Sun rose in the West

Or at least it looked like the sun rose in the west this morning when I took the dogs out.  The sky was clear in the east, but the clouds high in the west were reflecting the as-yet unrisen sun, making it appear as if the West side of the sky was lighter than the East.  The illusion was so distinct that even the trees were brighter on the west side.  I’ve only seen this a few times when there was heavy rain near sunset, and it is kind of creepy.

Just so you know, the sun came up right were it was supposed to, and the illusion vanished.  (ha!)

Work went well yesterday, and I smacked down a few snarls in the Madison rewrite.  It should go faster now that the first couple of chapters are done.  I’m hoping to tuck a few chapters away so I can work on revamping the website.  You won’t see anything for a while as I rebuild with new software, then plunk the new site down sometime late next week, I’m thinking.  unfortunately I can’t just save the website in a new format and tidy it up.  The two systems don’t talk well, and rebuilding it page by page gives me a chance to really learn how to work the new system.  I did the front page last night and got it all except for the rolling banner.  You can blame the rolling banners for the switch, so I’d better get this figured out.  I never liked how they worked, and am hoping that this new system loads faster.


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  1. If you ever need pro help or pointers on the webby stuff let me know (gratis)

  2. Jamie E

    Thanks Kim! I have to to stay hardcover with some books.

  3. Hawk

    ok random question for today Kim how did you come up with the name Kim Harrison to write under?

    mother nature can do some freaky stuff i seen the full moon back light clouds were it look like the grim reaper face in the sky… that brings up question 2

    Is their Grim reapers in Rachael and Ivy’s world?

    bet your wishing for more poems huh?

    • Hi, Hawk. My editor chose it, actually. I wanted my last name to be Graysomething, but it was too far away from Hamilton and Harris. (laugh) I was almost a Lisa, too, but Kim fit me better. Lots of hard angles and sharp sounds. Funny how things work out.

      No Grim reapers in the Hollows, no, but Banshees come close.

      Poems? Expressions of self are always welcome. 😉

  4. Christina

    Goodmorning.. maybe you got out on the wrong side of the bed? *grin*
    Sounds like a beautiful morning.
    I just wanted to tell you that I discovered your Hollow books a week ago, and have read the first three – just started the fourth. i guess I don’t have to add that I like them? ;o)
    I like the vibrant characters – you almost expect to meet them just next door.
    But why on earth did Rachel eat carrots and celery as a mink? Did I miss her being a vegetarian? – and how could she keep that preference as a mink – thinking of the carnivorous predators they are? Or am I just over thinking it all *rolleyes* – anyway:
    Thanks for adding to my library with your talent

    • Hi, Christina. It felt like I got up on the wrong side of the earth! (grin)

      I’m so glad that you’re enjoying the books. Thanks! I’ve gotten a lot of flack from purists, but honestly, she is a witch in a magic body, and is still a person on the inside.

  5. Good luck. I have a page parked but I’m not ready to build my website yet. I don’t think I’ll do it though. Someone else will have to handle that one. Me + Technology= Disaster! LOL. 😀

  6. Jamie E. from NJ

    Hey Kim,
    I’m so upset! Amazon has BMS in Kindle form not being released till 4/6/2010!!! Do you know why?? I’m very saddened by this date. The hardcover is being released in Feb. I can’t imagine why the publisher is holding the Kindle format release? As a big fan, I’d rather pay more and have an earlier Kindle format 😦 … I don’t want to wait till April.

    • Kylie Ru

      Maybe because they don’t want you to buy the kindle version? They’d rather you buy the book book?

    • Jenn

      If I remember correctly, Kim mentioned that the publisher might be looking at it as a major release on it’s own & that’s why? I’m not 100% on that, go back a day & see if you can find it!

    • Hi, Jamie. I’m sorry you are upset, and I’m not surprised that you are. The way I understand it, e-versions have become popular enough that they warrent their own release date and will be treated more and more like mass market, coming out after the hardcover. This is industry wide, not just me. Again, I’m sorry you are upset. I have no control over it.

  7. Ah! Those inspiring moments outside.
    These days, my “mother nature-inspired” thought are creepy as well. It’s freezind here so the snow is really crunchy. It sounds like things (read “bones”) snapping when I walk.
    I’ll probably use that in one of my stories… *grin*

    Your skill range is impressive! I might work in video games and be fluent in programmer-talk (and sometime copy/paste/adapt a line of code or two), I wouldn’t be able to set up a website! Thumbs up to you and good luck with that! I can’t wait to see it.

  8. Hello Ms. Harrison,

    So, not only does wicked witches come from the west but the sun as well! It’s getting pretty crowded there don’t ya think?
    I have to clarify something, lol, I was pulling your leg when I said that I’m only going ot keep on reading in the hope that I can see R/I together. The books for me is about more than that, lol. The Hollows is… Like a neighbourhood where one had fond memories even if one doesn’t necesirily stay there. The church, a friend’s house that I love to visit. I feel like calling up Vampiric Charms atm and saying (to their answering machine becuase they aren’t in yet):

    Hello Vampiric Charms,
    I know that you’ll only be back on the 23rd of February, but I’m missing you and wanted to chat. Things are well here, despite a few drawbacks, and – if all goes well, I might be able to come and visit by April. Flights from South Africa are dodgy though, so it might be as late as June. None the less, I just want to remind you all that you are not far from my thoughts, and I can’t wait to catch up.
    Wishing you a happy return,


    Have a great day Ms. Harrison!

  9. Jenny

    That is the sort of thing that would make my imagination run away momentarily, like I had woken up in some alternate universe. One’s brain could entertain all kinds of possibilities.It’s fun for a moment anyway.I’m glad to hear the rewrite is going well.

  10. Kathryn

    Hey Kim,

    You know, you usually hear of sunrises as being an awe inspiring display of mother nature’s ability to greet a new day… and not a creepy reminder that she can just as easily make you glance twice out of the corner of your eye, questioning whether or not what you are seeing is in fact real. *grin* But who am I to complain about something like that? It’s what makes life worth getting up for in the mornings, sometimes.

    Well done on moving Madison forward. She really is coming into her own!

    Oh… and I know that Black Magic Sanction is almost ready to smack us all over the head with its own looming release date, but I was hoping I might be able to glean a glimpse of the more distant future from you.

    Any ideas about what book 9 might be titled?

    • Hi, Kathryn. To tell the truth, we don’t get very nice sunrises in the woods. The sunsets are better here. But I spent my summers on a boat, and I think my blood preassure just dropped ten points thinking of waking up and watching the sun rise in a clear sky with a flat horizon. Thank you for stiring up that memory.

      Do I know what book nine is titled? Yup. (evil grin) Actually, my editor and I have settled on one, and now is when Marketing gets involved and tells us no.

  11. suzannelazear

    Wow, that sounds beautiful. It’s raining hard here. LA freeways are miserable in the rain.

    Good luck on your edits.

    I’m feeling giddy because I finally finished my own edits and got my requested full off to an editor. Squeee. (It’s Harper Teen, my dream imprint, too). Now on to the next item on the list while I’m waiting. 🙂

    ~Suzi and the tot

  12. JanisHarrison

    Here in Seattle, daffs & iris are beginning to poke up from their bulbs, but it will be a long time before blooming. Got no crocus, but they might be popping now. Re sunrise/sunset on the wrong side of the planet: My mom grew up in Central Oregon, where they regularly looked to the mountains in the EAST to see the sunset reflected from the West. For the gal with the cats who “dig” plants too much: lay flat pebbles (or marbles?) across the surface of your pots, and don’t be stingy with them. That should discourage your little diggers. Also, give them a pot of “kitty greens,” it may be what they’re craving.

    • Hi, Janis. Oh, I have to laugh! Last night, Guy had to drape a rug over one of the largest pots because the cats kept pulling the stones out and were running them over the wood floor. I wouldn’t care, except it would be just our luck PostScript would eat the stone and it would be lodged behind his pancreas or something, and then we’d have a vet bil the size of our mortgage. (Yes, it’s happened before.)

  13. Phil

    Good morning, Kim! or, should I say wierd morning, with the sun in the wrong sky!? 😉 When you’re revamping the website will the blog still be up? I’m so computer illiterate so have to ask that.

    I’m glad the rewrite’s going well. What’s a re-write without a few snarls, anyway? Soon as I can get my hands on ODTS i shall start reading Madison, and going to read Blood Cross!!!!!!!!!!

    Good luck with all your stuff!!

  14. Frederique

    Cool effect with the clouds Kim. It’s been raining here like mad. I think we are getting all the rain we haven’t had in 3 years all at once. The bright side is we may no longer be in a drought after this but the down side is now we have to worry about mud slides. The fires destroyed everything and now there is nothing left to hold the soil in place. *fingers crossed for minimal damage*

    So I thought about it and I’m glad that I’m going to Vegas before BMS comes out or I would spend the whole time in the hotel reading. I think I’ll be picking up a copy of Madison fairly soon though as I haven’t had a chance to read it yet.

    Have a wonderful and productive day.

  15. Heya Kim, I just googled Vampiric Charms and did you know that you have some stuff at For example, Ivy’s VS coffee cup. I like it! And you may adjust it to your wishes and they have a German website too. Yay!
    I add the German cup, but I know you don’t follow links, just for the german fans to know.
    have fun! aimée

  16. Marsha

    I’m impressed. You are a computer wizard as well. I really know nothing about them except that my work shuts down when they aren’t working. It feels good to be ahead in the work department…I’m trying to get there myself.

  17. Joy

    Yay on the Madison rewrite!! I cannot wait for Madison II! And good luck with the new site. I am basically computer illiterate so I admire anyone who has skills with the electronic beasts. Black Magic Sanction will be out one month from this Saturday!!!!! I cannot believe that your flowers are starting to grow already! Here in Fargo we still have three feet of snow on the ground and more is expected this weekend.
    Have a great week!


  18. Shanda

    You know Kim when you started talking about your dogs, all that went through my head was that old song “Who Let The Dogs Out??”. LOL. It was running in the back of my mind reading your entire post. About 5 weeks until the new BMS release. Are we going to get more chapters a few weeks before it’s out? Have a good day!

    • Hi, Shanda. I’m hoping that we get a few early chapters, but I’ve not heard anything. It’s still kind of early. The best I can do is to suggest that you sign up for HarperCollin’s Author Tracker. If they make chapters available, that’s how they will tell everyone. You have a great day, too!

  19. mudepoz

    Revamp. LOL
    Sorry, everything is funny today. *Teeth Chattering*

    • Kylie Ru

      (((((Mud-dono))))) I hug you!

    • Marsha

      Hey Mud. How can anything go wrong with all of us on your side? Possitive thinking really does help.

    • Phil

      Will be thinking happy thoughts for you!!! 🙂

    • Jenn

      Hey Mud, hope it all went well yesterday! I was thinking of you…actually I posted on Tuesdays comments for you…

      Any hoo, let us know how you are pls!

    • You know, Mud, I almost didn’t use “revamp” just for this reason. (laugh) I hope everything went okay yesterday.

    • Phil, thanks for email.
      I’ve discovered I am a total fool after anesthesia. At least I have things to rule out, and a few new things to address. Getting old, eh. Shoulda bought the extended warranty.

      Tonight I will go home and change my wallpaper from dogs to Rachel. At least for a little while. I could do it here as well. Hmm.

    • SeattleRobin

      Wait, they hane extended warranties? Damn. I suspect it’s much too late to get one. Probably have to purchase it within the first three decades.

    • SeattleRobin

      Er…. hane = have

  20. Oh website building, how I love it and super duper can’t stand it all at the same time.

  21. Jenn

    Morning Everyone!

    Um, Kim, did you wake up in demon land today? lol…just wondering! That would be an interesting difference between the 2 worlds. Personally, my sun came up exactly where it was supposed to today…grin.

    I’m glad that your writing is going so well. I can’t wait to see the new site! It’s always nice to see a change, something new to explore on both your end & ours!

    Have fun playing today!

  22. Kylie Ru

    Wow, that must of been way cool! Probably very disorientating, but still kinda neat. We had a lot of rain yesterday, and it’s supposes to rain the rest of the week. Needless to say, I am one happy chicka. At least when I remember where I parked my car . . . .

    Oh, I got these totally awesome boots, and I was so excited to wear them yesterday for my first day if this semester. I have ballroom dancing on Tuesday, and it seems we’re going to be doing a lot of the latin dances. Never wearing boots to that class again. Owwww . . . .

    Crazy thing in my dream last night. I was speaking japanese. That’s the second time this has happened.

    Can’t wait to see the new site, Kim-san! Well, I sorta have to wait. Can’t bend the space/time continuum. Grr.

    • Jenn

      Ow, Kylie-san! New boots & dance class…I can see where that would be a problem for you! You have my sympathy…lol

      As for the dream, I’ve never done that, but I have gone back in time if that makes sense? I grew up in a very historical town & for some reason, I went back a couple times to when the town was new…don’t ask why, I’ve never figured it out…lol..but it sure was interesting!

      Hope your feet feel better soon!

    • Phil

      Kylie-san, <<< Why am I not surprised you're dreaming in Japanese?? 😉 Oh, and after Antonio's Japanese lesson the other day!
      I haven't dreamt in Japanese, but did dream once 'bout a girl with an English accent. Hmm.

    • Kylie Ru

      Never had accents. I’m really bad with accents. When I try to use an accent it goes ALL over the place!

    • Hi, Kylie-san. New boots! Very cool. I’ve been meaning to get a new pair for the tour . . .