And so it begins . . .

Yesterday I worked on sketching out the Hollows world book with a feeling of Deja vu.  And actually, it’s only been since November that I used my clipboard and number-two pencil to do the same for book number ten.  This, though, is going to be rather different, and already I’m seeing it.  There is no real story, of course, but things do need to be placed in a semblance of order.  The explination of the Turn, for instance, needs to be before the study of vampires and witches, and the personal relationships come toward the end.  So really, it’s structured the same as a book might be . . . just different.  (laugh)

At this point, I have it all planned out on my nine sheets of paper, but as expected, there are some heavy parts, some light.  Today I’ll be shifting things around, fleshing out a few bits to better see what I’ve got to work with, lay some muscle on the bone.  The read-through I did of the entire series before the holiday break is paying off big.  Now, where’s that list I made of Jenks’s swearwords . . .  -laugh-  (Yes, I really did make a list.)



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  1. Heya Kim will you ever write a Hollows-World Book like Jeaniene Frost now has out where one of the side characters is the main character? That would be soooooooooooooooo awesome (especially if it would be Kist or Jenksy) 😉 Have a great weekend! aimée

  2. Kelly

    Great idea for the Hollows world book! I’m excited to see this. It must also be nice to be able to have a place for all of the assorted trivia/ideas that didn’t make it into the books (if indeed that happened).

    It’s funny, too, that you’re putting this together on the tail end of the Hollows books as opposed to the beginning. I’m finding that for myself, world creation comes out most in narrative as opposed to sitting down and cranking it out cold. But as you say, everyone’s different.

    Sometimes you’ll put little bits and pieces of theory/trivia about the Hollows world in the books, and it makes me wonder what the bigger cogs are in that, for example the demon reproduction or lack thereof in Outlaw Demon Wails. So yes! I am excited about the world book! Woot!

    Currently, I’m outlining one of your books chapter by chapter to get a better grasp of pacing. You have amazing pacing, by the way. 😀

    • Thanks, Kelly! I’m honored that you’re picking apart my pacing. I know I got it from the SF and fantasy I read while growing up. Heinlan, J.L. Chalker, Anne McCaffery, Clark. (Lots of Clark) Good stuff.

      I’ve been enjoying the world book. Putting it together towards the end is much easier for me than the beginning.

  3. Maybe I am a littel slow on the uptake… just started reading the Rachel Morgan series a couple months ago. Love them by the way! I am on WWBC.

    Here is my confusion – What is the Hollows World book?? Is that the Graphic Novel I keep hearing about?

    Also, I love going to work and telling my cubicle buddy all the funny phrases Jenks says, of course I don’t say them as well and he just looks at me weird. The only one I actually use is Crap on Toast and I usually get a couple laughs…Thanks!

    • Hi, Amanda.
      Thanks! I’m glad you’re enjoying them! The Hollows world book is not the graphic novel at all. It’s a separate compendium of Hollows information that both new readers and old might find interesting.

      Mmmm, yes, there are a few things Jenks says that I wouldn’t say, either. -laugh-

  4. Godspeed, Kim! That book sounds pretty nifty. Hollows 101, a must-read reference book for all Hollows-fans.

    I must admit that i find the consistency you have established in your fantasy world, in one word, captivating. to simply compare, this is what held together to world of Harry Potter. Yours is no different.

    Can’t wait to see to read it. 🙂

  5. I would absolutely love to see that list of Jenk’s swear words!

    Good luck with the World book- it sounds like its gonna get complicated!

  6. Hi Kim,

    I’m so looking forward to your world book. *happy cabbage patch dance*

    Will you be including anything about the church such as blueprints or illustrations? I can picture parts of the church such as the kitchen and Ivy’s bathroom, but I’ve always wondered how it all flows together.

    ~ Maria

  7. Sebrina

    Everyone needs a list of Jenks’s swear words! They make life interesting.

    I am sad to report that I have yet to read the short in Unbound. I didn’t do as well as expected on exams due to a respiratory infection/fever. I might have a whole pile of books to read for summer with the way things are going. To lighten my mood in regards to the exam results, I’ve written some dialogue for a couple of characters that have been playing up.

    • Hi, Sebrina. Oh, I’m so sorry you didn’t do well on the exams. I’ve had spots like that myself, and you just have to dig yourself out.

      I like the way you relax, though . . . writing.

  8. Chris

    We got snow! More snow that we’ve ever seen here in a week…ever! The Gov. closed the Interstates and localities are trying to keep people home. Local newscasters all out and about in the storm. My front door lock seized up and I had to replace the whole assembly just as the storm began yesterday. Spent the day playing games on the computer with the youngsters and watching the birds flocking to the feeder. Can’t wait to take pics tomorrow when the sun finally comes out to play. If only I knew how to share them with all of you.

  9. Jay

    I would, very much, LOVE to see a list of Jenks’ swear words!!! I work in a body shop and when I see something wrong and shout “Tinks diaphram”, I get a truly priceless look from my coworkers! Ya can’t beat that.

  10. marsha

    Well I must admit I have developed a very deep appreciation for your organization and planning since my own sorry attempt a writing in Antonio’s NaSty pages. Six brothers? What the hell was I thinking, I can’t even keep theri names straight without a list.

  11. Kat

    I know the world book is going to be awesome! Yay! Thanks for your answers to my Q’s.

  12. Frotee

    I’m already excited as to what kind of new enlightenments about the world of your characters a world-compendium might bring about Kim 🙂

    By the way, I just finished your truth books – it really was about time I read them. A delightful read with absolutely charming characters – I even felt sorry for Keribdis. And as always, I am reluctant so let them go…when did you mention you might have time to write that Epilogue? There must be some anthology that might need a short set in Alissa’s world…
    (But I also see that it is a good point at which to end the story – it can only go bad if you cling to the characters and won’t let their story end…)

    Greetings from cold and snowy Germany (someone please shoot Mother Holle), Carina

  13. Indy

    Hi Kim!!! I can’t wait to see the list of all of the Jenks’ phrases. He does get the best quotes. 🙂 Is the World book going to be like a Hollows encyclopedia? Is there going to be a map to show where everything is located?~Indy

    • Hi, Indy. We’re checking into the legalities of a map right now. I want to use a regular street map and modify it, but if all else fails, I’ll draw something that will look lame but get the job done.

  14. Phil

    Oh, sorry ’bout all the confusions. I got a wp blog to put up my NaSty story and used a second email so it was all ‘awaiting moderation’ on the NaSty page. I shall attempt to correct it.

  15. Jenn

    A whole section on Jenks swear words/phrases/songs? That’ll have me in stitches from laughing so hard!
    So are the characters going to describe themselves, each other or will it be done from a 3rd person POV?
    I can’t wait to see what the street that the church/Keasly’s house is on looks like. Also, it will be great to see the inside of the church. Will we get to see Jenks’s stump & Trent’s house?
    Wow…that was a great verbal spew…sorry!
    Hope everyone has a great day!

    • Hi, Jenn. I don’t want to say too much about POV and such. I really like the format I’m using, and since it’s going to take forever to get out, I don’t want to “advertise” it quite yet. Sorry.

  16. Hey Ms. Harrison,

    I’m not used to spending the whole day in class, lol. Dude, what a day. Towards the end of it my concentration went: Well, thank you ladies, this has been LOVELY. As you’re going to go horseback riding when this is finished, I think I’ll meet you there. Au Revoir…
    And, i still had two hours of class left…
    But, it was fun. 🙂 I’ve realized that I missed university or rather, studying and learning new things or, remembering old things or… I don’t know lol. It was fun, even if it was boring numbers.
    Which have oozed over and made this post boring, lol. 😉 So, I’ll end it here and go and see if I can finish off my NaSty post.
    I have to add, I enjoyed the weather today as ordered. my riding companion and I found a new path with endless grassland to canter through. In a single word: Bliss.

    Have a great day and enjoy!


    • Hi, Alyssa. I know what you mean about missing the air of learning. That’s one of the reasons I like doing this world book. I get to do new things.

      You’d laugh at me if you saw my shoulders drop when you wrote endless grasslands to canter through. Bliss is the word indeed. Enjoy.

  17. Phil

    SNOW!SNOW!SNOW! And more snow! 😦
    I tink, um, think, you will need a whole separate book to list all of Jenk’s swear words! World Book sounds like history. I like history. Will it have graphics, too?

  18. If it has a good foundation, the house is sound? You’re weird weather attacked us here in Wisconsin. We’ve had thunder snow.
    How about: EARTHQUAKE SNOW. We don’t get earthquakes here, or at least not often, but there was one in the wee early hours of the morning.

    *Wonders about 2012*

    • Jenn

      lol…we FINALLY got that snow up here that everyone was talking about…that system sure moved slow! In 24hrs we’re supposed to get 20cm…sorry I’m not sure on the conversion but it comes up over my ankles!

    • mudepoz

      I ended up being interviewed by two different TV stations with Chrys about the quake. Missed both broadcasts, both times, though my mom said I looked good…and so did Chrys.

      I hid from the two other stations. I hate impromptu interviews, I looked like garbage and was wearing bright red boots. Prolly a good thing I didn’t see it!

    • mudepoz
      I need to get more sleep.

      Is BMS out yet? I need to lie low for awhile.

    • Antonio Rich

      M–I almost missed this post. Your a TV star now(in addition to being an internet star). Not to mention Chrys…that’s a sweet dog… 😉

    • mudepoz

      Not so much a TV star (though I did have a gardening radio show a long time ago). Slow news day and Chrys is a VERY FANCY fashion accessory. The Seismograph is next to the greenhouse.
      Link is gone, we are back in the ether. Thank goodness, I am jowlier than the pup.

      I wonder if I had sworn like Jenks if it would have been cut? There was a point when Chrys started licking the cameraman…

    • Mud! You got an earthquake? Was it just rising land levels from when the area was pressed under water? I was in one in MI once, and they blamed it on that.

    • No. There is actually a fault line in Missouri. Not real active, but the New Madrid stretches her muscles every so often. 4.2 I believe

  19. Michelle Henry

    It is fascinating to read your reflections as you are writing the book. So few writers actually think and write about their process, and even fewer share it with others.

    Isn’t it maddening to keep all the details of your creation straight?

  20. Danielle

    Hey you guys! Pull through for Kim and vote for her book “A Fistful of Charms” on Harper Collins Mach Maddness! She almost won last year so we can’t let her loose so easily this year.

  21. Antonio Rich

    OK–Guess on paper clip color: white (I’ve got snow on the brain…)

    Favorite Jenks cursing quotes:

    1)”Your as strong as a fairy’s hard-on.” WWBC

    2) “Tink’s dildo, the warrior woman was back.” LLD(from Unbound)

    3) “Rachel wants to know what it was like having balls as big as your head that drag on the floor.” DWW

    4) “You know that place between sleep and awake? That place where you still remember dreaming? That’s where I’ll always love you…That’s where I’ll be waiting.” (OK, just kidding. That was a quote from Tinkerbell from the movie “Hook”)

    The all-time favorite:

    “”Tagged by a whiny little vamp,” he said, gesturing. “Rache, take this sword and stick it in me. Just go and stick it in me. I’m a back-drafted, crumpled-winged, dust-caked, dew-assed excuse of a backup. Worthless as a pixy condom. Taken down by my own partner. Just tape my ass shut and let me fart out my mouth.” Fistful of Charms

  22. Kylie Ru

    So the world book is kinda like a history book for the Hallows?

    Oh, did you change the settings? Whenever I have a link it says my comment is awaiting moderation.

  23. suzannelazear

    LOL, on the Jenks swearword list. So what color are your paperclips for this book?

    It’s still raining here. Have to take the hubby to the doctors this morning. Aparently age has caught up with him and he needs to loose weight. I guess I’m going to have to hide the cookies, lol

    Happy Wednesday

    ~Suzi and the tot

    • Funny you should ask, Suzanne! I’m using a sort of mustard yellow color. I’ve only got a few of them, so I can’t use them for a regular book.

      Ooooh sorry about the weight issue. Easy on, tedious off.

  24. lisa mulder

    Sorry, I haven’t read the box as often as I should. What’s the world book going to be?
    Also, love the new Maddison book cover!