiving with anyone else who happens to stop by.

  9. RebiNkc

    That’s so awesome! I think that is what Valentine’s Day should be about and not all the hearts and flowers and material things. Enjoy each other’s company and nothing makes the heart melt like nachos and dogs 🙂 Sounds like a good time.

  10. Marsha

    Wow she’s not only gorgeous but hot! The Federal Marshall’s shield confuses me, but it’s cool.

  11. Kim, thats awesome! I am currrently stationed in S. Korea and I found the Twilight books in Korea…they are really neat. They have totally different, hand painted covers. I am going to be looking for Black Magic Sanction when it comes out. I will post a pic for you!

  12. Jemma

    Awe, you and Guy make me smile.
    Forget being a fan of certain relationships in your books, I’m a Kim and Guy fan too! 😉


  13. As long as the tradition has meaning to you and Guy, that is really all that matters. I think it’s wonderful that you guys have continued it on for so long!

    I’ve never seen the Westminster Dog Show but I do remember you mentioning it last year and the year before- this might be the year I bed down with a glass of wine and take a peek at it! I’m not exactly against v-day but by the time it rolls around I am waiting for it to be over- there is only so much I can stand of those pink and red hearts everywhere! I don’t begrudge those who do enjoy V-day- I know it has a very special place in many people’s hearts and my friends get excited about it.

  14. JanisHarrison

    (1) The cover is ab-so-loot-lee gorgeous. If my hair would look like that, I’d grow it out again. (‘Course, I’d need to um, refresh the color a bit.)
    (2) I think that your V-Day tradition so completely eclipses the marketing ploys. I don’t know if I’d choose nachos over diamonds, but I’d certainly prefer nachos over roses.
    (3) Aheila: Your summary just about moved me to tears. So poetic, so beautiful.

    • Hi, Janis. Thanks. I think the cover is wonderful too. And my hair would never look like that. Not in a hundred years. 😉

      Mmm, don’t get me wrong. I’d take a diamond, too, as long as it came with Nachos and the dog show. (laugh)

  15. kim

    Oh, I love WEstminster, too!! My cousin’s dog won BoB there 3 times:^) So now you have to root for my friend Lisa and her Belgian sheepdog Twizzle to (first) win breed and (next) at least place in the group!!!

    Can you tell I love dogs?

  16. Kelly

    Love the cover. Rachel’s hair is great, just how I imagine it. I like the style, too. Though I can’t imagine Rachel wearing white much. The red bra helps. 😀

    I love the fact that you guys have a V-Day ritual. It’s that kinda stuff that reinforces the foundations of our relationships, methinks. Plus, it sounds fun. Happy mutual gas and puppies!

  17. Ooooh! Pretty! I like the tragic beauty of it. I like the “strong, face against the wind” yet fragile and pure aspect in it. I guess I just like it. i wish I could turn it into a poster. It would look perfect against the dark red wall of my reading room.

    Your Valentine’s day classic is so cute! It’s the kind of quirks that defines a couple and makes it unique.

    Diamonds are never but rocks. They cannot weight more than what they physically are. The moments and memories, however, now that’s what anchors a relationship. Their weight is immesurable. May you have many of them. 😉

  18. mousie

    Wow! Sooo cool!!! It looks like ‘Dead Witch [Walking]’ in traditional Chinese, so from/for Taiwan? Is it possible to buy a copy in the US?

    • Hi, Mousie. It is Chinese, but I’m not sure if it’s traditional characters or not. They won’t be commercially availabe in the states, but we have a few copies just for this reason. Give Guy a shout at vampcharms at comporium dot net. He can fix you up. I’ll even sign it for you. (grin)

    • mousie

      =D woot! thanks!

  19. Bob J.

    Dear Kim,

    I love the Japanese cover. But I think the colors In BMS-US are better, and I like the darker side of things to come that it promises.

    I have been tuning up for BMS by reading all the other books, but I finally read the sneak peek on your website. It is great, I love it. We get a look at Al working with Ray. By the way, why is Al using all three of Pierce names. Shouldn’t Al just be bellowing, “Gordian” when he needs his dinner? It is almost like collage,
    Prof Al teaching class, with his grade student Gordian grading papers, and picking up Al’s laundry. Ray is the poor undergrad who is desperately trying to pass DM-101, and gets to go home at the end of the class. (It always seemed like getting a masters is like being a slave for 2 years.) Ray cannot seem to stay out of trouble for more than a few pages. While that fun for all the readers, I would like to see her have a normal day for a chapter or two, and then get hit between the eyes. Now I have to read the rest of BMS ASAP. I really want to know the purpose of Trent, and Ray’s road trip. (I need to see if I am right. You gave a big clue in WWBC, the question is, was it for BMS or for a later book?) I can just see Ivy and Jonathan spinning up. Maybe they can go out for a date while Trent and Ray are on the road. ( Boy, would those two get along.) So hear I sit in Dayton, waiting for the 23 rd. By the way, the website looks great. See you in Dayton.

    Best Regards,

    Bob J

    • Hi, Bob. Thanks! I’m glad you liked the excerpt. I’ll have more next week. (grin)

      Mmmm, you have a great analogy with the demon 101 class. As for Al using all of Pierce’s names? In this instance, I think it was because he was ticked, like a mom using all three names when her kid does something wrong?

      See you in Dayton!

      (and thank you. I’ve been working so hard on the website lately, and I never know if it’s showing well or not.)

  20. Valentine`s Day……big deal in the US ( I guess), tauntingly called florist´s day in germany….since about 10 years i think industries and tradesmen try to convince us that it´s neccessary to take care of “our valentines” – but in fact only few people i know participate on that game.
    In 1986 we had an american exchange student at my school and he was absolutely crazy about the 14. Feb….but we girls didn´t give a dam – how could we, nobody knew what he was doing with all these cards and stuff…and he had a lot to dispense….i was 17 then and got my first valentine present…since then i like it….and he was absolutely cute…..
    so, what are you people give away as presents to Valentinstag ?

    • OMGosh, that is so sweet! I love that story. Isn’t it funny how culture moves us so deeply?

      I’ll be making cookies for Guy. Hopefully he’ll be my valentine.

  21. Jenn

    Hi Kim,

    I love love love this cover! The hair is perfect. Which cover is this? For which book?
    My hubby has decided that we are going out for Valentines this year. I believe we are going to a casino & to do some shopping! It should be fun *grin* The one thing that I want to do is spend one whole day in bed. We did that once & it’s one of my fav memories…watching reading, eating…snoozing….
    Mmmm, nochos….now I have a craving…hehe…
    Up here in Canada, we have a long weekend; monday is Family day which is a national holiday. I can’t wait!
    Hope everyone has a great rest of the day!

  22. That is an awesome cover.

    Looking forward to the new book!

  23. That cover is amazing! (No follow up necessary)

  24. Kat

    Wow! I love that cover! The hair is perfect!

    Very sweet story about the nachos. 😉

  25. UK Kate

    Wow Kim! That cover is gorgeous! Long time no posting for me 😦 sorry! I’ve been poorly and a very busy bunny! We finally booked our holiday. Two weeks in the US, we’re doing one week in Washington DC so I can do research and then one week in Williamsburg to chill, shop and eat a lot of Ben and Jerry’s!! 😉 I can’t wait, May seems so far away!
    But in the mean time I’m on my 3rd draft of my MS now, polishing ready to send off to my ‘special agent’ hopefully the end of this month.
    I’ve also booked myself on a conference specifically for beginner writers, there are so many great courses on it, on rights, plotting, jargon busting and I’ve also signed up for a one-to-one assessment of some more of my work with one of the festival’s book doctors. Should be really good 😀
    And the day job, as ever, sucks. But hey, you gotta pay the bills right?

    Anyhoo, I hope you are keeping well and that you enjoy the dog show. Is it like Crufts?
    All the best to the Harrison household,
    UK Kate 🙂

    • Hi, Kate. Oh, you’re going to have so much fun! Both on vacation, but especially at the writers conference. It sounds perfect!

      I’m going to guess that the Westminster is like Crufts. I’ve not heard of Crufts, though.

    • Kate, it isn’t as big as Crufts. It’s one of the few benched shows in left in the US, but the variety of dogs is smaller (The KC has a wider group of dogs) and our groups are named differently.

      We also show the dogs far more formerly, handlers only show the dog from one side. There is also far more grooming and artifice.

      But in the long run, yes, it’s a dog show. They’ve made some changes, as well, and non champions can compete for points towards their championship. One other difference: American dogs don’t compete against Ch for points. In the UK, they do, for the challenge certificates.

      Does that make sense?

  26. Chris

    No wonder you are my favorite author! lol. My wife and I watch the dog show every year and now our daughter has started watching it too. I continue to pull for an airedale to win but we love all the breeds(as I mentioned before we adopt rescues). We have our own version of spicy nachos also! Put me down for another of the cover lovers–really cool.

    • Hi, Chris.

      Just as long as the poodles don’t win, I’m happy. I’ve got nothing against poodles, but they win so often!

      I’m glad you like the cover. Thanks!

    • So do English springers.

      Very BAD thing for a breed. Really.
      Genetic bottlenecks.
      Geez, can you imagine if Rachel was the ONLY one spawning baby demons!

  27. Antonio Rich

    OK–Finally! Someone gets Rachel’s hair right. I want the marketing wizards at HarperCollins to explain to me why they think Americans wouldn’t go for that cover.

    I’ve never watched the Westminster Dog Show…The Winter Olympics start–I always like to watch that…And this year it’s in Vancouver, a city i’m dying to visit…(Sigh)

    • Chris

      Hey Antonio,
      Don’t know where you live but being from the Pacific Northwest I heartily recommend visiting one of the Canadian crown jewel cities. Everyone should. once in their life, visit Portland, Seattle, Vancouver, and Victoria on Vancouver Island. Nowhere on Earth compares. And yes Forks,Washington(of Twilight fame) really does exist-I worked at the radio station there early in my career.

    • Jenn

      I spent 3 years on Vancouver Island as a kid: kindergarden to Gr 3. I miss it very much. On a clear day from my house, you could see Mnt Baker. Although my favourite part was the fact that we literally lived right on a warf. We could walk out our back door, take about 20 steps & be on the warf catching fresh shrimp & watching the sea otters taking them rigiht back out of our nets! Sigh…now I’m nostalgic…but thanks!

    • Chris

      hi Jenn,

      I too miss the Pacific NW with a passion. Each time I step outside Sea-Tac International Airport I take a deeeepppp breath and realize I have once again returned “home”. Twenty or so steps from my parents front door and I am looking at Mt. Rainier.

    • Antonio Rich

      I’ve never been to the Pacific Northwest. Whenever I ask people to name their favorite NAmerican city, Seattle, Portland, and Vancouver are always in the discussion…

    • I hear you, Antonio. But I’m not messing with my US cover artists. They have never done me wrong. (happy, happy smile)

      Oooh, the Olympics! That’s this year, eh? I’d almost forgot.

  28. Kylie Ru

    Before anybody asks, no, I can’t read that. I know one of the kanji, and I recognize some others as parts of what I do know. But that’s it. Still awesome though!

    I needs to read the Madison books.

    And nachos are always awesome! I want nachos, but I think I should wait a few more days.

    Have fun, Kim-san!

  29. Now that looks like Rachel. I love the cover, but a translation would be cool 🙂 No babelfish without English letters.
    Now why on Earth would watching Westminster with nachos be considered odd. You obviously haven’t been hanging with MY crowd.

    Speaking of which. A major handler in our breed was caught by a bad accident on the Penn freeway on the way to Westminster:

    This is not a fiction—Bad bad accident with a fatality on I-80 in
    Penna…Robin and Aly and their dogs are at a stand still….the State Police
    brought Robin an injured Boston Terrier from the dead person’s car…a hurt
    foot…Police said “Will you take care of this dog?” Robin said, “sure– the
    family can have him back, but first, …he’s going to Westminster!” They fixed
    his little foot, vet wrapped him, and warmed him up!

  30. tattoolady

    the book cover looks amazing! LOVE IT. bms comes out on the same day as my husbands final sitting for his sleeve and he is fussing about getting up at 8 am to be there when the bookstore is open so i can get my copy. he has lived through it before and he will again,lol. if i have to sit in a small tattoo shop for 8 + hours while he is worked on, i can at least have something awsome to read, right? i think it is sweet that you and guy still have that together! nachos and the dog show…awsomeness!
    my husband and i do not really do the gift thing for valentines day as our aniversery is next month and we would rather save it for then. we do, however, make it a point to snuggle down and re-watch the first movie we ever watched together, the lost boys. i hope that you and the pups are staying warm in all the snowy madness.-tattoolady of ct.

    P.s- i ment to to tell you the other day, the picture of your pup snuggled down in her bed with the scarf was sooooo cute. my little boy has been in a similar position in his bed with the heater since november,coming out only for food and only the most urgent and forced walks.

    • Thanks, Tattoolady! I’m liking it, too.

      Mmm, I hope your husband’s tat comes out great. Eight hours, eh? Yeah, you’re going to want a book. 😉

      My pups love their heated beds. I honestly don’t think they would survive my cold tile floors without them. (laugh)

  31. Stephanie

    Love the cover. Very nice. 🙂

  32. My Japanese is pretty rusty (or was that my Chinese?)… Is this Dead Witch Walking? Whatever it is, it is SO COOL! And sexy. Very sexy. 🙂

    Roses-wined-dine is no match for nachos. I think it’s scientifically proven.

  33. Very nice, LOVE her hair in this cover.

  34. Heya Kim
    Great Cover……wished i could look like that……but though i´m doing well with foreign languages i quit chinese or any other asiatic tongue, just too strange – so i keep on reading the englisch original
    Today I read an interview with Clint Eastwood in a magazine, promoting his new film ” Invictus”…..looks like a titel you´ll probably like….???
    Snow, snow, snow, bad-tempered dogs and wet cats…..my living room is a desaster….
    nice day to all

    • Hi, Michaela. Mmmm, I can’t wait to see his latest move, but turning it into a Hollows title might be hard. One word is difficult to play with. We’ll see.

      Hope you get rid of your snow soon. Ours is long gone.

  35. Awesome cover Kim! I cannot wait untill BMS comes out! I just eat up the books and can’t get enough. I just want to curl up with some hot BLACK coffee, and read the new book. Lately I’ve been thinking about trying the drink Minias had. MMmmm raspberry and cinnamon… 😀

  36. Hey Ms. Harrison,
    😀 yes, that’s very nice. Better than the UK covers I have to say (though as you mentioned, their funky in a Kill Bill kind of way).
    I realized quite suddenly that I have to think about something for Valentines day. It’s the first time in three years that my partner and I are on the same continent… I’m not very ‘gift’ inclined. The dog show appeals more to me, lol! That’s brilliant. 🙂 Congradulations on 2 decades. That’s very cool. 🙂
    😉 As to laughing at you, *chuckles* I do so often anyway. 😉 😛
    have a great day ma’am.
    Alyssa (who is bored with her class now (as she has completed her exersise AGES ago but have to wait for the others) and wishing for 5pm to arrive.)

    • -grin- Yes, laugh at me. I’m laughing at me, too. But it is what it is, and it works. The entire ball of wax.

      I’m liking the cover, too, but I do believe it’s a bit racy for the US public. (laugh)