Signings set for Black Magic Tour

We are less than a month away from the Black Magic Sanction release, and the tour is pretty much set.  Want a personalized book and your city isn’t on the list?  This year, we have more options than before.

Joseph Beth has arranged for me to autograph books to you and they will send them right to your mailbox. Jo-Beth has stores in Lexington, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Pittsburg, and Charlotte.

Or you can do the same through The Signed Page, but I believe you pay shipping costs.

There are a lot of exciting things that will be happening in the next few weeks, so keep stopping back here or at the website.  We’re in the final countdown!!!  –Kim

Note:  I will be in Portland and Seattle the last week of March, and a handful of other cities the first week of June.  I’ve not had the go ahead to release the cities for the YA tour, but they are different from the ones above.  More to come.


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66 responses to “Signings set for Black Magic Tour

  1. Hawk

    You need to to do a tour to the Yukon in Canada so i can get a signed cope and so i can complain in person your books are to short I do love anyways

  2. Pier

    I’m so excited that the new book is coming so soon, but when I went to Amazon today, realized they’d moved the electronic version out to April.

    I currently buy your books in all formats, but was hoping to discontinue the paper copy…I JUST CAN’T WAIT!!! MUST HAVE ASAP!

    • Hi, Pier. Yep. The industry is starting to shift the electronic version release out when there is a hardcover involved. They are treating e-books like mass markets, which of course, come out after the hardcover. I am honored to have my work be so important to Harper that they are putting me in with the big dogs. (grin) But I am sorry about the delayed release.

  3. Stephenie

    Question: I noticed a while back on that on the Madison tour you might be coming to Chicago: if this is true (and I manage to get there) would I be able to bring both my Madison book and one of my Hollows books to get signed, or would I need to choose one? (End of run on sentence) I’ve just never been to a book signing before.

    I’m so excited about writing! I’m starting my first creative writing college course this week. Poetry writing! I’m absolutley thrilled that someone is actually asking me to flex my creative muscles… I could just die I’m so happy!

  4. Frederique

    I hope you make it to Los Angeles at some point. I’d go see you in Oregon but it’s a bit too far north for me. Only 28 more days till BMS 🙂

  5. Awesome. Have lots of fun on that tour. Will you be signing at the BR as well?

  6. Caitlin

    Okay… Say I go to one of these book signings. Is there a rule that says I can’t have you sign all of my books?

    • Hi, Caitlin. (grin) If you are last in line, I will sign and personalize every book you have with a short note. Otherwise, I limit myself to two personalized notes, and the rest just signature. Or, you can come through the line several times, getting two books signed each go. It gets to be an issue when people bring all eight books, plus the anthologies.

    • Caitlin

      Hey, that works for me! I’ll see you there! And I’m dragging my sister along with me; she loves your books, too! (:

    • Excellent! See you there!

  7. Phil

    I noticed Faith Hunter gave an acknowledgement to a guy in a leather jacket…anyone you know? 😉

  8. Marsha

    I’m so excited about the book coming out. I don’t have any idea how long it will take for B & N to mail me my pre-ordered copy. I will probably read it in two days and then be depressed because I have to wait another year for the next one. Just image how I’m going to feel when the series ends!

  9. Phil

    Ha! An autographed copy sent to our local bookstore…can’t do that for e-books, yet.
    So you know I’m buying the hardcover anyway. Now I shall investigate to see if I can order the autographed one.
    I’m reading Blood Cross, awesome!
    Have fun touring!

  10. Hey Ms. Harrison (and everybody else back from the weekend)
    Hmm. I still think that I should quit my job, sell my assets and become a book signing tour groupie. I’ll even dye my hair for the occasion and dress up in leather.
    Not likely, lol.
    Sounds as if you’re going to have a great time. 🙂 Any chance of a South African tour? 😉 I’ll make cookies…

  11. Just coming out of greenhouse zen. I’m listening to a vampire book, a bestseller, and having a devil of a time getting into it. It’s not that it’s not interesting, the main character and the scenes are well drawn.

    Except for two wee problems. One is the same problem Kim had with GI Joe and the ice.

    The zombies are infected with a bacteria. It infects their brains.

    STOP. HOLD THE BUS. No. Not bloody likely. There are too many antibiotics, and it isn’t working for me.

    If it’s brain, it makes me think PRION, like Mad Cow Disease.
    The vampire has a virus, why oh why can’t the Zombies have PRIONS.

    The second might be silly, but it’s the problem with typecasting. The narrator also did Atles Shrugged. Atlas Shrugged was over forty hours long. Granted, 2 hours was Galt’s speech…but.

    His voice is the same. I can’t do it. I can’t get into a vampire who sounds like John Galt.

    So, Antonio, for your romance, I think we should have two Prions, separated, who infect people, turning them into zombies who might someday carry them back to each others complementary half.

    We could call it: Atlas Shrugged and turned into a Zombie.

    • Antonio Rich

      I love the idea of an sentient alien race acquiring hosts in a desperate, romantic search for his…er, it’s one true love. That’s actually a really cool idea. And an even better title. (Grin)

    • mudepoz

      All yours Antonio. I am muse, not writer. Well, not fiction anyhow. Now if you want to talk about jelly donuts substituting for red blood cells….

    • -grin- Hi, Mud. Prions. I’ll have to remember that one.

    • Thank Goodness. Someone needs to be the voice of sanity in a world where physics and biology are ignored.

  12. I am so thrilled you are coming to Michigan. I hope I can make it to Ann Arbor or Lansing to see you.

  13. Ah. Working out a way to get Cera from her handler in Ann Arbor. If I do this just right…I can go to a Mich signing.

  14. Mendi in STL

    Heyde Hey Kim! I’d love to catch you again on tour so I’m hoping the Madison tour comes to either Chicago or Kansas City. And I desperately need my books signed….let the year slip by without sending you WWBC!

  15. Too bad I’m way up north. I guess the fan base here in Canada is not big enough… yet! Not that I hope to see you in the French community of Quebec city but may be Montreal, some day.

    Any ways, I hope you have a great time on your tour and I think it’s wonderful of you to set up alternatives for people who cannot get to a signing.

    Kudos for how you care for your fans!

    • Jenn

      Salut, Aheila!

      I am in London, Ont. What part of Que are you in?

    • I’m in downtown Quebec city, QC. Where reading a book in English when you have blue hair draws very suspicious look you way. The kind that says “Wow, those people can actually be educated?”
      Crazy how a hair color can define you. If only they knew…

      Anyway, enough about that and high five to the Canadians!

      I’ve never been to London. I only spent a little time in Toronto and Ottawa for a school trip ten years ago and a LUSH Formation 4 or 5 years ago.

      Ever came in Quebec?

    • Jenn

      Hi Aheila,

      QC huh? I haven’t been there in years! Last time was in highschool with my french class….we went to Mt Saint Anne for a week & took a day in the city. I loved exploring the old city. So beautiful.

      Yes, it’s crazy how people look at you funny when you express yourself visably. Blue hair huh? Mine’s red…

      London is 2 hours south of Toronto. My dad’s head office is in Montreal, so he is there at least once a month.

      Hey, maybe we’ll have to have a Kim convention in Toronto…

    • Mt Sainte Anne is so pretty and the old city too. I’m a fan of taking a beer outside at one of the pubs in the old city. So inspiring and relaxing.

      Yop. Blue for five years now! Pretty much my signature look. I had red hair (like firefighter red) but I already have an expensive caracter and red made me look agressive. Blue sooths people so it balances me out! *wide grin*

      Toronto convention would still be quite a road trip but it would definitely be simpler then going to the states!

    • Hi, Aheila. Maybe someday. It’s been getting harder to work those international flights.

  16. I could actually get to the VA festival of the book. I see that you are doing an event of Friday, and I didn’t see anything for Sat. Will you just be at various events? I have never been to any type of book event. I don’t want to miss you if I go, but I don’t want to stalk you either LOL.

    • Hi, Elie. I only have the one event so far, but I’m scheduled to be there the next day, too, so there may be more coming. I’ll have more the closer we get to it. That would be great to see you there!

  17. Kylie Ru

    Yay for tours! Too bad I cannot see you. 😦 It would have been totally awesome! Maybe next time, though.

    Have fun, Kim-san!

  18. Brandon from Florida

    Unfortunately West Palm Beach, FL isn’t on the tour list. Oh well, that’s not going to stop me from buying the book.

    Side Note: My wife bought me an Amazon Kindle for Christmas. If I order the book through my Kindle is there a difference in how that affects the author or the publisher? I see John Grisham made a comment that he doesn’t want his books available on Kindle or similar reading devices… is there a reason?

    • Mendi in STL

      Kim, I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts on eBooks also. Seems the digital age is coming upon everyone, first the recording industry and now publishing. It’s a very convenient way to have all your media in one place and on the go, but there is something about the real book experience! Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big geek, but I don’t want to be overtaken by digital and never have to interact with people again. I think publishers should offer a “hard” copy book that comes with a digital copy download code, like DVD’s have now, the price is a bit more but you get it both ways!

    • Hi, Brandon. I’d be curious to know why John Grisham doesn’t want his books available as an e-book. It’s going to happen, and those who swim will survive better than those who sit in the water and ignore it.

      Anyway, Mendi asked my thoughts?

      I’m not seeing everything, so don’t take my predictions to heart, but from where I sit, I am seeing that in five to ten years, there will be only a handful of hardcovers being printed for the masses, and you will find them in traditional bookstores and non traditional outlets (wallmart, Target, airport stores) Most of them will be the big names on the NYTimes list, but there will be lines championed by big names like Ophrah. Some lines will be strictly reprints of older titles, and they will be “special” with lots of color, leather, and value for the price.

      Mass markets will not go away, but they will have a short lifespan on traditional shelves, and linger on the non-traditional like pharmacy and grocery store shelves. You won’t see them much in traditional bookstores.

      e-books will become the new mass market, and it’s going to get ugly. Really ugly. There are going to be a lot of authors hurt.

      And then there will be a rebirth of the smaller publishers, and paper might make a resurgence, because I like a book in my hand. My eyes get tired with a screen. Paper is visceral, and we are creatures of touch.

    • Also, PB are expensive in terms of shipping. I don’t know if it’s true now, but long ago and far away, covers were stripped because it was far less expensive to ship back the cover (or the top of a comic book) then the whole book. In that far away time, we actually insulated our attack with returns. I would bet that would be a big incentive to go to E books. Though it will destroy me.

    • They still rip the covers off.

  19. suzannelazear

    Hmmm….so will you be in Los Angeles for the YA tour? Inquiring tots want to know….

    Do you sew at all? I don’t. Yet I love costumes and inevitable end up paying or bribing someone to help me. Last year’s costume for the Dickens Ball (Big victorian ball) is…somewhere. It made the move, but where it’s hiding I’m not sure. So, I’ve been trying to Steampunk a ballgown on the fly with no sewing skills (lets just say it involves hand stiching and a lot of fabric glue). It’s been quite the adventure. I’m not done, but so far I haven’t ruined the dress…

    Have a fab day!

    ~Suzanne and the tot

  20. Jenn

    I can’t wait to meet you! It’s going to be a great road trip *grin*