Wish me luck

Seriously.  Wish me luck.  I’m moving my entire Internet today to a new computer/new software before my old one dies.  So if I’m down and out of contact for a day or two, you’ll know why.  But I hope not.  (Ayiieeeee!)


Thanks, Guys!!!  I’m not going to answer you all individually today because it would say just about the same thing, but I did read all your posts.  😉  –Kim


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38 responses to “Wish me luck

  1. Um, I’ve seen some pictures of you but I have to ask do you really have just two arms? Are you twins? You do a lot!

  2. shayne

    fongers toes n eyes crossed it all goes well..im sure will be a simple process just remember to keep hitting the easy button 😛

  3. Lurker

    Well, it’s night and the board is still here, so im guessing all went well!
    If not, good luck 🙂 I know what its like.
    Im going back to my wireless orientation sensors. (don’t ask..er wait. ask! Its fun 🙂 kkthxbai!)

  4. Hawk

    And the world darken for a few days

  5. Fingers crossed for you. I hate to even update my internet explorer. That usually ends with me not being able to even connect to the internet for a few hours so, I don’t envy you.

  6. Jenn

    Good Luck Kim!!!!

    Wish me good luck too…I’m moving this weekend…going to be a race since I start OT next week again….

    Aheila, I responded to you on the last post….Kim convention in TO?!

    • Yeah I replied to you there as well. We should probably pursue this conversation here. 😀

      We’re plagging Kim’s comments with our Canadian bonding. It’s crazy how one person can bring us together. *winks at Kim*

  7. hey Ms. Harrison,

    *Grabs pom poms*
    “Kim Kim you’re our girl,
    if you can’t do it…
    The Guy in Leather will!”

    Seriously though, lol, good luck I read a post on your computer problems the other day (Titles Captain’s Log I think) and I could sense your frustration, lol. So, good luck!
    And yes, a South African Tour would be a great big adventure, lol. If you sign up for one adventure you’ll get another free so come on down, lol. 😉
    Good luck again, have a good day.


  8. Jamie

    Good Luck. I am a jinx of the worst kind when it comes to tech. My family calls me a techno-killer.

  9. Christopher

    Haha, I’m a total waste of thought when it comes to computers!!! so Good Luck!!!


    With the newest book coming out (Black Magic Sanction) I keep noticing that between different websites/publishers the “Total number of Pages” differ … I belong to a book club call sfbc.com and the books total number pages are 432 but on like Amazon the total is 492 … also in the sfbc page they combine your first 4 books of the series in 2 books … I was just wondering why is this? I’m not getting ripped off by buying from certain places with fewer pages am I?? (it would stink because I already own all your previous work … Help lol)

    • Jenn

      I’m going to guess that the smaller books don’t have the previews for the next book, maybe? Just a guess….

    • Hi, Christopher. The SFBC might have reformated the pages to cut down on the amount of paper they used, or took out the publisher’s advertizements at the end, but they all have the same thing on the inside. It is good to note that the mass markets of ODW and FAFDM have a short story that is not in the hardcover, though.

  10. Indy

    Good luck!!! Rachel doesn’t have a spell that would make that easier.~Indy

  11. Kelly

    Wish you the best of luck!

  12. Wow as a total computer illiterate,respect,giggles

  13. Chelikins

    Oh forgot to ask.. I sent a envelope a little over a week ago asking for three keys (one for me, one for the wonderful lady that introduced me to your books and one for the other lady that is also addicted to your books and told me to tell you HURRY UP! lol). Was wondering if you could tell me if you recieved said envelope! Thanks!

  14. Chelikins

    Good luck! I am glad I am married to a computer geek. All I have to do is go “Oh honey!” lol!

  15. Frederique

    Good luck! I’m terrible with electronics (that’s why I usually date computer geeks).

  16. authra

    good luck, hope everything goes smoothly

  17. Judi in NJ

    You are a Kim-of-all-trades. You got this, no problem.

  18. MoonDragn

    Good Luck! Talking about gremlins, I think I have something in my house. The other day I was putting together a drafting table I had brought, and the allen wrench that I put down for a moment disappeared completely. I never did find it again.

    It was one of those days where nothing worked right, I went to turn on the lights and the lights blew out.

  19. As long as it doesn’t fall on a Monday. We’ve decided that Mondays, no matter how well things ended on Friday, are plagued with Gremlins. At least in this building. *Goes to investigate and see if there is someone researching Gremlins*

  20. I might change my Internet connexion soon and I shiver at the thought of how taxing it too often gets…

    May you avoid a technological nightmare!

  21. Mendi in STL

    Oh sh@t. Yeah, uh, best of luck Kim. Just when things seem like they’ll be straight forward and trouble-free….wham! The computer demons get ya! Here’s hoping that they stay away from you today.

  22. Kylie Ru

    May the luck o’ the irish be with ye, Kim-san!

  23. Phil

    I’m totally dysfunctional when technology is involved so I’d have to seek professional help…like asking my little brother 😉 .

  24. suzannelazear

    Good luck! My new computer is on it’s way. The tot gets the old one. It
    s only a matter of time before she writes her own stories. I’ve been teaching her to read using old Dick and Jane books. Her favorite characters are Baby and Tim (the teddy bear). It’s raining again. Sigh. I have a job interview, too. We’ll see how that goes.
    Good luck with everything. 🙂
    ~Suzi and the tot

  25. Purplegrape

    Wishing you alot of luck with moving your internet!

    I love your books, so we all benefit from the move being kind :))

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