Friday I watched the weather, hoping for snow.  I feel pretty safe hoping for snow.  Rock Hill has got some funny elevation, and most times developing weather splits and goes around us.  Friday was no exception. and all of Friday, I watched snow and ice move around a 40 mile section of map like it was . . . an island in a ice flow.

But Saturday I woke up to about an inch of the white stuff overlayed about a quarter inch of ice.  The dogs didn’t know what to make of it, and we had a puzzled ten minutes outside because nothing smelled right and no one knew where to pee.  (laugh)

But here’s a picture of it, because it’s not going to last.  I’m surprised it’s lasted this long.

Also, I put up a page for Antonio’s NaStyRoMo, so if you are so inclined . . .  (laugh)


The details on the BMS short will probably land in my mailbox today.  If it’s soon enough, I’ll have a PS for you.  😉


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  1. Frotee

    Snow…ugh. I’ve frankly had enough of it. We’ve been stumbling around in it for over a month now…and up in Hamburg, they’re obviously overburdened with keeping the roads clear. And don’t get me started on the walkways – they’re all frozen, making you slip every few steps. Come visit Germany in winter if you wish to see snow 😉
    Greetings from the new flat, Carina

  2. mudepoz

    Snow. When bups are born in summer, they freak with the first snow, not sure where they should potty. If born in winter, they’ll use the VERY LAST bit of snow to do their business.

    We call it housebreaking gone wild 🙂 Didn’t seem Faith’s pup had any issues with it.

    Would have been nice to see gooseflesh Chi snow pix.

    Then again, I should have put out some of my spaniel snow pix…with one litter, 11 years ago? We had to dig paths so the 7 week olds could go out. One of the bups (NOT one I kept) started to snowplow off the path. All you could see was a ridge where he went, picture gopher tunnel.

    Momma Charm was NOT pleased, pounced over him, and walking with bup under her, strolled him to the open path. Barking and bitching the whole time.

    How much longer to BMS?I have once again finished my TBR pile, and rereading things. People who write books set in the future have to be very farsighted. It’s distracting to read something set 50 years hence and the tech was outdated a few years ago!

    I can see the advantages to Steampunk!

    • I was attracted to the cover of the release of The Decoy Princess in German. Clicked on the link, enjoyed the English translation of the interview, clicked on the Dawn Cook web link, and discovered the account suspended. Not sure if they had the wrong link or if it was part of your move.

    • Impact hosting are doo-doo heads. I pay them. One hand says thank you, the other says I still owe. I’ve had it with them and will be moving my account.

  3. marsha

    Like Janis, I feel like an addict, or maybe a stalker. Hand over my heart I swear I’m not. You just have some very funny creative people who love your work. Now that’s really a compliment when you think about it. We lived in upstate New York once and had three feet of snow for the first time in my little Southern life! We had a poodle who would not pee without grass under her little toosh. My poor father had to go out and shovel her a nice patch of yard.

  4. JanisHarrison

    Dear Kim and all the lovely folks who post, peep, and lurk here: I just realized that on Mondays the first thing I look up on the internet is Kim’s Drama Blog/Box. I may be an addict…but it’s a pleasant addiction.
    For myself, living in hilly Seattle, the rare event of snow in this city is a horrible experience because everything ices up. Transportation, be it public, private, or commercial, is one dangerous mess. Fortunately it rarely lasts much more than a day or possibly 2. I just laughed at the thought of your poor pups, trying to find their usual potty spots. Our little dog did the same wander and sniff routine when it snowed; but the cats just thought the whole yard was a chilly sandbox. You should have seen the remainders when the snow melted!

  5. Hi Kim!

    That would have been cute to watch your dogs figure out the snow. Was the ice thin enough that their little feet where pushing through the ice layer into the powder below?

    Thanks for the ‘NaSty’ page 😉 We’ve been having fun playing over there all weekend!

  6. It’s melted earlier but will freeze back up tonight. Yippee! Ice on the roads. 😦

    I love snow but not the ice.

  7. Tessa

    Is there any place in the books that describe how the outside world works in the hollows world? Because in A fistful of Charms the world seems to be pretty similar to ours and in some books people are workers on farms and need to buy there freedom? I was wondering how that all worked?
    Thank You

    • Hi, Tessa. I’ve not really gotten into it, no. Book nine is my road trip book, and we will see a little more of the US then. As for the farm workers, they are not slaves, but it’s very hard to leave. Conditions are good, and the outside world looks scary.

  8. Hello Ms. Harrison,

    Needless to say, no snow this weekend here…
    No snow in my neck of the woods ever, lol. Not my side of the country anyway. We had a hot weekend and I have to say, it got to me, I’m more of a winter person myself. But, it was a good weekend. I’m pleased to report that Basjan is finally back to his old self. I’m going to start riding him this week. 🙂 I’m relieved.

    Have a brilliant day, can’t wait for that teaser!!!

  9. Joseph

    Just down the road 90 min from you, and I couldn’t get out of my driveway all day Saturday, yesterday morning, and until about 10:00 a.m. today because we got about 3-4 inches of the frozen stuff and then about 1 inch of snow on top of that. The snow I can live with, but the ice? No, just makes me pine for summer–especially when the power goes out. Take care, and stay warm.

    • Hi, Joseph. I know! They just don’t grade the driveways for ice down here. The first time it snowed, I spent ten minutes trying to get out of my drive before I gave up. I know how to drive in snow, but the road wasn’t built for it.
      Looks like the worst is over now, though.

  10. Phil

    No teaser today? I am bereft! *huge sarcastic grin*. You know I dread them things. Least till I peek. Then I’m all “Can’t wait to read the book!”
    Thanks for the NaSty side page! It’s bursting at the seams there. I’m editing my story a bit and hope to have it up this week. Extremely nice people who post here have offered their pages! 🙂 If I don’t get my own page in time, I will accept the offer.
    Have fun in the snow, but please don’t send it here 😉 .

  11. Antonio Rich

    Ohio didn’t get any snow. Go figure. I saw FHunter posted a YouTube clip of her dogs enjoying the snow. Too funny!

    Movie I saw this weekend: DVD: I Love You Man. I was expecting “snarky” and tired man/woman jokes. But – it was SO funny. Yes, it’s silly and crude(Thing2 can’t watch) and I know your not that big on comedies, but give it a try…

  12. Kylie Ru

    What’s all that white stuff?

    Nero is doing well, pretty much back to normal. He decided he wanted to play last night. Playing with me consists of gnawing on my elbow. Yup, he’s good.

    Thanks for the side page!

  13. suzannelazear

    Hi Kim. Mmmmm, cake. I’m thinking of making dump cake. After watching Julie & Julia over the weekend I am now obsessed with butter (there are four ingredients in dump cake–cake mix, crushed pineapple, cherry pie filling, and butter.)

    I finished the ball gown, though it’s a little short in the front (gasp, you can see my feet. I’m such a dollymop, lol).

    Yay for snow. Drive safe.
    ~Suzi and the tot

  14. Sabrina

    Hi Kim!
    If you want snow, more snow or even tons of snow … come to Germany because we’re getting lots of it. I haven’t seen that much since I was a kid. (Living near Cologne, snow’s kind of a rarity) Looks lovely but I hate it. Driving’s an adventure, if you manage to get your car out of the garage that is. Flights are permanently delayed so I have to work longer without being paid more. Great. At least I don’t have to shovel snow. Someone else gets money for it :-). I guess I’m not much of a winter person and I’m really glad when it’s over!!!
    Take care! Sabrina

  15. And NaStyRoMo page is being flooded with enthusiastic writers! That side page is a blessing and it really blossomed over the weekend. We got teasers, completed entry and ideas being bounced around.
    Thanks a lot!

    We got plenty of snow here. I’m almost sorry I don’t have a camera to take a few pictures for you. 😉

  16. becca

    wow kim really glad to see you get at least alittle snow!!looks good,just be glad it wasnt deeper or your little pooches would have been lost!!when i had my collie she love to go in the snow her fav game was having me throw snow balls so she could bite them!!good times.

    got a question….
    how does life situations effect your writting??i was thinking this as even us folks who dont write have things happen to them like a relative passing on or winning the lotto etc and we still have to go about are day but at least we could like take time off etc…where as with you if you had a sad moment or happy in your life and you have dead lines,targets etc to meet you sitll have to do it.for example say a loved one died but you had to eventually do sexy scene but your not in the mood do you leave it to come back to and do a scene more fitting same goes for if your in a really good mood youve had good news etc how do you in your head deal with writting bad things etc??

    sorry for the long post its been play on my mind i dont know why just been having bad thougts(my nans death anniversay in closing in).i dont function well around that time had just wondered how a creative mind is affected etc.
    hugs from snowy uk
    becca and kiddies

    • Antonio Rich

      Becca. Sorry about your nan. I think I’ve been to 4-5 funerals in the past 2 years, and 2 aunts had close calls over the holidays. My grandmother, who died last year – her anniversary is coming up as well. I’ve been dreaming lately about the place she had – it backed up to a farm and would make her wistful for her native Kentucky…

    • becca

      thanks for your thoughts
      saying she was my nan doesnt cover it..mum,friend,pain in my bum even that doesnt cut it,folks tell me it will get better i guess it will it only hurts a fraction less than when it happened a few years ago i dont go the cemertry as often they dont care how often we go,its the folks left behind.i just wish alot…. wish she could have seen my 2 boys(5 and 3)grow wish… she got to see status quo…. wish she got to watch more wwf(she loved the rock etc)the groovest 80 yr old you would have ment,she even listened to 1 of kims books on cd!!

    • If I may cut in with how I work through stuff (yeah, I’m a creative type too)… I find your question really interesting because I noticed that creative people tends to be ruled by their emotions a lot. I know I am. And I’m wearing my heart on my sleeve. When something good or bad happens to me, just about everyone knows it.

      I work in video games so, usually, the emotional involvement is not as important as in a book but we have deadlines. I write stories on my free time so there is emotional involvement but no deadline.
      (Just so you know where I stand creatively)

      Personnally, I tend to push myself right into the bad stuff as I do for the good. If I feel bad, I’ll feel it very intensely for a day or two. I’ll listen to depressing music, cry my heart out, write gloomy poetry… the whole shebang. I blaze through the emotion, sorting through it the hard way but also the fast way. Then I go tired of being sad and I move on.
      I can shuffle my tasks around a bit while I get through the moment and still write the happy stuff for the deadline.

      Same goes if I just got a bunch of good news and I have to write something awful.

      Music also help tune my emotion to what I need to feel like and distract me for a time if I can’t use the aforementioned technique.

      Sorry about your nan. I hope you can find peace.

    • becca

      thanyou for sharing it does help knowing others feel as i do,iam also creative thats why i asked kim the question..iam a florist and artist(acrilic’s)and with my moods comes my creations i just find it hard to create something nice and cheerfull and pretty when iam in a funky grumpy mood,guess i should stay away from wedding flowers for awhile hey lol

    • Jenn

      I don’t know if you will get this Becca or not, but I have a suggestion for you: what about drawing one of your favourite happy moments with your nan? Maybe that would help you as you are concentrating on a good memory of her during ths time that has been a problem for you.
      I’m not super creative, but whenever I’m upset about someone I have lost, I tend to think of a happy memory of them & it hurts a little less for that time…
      May you find peace soon…

    • Hi, Becca. A little snow is all I wanted. 😉

      Mmmm, how does real life effect my work? It does, I’ll admit that. Last year, I had four people in my immediate family pass, and one of my dogs. (not Aleix or Xander, but one I didn’t mention much because she was old and deserved her privacy.) The work suffered, but I was there at my desk regardless, putting in my hours and getting the job done. My work at that time was not my best, but you just keep doing it, knowing that it will get better, and so-so work is better than no work at all.

      And sometimes, you can use your writing to get through it.

      I’m sorry about your Nan. I hope you have good memories to make you smile.

    • Tiffany

      Four people in your immeadiate family and one of your dogs passing all in one year is terrible, Kim, I’m so sorry. Man, I don’t know what it was with 2009. There were some untimely tradgedies with some people in my life also, three to be exact, but only one that touched my immediate family. I’m sending you and your family heartfelt and sincere warm wishes/prayers/energy.

    • Thanks, Tiffany. I appreciate that. It was a year of change, that’s for sure.

    • Tiffany

      Sorry to hear about your Nan, Becca. I have a Grandma who died in 1996 and still, several times a year, I dream of being at her house with her. Kim said it perfectly: I hope you have good memories to make you smile.