Black Magic Sanction Tour Ts

Last print run of these will be February 14th, and then they will be gone.  I’ve done tour T’s since the Outlaw Tour, and this year we have some original art by Jon Jennings featuring the Alcatraz island.  These are not Cafe Press products, but something that Guy and I put together and ship from our own kitchen table.  I love seeing these at the signings, and wearing one will get you into the “family photo” for each store.  (Not to mention a huge grin from me!)

Powells, Portland OR

I’m not going to copy and paste the ordering info again, so just jump on over to the website where it’s detailed out.

-Kim  (who’s getting excited about the tour!!)


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41 responses to “Black Magic Sanction Tour Ts

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  2. Hi Kim,

    yeah, that angel sucks, but i think it should be a reminiscence to cemeteries or graveyards due to the one in rachels garden….ah bah..
    and you know, we germans are always so pathetic, most uf us see more drama in stone-angel than ins short skirts…..

    and blutlied means bloodsong, what did the translator think? did he/she think at all? and there is a serie of books written by tanya huff, that are named the same….

    it´s a pity, that you have less influence to german business. You have a great sense of humor and sometimes the translator didn`t get it. The same happens often, when you describe so enthrallling feelings and inner world of your protagonists. I compared passages sentence by sentence and it makes a great difference. But if you had any advice where i can get a ” paranormal german-english dictionary”… ..the staff of my favourite book store were really confused, when i forced them through the internet got get one…
    There is only one thing i prefer on german books. They are of much better quality, better paper and so on…. the books are larger, reading is much more comfortable. But they cost 14,95 € each one while the english books are about 5,95 €….strange days

    well, work is nearly finished, can´t wait to reach home and start reading chapter 4 of “white witch black curse”
    put my son to bed, my husband to sports, my dogs first in the garden then up to sofa with me….
    i´m still weeping for Kisten….
    Have a nice day/ evening – what time do you have? I´m living in the North of Germany, it´s about 16.30….

    • Hi, Michaela. OMGosh, I almost gave my keyboard a wash of tea when I read your comment about angels and short skirts. (laugh)

      It’s about eight in the morning here now as I write this, the sun is just up, and shining into my office where it will be for a few hours before sliding around to the other side of the house.

      I’m sorry the translations aren’t up to where they should be. It has got to be hard, though, to figure out how to translate some of the magical stuff.

      I hope you enjoy your read. I’m trying to get back to the happy endings, but it’s been hard.

  3. Staci

    Will there be a limited mug release with BMS? And boy do I wish wish you’d come to my corner of Tennessee!

    • I’m not sure, Staci. We had such a dismal response to the WWBC mugs, that if we do, there’s only going to be about 50 for sale, and I’m not sure that’s worth it. The rising shipping costs have really made them rather . . . price prohibitive.

      Tennessee? Maybe someday. I’d like to set a book there.

  4. The t-shirts are very cute. It’s a nice idea. I’ll have to remember to get one (can’t do it right away, gotta prep for work).

    Thanks for the second NaSty page. We are a group of talkative people, apparently.

    I’ve been on slow motion since yesterday. Ma creativity is all tapped out. I’ve been juggling with about ten early game concept at work plus NaSty in my freetime. My head won’t cooperate anymore.
    Ever happened to you? Do you have a technique to start creativity up again?

    When music, exercise and every thing else fails, I found out that dropping everything and sleeping is the only thing to start me up again.

  5. Hi everybody,
    it´s a plaesure to read all our little stories….i´m abolutely fond of rachel morgan books, i read them on german, but several times i thought the translation was not as it should be, so i read them on english, too. Have already started with White Witch, Black Curse” – i love the english titles, the german headlines are so stupid…..bloodnight,bloodchild,bloodhunt etc….sometimes it seams as if it has hothing do to with what`s inside the book….Today I bought Black Magic Sanction, i´m really frightend how they will name it on german….”Bloodmagic”????
    The t-shirts are wicked, i like them a lot. Always dificult to get them in my country.
    Kind regards from Northen Germany ( call it refrigerator)


    • Hi, Michaela. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the books, even reading them in English? I’m honored. Thank you. I don’t know why they name them like that. And what’s with the angel on Blutlied? I don’t have angels . . . (laugh)

  6. Nikki Palun

    Got my t-shirt ready and we are super excited in Cincinnati for your stop here! Although I am debating do I run out and buy the book and read it in one day before you get here or waiting to buy it at your tour stop….

    I will probably but it early get it read then buy another book when you get here to support you 🙂

  7. Marsha

    The design for the T Shirts is great, but they always look horrible on me.I just can’t wear them. I hope to get to Atlanta if you are still going to make it a stop on the Madison tour.

  8. Hey Ms. Harrison!

    I’m blaming the late hour for my lack of anything to say. (1:30am and just came back from Circus Shift…) so i’ll just say that the t-shirts are very cool, I STILL wanna become a book signing tour groupie, I hope that the tour will be great, thank you again for the NaSty page and…
    *Alyss falls asleep mid sentence. Her alter ego gently pushes her away from the computer*
    Good night Ms. Harrison, time to get this one to bed.
    Alyssa x2.

  9. mudepoz

    Still trying to rework Cera (who still hasn’t finished her CH) in Ann Arbor with the tour.

    I may have to wait for the Madison Tour. 🙂

  10. Sharon

    I am trying to go to the tour stop on the 23rd. I have never been to a book signing so I don’t know what to expect. What time do you suggest getting there? It starts at 7pm. I don’t have a BMS shirt, I bought the charm bracelet instead. Will there be a new charm to buy there? I would appreciate input from anyone on what to expect. Like how many people usually show up, how long does it last…

    • Hi, Sharon. Jo-Beth is a pretty big store, so you don’t have to get there too early to get a chair like some places, but I’d get there a half an hour early to get settled. People in the front get their books signed first. I won’t have any merchandise with me, no. Sorry. Can you imagine me toting bags of stuff on the airplane? (grin) There’s anywhere from 60 to 300 people, depending upon the store, but 150 is about average? If it’s a full event with Q&A, I can wrap it up and have the stragglers out the door in about two hours, but you don’t have to stay once you get your book signed.

  11. Jana

    Hi- been lurking awhile here and had to say how much I love the Hollows series! I’m trying to get them all in my personal library and have found a few, but wanted to ask- do This Witch For Hire and Dead Witches Tell No Tales have condensed versions of the books they contain? They seem to be a little lower in price (which just means I can buy even more books!) but I want to make sure they have complete versions before I buy them.

    And I am not-so-patiently waiting for the release of BMS- trying to be good is so hard!

    • Hi, Jana. Thank you! I’m glad you’re enjoying the books so much. This Witch for Hire and Dead Witches Tell no Tales are indeed the first four books and will contain the exact same story down to the word of the individual titles. They were put out by the SFBC, and are in hardcover.

      I hope you enjoy BMS!

  12. Tosh19

    Hey Kim!

    Are there any fans of Ghost Whisperer? (looks around) The episode I saw last Friday was crazy! The subject was about . . . DEMONS!! 😀 They had goat slit eyes, but they were green!

    Heres the link:

    Its about 44 mins. long. Enjoy!!

  13. Frederique

    I wish I could wear regular T’s. If you ever make them in girly shirts or tank tops I’ll get them for sure.

  14. Greg S

    I can’t wait for the book,and to see & talk to you.— see ya in seattle

  15. Antonio Rich

    I wear my BMS shirt all the time. People ask me – “have you been to Alcatraz?”

    I missed you when you came into Dayton,OH for the Madison tour(nephews BDay party) and I live w/n walking distance of The Greene too! But – I can’t imagine missing you this time around. You can count on seeing me. 😉

  16. Phil

    I could double up on warm T’s today. More snow out there. Not much this time.
    Thx again for the NaSty page. It’s busy there!! I’m a-l-m-o-s-t finished with my were/vamp story. Plots are hard! 😉

  17. Jenn

    Hm….those t-shirts sure do look comfy….it’s too bad I won’t be able to get one, unless you want to bring it with you to MI? lol I think I’m going to have to save up my pennies & get everything I want at once…maybe for my b-day? Shipping to Canada sucks…

    We are finally all moved in & all 3 cats have now come out of hiding….I just wish that the baby hadn’t decided to announce his presence at 4am this morning! Oh well, at least I know they are finally settled.

    Hope you all have a great day!

    • Sorry, Jenn. If I’m out for a week, the only thing that goes in my suitcase is my clothes. No merchandise. 😉

      Good to hear on the cats. Happy cats = happy house.

  18. Kylie Ru

    I can’t count the number of times I’ve worn my shirt so far. I’m gonna wear it again on Friday, since it’s so comfy, and I have to wear a comfy t-shirt.

    We’re getting so close to the release date! *happy dance*

    Oh, and thanks for the extra NaSty page!

  19. suzannelazear

    Those t-shirts are so cute. I’m sad I can’t one this year.

    The chicks are fast asleep, curled up next to each other. It’s very cute. Last night they were being really loud. My husband (who aparently speaks baby chick) said ” they’re hungry, you should feed them.” Aparenly when he had the girls put them inside, the girls didn’t give them any food or water. Sigh. Yeah, I guess that’s what moms are for.

    Have a great day!

    ~Suzi and the tot