Now that’s some weather!  Will we get snow tomorrow?  I doubt it.  (laugh)  But I wouldn’t be surprised if we get ice.  Lots of ice.  You watch.  There will be no toilet paper or bread on the shelves by noon today.

So . . . my Geek Guy is still looking into how to move my email identities without losing everything.  I’m hopeful, but I am asking the difficult, not just the impossible.  Impossible, they can do.  difficult is harder.

The website, though, is up right now apart from the Halloween pages and a bit of the older tours (and rolling banners, which I’m working on this weekend.)  I’m going to be taking the old website out of the system today, which means the new one is going to go k-fluie when its crutch is removed.  We’ll see just how good I was in separating the two.  (manic laughter)

Oh!  And Monday, baring we get an ice storm that shuts us down, I should have another chunk of BLACK MAGIC SANCTION to share with you.  Whoo-hoo!



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  1. lemonade

    Monday! You give the best presents ever! Thank you! I’ve been sick for days, this cheers me right up!

    Good luck with your technical junk. I bow to the savvy ones. Hope it all goes smoothly.

    • Thanks, Lemonade. I spent all weekend workign on scrolling banners, and made some good progress. It’s starting to show up now. Just have to fix my navagation.

      As for the excerpt? I’m hopeful, but it might be the end of the day before I get the info on it. (rolls eyes)

      Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Stay safe!!

    And I can’t wait for Monday!! 🙂

  3. Chris

    Haven’t posted often but I try to check in every once in awhile. Kylie, I hope your pup is doing well. We had a major scare a number of years ago when the puppy we rescued got ill and the vets told us to put him down. They had no clue what was wrong with him after running every test they could think of over a 24 hour period. Our family refused to give up on him. My wife and I took turns giving him water from an eyedropper all weekend. Then we used another to give him bits of food and we prayed a lot. He is now closing in on his 14th birthday and the vets call him our “Miracle Puppy”!! That’s him at the bottom of my blog page should you ever run across it. The weather you all have been writing about stopped about 15 miles south of us although it really messed up I-83 between York and Baltimore(multiple multi vehicle accidents closed it). All we got were occasional flurries and will chills near zero. Good thing because our fantasy baseball league draft is tomorrow. I trying to build on my 7 game World Series loss of last season. Kim, best wishes on the final transformation of the sight and I am waiting with baited breath for more of the teaser.

  4. Hi Kim,

    Luv how your homepage is coming along. The the new navigation bar
    is fab.

    On the homepage, I noticed that the pic of you is a little pixelated. Because I was bored (getting tons of snow), I Photoshopped two versions that are less pixelated. Let me know if you would like ’em, and I can post them here for you.

    Also preordered, BMS and am uber excited.

    Yay for Monday!

    ~ Maria

    • Thanks, Maria! It’s coming slow, but steady, and I am enjoying learning this new system. (Guy would argue with me after the frustration he’s seen) Pixelated? I may have uploaded the wrong one. Hee, hee. Let me go look.

    • Oh, it’s just the tips of your hair. Sorry my anal retentive head is rearing…

      …Sitting in the bad, very bad, pun corner.

  5. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    Glad to see your transistion is going fairly well. Some minor problems are to be expected i guess.

    I am in computer limbo right now. This week I have gone from a very high emotional peak to a very seep emotional low.

    I got Mass Effect 2 for my PC (YAY!). Then my computer did a hard crash with a corupted configuration file. 😦 It’s been in the shop since last Tuesday(JAN 29)

    The tour is almost upon us and I have been thinking about something. Last year, you revealed your “true idenity” to us. I was wondering if we will get to see the real you this year?

    I hope that doesn’t sound wierd or insulting or make you uncomfortable. You will always be my favorite author no matter who you want to be, 🙂

    • Vampyre

      d’oh stupid work work computer has no spell checker!


    • Vampyre

      Howdy ma’am,

      I am sad today. I just learned about Amazon/Harpers new policy of delaying Kindle releases. I know you have no controle over that stuff.

      I will have a hard copy for you to sign in Charlotte but I cancelled my Kindle preorder. I won’t need it because by the time it comes out, I’ll have already read the book.

      I am not happy with this new policy at all. It totally defeats one of the main reasons I bought my Kindle. 😦

      I saw what you said about this now policy to another poster. He repeated it in the Amazon forums. You don’t need to post it again. I feal this is a bad policy and it’s going to hurt everyone involved.


      PS nope, I used to watch Fringe but decided I don’t like it. I’ll be perfectlly happy once I get my car and computer out of the shop.

    • I’m sorry, Vampy. They are treating them more and more like mass markets, and it’s not a happy choice. Interestingly to note, that Amazon sets the price for the Kindle version, not the publisher, and I’m wondering if the low price Amazon set might have something to do with the publisher’s decision to delay the more popular titles.

    • Antonio Rich

      V–Have you ever watched the tv show Fringe? The premise is that there is an alternative parallel universe where our duplicate lives and works in a slightly different world. Well. Rumour has it that Kim’s mom, unhappy w/her daughter’s baking and gardening skills, made a dangerous trip to “the other side” and kidnapped her young Daughter’s twin.

      The question: which is which? Who is who? (twilight zone theme: “doo-doo-doo-doo, doo-doo-doo-doo…”)

    • Antonio Rich

      PS You know what would cheer you up? Yup. A little creative writing. How ’bout a short – short as you want – a short Supe-Romance story. KH gave us a little sandbox to play in. Bring your buckets and shovels, my friend.

    • Oh, Vampy. I am so sorry. I would be terriably depressed. I hope you get it back soon.

      And now I’m grinning. Dude, I’ve always been the real me up there. The makeup and fancy clothes are just window dressing. You are getting 100% me, all the time. But “Kim” holds her temper better than “Dawn,” I will admit. (laugh)

  6. Chelikins

    Kim.. you are amazing! First off I got my keys today!! yea!! Also tell Guy thanks for the seeds too! I am gonna get a frame and put them in it! That made my day considering I woke up to my house being 58 degrees!! yea the furnace went out. Thankfully they came and fixed it.. cost me only $65!! You know what it was.. it was a lady bug in the drain out.. believe that!! They said it is a commen occurence and not rare!

    Anyways.. the other reasons you are amazing is the new side page for the little writing thing some of your posters want to do.. very nice of you! and finally of course.. some more BMS!!! Woot!!


    • Antonio Rich

      Aha! I’m marking you down as a participant, Chelkins. You can’t get out of it now. I’m expecting some participation now…Or I WILL hound you, I’ll be a burr under your saddle 😉

    • Hi, Chelikins. -grin- I’m glad you got your stuff! And yes, please enjoy the sandbox! That’s wonderful that your furnace fix was so reasonable. Whew! No BMS yet this morning, but I’m hopeful.

  7. Indy

    Good luck Kim!!! And a big yeah on more of BMS!!!~Indy

  8. Hi Kim,
    I hope your weekend is toasty on the inside. It sounds like weather that calls for a Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate … I found a link to a recipe in case the raods are all wrong for an excursion:


    Can’t wait for the the teaser on Monday!!!

  9. Jenn

    Hi Kim,

    I can’t wait to get another teaser of BMS….

    Ok, so I have something for you….I got my hubby a copy of “Uncle John’s Endlessly Engrossing Bathroom Reader” & I found something that you might like.

    I don’t know if Pierce is going to be hanging out for a while but on page 292, of Uncle Johns book, there is a small selection of slang that his research staff got from the following book: Slang and Euphemism by Richard Spears.

    Some of the phrases I could just hear coming out of Pierce’s mouth…

    • Antonio Rich

      Jenn. Since I’m “strong-arming” everyone else…

      “Whatcha Doin’?”

      Come over to the site page and write some Supe-Romance. “It does a body good.” Really. Or, at least offer your opinion(s). B Good…

    • Jenn

      Hi Antonio,

      I’ll definately come over to offer my opinion, but I’m about to start OT at work until the 15th so if there is a deadline of valentines day then, I won’t be able to contribute a story….or at least not much of one….anyone got an idea for me?

    • Antonio Rich

      You live in Canada, right? Hmmm…something set in your locale would be cool. We’ll think of something…

    • Hi, Jenn. Mmmm, I’d like to see that. I’ll have to do some investigating . . .

  10. Christina

    I can’t wait to read more of BMS!!!!

    My folks work in Nashville, TN so we are about half an hour away…they shut down all the schools (even the universities, which really says something!) Long story short, my family is enjoying a day in front of their computers and tv because channel four nailed the weather for a change. Its all white here!

    Anyways, I hope all works out with your website!!!

  11. Tosh19

    Hey Kim! I just got a large envelope from my college. And I got a notification that I ‘Tosh’ have made it on the DEAN’S LIST!!!!! 😀 (Runs crazily in circles) The funny part is that I didn’t even know that I made it until I looked at my report card online! This is a big first for me! (Am now starting my fourth semester)

    Can’t wait for more BMS!

  12. Stephenie

    Oooh! Exciting about the new website. I would be excited about ice, but I’m in college, so school cancellations are still exciting to me! Even more so now that I live all on my lonesome (somewhat :D) ah! College, the independence of adulthood with the responsibilities of a child; teeheehee… At least in my case.

    I’m SO excited for Black Magic Sanction! I have like 3 books coming out in February and I don’t know how I’m going to afford them all.
    I also need a second set of Hollows novels. I keep lendng mine out, but I’m sad because I can’t display them in my living room. Books being my main decoration in all rooms of my apartment. 😀


    • Hi, Stephenie. I like using books as decorations, too. They make me feel good when I look at them, like a little snapshot of how I felt when I read them.

      New website is coming slow and steady now. I’ve got all the knowledge, just have to impliment it.

  13. marsha

    Yep. I saw that forecast. Our offices in Memphis and Nashville may have to close early today. You probably will get ice out of this mix, we are just expecting very cold rain. Good day to stay home and make chili and corn bread. We always stack up on TP down here : )

    • Antonio Rich

      Aaaannnd – while your nesting in your warm house, avoiding the snow, you can write your entry for NaStyRoMo! Don’t give me that “I don’t have talent” stuff. Who cares. Just one page – that’s all I’m asking.

      Marsha Marsha Marsha!

      If you can’t think of anything to write about, I’ll assign something for ya’ (“HeeHee” : evil laugh)

    • marsha

      Actually I have been thinking about something to write. How do we do this thing? We can’t take up all of Kim’s Drama Blog with our attempts.

    • Antonio Rich

      Nah. It’s just something we can do on our own. We can update each other here. Some, like Ahelia, are going to post their stories on their own sites. I suppose we could post “chunks” of what we do on some of our DP’s friends sites, if they offer.

    • Kylie Ru

      I’m putting mine up on my deviantART page. I could post yours if you’d like.

    • You want me to set up a page for you here? I can do that, easy/peasy.

    • Antonio Rich


      That would be so cool if you would want to do that. I don’t want people to abuse the hospitality and/or get the wrong impression.


      It’s for fun. To gain a bit of understanding thru “doing.” I want non-writers to have as much fun as the writers. No pressure. Even if it’s just 200 words…I hope everyone gives it a shot(even if you don’t want to post it publicly)

      Thanks Kim 😀

    • A spot here would definitely be great.

      I can also offer up to post the various entry on my blog. Or we could set up a blog just for us. I could manage it and give writing rights to every participant.

    • Jenn

      Um, I keep hearing about this NaStyRoMo but I don’t know what it is. Can someone explain or tell me where I can find info? It sounds like fun!

    • I missed it last Friday too – here is Antonio’s post:

      IDEA: I was thinking the other day that I’ve been bitching about Supernatural Romances all year. I’m thinking I should shut up and put up already, and I thought I’d drag you(and anyone else, of course)into it as well. My idea: Valentine’s Day is just around the corner(so PLENTY of time) and what better time for a supe romance story? I’ve even crafted a catchy name: National Story of Romance Month…or NaStyRoMo. HUH? Who doesn’t like to get Nasty? It’s the perfect time for Nasty, right? Come on, I don’t want to get Nasty by myself. I’ll let you pick the supe group: Vamps,witches,Elves,WerePonies,whatever. Then I’ll pick the venue/time: spacestation, Marvel Comic’s universe, 50’s Car Hop,redwood forest,i don’t know – whatever, I’ll think of something. Something short. More light,tongue-in-cheek. Something that can be written in a weekend. Who’s getting Nasty!?

    • I just read (and reposted) your NaStyRoMo post – you totally had me a WerePony, LMAO! (OK technically you had me at NaStyRoMo, but who’s keeping track). Just the thought of a WerePony is cracking me up… and a WerePony romance: fantaaaastic! I’m positive that I don’t have the talent to properly craft the ironic tale of WerePony love without it coming across as lame or disturbing… wait, who am I kidding, that’s perfect 😉

      (Yeah, I am so going to regret this…)

      OK, so what is my location going to be Antonio?

      And for the fun of it, I’m also taking votes as to what kind of supe/non-supe the WerePony’s romantic interest might be…

    • Ooh Ooh, I’m laughing my head off. Kylie-san, your wererabbit is going to love this. Love triangle with the werepony, may be? hum…

      I just went through some old stuff of mine and I found something that made me thought of our crazy werethingies.
      Follow this link: http://www.myspace.com/sarbaband
      Scroll down the playlist. Click on Santa Baby (Chipmunk version).
      I listened to it and I thought “Damned! That’s a sultry werechipmunk” And then, I knew I had to share. 😉

      Also, FYI, I posted a hundred-word teaser of my NaStyRoMo project on my blog. *evil sultry werechipmunk laugh*

    • Kylie Ru

      My werepony would be crushed if the wererabbit went to another werepony! Lol. Okay, I really need to come up with plot of some kind. I told Mom I was going to write a love story about a werepony and a wererabbit, and she looked at me and said, “Why?” So I said, “. . .never mind.”

    • Antonio Rich

      Guys! Kim gave us our own SIDE PAGE to play on for NaStyRoMo!

      Ahelia: your way ahead of the game. Too cool. You can re-post on our side page too if you want.

      Tiffany! I was going to contact you on your site, but I’m glad you caught up. I was going to have everyone do the same Supe-Storyline, but I think that’s too stifling. I want everybody to do “whatever floats their boat.” But, I think, in addition to everybody doing their own thing, I might assign a daily schedule for the 2 weeks leading up to the 14th. You know, maybe mon-tue: shifters, wed: vamps, etc. Maybe we might have 1 FanFic Day – that would be fun. Since we always talk about R&I/same sex romance storylines, maybe we might have a same-sex supe day. Heck, I don’t know. I didn’t think Kim would offer to create a site page , but I don’t want to waste it. So, get crackin’! It might be fun to co-write something with someone too. Experiment. Write it in the form of a stageplay, all dialogue. I don’t care. Use the site page to think aloud, gather opinions. Play.

    • Antonio Rich

      Kylie–Got an idea for you. Boy has lived next door to a girl his whole life. Has always harbored a crush. She doesn’t know his secret: all those years she’s taken a ride on the neighbor’s pony, she had no idea it was him. Now they are getting older and he wants to tell her the truth but is afraid. When he does, she surprises him by revealing she is a wereRabbit. LOL!

    • mudepoz

      Were zombies?
      Nyah. Stickin’ with my Zombies and Wendigos. Actually, I decided after several conversation with new grad students that I read Dark Urban Fantasy because it’s lighter than real life monsters…*Shudder*

    • Personnally, I will produce one story (I don’t know how long) and I just got an idea for a “NaStyRoMo Grinning Edition” as a second, less structured idea.
      I didn’t know if we were going to move on with the “specific supe and place” idea so I’ve just started on what came to my mind.

      With the full time job/part time teaching/personnal projects/whatnots, I’m doing this for the fun of it. I hope I don’t mess up your plans? o_0

    • Kylie Ru

      I can do that Antonio-kun! Man, now I need to write two stories! Still need to work with my mad scientist werefilly.

    • Tiffany

      Dudes! 😉 OK just realized that instead of a pony shapeshifter, WerePony had me thinking of a werewolf/pony hybrid of sorts – half rainbows and happiness, and half flesh eating beast. Thus the ROFLing. I think I’ll stick with the carnivorous pony hybrid anyway – I’m getting attached to the idea 😉

    • Marsha

      Oh Antonio I’m so mad at you. I missed my sleep last night because I sat at this damned computer until I was able to put the idea in my head down “on paper” in a way that made sense. At least it makes sense to me, it might not to anyone else. I have one 5-6 page chapter that introduces my characters and their little slice of the world. Is that enough? If all you guys make fun of the old lady I’m going to take my ball home and not play with you anymore (sticks out bottom lip n a pout)

    • mudepoz

      Okay. So I DON’T write. Shoot me. However, if someone wants to work with me on Zombie Prions…shoot me, err, well, let me know.
      Add AOL to my name.

    • Antonio Rich

      Ahelia–Oh, I re-read wrote I wrote(it was late last night 🙂 ) I used the word “assign” too flippantly. I just meant I might suggest a daily writing subject/game to “spark” some play. YES! It is for FUN. PS I think I might “think aloud” about “my” story on the site page and see what ideas/feedback I might get.

    • Antonio Rich

      M–We can kick around some ideas on the site page.

    • OMGOsh, Marsha. That’s what we had for dinner last night! Chili and corn bread! (laugh)

  14. Hey Ms. Harrison!

    AH. I wish it was Monday already.
    Of course… Some of my friends and I are playing Corrupt a wish. ie – you grant a wish, but you… corrupt it slightly. I’ll rather not leave this in their hands, lol.
    Dude, that looks like some weather. We also have a TERRIBLE forecast. It will be… Sunny. And… Sunny and SUNNY over the weekend. lol. I’ll be thinking of you guys. While i’m getting my easy accessible toilet paper.
    😉 Have a good one!


    • Kylie Ru

      Sunny is terrible!

    • Antonio Rich

      I need to know more about “Corrupt a Wish.”

      I live North of DC/KH (Ohio) and yes, we are expecting cold and precipatation. But, I am “well stocked” in toiletries and Diet Dr. Pepper. So – I’m good to go. (awkward “thumbs up”)

    • Jenn

      Yes, please explain more about the Corrupt a wish…I think that it’s something that would be fun to do! *grin*

    • Yes, more on “Corrupt a Wish”… 😉

    • Okay, lol. By popular request – here’s Corrupt a wish. I have to point out, it started as a forum game. And, to a large extent, it still is. On the odd occasion, my friends and I will make it real, but only with things that are possible. Here’s the rules, or rather the way you play is:
      One person makes a wish, and the next person “grants” that wish… with a price… and makes a wish of their own. For example:
      Person A: I wish I had I bottle of Snapple.
      Person B: Granted. Too bad you didn’t check to see if the button on the cap was up, because now you’ve got food poisoning.
      I wish I had a hamburger.

      A few good examples are:
      Person A: I wish I was better at organizing.
      Person B: Granted, but now you spend all your time organizing every scrap of paper that you completely ignore everything else, your neighbors think you are a complete freak after seeing your alphabetized toothpicks, and you have been put in a crazy home for organizing disorder.

      If you do it in Real Life (instead of writing it)…
      A: I wish I had a cup of coffee.
      B: Grants it by making a cup of coffee, but puts Salt in instead of Sugar…

      You do small things like that. 🙂 And, don’t make it malicious, and don’t take it personally.

      If you want more examples, just say – i’ll post a sheet in my blog. I don’t want to clog this one u p too much, lol, it’s not mine. 😉

    • Hi, Alyssa. Corrupt a wish . . . Sounds like something Al does for fun. (grin) Enjoy your weather! I know I did. I likes snow.

  15. Phil

    Whoo-hoo! Sounds like smooth sailin’ for you, Kim.
    What is this new teaser you’re dangling out there? I don’t know if I can take any more (grin).
    We’re in the deep freeze todayso Ninja Friday has some bite to it.
    I hope all you guys have a fun weekend!

    • Antonio Rich

      OK. Gotta ask: what’s up with the avatar? I like it. Is there a story behind it?

      Phil. You talked about participating in NaNoWri earler this year…You’ve been quiet on writing a Supe Romance for Valentine’s Day. NaStyRoMo. “Chop Chop” get started. I’m looking forward to hearing what you come up with.

    • Phil

      Antonio-san, I’ve been giving a lot of thought to a story for NaStyRoMo. Hard to top your werepony concept though, or Kylie’s mad scientist chick. And romance stories are not really up my alley. I will definitely try to come up with something … maybe a vamp and a were meet while on jury duty…and they are guilty of…um, biting and scratching?

      The avitar? A jade elephant pendant I gave my girlfriend for her birthday. She likes them things.

    • Antonio is “I dare ya, I double dare ya” mode with this NaStyRoMo project. I love it! Viva la peer pressure! *evil sarcastico-mad grin*

    • mudepoz

      Hmm, I betcha I could whip up Atlas Shrugged and Became a Zombie with some help. *Help*

    • mudepoz

      Please note: Weather does NOT exist. *Crosses arms, nods chin*

    • Hi, Phil. No teaser yet. I might have jumped the gun a bit. I’ll probably get my info today, then upload it to the site on Tuesday. (rolls eyes at self.) I got a little excited, maybe. 😉

  16. Kylie Ru

    Wee! More BMS! That makes me happy. I’d like to say Friday didn’t come soon enough. This week Ninja Friday’s cousin, Fat-Lazy-Slob Friday came for a visit.

    I guess the Universe ran out of steam in it’s desire to mess with me. Everything has been doing okay since Tuesday. Of course, Tuesday was the worst. Nero, me puppy, had a seizure. So I had to come right home since he turned violent when he got out of it. I was just starting class when my mom called me, so I had to miss that class. That means I had to drop it. Woohoo. We got his test results yesterday. Everything was normal, except for a spike that proved he had a seizure. So we have no idea what happened.

    Um, sorry to go off like that. Hope everything goes well, Kim-san, and have a fun weekend! That goes for the rest of you, too! 😉

    • Hugz for you Kylie!
      My dog gets seizures too, and I have to give you encouragement, it’s easily treated with medicine. Have they prescribed anything for the dog?
      It will be fine!

    • Kylie Ru

      No, they haven’t prescribed anything yet. He’s to go back to the vet in about a month for a checkup, though.

    • marsha

      Oh Gosh Kylie I’m sorry about your puppy! We had a dog we rescued who had seizures on a regular basis. When we took him to the vet to get checked out it looked like they were possibly caused by being kicked in the head! This poor little thing had evidence of cracked ribs from being kicked around. I’m so glad we found him and gave him love and comfort for the rest of his life. People can be very cruel sometimes.

    • Kylie Ru

      Yeah, some people are worse than animals.

    • Phil

      That is awful! I get sick every time I see a story on tv about those things. I read once about a woman who adopted a rescue dog and it took five years of love and patience till the dog learned to trust and be happy again.

    • I’m sorry Kim.
      Stepping back taking a deep breath and giving dog advice not requested, but I can’t help it. It’s what I do 😉

      Kylie, the dog of my heart, rescuer, and the dog I hated the most, Quark, started seizing at 6. The list, epi k9 is an awesome resource, and kept Quark alive a lot longer then anyone thought. In springers, it’s a death sentence. In almost all other breeds, KBr and Phenobarbital keep it well under control, as well as some homeopathic things you can do.

      My list was set up to mirror theirs, I brought in genetic specialist vets and they lurk unless we need them. Their vets have up to date information of the newest drugs and procedures.

      They also have ‘angels’, people who lost their dogs, but are available to contact when things get too bad. When Quark had a particularly bad time, and while he was eating vanilla ice cream (that and Karo syrup are good sugar sources after a seizure, they replace the energy the seizures take) I called my angel.

      I never realized the Joanna Carson I was talking to was Johnny’s ex wife until she calmed me down telling me about Rodney McDowell just after he passed. Wow. I forgot this stuff.

      It will be okay. They normally wait to make sure it wasn’t a one of. The drugs aren’t wonderful.

    • Kylie Ru

      He’s doing okay. It’s almost like nothing happened. We’re keeping an eye on him, making sure everything is okay. He was pretty traumatized when I got home, and I managed to calm him down. But since then, he’s been pretty normal.

      Thanks for all the info, Mud!

    • Jeannie

      Yes mud, thanks for the info. I have a red cocker who had pretty frequent, long lasting seizures for about 18 months. Horrible!!! On my vets advise I changed her food to a sensitive systems food and it did wonders. She is off all meds and only has one maybe twice a year. Most often around the holidays when a lot of people are here-nerves, I don’t know. But thanks for the site.

      Kylie Ru- I wish your pup and you the best, it is tramautizing for both of you.

    • Antonio Rich

      I actually laughed out loud when I read about Ninja Friday’s cousin, Fat-Lazy-Slob Friday. Then I read the “rest of the story.” Sorry kiddo.

    • Kylie Ru

      Laughter is good, Antonio-kun.

    • Phil

      Kylie-chan, I really felt bad when I read Nero had a seizure! I hope he’s doing better and that it was just a one-time thing!

    • Kylie Ru

      So far so good!

    • Jenn

      Aw, Kylie,

      I’m glad that you’re puppy is feeling better…that is so sad but I’m glad to hear that it can be treated with medication…it’s so sad, especially since our animals are reliant on us to take care of them…

      I hope all goes well between now & his checkup…

    • Kylie Ru

      Thanks, Jenn-chan! I hope all goes well, too.

    • I’m glad your puppy is okay. My friend’s dog had a seisure just recently and he didn’t know what was happening or where the nearest 24-hour vet was (it was at night). His dog is OK too, but he reminded us all to be prepared by making sure we know where to go at night in an emergency.

      Sending a chin scratching to Nero.

    • Kylie Ru

      I will gladly send the chin scratch along!

    • Hi, Kylie-san. I’m so sorry to hear about Nero. I had a border collie who was on meds to control her seizures. It helped, but it was still an unhappy experence. However . . . she lived a very long life with the helps of the meds. I hope Nero has just had a bad reaction to something he ate and that no meds are necessary. 😉

  17. Have a nice, safe weekend. Ice? Might be time for some baking 🙂 The tot and I are on our own this weekend, so I’m thinking popcorn and movies 🙂 That way I can finish the ball gown 🙂

    I hope the geek guy can move all your stuff over. I got my christmas present, a new computer, yesterday (one of those tiny cute ones) and now I have to shift everything over. Not precisely fun.

    Happy weekend!
    ~Suzi and the tot

  18. Want some of my snow? We’ve been in a mellow snowstorm for two days now. It’s freezing and snowflakes whip your cheeks as soon as you walk out. I’d be fine with me… if I didn’t need to go to work!

    Another taste of BMS? How nice! I’m halfway throught WWBC (yeah, I’ve been working a lot lately), so I haven’t read the first excerpt you posted but I’ll get around to it.

    Good luck again with the emails!

    • Jenn

      OK, keep your snow storm please!!!! All we have is light snow & I’m moving this weekend, so don’t be sending it this way!

      Have fun with your out of town guests….

      Did you get all your work done?

    • Yop! Got it all done even though I lost a day. A fifth of the company was cut loose Thursday afternoon so no one felt like working and this morning we had the “how did that come about and where to we go from here” meeting.
      It’s hard but I think the bosses made the right decision so I’ll try not to feel guilty about still having a job.

      I’ve been awfully creative outside of work. So since my mind is on overdrive, I’m pretty sure I’ll have an amazing weekend.

      And OK, I’ll keep my snow away from you. I’ll shovel it on my downstairs neighbors instead. 😉

    • Thanks, Ahelia. I’ll know on Tuesday if my emails can be moved. Hope so. Our winter is still sticking around, but I expect we’ll lose about half of it today.

  19. Crystal Garcia

    Hey Kim,
    Good luck with your website I hope everything goes well. I have a question your not doing anything to your Facebook are you? Because I have been trying to read the discussions and it will not open the second page. It does say they are working on getting it fixed, but I just wanted to let you know.
    Ohh and I hope the immigration of your e-mails goes well sometimes changing operative systems is more trouble than anything.

    • Hi, Crystal. I couldn’t even GET to facebook yesterday. It’s having problems, and it’s nothing I’m doing. I’m going to try again this morning. Fingers crossed.