And so the long winter starts to end

It’s cold outside, and wet and rainy.  But it’s Friday!!!!!  And that’s a good thing.

I’ve been cranking for two weeks (including weekends)  trying to get the website switched over to dreamweaver and my internet life to a new machine/operating software.  There were formatting issues, navigation issues, learning a new operating system issues, and then software issues.  Those darn banners and scrolling images soaked up about a week all on their own, but figuring it out forced me to learn the new photograph touch-up program that I’m going to need while on tour, so I didn’t begrudge it.  And when the pictures from the signings are taken, the webpage will go up in hours, not days.

Then there was the email issue, which I farted around with for two weeks in limbo while I paid someone else to handle it, until they finally gave up Monday and told me they couldn’t do it and to bring in both machines into the store where someone else “might” be able to shift the data in a few days.  Right.  Like that was going to happen.  True, I wasn’t able to move most of it because five years of stuff is a lot to move (which is why I wanted to pay someone to do it) but I got by, and I’m on one machine now, not two, and things finally are starting to balance again.

I’ve not written a word in two weeks, and I’m dying here.  Monday is going to be . . . interesting.


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  1. Your dog is sooo adorable! 🙂 Are you enjoying your Mac? I’m thinking about switching, but I have to do a lot of work stuff on my home computer, so I’m not sure it would work out. I just wish that Mac would add the “right click” to their mouse. I use that sucker all the time!

    Hope you had a great weekend! And most of all, enjoy getting all that great stuff piling up in your head out and into your fabulous new computer!

    • Lurker

      You can use any usb mouse with a Mac, and it has a right click. Even the Mighty Mouse has a right click. 🙂

    • Hi, Tiffany.

      I am enjoying my Mac, yes, and so far, so good. No right click? I use a wireless mouse, and I right click all the time. You mean on the touch pad, right? I think if you use two fingers, you get a right click.

    • OMGosh, Tiffany, I just tried it out, and if you firmly use two fingers on the touch pad, you get a right click. Whoo-hoo!

  2. emi

    your puppy is so CUTE! i dont have one always wanted one though. 😕

  3. Katie

    Hi Kim,
    I was wondering if you do get a deal with some hollywood people to make a show/mini series/movies, etc, would you push for it to be shot in Cincinnati?

  4. Kneosha

    You know I’m not a big fan of chiuauas but yours is so cute and looks so content all bundled up and cozy in the doggy bed. Have a good weekend:) Not too long until Rachel Morgan!

    • Thanks, Kneosha! I don’t even think of them being Chis. They are just dogs, and I treat them like my old black lab as far as what I expect out of them, manners-wise. (no jumping, no begging, we’re working on the no-barking, but that’s what Chi’s do.)

  5. bob

    I know all about the cold rain Me and my wife live about 10 min. of Rock Hill
    The other day when we had the ice hit here we couldnt open our front door due to ice build up in front of it. Kim do you have a personal e-mail address I would like to ask you a question but not on post for all to see if thats all right. If so please e-mail me at


    • Hi, Bob. I’ve got a business address on the front page of my website, way down at the bottom in the How to Contact me section of the site map. You can reach me there.

  6. Tom

    Maybe I missed it, but what system are you moving front and to, that would cause such issues?

  7. Kylie Ru

    My face hurts.

    • Antonio Rich

      Ice! Ice! Ice packs, or water bottle on outside of face. And keep your head above your heart(avoids the throbbing).

      When I would get hurt as a kid and say “my face hurts,” my mom would reply “it hurts me too.” And, giggle. Sheesh. Be good, Kylie-chan.

    • Kylie Ru

      I’ve been sleeping since i got home, so i couldn’t actually have any ice on me.

    • Marsha

      Sorry, Kylie. You will probably be very swollen too. Good thing it’s the weekend, huh. Remember no straws. The suction on a straw can pull the stitches out. At least that’s what they told me.

    • Kylie Ru

      Yup, suction will cause a dry socket. I’m not all that swollen, and I wasn’t yesterday. I mean, I already have chubbish cheeks. Jessica makes fun of my chipmunk face.

    • Frederique

      Soak a chamomile tea bag in hot water for a minute then use the tea bag on the wounds (once it cools a bit) it will help.

    • Oh, Kylie-san, I hope you feel better soon. I’m so glad to hear from you.

  8. Chris

    What a cutie!!!This latest storm is bearing down on us….wait for it…wait for it….BAM, here it is. just took my mother in law home from our family evening dinner and the snow it coming on down. Passed two cars stranded already(checked w/both occupants-everything ok-thank God for cell phones). Me thinks the Balmer-Warshington-Philly environs are gonna be hit hard this time.

  9. Lurker

    So, help a brother out.
    I jumped over to BBB, but can’t actually find the section where Kim’s chat is going to happen in a couple weeks. Does it magically appear in an obvious section the day of, or…?

    On a related side note to your picture, our beautiful, friendly, lovely puppy turned into El Diablo the other night lol. As proof that Schnauzers are indeed very smart, we found out that he knows exactly what “STFU” means. 🙂
    The next night, the devil then got his first bath – which is where my wife experienced first hand that puppies can instantly give you the “pity me” look whenever they want (city girls, I know). He decided to give her the pity look, and I got the “you will regret this moment for the rest of your life” look. The alternating faces were hilarious.
    lol 🙂

    • Kylie Ru

      that’s a schnauzer for ya!

    • Hi, Lurker. They have a tile up now, and you can leave an early comment if you want to make sure you’re in the system. I think it runs a little like this where your first comment is moderated, which might slow you down a little.

      Oooh, I just gave Xander one of her few baths ever, and she whined through it. Not a happy dog.

  10. JanisHarrison

    Love-love-love the pic of Kim’s baby: “Are you gonna make me go outside? But I just got comfy! Whaddaya mean it’s your muffler?” And all the other contributions about everyone’s furkids. We’ve had cats for some time, and some of them have been very conversational. There was one, Princess Fanny (and she was royalty, believe me), who would summon me to the sliding glass door and fuss as me to make the rain stop so she could go outside and play. Her brother, Aloysious-the-Pooh, was a cat of few words, and his comment on rain was “Ew!”

    • Frederique

      Awww! My dog doesn’t like rain but my littlest cat thinks water is the best invention since noisy cat toys. He can’t figure out why I scream when he puts his cold wet little paws on my bare skin lol.

    • Thanks, Janis. That is exactly what she was thinking, I’m sure.

  11. suzannelazear

    It’s nija friday here too. It’s raining. Hard. Rain in Los Angeles is like a giant blzzard everywhere else. People freak. Roads close. They don’t go anywhere. And hail…
    …it’s like the second comming.

    I so miss writing. I’m suffering withdrawls. I’m in the middle of a rewite request for an agent on a different YA ms and some of them are personally painful, so I’m not being very quick, lol. Bad Suzi. Unfortunatly, I have one more rewite project (but it’s short), *then* I can start something new. Yay.

    I let the tot take a book to school which will probably get me called into the principals office. But she was up all night crying about her ear hurting (tho this morning she’s fine, odd) and I didn;t have the energy to help her find something new in the mad rush to get off to school (have to add extra time for rain and we live 45 min from school on a regular morning.)

    The hubby and I are going to the dicken’s ball. I’m going to wear my victorian ball gown I’ve been working on and the hubby will wear…something. Yeah.

    Happy weekend.

    ~Suzi and the tot

  12. Frederique

    Awww cute pup. This is my girl on a camping trip

    She is a city dog and preferred to stay in the tent when we weren’t out walking. I took this picture after calling her for 5 minutes to get out of the tent. I think she would have a fit in the snow.

  13. Chelikins

    Kim… your baby looks as spoiled as mine. My Piper is just like that.. under covers with nose sticking out! Dogs have us so trained.. don’t they? Have a good weekend and happy writing Monday!

  14. Your puppy looks so adorable!

  15. Phil

    Ninja Friday appears to have snow in mind. It may miss where I am. I won’t miss it! 😉
    I hope you settle the Rachel issues in your discussion.
    Did you get another teaser in when you said that you still don’t know ’bout Rachel/Ivy? Lol. I think you told someone in yesterday’s post that you still don’t know where it’s headed. That is so tantalizing… 🙂

  16. Marsha

    I’ve seen that look before. At my house it says “is she going to try and make me go pee in the rain, or is she heading to the kitchen and she might drop something on the floor?”

    • Phil

      Marsha, hi! I found your story, thanks to Tiffany!! I read the opening. Can’t wait to read it all. Tonight! I am intrigued by Amber. I may have said this on the other page, but want to be sure you didn’t miss my comment ’cause it’s soooo busy on these sites.

    • Marsha

      Hey I know I begged you guys to be nice, but I’m running out of cash to pay you with. Thank you Phil. I know it rambled but it just took that long to set them up. Probably too much for a chort story. Hope you caught Alyssa’s it’s really good.

  17. Jenn

    Your babes look nice & comfy Kim. My friends dogs actually will flip their blanks up in the air to crawl under them to sleep…it’s the funniest thing to watch…but then they’re all happy. Unless of course you get up in the night ’cause now they can’t see who’s walking by!

    I’m glad you got your comp issues all sorted out…woohoo!

    I hope you have a fantastic weekend…

  18. Kylie Ru

    I had hoped Fat-Lazy-Slob Friday would come over and ask if he could crash on my couch, and we’d watch some tv.

    No. I was glomped by Ninja Friday.

    :shakes fist: Curse you, Ninja Friday!!

    I’m not allowed to eat or drink ANYTHING today! Well, at least until 1 o’clock. But I doubt I’ll want anything afterwards.

    I hopes you can have some fun this weekend, Kim-san!

    • Jenn

      Oh, Kylie,

      I hope all goes well with whatever test you’re having…& I hope the results are what you need.

    • Kylie Ru

      No tests. Wisdom teeth are getting removed. All four.

    • Make sure you get the GOOD drugs.

    • Jenn

      Ouch! They’re doing all 4 at once? Wow, my dentist would only do 2 at a time….
      You have my complete sympathy….& definately get the good drugs!!!

    • Kylie Ru

      they gave me vicodon . . . vicoden? -dan? and maxacylin . . . did i just butcher that?

    • Antonio Rich

      I had posted an advance scout to warn me of Friday(Ninjas can be sooo rude), and I had a date with FLSF that included a female friend, pizzia, and a movie (Zombieland). I was even hoping FLSF might spend the night(wait! that didn’t come out right!).

      But – move over Fat-Lazy-Slob and Ninjas both! A new sheriff is in town and the bastard’s name: Impending-Doom-Friday.

      Here in Ohio we are scheduled to get the tail-end of a giant blizzard! It might even affect Kim in the Carolinas! — Look out Phil! New York is going to get hammered.

    • Kylie Ru

      I hopes you have fun, Antonio-kun?

      Impending-Doom-Friday. I hopes he don’t visit me . . .

    • We call that white death around here 🙂

    • Phil

      Ninja snowstorms are the pits! 😦 I think it might stay west of me. I am all the way on the east end of Long Island. Our weather is freaky, though!
      I hope it misses you, too, Antonio-san.

    • Jenn

      You guys are so funny about the snow….I guess ’cause I live with it all winter I’m not worried about it…it would just be a slightly bent Friday here if we got a blizzard & maybe a snow day! woohoo!!!

    • Marsha

      Oooh Kylie, I get so grumpy without breakfast and tea. I allways try to plan my tests as early in the morning as possible, even if it means getting there at 6.

    • Kylie Ru

      I will say I like this better than when I had to get an ultrasound (docs never did figure out what was wrong with me, but I’m damn certain it was an alien). Then I had to drink tons and tons and TONS of water, and I wasn’t able to go pee. That was painful.

    • Phil

      Kylie-chan, I hope all goes well at the dentist!!!

    • Kylie Ru

      I think it did. i remember feeling strange . . . and then i had to stand up. almost fell over a cpuple times.

    • suzannelazear

      Hey, Kylie. I’m all for an Arizona signing. Changing Hands (my all time favorite book store) does lots of great signings, too. The tot and I are in AZ all the time to see my mom.

    • Kylie Ru

      Oh yeah! I’ve been to a signing there too. And the Phoenix Zoo. That one was fun.

    • Chris

      Wow the wisdom teeth exraction thing. O-M-G! Thankfully that is in the far distant past. All four of mine were impacted and had ro be spilt 4 ways each. I had an excellent oral surgeon and aside from eating as much and whatever ice cream I wanted I got throught it ok. Best wishes and speedy mint choc chip recovery.

    • Kylie Ru

      Doomo arigato gozaimasu, Chris-san! I’m having a frosty for dinner 🙂

    • Hope you feel better! I still have all 4 of my wisdom teeth, I think they’re gonna let me keep them…I hope so (ouch!).

    • FLS friday was over at my house. Mmmmm, it felt good to relax.

  19. Hey Ms. Harrison!

    😀 I’ve written plenty and I blame none other than our lovely Antonio. 🙂 His NaSty is proving to be great fun.
    I feel more human today. I got up to go to work (day shift this time) but after last night’s second late night, I felt… lol. Zombie like. So, getting into my car, i send out a heart felt wish into the universe that somehow, someway, i won’t have to do my shift today. My wish was granted as someone showed up at work that had not been given a shift. I gladly gave her mine, went for a long overdue eye test then came home and slept for the rest of the day. 🙂
    Life is good.
    Your dog looks like mine does in the winter. That expression says: You will not move me. You will not move me… here’s my pups (the picture’s five years old – I hope the link still works).

    Have a great weekend and enjoy!

    • Kylie Ru

      Awwww, cute puppeesh!

    • Jenn

      Awww….that’s so sweet!

    • Marsha

      So cute! Mine have a snarling fit if they touch each other even accidentally. They do not share very well at all.

    • LOL, normally they don’t, though they aren’t aggresive towards each other, more like two ships passing in the night. The sausage dog believes that I’m hers. She couldn’t trick the Bully off of the pillow so, not wanting to leave the room or lie on the open floor, she decided that she’d get down and dirty with the dog. (the only dog in the house according to her).

    • It’s a Bully! I love bull terriers!

      Mine are either on top of me, resting on my shoulder, perched on my shoulder, or otherwise trying to become my pancreas.

      *Looks at the absolutely adorable and pocket sized pup. *
      There is a good reason to have a dog that doesn’t weigh 40 lbs.

      An example of evile beasties pretending to be velcro…

    • LOl, brilliant.
      Jup! A Bully, we’ve had them since forever. He’s the fifth or sixth one. They are wonderful guard dogs, very good with kids (if they haven’t been crossbred with something NaSty) and as dumb as dust so you can do practically anything with them.
      Your dogs are beautiful!!

    • marsha

      Gorgeous dogs, Mud. Do you know we have only had one dog in my life that we have actually chosen? We take in all the ones who need some TLC. I can’t remember ever having a dog that wasn’t loving and protective. I think they know and appreciate you when you take thm in like that.

    • mudepoz

      I seldom see them in my classes or while judging, but I seriously doubt they are dumb.

      The spaniels do just about anything, and do it very well. They also steal from my fridge, counters, and my hand. The youngest has taken food as I put it in my mouth, leaping straight up in the air to reach it.

      Evil. But the truth, just because a dog seems dumb to you, just might be them outsmarting the human.

      Or if they are easily trained, they may not be brilliant. Or they might be, thinking about the jackpot of treats at the end. Or they are training you. or…

    • mudepoz

      Marsha, I have never had a dog I have chosen. Quark was a dog I found, Charm was a dog I was given, Tru, Chrys and Cera were born here, but I didn’t choose them, my mentor did.

      I did a lot of breed rescue, and train and was otherwise insanely involved. Now I have some other things going on. Like the attack of the Dust Bunnies! They grow so fast!

    • Phil

      Nice picture! I will read your newest story tonight. I saved it.

    • Hi, Alyssa. Ohhhh, you’ve got two sweeties.