Ninja Friday

Ninja Friday repelled out of the trees in my back yard and took me from the back today, grabbed me around the neck . . . then giggled in my ear and ran away.  That’s good in a way, because tomorrow is the weekend and there’s no agonizing wait.  But it’s bad because I sort of played hooky yesterday and spent ten hours on the website and not the Madison rewrite, and now I feel guilty for neglecting her.  So today, I’ll be with Madison.  The break was not all bad.  I had to mull around a proposed shift of character, and I wanted to sleep on it before I messed with it.

But today, it’s Madison.  Yay Madison!  (grin)  The more I read her, the more I like her.  I’m picking things up right now for the next project on my plate.  Things I like, ideas I want to explore in greater detail.  A shift of voice to bring threat into play.  It’s all swirling, and the creation energies are just about ready to peak into something new.  Give it another year, maybe.  Maybe six months.  It needs just one more thing.  (grin)  Now, if only I knew what that one thing was, I’d be all set.  It’s there, though, and it will jump out and say boo when I’m ready.  Sort of like Ninja Friday.



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  1. Phil

    Kim, I asked today at B&N about the availability date of BMS on its e-reader Nook ’cause some people were concerned they couldn’t get it on pre-order and, according to B&N, it will be available the same day as the hardcover.
    I was surprised but hey, it’s worth checking out if anyone’s looking for BMS on an e-reader.
    Me, I’m sticking with the hardcover.

    • Hi, Phil. That would be great, but I wouldn’t count on it.

      😉 And thank you for buying the hardcover. I know it’s going to be tight for a lot of people this year.

  2. Chris W in Tigard, OR

    I just did a bit of research, in order for me to see you on the tour this year, the least amount of miles I would have to go is 1,743. The most amount of miles is 2,822. Wow that is a long way to go! I just can’t do it. I wish I could, but I don’t have the time available to get out of work. (What a drag)

    Chris W

  3. mudepoz

    Warning. I am feeling evil. I think this might be that last pinch of ‘spice’ you need, Kim.


    I warned y’all

    See more funny videos and funny pictures at CollegeHumor.

  4. Chris W in Tigard, OR

    Well, I have to say that I am feeling disappointed that the Black Magic Tour does not include Portland Oregon, or anywhere close for that matter. I know Kim that it isn’t something that you neccessarily have control over. I wanted to tell you that I still love your books (and you of course) and I am still totally happy that I met you in Beaverton at Powells Books last year. (dead rubber duckie ring a bell?) I did buy a Black Magic Sanction Tour T, and I have sooo many seeds that I am going to fill my greenhouse with tomato plants this year!

    Give my best to Guy,

    Chris W

    • Hi, Chris. I think I just answered your post at the “top” of the page, but I will be in Portland at the end of March. You’re right that I don’t have much say in where I go, but when I found out I was going to be in Portland for a Library meeting, I asked if an off-sight signing might work out, and they said yes. 😉

  5. Kneosha

    I put the Black Magic Sanction on the background on my computer. Not too much longer to wait for it too come out! Speaking of Madison I got my boyfriend a copy of Once Dead, Twice shy and he’s liking it so far. He’s gnashing at the bit for more Rachel Morgan i’ve got him sooo hooked on her 😀 I can’t wait for both more Rachel and Madison ( Grace is sooo adorable!). I was at the library the other day and grabbed the audio version of ODW and the lady did pretty good, i like how she captured Al and Jenks. I was listening to it in my car and I probably looked like a crazy lady while i was cracking up at Jenk’s quips LOL.

    • Hi, Kneosha. Mmmm. I think the lady who read ODW did good too. I especially liked Rynn Cormel, but Ms. Gavin had become the voice of the Hollows, and I was very glad to see her return.

      That is very cool you’ve got your boyfriend hooked! Thanks!

  6. Lurker

    I spent my ninja friday pre-ordering a certain Hollows book that may or may not be coming out soon maybe on Feb23. 🙂

  7. Phil

    On my way to get Blood Cross and will look for the Prom Dates From Hell anthology if in stock at b&n. Like Antonio said, I didn’t buy it originally either ’cause the other stories didn’t grab me, but I want to read yours before I read Madison.
    Hope you had fun Ninja Friday, Kim.

    • Thanks, Phil! That first novella really sets it up for the first book. Hope you like it. You might have to go into the YA section to find it, but don’t let that stop you.

  8. Sfoust

    I’ve ordered the nook (Barns & Nobel’s ereader device), but so far “Black Magic Sanction” isn’t available for pre-order as an e-book. If you have any pull with your publisher, please let them know you have fans who want to buy your works in digital form from B&N.

    Looking forward to the next book from my favorite author (yes, that’s you).

  9. Have a great weekend, Kim. 😀 Happy writing. ;-D

  10. Phil Du

    I’m posting again cuz I have a new email but it’s still me (Phil) so I shall post and hope it goes up. Then attempt an avitar…
    Have fun with Madison 🙂

  11. KC

    Just saw that Third Place books is supposed to have Christopher Moore on March 26th. Must find out if they are scheduling both of you that night….

  12. Becky Chmiel

    I think there’s something fantastical and beautiful about the idea of a Ninja Friday: a wonderful creature that steals us away from our earthly worries and giggles in our ears to remind us that laughter really is the most important thing in the world.

    Oh Ninja Friday, please come to visit me!

  13. JanisHarrison

    Mud, I’m glad you’re back. What was the prognosis? Was it you having wisdom teeth out? Antonio & al: I’ve got bifocals now, my sis too. We both dislike them intensely. Mostly I wear contacts, tho, and use drugstore readers for close work. I think if I had to wear specs all the time I’d get separate readers and distance glasses. My BiL has trifocals, with the center field adjusted for computer work…
    Friday is not a Ninja ’round here, but for some unknown reason Wednesday snuck up on me. I had to scamper half the day to keep up with myself…

  14. Please note, I am NOT going to notice that Kim has new ideas swirling in her mind.

    Now: If there are any plant junkies, please contact me. I’ll make it worth your while.

  15. SeattleRobin

    I can hardly wait to know what will spring forth from the new ideas! I’ll be patient like a good girl though.

    Believe it or not, I’m still plugging away at my NaNo novel. Just at a much more desultory rate. I hit the 71K word mark this morning. Aaaand, I’m kicking around an idea that’s taking shape for the next NaNo. Kim, you and Antonio seem to have created a new NaNo junky.

    • Antonio Rich

      Wow! Good for you. I can’t take any credit for 71k – that’s ALL you girl.

      IDEA: I was thinking the other day that I’ve been bitching about Supernatural Romances all year. I’m thinking I should shut up and put up already, and I thought I’d drag you(and anyone else, of course)into it as well. My idea: Valentine’s Day is just around the corner(so PLENTY of time) and what better time for a supe romance story? I’ve even crafted a catchy name: National Story of Romance Month…or NaStyRoMo. HUH? Who doesn’t like to get Nasty? It’s the perfect time for Nasty, right? Come on, I don’t want to get Nasty by myself. I’ll let you pick the supe group: Vamps,witches,Elves,WerePonies,whatever. Then I’ll pick the venue/time: spacestation, Marvel Comic’s universe, 50’s Car Hop,redwood forest,i don’t know – whatever, I’ll think of something. Something short. More light,tongue-in-cheek. Something that can be written in a weekend. Who’s getting Nasty!?

    • Well, the happy Clam is still around ;p

    • Kylie Ru

      WerePonies?! (insanely huge grin)

    • Marsha

      That sounds like fun Antonio…I simply have no talent. We get nasty at my office for Valentines day (one of the benefits of having two women as supervisors maybe?) We have a party and play “Dirty Cupid” like “Dirty Santa”. It’s so much fun to shock the Hell out of all those kids with my gift. They never suspect the old lady, he he he.

    • mudepoz

      *Holds up hand like Horshack (Dating myself here)*
      I do dirty things all the time. Oh. Not that kind of dirt.
      Never mind.

    • I love this idea! It sounds like a great project in the making! I just might cook up something along those lines if I can find the time.
      Antonio, you have just sparked something in my creative mind.

      I think Were/Were romance stories are fairly uncommon. There is more Were/Human deals. So I would suggest Were/Were whatever they “were” into. ^^

    • Antonio, that’s a very cool idea.

    • Robin, that is wonderful! It’s that kind of stick-to-it that is what writers are made of. You just keep going.

  16. Tim

    Hey Kim!

    I worked my way through all the internet stuff about you and your books for almost one hour now, just to finally find a way to contact you! 🙂

    I just had the feeling to have to tell you how AMAZING your books are. I constantly find myself awake in the bed at around midnight and i still just cant stop reading, even if i know that im gonna regret it as soon as i have to get up for work! 😉 But hell its worth it! 🙂

    Im currently at the end of the fourth book of the hollows series (i just call it like that) and im always thinking like “oh please god make her live and write for the rest of my life!” 🙂

    Im german, so we have like 6 books in the stores yet, but as i saw on your websites it seems like you have written a few more, and i just hope they dont take too long to get over here! 🙂

    I still feel like bombarding you with tons of compliments, but i dont want to visually block out the other comments *cough* (grin)

    If you ever think of visiting germany do it around nuremberg, so i can stop by and get a autograph or something, but im afraid this is never gonna happen! *sigh*

    Well i think im gonna quit it with a big: THANK YOU! 🙂

    (Oh and by the way: Dont take that personally since youre probably not the person that should care about that kinda stuff, but your websites DEFINATELY need a Re-Design! :P)

    • Antonio Rich

      7 smily faces. I think that’s the record.

    • Tim

      Yeah i know, that should give you an idea of how happy i was when i wrote it ;P

      But compared to the other comments its pretty much sticking out, huh? Question is, if I AM using too much, or YOU ARE using too less?! 😛

    • Hi, Tim.
      Wow, thank you! I’m really glad you’re enjoying the books. The German market has been very good to me, so I’m fairly sure they will translate all the books.
      That would be fantastic to get to Germany for a signing. Maybe someday.

      Sorry you don’t like the webdesign. It shows up great on my machine, but ugly on Guy’s, depending upon what browser you’re using. I’m working on making it more uniform throughout. Time will tell, but because I am my own webmaster, it takes time.

    • Tim

      Oh well, ok, if you did this all by yourself, you got my respect!
      It’s just as i said on the “Weird weekend” post, im a mediadesigner, and pretty much into webdesign, so im always like “man there is so much potential to make something really impressive out of that”

      That doesnt mean its not good, as i said, you did this by yourself, and youre not a webdesigner, youre a writer, and for that it is really good!

      If i wasnt stucked in my application thing, and had to deal with a sh*tload of work, i would be honored to make a webdesign for you that would live up your amazin work! (god i hope i found the right words but i think you got the point :P)

      Oh and by the way: I forgot to mention that my girlfriend is amazed by your books as much as i am. Were often sitting around laughing off our asses, about jenks’ swearing. i tried to figure out how the swearing is in english, but unfortunately i couldnt found anything on the net. Especially Rachel is sometimes saying like “dirt on toast”, i guess it sounds even cooler in english, but the german translation is ok though 😉

      Ok i must force myself to stop writing now! 😉

      Best wishes


      P.S.: See Antonio, i tried to keep my post “smilie clean” just for YOU! ;P

    • Hi, Tim.

      I wouldn’t mind someone desiging my website. The issue is that I want to be familar with it enough so that I can go in and make a new page, put in the navagation, shift the colors, make it what I want–and have it up and running in half an hour, not three days later when my webmaster has time for it, and then the colors are off and it’s not what I want. So in the long run, to avoid my internal frustration, I just take the couple of weeks to learn the new system myself. Or . . . I’m just a control freak. (laugh)

  17. Lol, ninja friday!

    I hope you guys are well. We’ve been drowning from all the rain here in CA!

  18. Hey Ms. Harrison,
    Great to hear another project’s already taking form. 🙂 And good luck with the weekend, seems that you’ve got a busy one planned. My Ninja Friday is coming to an end after a very frustarting day-shift. Honestly, why can’t we work on Inderlander time?
    Oh! that reminds me. I’ve been meaning to ask you this question for AGES. Time wise, i’ve never quite been able to figure out how witches (and vampires for that matter) internal clock works. I don’t undersatnd their bed times and their sleeping times. Say, a human gets up at 7am in the morning and goes to bed at 10pm (lucky human) how will an inderlander’s time frame work?
    Have a gread weekend,

    • Hi, Alyssa.
      The way I have it, pixies and elves sleep twice a day, about four hours at a crack around midnight and noon. It’s flexable. Living vampires sleep from about three AM to noon, and witches from two AM to about ten or eleven. Weres keep to a human clock mostly. Demons match Witches for the most part.

  19. Jenn

    TGIF Everyone!

    First off, I take it the Ninja was Madison? I can’t see either Rachel or Ivy giggling after they jump you. Mind you, if you gave Jenks honey, maybe he would *grin*

    So I just did a new gravitar today, but for some reason, it isn’t appearing yet…sigh…hopefully next time I post, it’ll show up.

    I can’t wait for the weekend to start…I need a break.

    Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

  20. Phil

    Me, too, ’bout Madison! And Blood Cross!! um, i believe i’m repeating myself.
    A ninja squirrel jumped out of the tree into my yard this morning. Is that an omen or something?
    You’re very mysterious ’bout those new projects swirling ’round in your head!
    Nice to have Mud back 😀
    Have a fun weekend, Kim, and everyone!

    • Hi, Phil. Well, anything I’m working on takes a year or two before it sees a shelf, so I don’t like to say too much about it. Don’t want to get the reputation of being a tease. (laugh)

  21. I like the way your wrapping this post! It definitely has the writer’s touch and I think I saw some of the creative energy you’re talking about bubble through your speech!

    I’m glad the weekend is here as well. It was a hell of a week. The kind of week that makes me wish I could make up my own work schedule. I had to clock in too many hours at work, completely leaving my personal writing aside because I’m beat at night. And the writing projects are screaming from their shelves.

    So yeah, Ninja Friday sure snuck up on me as well.

  22. I’m H*E*R*E. Just preparing for the new semester, you know, corralling the termites, planaria, hydra and paramecium (I think they look like Paisleys.)

    I forgot to bother Kim and all yesterday? Must have been the aftereffects of the anesthesia… apparently mud gets sticky when mixed with those kinds of chemicals. But I could have sworn I wrote something about the new wallpaper.

    And wow, Suzanne, good luck with Harper Youth! I am really impressed with anyone who completes any kind of fiction work. At least when I write, there’s a pretty concrete beginning and end. Oh, and no plot 😉

    Have a good Friday y’all. I have decided it is spring, and am currently planting or ordering seeds for assorted and sundry areas…prairie, woods, pots… And getting sleep. Lots more sleep.

  23. Kylie Ru

    I will admit to one huge grin when I saw the title. Maybe I’ll get up and do a happy dance.

    Kim-san, it’s _still_ raining! I swear, we’ve gotten as much rain as we get in a whole year over the past few days! Where’d all this water come from?! Not that I’m complaining, of course.

    Looks like I’m going to have to acquire the Madison books. I’m all curious now!

    Ninja Friday strikes again.

  24. Antonio Rich

    I’ve been wanting to read the Madison book, but I want to read the short story that preceded it first(Prom Nights From Hell, right?). Do you think that story might be offered somewhere seperately? (I’m not really interested in the other stories in that anthology so much)

    Ninja Friday has snuck up on me too! I have an eye doctor’s appointment in…Yikes! 20 minutes! Bye Bye. ZOOOOOOM! BEEP! BEEP!

    • Jenn

      TGIF, Antonio!

      I hope your eye appt went well & you didn’t have to have any of those nasty drops in your eyes…mind you you’ld look like Ivy when she vamps out! Might be interesting…grin!

    • Antonio Rich

      Nope. Didn’t do the drops. Found out I need bifoculs.


      The eye technician introduced herself as “Doll”. I said “Scuse me, did you say say Doll – as in D-O-L-L?” She said “No. D-A-H-L, as in Roald Dahl the author. My mom was an elementary librarian and was a big fan of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.”

      Isn’t that COOL?

    • Phil

      Cool avatar, Jenn! Working on mine! You’re sooo right ’bout the eyedrop thing…I had my eyes dilated last week and it did look like Ivy vamping out! Oh, and I had to get out of the sunlight! 😉

    • LOL. I once new a Pete Maas. That was just plain cruel. Bifocals. I can’t wear them. Good luck and don’t walk on bumpy ground initially.

    • SeattleRobin

      Dahl is a cool name. Antonio, I think you should go ahead and get the Prom Nights from Hell anthology. I read it last March and enjoyed it. I’m not a Stephenie Meyers fangirl, but there’s a conversation between two demons in her story that I thought was hilarious because it was so completely backwards. Here’s a brief quote: “Virtue corrupts.”

      I was told bifocals last time too. I thought they might drive me nuts though so I stuck with reading glasses for now. Well actually, with the Kindle I don’t even need them. I just make the font bigger. (grin)

    • Phil

      Antonio,hi! Wait, ANTONIO, HI! Does that help? Sorry, just kidding! Please be careful with bifocals till you’re used to ’em. My aunt almost fell a couple times when she started wearing ’em.

    • Antonio Rich

      Grrrrr…Grumbel…Ptttttthhhhh!(Rude Noise)

      I’m getting the kind that doesn’t have a visible line(Thank Tink’s Panties!). I didn’t even know they made such things. Versace. I look like a sexy man-best in them, thank you very much.

    • Kylie Ru

      Glasses are totally sexy! (coming from a chick in glasses) Oh, and I knew they came without the line. Pretty sweet, that. I don’t have to wear them, and if I’m lucky, I’ll never have to.

    • Antonio Rich

      I was told you could get laser surgery and get one eye done to see at a distance, and the other eyeball done to read up close. Seriously. I said Nooooo thanks to that idea.

    • mudepoz

      With eyes shaped like blocks, glasses are difficult for me to use. Contacts with reading glasses if doing really tight painting. Or…a dissecting scope 🙂

      Antonio, impressive review writing!

    • Antonio Rich

      I suffer from “dry eyes” so contacts are problematic.

      Oh, the Blood Cross review on amazon. Thanks! I don’t like writing reviews – I’m of the school of “there is no Good or Bad art, there’s just what you Like and what you Don’t Like.” Who am I to pass judgement(I WON’T write a negative review). But I’m trying to make more of an effort. Especially for my favorites who aren’t getting enough attention.

    • Sorry, ANtonio. The anthology is the only place to get the first Madison novella. Hope your eye exam goes well. 😉