Weird weather

It felt weird this morning when I had the pups out, just as the sun was supposed to be coming up, like something was impending.  If I was where I grew up, I could count on a heavy storm in a few hours, but not here.  It’s taken a long time to get used to the fickle nature of the weather where I live right now, and reading the weather from the feel of the air is a lot harder here.  Probably because I didn’t grow up here.  In any case, it feels like rain, but I don’t think we’re going to get any.  That violent spring storm impinging on my senses is going to wimp out as soon as it hits the mountains, and we won’t get nothing.  You watch.

And if I’m talking about the weather, then you know nothing much is going on right now in my office.  I’m actually starting to work on the world book, which I think is scheduled for a 2011 release.  Not sure, so don’t quote me.  I’m looking forward to this as I can play with a new set of tools and still tell a story.  Variety.  I hate to get bored.

I hope the weather is kind to you all today.  It’s funky out there . . .


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  1. Good morning Janis…
    thanks, i understood….nilly-willy relationship – finally the sentence has a meaning….
    you saved the day


  2. JanisHarrison

    Michaela Prins: “willy-nilly” is from common English several hundred years ago. It’s just corrupted spelling of “Will he, nil he” which translates to “whether or not he wants (to do, or be, or have).” It can also indicate a disorganized arrangement such as “clothes and toilet articles tossed willy-nilly into a suitcase.”

  3. Dear Kim,

    i prefer sending my exemplar of white which to your mailbox…i think you´ll enyoy having a look at it, full of underlinded words and sentences, marks and translations all over… looks like my exemplar of ” the catcher in the rye”, i had that in english graduation and had to write a 6hour test on it…

    wow…that´s about 20 years ago – weird –

    21 cm new snow last night and still snowing…..


  4. up to everyboy……

    what the hell means “nilliy-willy”? can`t find it in any dictionary, even google`s dicitionarys quit….
    Can anyone help????
    thanks a lot


  5. Kasia

    Dear Mrs.Harrison today is a day of Polish realese of your book “The good, the bad and the undead”. Here is a link to MAG Publisher website if you’d like to see the cover.

  6. Tiffany

    You’ve been talking about Kisten lately, and I started out wanting to tell you about a song that I think speaks, not to where Rachel currently is in her thoughts about Kisten, but a song that might be a mantra for her to get where she is going.
    The song is “Blinding” by Florence and the Machine (the lyrics are great and her sound kinda makes me think of Annie Lennox meets early Sarah McLaughlin).
    So that is how I started out.  From there (I’ll skip the details of my thought process) it led to me reading articles on Jung and Fairy Tales that had my mind reeling on so many levels.  The song, fairy tales, your books, archetypes, my self… Dude!  My mind just got served a big ass cup of coffee 😉 (which is the kind of thing I love).  SO many things I’m itching to talk about.  Not the least of which is that my appreciation of what an incredible a writer you are has deepened :).  

    • Thank you, Tiffany! 😉 I really appreciate that! I like both Annie and Sarah, so I’m going to have to track that one down.

      I keep telling the uninitiated that the Hollows aren’t really about witches and vampires. They are about people.

  7. Dear Janis,

    do it! adopt one, they are adorable und you will have no problem with them concerning other dogs. They are quiet and polite in the house, outside they are racing…..incredible beauyful.
    we´ll get a third one in summer, when we have holiodays, so that we can pamper her and all….
    luckily we´ve got much space around the house…
    thanks for your comment and youre care for those suffering creatures…
    have a nice day

  8. Becca K.

    Well, last week NYC was supposed to get massive snow, the area where I live only got an inch. This week though, is a different story. We’re supposed to get two feet of snow, and schools have already announce their closures for tomorrow’s impending doom. lol

    So, yes. The weather is kind here. I’m happy for a snow day, the last I will ever get. 😀

  9. mudepoz

    I’m getting the biggest grin on my face: How many pages have as diverse an audience as this one. My goodness, England, Egypt, Australia, Africa, and even LANSING 🙂

    I am looking forward to the world of Hollows as you know it, gives a good excuse to look forward to 2011, though it isn’t a birthday that thrills me/ Go AARP.

    Cleveland is Milwaukee’s sister city, but they are Number one for worst winters, whereas we are only 4th worst!

    Or as someone commented, we can’t even be number one worst 🙂

    It’s snowing, blowing, and bleak and I need a book. Bad.

    • Hi, Mud. I’ve been very fortunate that the rights department at Harper/Eos has been aggressive. I love that my work is better traveled than me, but in some cases, I’d like to rectify that.

  10. Jo

    Snow, snow and snow….. did I mention that it snowed here.. 🙂 Makes for tricky driving sometimes but is great for photos, especially woodland photos.

  11. marsha

    I don’t know what is coming your way but is cold, wet and so very windy here it’s trying to blow my SUV off the road. They said the “S” word on TV last night so the grocery stores will be packed and there will be no milk, bread or eggs, Fortunately we are well stocked on TP : )

  12. JanisHarrison

    Michaela Prins: THANK YOU for saving 2 dogs. It’s horrible what they do to them in Spain and Italy. I would suggest that you have what we Americans call “Italian Greyhounds.” They’re a bit smaller in size than the standard ones, but the same disposition and physical characteristics. Yes, they have no undercoat of fur and very little body fat. In cold weather they need their sweaters and jackets. We have a Greyhound Rescue association here in Seattle, Washington State, USA. They save as many unwanted dogs from the racetrack in the Portland, Oregon, area as they can, and help the dogs to become people’s pets. My daughter and I have thought seriously about adopting one.

  13. Hey Ms. Harrison,

    It was hot here today, we’re still in the middle of summer. I have to admit, I suffered a bit because I got a terrible sunburn over the weekend (forgot that I’m a redhead and thought it not necessary to wear sun screen lotion) and it burned. On top of that, I worked a double shift, lol. But – at least it’s over now! I’m looking forward to a course in Pastel this week (small business accounting program). I’m expanding my horizons because obviously, my degree is not getting me anywhere.

    Hope the weather did what you wanted it to do! (of course… then it ceased to become weather).

    • Phil

      Okay Alyssa, that’s seriously rubbing it in! Talking ’bout Summer and sunburn when they’re telling us we’re getting 12 to 18 inches of snow tonight! 😦

    • I’m more than willing to change places at this stage, lol. I’m not a summer kind of gal.

    • Hi, Alyssa. That’s fantastic that you’re continuing your education. Nothing happens if you do nothing. 😉 Enjoy your sun. But not so much, eh?

  14. Chris

    This ought to be interesting. I have been living here in south central PA since just before I met my BB(Blushing Bride) over 22 years ago and we have NEVER had two large storms within one week. Our local prognosticators are bantying about anywhere from 8 to 18 more inches on top of the 20+ we are just getting cleared. I might just have to invest in a snowblower now that #1 son is thinking of college…far from here…in a warm climate…where he can play baseball year round…and study writing and/or speaking. Just refilled suet and birdfeeder in prep for the storm. Even the cats don’t want to go out. I am seeing tomato soup with spicy cheez its for din-din. lol

  15. Nikki Palun

    Here in Cincy we are getting another 6 inches or so to add to the 4 we got over the weekend so we are getting hammered pretty good. I love it! At least it is still a few weeks away from the signing 🙂

    • Hi, Nikki. Mmmmm, I’ve been thinking about that, too. The tours have always been pretty lucky when it comes to weather, but I’ve never done MI before in late Feb. Urggg. I should know better.

  16. We’ve been having sunshine here and temperatures around 14°F (which is hot for us this time of the year). But I shouldn’t let it fool me: we’ll a few -22°F before spring gets here. And probably a snowstorm or two as well.

    I’m sure there’ll be plenty going on in your office soon enough. I hate getting bored too and when I even come close, I tend to overcompensate afterwards. 😉

    • Phil

      -22 degrees??? I’m glad my Quebec vacation a few years ago was in summer! 😉

    • I’m not even sure our summer is worth its name…

    • marsha

      I’m such a wimp! I got out of the car and just about got back in when the icy wind (nearly gale force) slapped me in the face.
      -22??? I would never stick my head out of my covers.

    • Now you can really grasp the appeal of my pillow… and the absolute truth behind my “My Pillow Crooned” story. 😉

    • Hi Aheila. It’s not so much as getting bored, I guess, as stale. Looking creatively at something in a new way usually results in something fun to do and unique. I’m looking forward to this world book like you can’t imagine. 😉

  17. Phil

    I want Kylie-chan’s weather!!! More snow on the way, they say! Well, after getting everyone excited last weekend about a snowstorm, wasn’t much out here. Now they’re doin’ it again for tomorrow! I want AZ weather!
    I know what you’re goin’ to say, Kylie-chan, but I don’t want snow! 😦

  18. Kat

    I am sad that I probably won’t be able to participate in the BBB discussion. We will be on vacation and I think my DH might be bothered if I play on the computer all day. 😦

  19. Judi in NJ

    World book? What world book? What IS a world book? Whud I miss? Bracing for the snow that didn’t come last weekend here in north Jersey…keeping everything crossed for a snow day!!!! Woot!

  20. Kat

    Hi Kim! Not much longer now. Yay! The only problem is that once we have read it, we have a year to wait for the next one LOL.

    While waiting a group of us have been talking about the books and a few question came up. Was the relationship between Piscary and Kisten sexual as well as blood exchanging. I thought it was about blood and a twisted parental/mentor/ mastor type of dynamic. It won’t change my feelings about Kisten’s character. I think he was a wonderfully interesting creation. I am just curious.

    Also, it seems to me that the living vampires can almost be like shadows for the dead vampires who have bitten them…providing blood, doing their bidding etc. This is how Ivy and Kisten seemed with Piscary though on a lesser scale than the human shadows. Am I totally off about this?

    On a weather note…It’s been cold and rainy the past few weeks in S Cali.
    I am looking forward to some sunshine! Vacation coming up!

    • Hi, Kat. Mmmm, yes. There is the wait after the read, isn’t there?

      Kisten and Piscary? I never asked, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was sexual to a large degree, not just blood.

      You’re right on the money with your observation about living vampires being dead vamps shadows. That’s a very good analogy. 😉

  21. Dennise

    Hey Kim,
    I live near you (Waxhaw, NC area) and unfortunately we are getting rain already – again! Guess the drought is through and we can once again water our lawns in the spring and summer. It should move your way soon. However, this means great news for the mountain areas – more snow for the weekend. Time to go sledding and use the ATV’s. Stay dry!

  22. Jemma

    Hi Kim,

    The weather’s odd here in the south of England today too. Right now the sun seems to be out but a few minutes ago it was dark and cloudy, it’s been flipping between the two all morning. One thing that’s not changing is the temp. It’s freezing.

    Also, I wanted to bring a new song discovery to your attention. I’ve joined the gym (go me) hoping the exercise will boost my mood a bit as I’m still struggling with all the same issues and I was listening to my iPod when a Lady Gaga song came on. I bought her album but hadn’t properly listened to it yet, and while listening to this song I realised how incredibly Rachel/Kist it is. It’s got more of a hip-hop feel than what I’d usually consider a Hollows-esque song but the lyrics are perfect.
    For example:
    Got my addictions
    And I’d love to fix ‘em
    No one’s perfect
    Take a bite of my bad girl meat
    Take a bit of me boy
    Show me your teeth

    Here’s a youtube link if you feel like checking it out wen you have a spare minute. 😉


  23. lisa mulder

    It’s coming down here in Lansing, MI. Suppose to get 7-9 inches. Over by Ann Arbor they’re talking more. Maybe I’ll be able to get my little guy out on skiis this season yet!

  24. Tee

    Weird here as well. High of 44 today and very windy in Southeast (WHO DAT) Louisiana. Very unusual. It’s definitely one of those ‘bundle up under the quilt and veg out’ kind of days. Alas, corporate America calls.

  25. Michelle Henry

    Hello, Ms. Kim Harrison. I just discovered your books, and I’m having a great time with the story, even though I’m sure that I’m reading the Hollows series out of order because the English bookshop in Cairo had a limited selection. It’s been a great escape for me–thank you.

    (We’re beginning the season of Amsheer in Egypt when nearly every day yellow dust blows in from desert covering everything. I see a yellowish beige fog out the window during the day. Some days the duststorm is freezing and other days a warm blast. It’s the strangest weather I’ve ever experienced.)

    • Hi, Michelle. Wow, Cairo? I hadn’t realized the books had gotten so far! That is very cool! 😉 I’m glad you’re enjoying them. Thank you!

      Yellow dust, eh? Mmmmm, there’s a story in that . . .

  26. Kylie Ru

    It’s supposed to be cloudy today. And 65 for the high.

    Slowly making my recovery.

  27. suzannelazear

    More snow?

    It’s supposed to rain here.

    Yesterday the tot got in trouble for wearing a skirt to school. Yeah, a skirt. It’s the same uniform skirt she’s been wearing all year. Aparently they can’t wear skirts until the 4th grade and little people are supposed to wear skorts. Why couldn’t they have told me this on Friday when they had the used uniform sale?

    The felt bunny doesn’t have flames, but it is decorated with pink puff-balls.

    Have a nice day. 🙂

    ~Suzi and the tot

  28. Dear Kim,
    can´t go out with my dogs at the moment….we´ve got wind from the east, that means from poland and russia, and it´s so cold, you could loose your nose – even breathing hurts. – 17 Celcius last night….wow… My dogs are from spain, there are killing station for dogs and when we were there before a couple of years we saved two of them. They are about 60 cm shoulder heigth but only about 18 kilos weight…in germany they are called grayhounds, i don´t know the correct english word. They have very few hair, so they hate winter.
    The last two days i proceeded in reading “white witch, black curse”…i´m through with the mall and rachel has already left the hospital an relaxes in rynn´s car…..what a great idea, that ivy had given her wish to that banshee….i gues less readers expected that and draw the circuit to book one, chapter one…i couldn´t stop smiling while reading, this maneuver is adorable….so up to now i´m helping my son with his school exercises, after that some friends of him will visit for playing an i can relax, make a coffee and go on reading.
    Just before a few seconds i got the information from that ´ll get my exemplar from black magic sanction on february the 24…..i hope they can realize it…
    what must i do to get a signed book? Can´t come and join the party…
    have an nice day

    • Hi, Michaela.

      You can’t imagine the smile on my face as I imagine you reading my work way over there, settling in and connecting to me and everyone else who has read the books, sharing something though miles separate us all. Wow. Thank you.

      That is wonderful you saved those two dogs. My Aleix hates the cold, but she won’t let me put a sweater on her. She just stands there and stares at me.

      I have a mail box page on my website that tells you how to send me a book and I can sign it and return it, but it might be easier if you email Guy at vampcharms at comporium dot net and tell him you talked to me here. If you have Paypal it will be easier.

  29. Mendi in STL

    Heyde Hey Kim! Yep, the weather is kind here….if you’re a kid! SNOW DAY! We got another 3-4 inches on top of the 3 we got over the weekend, but the temps have dropped a lot and it’s windy and frigid today. Time to bundle up and break out the snow blower, then sledding. Chicken ‘n Dumpling’s are sounding good for dinner tonight.