Erg. Slight slow down

If you were here yesterday, you knew that I was moving my Internet life to another machine.  Data isn’t a big problem, and most moved great.  E-mail, however.  (They told me it could be done, but when I ask them to do it, they have problems.)  The Guy is coming back out today or tomorrow.  See, I knew it wasn’t going to be as easy as they promised me.

So I’m in limbo today and tomorrow.  It feels like I’m in a rewrite stage of life, where the next few days are going to have to be rewritten come Monday.  (grin)

New website is up, however, right next to the old one, which is making things really weird as I go through and debug it.  Some pages aren’t working, some are taking you to the old site.  Soon as I finish putting up new pages, I’ll blow the old one away, so if you find things that aren’t working, DON’T TELL ME YET!  I’m working on it.   (laugh)  You shouldn’t see much of a difference, but if the navigation has “bits & bobs” instead of Extras, you’re there.  I feel so bad for Guy.  He’s been a widower the last week or so as I prepped for this, and now when I’m trying to fix things.  I miss him.



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  1. emily

    ooops! sorry i pretty much wrote the same thing twice

    • Hi, Emily.

      The Geek guy is going to give moving my email over on Tuesday, so here’s hoping. Everything else moved okay. Cupcakes lasted less than 24 hours. 😉 And a movie? That would be great, but I don’t think it’s going to happen, no.

  2. emily

    hi! I’m sorry that some things didn’t quiet work out with moving the data and stuff. 😦 also do you if your going to S.D california on your tour also have you thought of turning your books into movies? And you and Guy Awwww! ho did your cupcakes turn out?

  3. emily

    hi! i hope moving your computer and data went okay and do you know if on your tour if your going to S.D california? also do you have hopes to turn your books into a movie?

  4. Lynn

    Isn’t modern technology wonderful? Hopefully it will be worth it in the end- for you and for us. Good luck with the email.

  5. mudepoz

    I think Guy is contagious. I HAVE NEVER BEEN CALLED FOR JURY DUTY. Guess what I got today. During Mid Terms. My colleague is going to love me.

    They’ve finally diagnosed me. If anyone has LPR, I feel for you. Not breathing isn’t fun. Though I must admit, the deep hoarse voice has made me many new admirers. Until they meet me anyway. The cure is mainly pharmaceutical, so I’ll live.

    And a special gift for anyone who loves Geek Humor. The best part, the jokester is anonymous, has done other things and no one knows who it could be:

    • Antonio Rich

      Good job on the amazon “Blood Cross” review…now I’m thirsty for a good bottle of wine.

    • mudepoz

      *hand bottle of Von Stiehl varietal wrapped in plaster casting to Antonio*

    • marsha

      The building manager in me is screaming right now. It looks like either asbestos or mold abatement neither of which I like to be around. Mud I’m very glad you will be among us for a good long time.

    • mudepoz

      Nothing that scary! They raise fish and aquatic creatures at the Water institute and they require darkness for some reason. So not scarey.

      In one of my earlier incarnations, I was a mold inspector. With my summers filled with landscraping it meant winters off. So…I taught PT, and filled in with PT lab work. There aren’t a lot of lab rats that will climb 19 stories on ladders. Me, hmmph, not nearly as scary as climbing a hawthorne 🙂 And I prefer Mud over Moldy Mindy. And I still have my hardhat with that little identification tag on it. Sigh.

    • Hi, Mud. Well . . . most people enjoy it when they get there. I still think they would have a better turnout if they offered you cookies and a hot drink instead of a lousy twenty bucks.

  6. Tosh19

    Hey Kim!

    The last time I posted here it was practically a month ago! Random thought, from ODW, will Rachel be singing for Al anytime soon? I would die from laughter if that ever happens!! 🙂

  7. Hey Ms. Harrison,

    Technology is never without it’s glitches, don’t worry! It irons itself out after a while. Brave thing to do, changing your website. 🙂 It’s always a hard thing to get used to.
    Glad things didn’t completely crash and burn and I hope the Guy returns safely.

    I’m off to bed. It’s 1am. I just got back from work, lol.
    Have a good one.

    • Thanks, Alyssa. You have a great day, too. Guy has been back for a while, but work has been keeping me in my office long after the sun goes down. I come out to eat and that’s about it.

  8. Roni Bizzell

    Although I now live in New Mexico, I grew up in Covington, KY. I have been wondering if the Hollows is Covington or Newport, KY. I have been re-reading all of the books, but I still can’t figure it out.

    Best Wishes,

    • Hi, Roni. It’s both, actually. I’m seeing it mostly in Covington, but when you’re up on Eden Park lookout, that’s Newport across the river, so it’s both. 😉

  9. Antonio Rich

    Psst: Faith Hunter has an interview/contest going on over at Bitten by Books…giveaways and such…today thru tomorrow i think… 😀

    • Phil

      Thx Antonio, I started Blood Cross three days ago and can’t put it down, so I’d like to hear Faith’s interview.

    • FYI: Antonio, I’ll officially stuck to the NaStyRoMo concept. A story is slowly but surely shaping itself in my mind. So I’ll definitely be posting some supe romance on my blog around Valentine’s Day! 😀

    • Antonio Rich

      Yeah!!! I didn’t want to be alone on that. 😉 Too cool. I had an idea for my story and have been researching it the last 3 days(I can’t do anything simple. *sigh* )

    • I think I’ll just follow my guts. I’m sniffing a good trail right now…

    • Kylie Ru

      If I can come up with something, I’ll do a story, too.

    • Antonio Rich

      Woo Hoo! Kylie-chan! O:-)

    • Kylie Ru

      Antonio-kun! Mad scientist werepony falls in love with, um . . . . . . . *whispers* Who does she fall in love with? Yeah, chick mad scientist werepony.

    • Hoo! I love Kylie-chan!

      I think a mad scientist werepony can only be matched with a pragmatic artist wererabbit.
      ‘Cause, you know… guy + romance = rabbit. Everyone knows that. Don’t they?

    • Kylie Ru

      A pragmatic artist wererabbit? I can totally work with that!

    • Antonio Rich

      KH–I see on Amazon that your up to #130 on their sales chart. #1 on their sci-fi:witches&wizards chart and #4 on their sci-fi:contemporary chart. That’s really REALLY good considering the book is not even out for another month!

    • Jenn

      That is totally awesome!!!! Thx for finding that info Antonio! I’m sure Kim will love to know that…

    • marsha

      Heck there are enough of us on her blog to help Kim make the best sellers list! I can’t wait to read it, unlike SOME people who already have.

    • Hi, Antonio. Darn it! I try not to look, and then you go and tell me. (laugh) See, now I won’t be able to sleep tonight. (grin)

    • Oh, wow. Faith is in for a busy day, then.

  10. tami cowell

    Poor Guy,we all appreciate how cool he is about what you do!Maybe once you get the Web page going you can take a lil time with him,the book tour is coming soon.I did it Ive gotten lots of family,including my Mom,{giggles}addicted to the Hollows series.We even started reading the drama box together in the a.m. over lots of coffee.

    • Hi, Tami. That is so cool that you guys share the drama box in the morning. That’s what my mom does, too. Then she calls me at night to get the real story. (laugh)

      Thanks for getting your family hooked!

  11. Phil

    I moved all my stuff to a new phone last year. When I grow up I want to be brave like you and take on the internet, lol. If I may borrow Kylie-san’s concept of the universe I would wish that all disorder cease for a while so you may complete the switch without stress… 🙂

    • Thanks, Phil. It’s really just a matter of making sure everything is exactly, perfectly right. It’s the Ivy in me coming out right now. What’s frustrating is that it looks different on different browsers.

  12. Frederique

    Random question. Are there still tomato seeds available? We are getting the garden ready to start planting again and I’d love to have some Rachel Morgan tomatoes 🙂 I’ll be ready and waiting to send a SASE if there are seeds left. We are getting a mulberry tree and 2 thornless blackberries and 2 raspberries and more blueberries to add to our little blueberry patch.

    Sorry, I got all excited about the garden again.

  13. Lesley

    I think it’s pretty amazing you are able to accomplish so much. Doing your own site is a lot of work. Side by side on the same URL is how I used to do it. You’ll get there! One thing I used to have a couple of friends cruise through it before launch, they sometimes find the little things you miss.

    – former web designer. Lesley

    • Thanks, Lesley! I’ve had two laptops going at once now for about a week, trying to catch the little things. I don’t think the old version is off the server yet. Today, I’m going to be brave and wipe it out. shiver.

  14. Jenn

    I’m glad that MOST of the transfer went ok for you…it sucks when you make it so far & then – of course – you find that little something that doesn’t mesh.

    I saw Guy was doing jury duty? He was able to come home at night? I thought that they were “in hiding” while performing that service?

    I’m sure you’re doing a happy dance to see Guy & getting to spend time with him….I suggest pulling out your all time fav movie, making popcorn & cuddling on the couch with him! But I’m sure you will enjoy it either way…

    • Hi, Jenn. Oh, Guy was home every night while in jury duty, but it hit right after a trip up north, and I’m used to having him around all day. So I got lonly. (grin)

  15. Judi in NJ

    You & “Guy” are….OMG….aaaawwwww! >>>sighing>>>>”Guy”! What a guy! Love it! You’ll just have to think of a way to make it up to him….I’m thinking…..brownies? Hee hee hee 😉

  16. Kylie Ru

    It’s because of all the energy you’ve put into it. Higher levels of disorder in the universe. Making things far more difficult then they should be.


    Anyway, I hopes everything gets fixed with no problems!

  17. Well, I guess it could have been worst but I understand you’re frustration. When you are promised something, you want it done. And when you’re working environnment is even just a little bit screwed, it’s harder to work things through.

    Congrats on the new website. I’ll take a peak when I get off of work. Today, I’m receiving playtesters comments on a game. I hope they liked it. We only have a few days to patch things up and I have friends coming over from out of town this weekend so overtime is out of the question.

    I guess I’ll cross my fingers for both of us!