First Chapter of Black Magic Sanction


Here it is, the first chapter of Black Magic Sanction for your sneak-peek pleasure!  It’s a day late because of me, not the publisher, but I’ve finally got it up for you to enjoy at the website.

I’ve got a busy day planned, but the website re-vamp is almost done.  Check out the new scrolling banners at the individual book pages showing the foreign edition covers.  😉  I put them up as I find them, so let me know if there’s one you’ve seen that’s not up there.



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  2. Sam

    Just finished the sneek peek….wow. I cannot wait!! Al’s shift in attitude is intriguing and I can’t wait to see how this all plays out.

  3. OMG that was awesome!!! I’ve been going crazy the last couple of days knowing this teaser was up here, but not being able to read it!!

    I love that we are seeing more about this new understanding between Al and Rachel – so cool and interesting how their relationship has changed over time without either of them individually being drastically different as people. I love it when Al wears those “smoked glasses” – I always picture Gary Oldman in the 1992 Coppola version of dracula – the scene with the grey suit and the violet glasses 😎 I can’t wait to see where you are taking his character! I’m really fascinated by Newt too.

  4. Anna


    Thanks so much for the second sneak peek! Upon reading the first part, I had a bit of a howlathon when I came to the cliffhanger and was thrilled this morning to see the rest of the chapter posted.

    Just to throw it out there: Al is one of the best written characters I’ve ever come across. I’ve read a lot of science fiction, which focuses even more on character development than fantasy tends to, and the Hollows are just amazing. I recently reread all the books from the first to WWBC in order to refresh my memory and have all those niggling little hints of storylines in place and am now literally counting down the days ’till BMS drops.

    I’m not yet sure who I’d prefer Rachel to fall for – Trent or Al – both are so deliciously, evilly, lovely alpha-males with soft marshmallow insides. (And come on, demon sex? Plus, I haven’t found anywhere a reference to whether elves and witches can crossbreed.) Well, maybe that’s just me. Pierce isn’t doing it for me – he feels like too much a good boy. (Grins.) You’re probably sitting there shaking your head at all these bizarre notions readers somehow find in your books.

    On a side note, I’m not sure whether you encourage speculation or not, so please excuse me if this is in the wrong place, but there’s something I’ve noticed that’s been nagging at me. When Rachel twisted a demon curse to turn herself into a wolf and Jenks human-size, her physical body was reset via her genetic code. All wrinkles, freckles, scars, etc. gone. Shouldn’t that be true for Jenks, as well? In which case, doesn’t he now have another 20 years to live? And wouldn’t the solution to saving Matalina be along the same lines – make her human-sized for a bit, as well? What can I say – some characters I want to save at any cost!

    In either case, my hats off to you. Please keep writing and know that your work is deeply appreciated. Cheers from Russia through a California girl!

    • Hi, Anna.

      Wow, thanks! I’m glad you’re enjoying the books so much. That idea you mention for Jenks is one that I’ve been kicking around for a while. The issue comes up when Jenks has to decide. sigh.

      I appreciate your words on character development. I grew up reading a lot of SF, and I know I picked up my pacing and perhaps character development from there, so maybe that’s what you’re seeing. 😉

  5. MNmtrztg

    Wow,Wow, this series just gets better and better. Thank you.

  6. Claudia from Duesseldorf, Germany

    Thank you very much for this sneak peek. Although I was a bit surprised to learn that Pierce is out of favour with Rachel- otoh, we do not want to make it too easy for him, hm?

  7. Julsch

    Wow, this is just great. I am soooo looking forward to this book. Thank you! 😀

  8. Hi Kim,

    The first chapter was awesome!

    I came across a great example of stop animation made up of 7,000 little pages. The scenes of the video plus the inner battle between black and white reminds me of the Hallows.

    ~ Maria

  9. Amazing! Workings of demon world are so intriguing. And Newt is even more scary when she is calm and collected. This new look into Al’s predicament is even better. Can’t wait to read the rest.

    Amazon tells me me copy will be delivered no sooner than March 19. Sweet torture.

    Kim, you got me absolutely hooked. 🙂

  10. Chris

    Kim….I really, really, really hate to be redundant but…..YOU’VE DONE IT AGAIN!!! I really love Al. This peek is soooooooooooo sweet. Thank you.

  11. suzannelazear

    Thanks Kim! I just love those sneak peeks. The rolling banners are nice.

    The dump cake was tasty. But then it’s hard for anything with a stick and a half of butter in it to not be.

    It supposed to rain so the chicks are back by my desk again (and noisy). When we got the chicks I said told the girls that I was not going to take care of them…yet I find myself doing so. Sigh.

    ~Suzi and the tot

    • Hi, Suzanne. That’s what mom’s are for though, right? Let’s hope you don’t have a rooster. They can get nasty.

      I’m so glad you liked the banners! I spent almost 20 hours figuring them out and putting them in. My entire weekend.

  12. Becca K.

    Thank you thank you thank you thank youuu! 😀

  13. Judy B


    You ARE an Evil, Evil Author!!

    I LOVE it!


  14. Lurker


    • SeattleRobin

      Hehe, I know what you mean Lurker. I don’t get to read the book until April 6th, so I’m avoiding sneak peeks (and comments talking about it too)! I like to read it all fresh at once. But when she shoves it right in our faces like that it’s so hard to resist. 😀

    • Hi, Lurker. At least I didn’t put the first few lines in there like last time . . . (laugh)

  15. Kerry P

    Hi Kim,
    Fabulous! There was really no question about waiting for the whole book before reading the first chapter teaser – thank you!
    I do have 2 quick questions: I read a review that said that BMS was the most complex of the books to date. Now I do not place a whole lot of import on the words of the critics (especially when they get the setting of the book wrong – wrong city) but I wonder if you think BMS is a more “complex” book and if so, how? secondly, I read on an earlier blog entry (your blog is my guilty daily pleasure) that the series was extended up to 12 or 13 books: so did you have the full story outlined that you expected to deliver in less books that you are now extending to 12 to 13 books? Or, did you then extend the story when you secured the contract for the additional books? Either way I think the story and writing is superb.
    Have a good day!

    • Hi, Kerry.

      When I found out the books could be extended from six to nine, I figured it might go to 12, so I started to work in a new story arc. The beginnings are in WWBC, the framework with no color, no hints of what’s to come. In BMS, I start putting up the walls of the story arc and you can see it starting to take shape. It’s not until book nine and ten that it really ramps up.

      I’m not sure why BMS is coming across as more complicated. Perhaps because I get out of Cincy a bit?

  16. Eek, I LOVED the first chapter!!

    Is it release date yet?!

  17. Jemma

    Hey Kim,

    The preview was woooonderful! 🙂

    I also love the rolling banners on the book pages. It’s really interesting to see all the different covers.


  18. Frederique

    OMG I can’t wait 21 more days. What a way to start a book. I’m getting it first thing on the 23rd.

    I’ve also gotten my sister into the series. She just finished the Dead Witch Walking and she says she NEEDS The Good the Bad and the Undead NOW.

    • Antonio Rich

      Freddy-Mac. If you want to read some weird supe-romance and say hi to some drama page buddies, check out the NaStyRoMo page (under side pages). You are cordially invited… 😉

      Same to Jemma, ScottS, and everyone else…You don’t have to write anything(I think I’m scaring people off/Robin-Seattle and Jenn have disappeared! Sorry guysCome back 🙂 )

    • Frederique

      I’ll check it out 🙂

    • Hi, Frederique. Ooooh, thanks for getting your sister hooked! It will make for some interesting conversations, I think.

  19. Laila

    Hey! I absolutely love your work! Is it weird or wrong that I want Trent and Rachel together?????? 🙂

  20. Scott S, Clovis CA

    21 more days . . . I can hardly wait. Thanks for the rest of the chapter.

  21. liatortilla

    that was a great first chapter my birthday is comings up and black magic sanctions is on my wishlist cant wait to read the whole book


  22. Jeannie

    Thank you sooo much for the peak. I can’t wait til its out. excited!!

  23. Stephenie

    Ah… excitement. My friend Kelly and I are participating in the great book swap of college. 😀 She buys Flirt today and lets me borrow it, I buy BMS and let her borrow it, and we both hope being poor is just a phase so we can complete our collections.

    I should turn my mother on to the Hollows so she’ll buy them when they come out… it worked well with some other series… *shifty eyes*

  24. Hey Ms. Harrison!
    😀 This has possibly been the best day of 2010 for me so far. Thank you so much for the chapter! (Laughs) I love Newt, I really, really, REALLY do.
    Here’s a link for the UK foreign cover to BMS btw, (if you don’t have it already). Just click on the link, then click on the cover, it will give you a bigger image. (you can then save it by the usual right click).
    Also, lol, 😀 !!!! I rode Basjan today, so i gave him his pat from you. 🙂 It was brilliant. When he saw his tack he practically walked to me as if saying: Where have you kept that?! Why haven’t we been out?!
    We took it slow, against his wishes, lol, and it was brilliant. When we reached a place where we normally have a bit of a sprint, I brought him to a walk, but he tried to shoot away from me, practically trying to explode away from the reins. My riding companion just grinned and said to me – He wouldn’t want to run if he wasn’t feeling up to it.
    It’s been good day. I’m alive again. 🙂


    • marsha

      Your post made me smile Alyssa. I can just see your horse raddy to take off and wondering why on earth you’re holding him back. So glad he’s well again.

    • Antonio Rich

      Alyssa. Is it more economical for you to wait for the UK edition in comparison to the U.S. version? It’s $14 free and clear(no tax or shipping in U.S. if total order over $25) here in the U.S. I was just wondering.

      Cool about “your baby.” I worked w/a woman who worked, voluntarily, in horse rescue(for damaged or abandoned horses) here in Ohio. She would get calls all day, every day, sadly…

    • I had to do some mental math quickly to see whether it would be. It depends from which website I use I suppose. Amazon sadly doesn’t deliver in South Africa anymore. Don’t ask me why, I tried to order something a while ago and they send me a very polite email. i can order it through the website that I posted the link from and from that, it’s better to wait for the UK version (which is also the one that we get in our stores). i’ll have to do that i suspect, purely because all my other books are by that publisher as well and I like them to fit together.
      What i’m hoping, lol, is that one of the many people I got hooked on the Hollows, will bend under the pressure of waiting and order the US hard cover…
      I have a lot of respect for people who can work at a horse rescue. In the UK I helped a woman at her own rescue centre and that was agonizing enough. To work with horses that I already feel too emotional over… I don’t think i’d make it. 🙂

    • Just reread my post. Stupid me. not Own Rescue Centre.
      Owl Rescue center.

    • Phil

      Alyssa, Yay for Basjan! He likes giving you a hard time 😉 Sounds normal, lol. Can’t wait to read the next chapter in your story tonight. Saved it in my favs. Siobhan is Sh’von and Aislinn is Ashlyn…sorry, just threw that in ’cause I like that name.
      Oh, thanks for the info on WP. They say I lost my password which is not true, but hey, I do not argue in cyberspeak.

    • Alyssa, that is wonderful about Basjan. What a peaceful feeling that must have been, knowing he was going to be okay.

      Thank you for the link to the cover! Yay!

  25. Chelikins

    Kim… I LOVE YOU!! Thanks for the rest of the chapter. I am sooooooo excited.

  26. Indy

    Thanks for the treat!!! The wait for the full thing is not that long now that we finally reached February. :)~Indy

  27. becca

    hey kim
    thanks for the reply in the other(snow post)
    i did have a feeling that you went through a rough patch last year thats proberbly subconsusaly (bad spelling) why i asked sorry to hear your news and the trooper that you are doesnt suprise me that you still went and worked it must have given you a little outlet and some escapisum from the big bad world of life.

    gonna read the chapter when the kiddies are in bed so it has all my attention!!
    i cant get BMC on pre order for love nor money any where at the moment!!amazon uk or abe books or the bookdepositry look like i will have to import from amazon usa it just sucks coz then i have to wiat nearly 2 weeks for it to arrive!!is the paperback mid april??
    hugs as always to all the brood


    • Hi, Becca. I think the UK paperback might be in April, yes, but the US paperback won’t be until December if it follows last year’s pattern.

      Enjoy the read!

  28. Antonio Rich

    I love the Hallows. I wish we could get a chapter a week for…oh, I don’t know – forever! 😉

  29. tattoolady

    i can’t bring myself to read it!! i am REALLY looking forward to the book and i want to be compleately surprised when i read it. thank you anyway for giving us the chance to read the first chapter. you recommened “the child thief” by brom a couple of months back and i have recently read it. i loved it! it is in no way for children but it is a good read and brom’s art in the book is a lovely addition to it.i would love to see him do a painting based on the hollows 🙂 i hope all is well in your would and that you are staying warm. -tattoolady

  30. Phil

    An entire chapter, really? Can’t wait to read it. No. No peeking. I won’t look. I won’t. Oh, what the heck… 😉
    *sneaking a second look now*
    Thanks, Kim!

  31. I saved it in my favs and will read it as soon as I am done with WWBC. Rachel is at the Carew Tower party right now.

    NaStyRoMo is keeping several of us busy as well. I’m about done with the more serious and sultry story, halfway through the ridiculous one and I’m working on Tiffany’s werepony/wolf rocker chick’s song… Ah! So much fun. But I have to work now. Work is important. *forces herself to close this window*

    • Phil

      I don’t know if I’ll finish Blood Cross before Feb. 23. I can read two books at once, can’t I? 😉 I shall find out…
      Keep churning out the stories. They’re awesome! I like serious and sultry. And ridiculous!

    • I often read more than one book at once. Theory for the job and fantasy for the entertainment! 😉
      I might, insist on “might”, post The Hunt tonight. Most likely tomorrow night.

    • I hope you enjoy it, Aheila. That’s wonderful that you’re taking part in NaSty!

  32. Kat

    Yay!!! Thanks Kim! It’s awesome.

  33. Shanda

    Just preordered the book on Amazon. Thank you for the sneak peek Kim! And many more :P:P

  34. Rae

    Oh I wish I could read it 😦
    But I am one of those who can’t start a book like yours without having the chance to read it in one go..
    Sneak Peaks mostly make me restless for more so I try not to read them.

    Will wait until the book is out, but thank you anyway!

  35. Kylie Ru

    *happy dance* I think that just may be my favorite chapter! Love the “no lying . . . thing”! I think I have another quote to use for my deviantART signature. Jeez, Al, you’re taking up all my signature space! If the first chapter is any indication, I think BMS will be my favorite. At the moment it’s WWBC. *happy happy happy dance*

    Have fun, Kim-san!

  36. Wabbit