Believe it or not

January, and my spring bulbs are right on schedule.  This is a daff that has been in the ground for three years.  The ones I put in the ground this last fall haven’t dared to show themselves yet.  I’m kind of worried about my daffs in general.  They do pretty well, but they’ve not increased at all, not like my crocus, which are doing fantastic!  (I usually miss my crocus because they bloom late Feb, early March, and I have to rely on pictures.)  I’m going to try some bulb fertilizer this year and see if that doesn’t help. 

Book front:  I surprised myself and got through the entire Madison manuscript yesterday, putting in the small changes that my YA editor suggested and regaining a feel for the logic and story flow.  Now I can tackle the bigger questions of logic, character development, and whatnot.  I scheduled a month for this, but it will be done long before that, which is good because I’m working on the website as well, prepping for the tours.  First impressions of the Madison rewrite?  Dude, this is better than I remembered.  (laugh)



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  1. kevin

    **knows he shouldn’t poke his head in before he finishes all the books, so doesn’t read any comments after seeing the word “ivy” and “accept” ((and finally)) but…

    I’m glad it’s going well! **Loves the books**

    • Hi, Kevin. -grin- I totally understand. I’m really glad you’re enjoying the books. Thanks!

    • Phil

      Hi, Kevin! I know exactly what you mean. No worries, though, if you were referring to my comment, it was purely speculative.
      I avoid teasers /spoilers like the plague, myself, and wouldn’t give away anything to anyone!

  2. Hawk

    Cool about the plant’s as i have nothing to say today i going to leave you with a poem i wrote

    Death what an thing death,
    it is sad, it is glorious, and at
    times bloody. it is a time of greif.

    death is but a doorway to a new life,
    a time of happiness and relaxation.
    A time of pain and nightmares
    and sleepless nights.

    Death is but a doorway,
    you never go through twice.
    its of endless hallways with no exit,
    and one glimmer of light that leads you onward.

    There is no looking back,
    for your eyes are fixed forward on that light
    it never weems to get vcloser only brighter,
    as it beckons you onward.

    your skin is cold, yet you are warm.
    you are not scared for the light seems to be friendly.
    you feel a great welcome as you enter the light .
    then you are wrenched back the way you came.

    Death what a thing

  3. Phil

    If Ivy finally accepts who she is, as Rachel wishes for her, can Ivy still find happiness with a non-vamp, or does accepting who she is mean she has to be with another vamp? In other words, can a vamp be herself if her lover is not a vamp, too? We’ve had some discussion here today about the Rachel/Ivy HEA, and now I’m wondering ’bout this, though I’m certainly not asking you to give away anything. You know how I dread spoilers, lol.
    Guess I’m just asking if you’d share your thoughts on this cuz I’m sure you’ve explored the issue in developing Rachel’s and Ivy’s relationship.

    • Hi, Phil. I have explored it in great deal, yes, but I never looked at it from a vampire angle, just a people angle. Vampries and their needs entered into it, but it wasn’t the overriding factor. Other than that, mums the word. 😉

  4. Jamie

    I pour leftover coffee and used coffee grounds on my flowers. It works great. Plus its not expensive like fertilizer and I always have some on hand.

  5. Stephenie

    Goodness… Technology is unreliable. My laptop is broken for the third time in as many months, and I find myself wondering again why I can’t just write books in my head and have the manuscript pop out of my mouth. Well I guess the saliva would be a problem. Gah!

    I wish I had land to garden with… Well not that I garden, I just like to enjoy the product of other peoples long, hard, work. *grin* It would be nice to have some living vegetation on my altar… All of my flowers are dried… which amazingly makes them more flammable, not good since I’m a candle addict.

    I finished the first Madison book in about a day. I devoured it slightly, thats what I do; eat books. I can’t wait to get my hands on the next one. Now I have even more reason to tune in Kim!

    • I’m so sorry, Stephenie! What a pain. I’ve got a call in for some maintenance/service issue, and it’s taking forever to get them out here. Not happy.

      I’m glad you liked the Madison book. It’s much shorter than the Hollows book by about half, but that’s what they wanted. 😉

    • Hawk

      Shorter beh you need to write grand novels

  6. Bob Markley

    Hi Kim,
    1 month and counting. I am looking forward to the new book coming out. I passed the time reading Vicki Petterson and Laurrell Hamilton book series. Ok, but not the same as Rachel and Ivy adventures. We have to speed this up and pop out a book every few months. This one a year is killing me. LOL
    Love the Underworld poster.

    • OMGosh, Bob! One every few months? (grin) I think not! Then all you’d be getting is a hundred pages of slop!

      Mmmm, you’ve seen my office! Isn’t that a nice bit of artwork? Reminds me of Ivy.

  7. MoonDragn

    Hi Kim, I just finished reading White Witch Black Curse and I have a question about the Vampire blood reacting with each other. Do the vampire’s blood only affect Vampires from other lineages? It seems that Ivy drank another vampire’s blood after she was drained by the Banshee and suffered no ill effects but the vamp that killed Kristen died from drinking Kristen’s blood. Can you explain? I must have missed the explaination somewhere. Thanks.

    • Lurker

      Dead vamps can’t. I think Ivy was drinking a living vamp’s blood at the time. But I kinda like your idea too! 🙂

    • Hi, MoonDragn. Lineage has nothing to do with it. It’s your state of aliveness. Living vampires are like type O blood. Universal doners, universal acceptors. Dead vampires can take all the O they can get, but mix two undead vampires’s blood, and they both die.

      I swear, this is the mythology I grew up with, and I never understood how dead vampires could share blood with their undead breathren.

    • MoonDragn

      Ahh, thanks! I have to admit, I was never much on Vampire mythology. I think I didn’t start reading the genre til I found books like yours.

      So the assassin was dead also, I see why that made the difference.

      Another question, Demons can teleport, since Rachel is technically a demon now, can she pop around places too eventually?

    • Ah. Yes. She’s working on that. (laugh)

  8. Jenn

    Hi Kim,

    I’m glad that the re-write is going so well for you! It’s always nice to be ahead of schedule (grin).

    Flowers? Dude, we still have perma frost here! Althogh, if is think about the first spring flowers that I see, it’s gotta be snow drops. The house next to us growing up had a whole mess of them in their front garden. So every day on the way to school, we would check to see if they were out yet so we knew when spring was finally on it’s way! Up here, we have another 6 weeks (bare minimum) before spring makes an appearance!

    • Thanks, Jenn. I’ve been enjoying getting out of my office before seven all this week and last. I hardly know what to do with myself.

      Snowdrops! What a nice memory.

  9. Judi in NJ

    Hiya Kim! Had to put down Blood Cross for a sec (SO didn’t want to – it’s really really good!) so that I could comment on Faith’s nod to you – Harrison Avenue? LOVE IT!! Have a great week! Judi 🙂

  10. Trouble with Dafs? First, you need good quality dafs: ones with multiple noses. Also, the older types, King Alfred, tend to clump much better than other forms.

    And way back when, we used to mass the bulbs as ‘bouquets’, so they already had a head start.

    (Psst: you can do the bone meal as soon as it warms up, the bacteria will break some down, and the daffs can use it to produce better bulbs as they build up energy)

    Well, off to prep for tomorrow. With luck, they’ll figure out why I can’t breath. Found out, breathing ain’t optional for humans. Amazing!

  11. SeattleRobin

    Dude, don’t your flowers know it’s JANUARY?! We’re still in the heart of winter! Though I will say we’ve been having a mild one here.

  12. Phil

    Good morning, Kim-san! *smiling* I just looked at Kylie’s BJ and Lyd links … Very cool! 🙂
    That’s terrific your rewrite’s going well, and spring bulbs, too! You’ve got that magic touch, looks like.
    Well, my reading lists have grown, not as long as yours or Antonio’s I’m sure, lol.
    Now back to research on historical background for Richard III …

  13. Fantastic Kim. I love when the Flowers start to show themselves through the thick moss of winter. England is particularly funny with it. If you have the radio on in the mornings you know when spring is here. All the Stations start shouting that london has seen its first Flower bud open! Its like a holiday. Everyone will start to call in then and tell their stories of flowers around their area. When i first moved here and heard it i couldn’t stop laughing at how Happy everyone was. Now i completely understand after living here for almost three years. Haha Great picture though Kim! Thank you.

  14. Antonio Rich

    “Magenta,” he observed, running his fingers along the panties. “Who’d have guessed?”

    This is a line from one of my favorite UF/Romance writers. Most of the authors in these genres are women and sometimes…sometimes it makes me wonder. I’m not an expert on male-female relationships, or a professional writer. But I can say, without hesitation, that no man in the entire history of human civilization has ever taken off a woman’s panties and uttered the word “MAGENTA.”

    Nuh-uh. Ever.

    I’ve said this in different ways before, but If I were to describe favorite attributes of my favorite authors…I would say that you are far-and-away – hands down – the absolute best at writing about male characters, FOR male characters. All your many male characters – even the ones I don’t like or scare/repulse me – All are Pitch Perfect in dialogue, and all are UNIQUE.

    It’s as if they are all visiting from book series of their own.

    I know you have grown up with men/boys your whole life. But, what do you do as a writer to develop these characters and make them all so compelling and authentic?

    • Kylie Ru

      Do guys even have magenta in their vocabulary?

    • Well I know about a hundred who do… but that’s not fair since the new logo for our company is magenta. And in a video game company (85 to 95% male), it means a lot of dudes literally crying out loud: “I hate the new logo. It’s MAGENTA.”

      Now they got used to it but my guess is that if they saw a woman with magenta panties, they’d probably leave them on and walk away.

      So yeah, Antonio’s theory remains true either way! *wide grin*

    • Phil

      Not unless it’s in my Crayola Box. 😉

    • SeattleRobin

      “But I can say, without hesitation, that no man in the entire history of human civilization has ever taken off a woman’s panties and uttered the word “MAGENTA.””

      ROFL, Antonio! You have an excellent point.

      At the risk of going into gushing fangirl mode, I think Kim is fantastic at all of her types of characters. It’s good to know from your male viewpoint she’s on the money with the men. As a lesbian I can say the same, she gets the sexual tension between Ivy and Rachel just right as far as I’m concerned. Whenever I mention Kim’s books to anyone or write a review on them I always mention how good she is at developing complex and believable characters. Whew, okay, gushing fangirl mode off.

    • Phil

      Feel free to go to gushing fangirl mode, Robin 😉
      I think Kim really does get the male and female perspectives in a very real way, and the sexual tension between Rachel and Ivy, as you point out, is always palpable and never overplayed and seems very credible to me.

    • The lunge in the kitchen…very palpable and very visceral. Shocking. Amazing. Yowza.


    • Phil

      When Ivy told Rachel, “Just read up on the turn-ons, okay, then don’t do them.” Yeah, that worked! 😉

    • Thanks, Robin! People are people, and I’m delighted that Ivy and Rachel are ringing true. Thank you, very much. I work hard at it. (phew)

    • Oh goodness. No, other than the florists I used to hang with, magenta wasn’t a big word. Purple maybe.

      However, the Tall Dude does know Mauve. And EEK! EVERYTHING IS FUCHSIA! (He washed reds with the whites. He tries)

    • Jenn

      I gotta say, my brother-in-law the Egg-head knows the word Magenta, however I’ve never heard of any male using it in the bedroom!

    • ha, ha!!! I love it, Antonio! And thank you. I like writing guys. I might try my hand at their POV again. Soon. 😉

  15. Hey Ms. Harrison,

    It’s always interesting to see that other people enjoy reading their own work, (laughs). I read a blog post the other day where you commented on rereading the whole series and how you forgot what happened in which books. It’s a fascinating process. I love going back to stuff that I wrote (some stuff anyway). It’s like… visiting old friends.
    I read a comment that you left with another reader about Ivy and Rachel finding their happily ever afters with other people.
    Sigh. Dubble sigh.
    Sigh again.
    *squints at author from over glasses*
    I’ll keep reading in the desperate hope that you change your mind, lol. Big R/I shipper…

    • Antonio Rich

      As a long-time member of the RIHEA Club(Rachel&Ivy Happily Ever After Club) I can sympathize. But, when you think about it(and re-read the books) hasn’t the sexual/blood/psychological tension over-shadowed everything else about them? It’s always felt a bit “cart before the horse” for me. And, it’s understandable given what Piscarry has done to Ivy. It’s so nice to see them…well, get to know each other in the last few books. Build a friendship. Psst! Secret: I’ve read BMS already. And – in many ways it’s my favorite “Ivy” book. I haven’t always “Got” their relationship. But – I GET them now. I like this Rachel and Ivy. Their great together. And, I think you will too.

    • Jenn

      Hi Antonio,

      Oh good! I’m a HUGE member of the RIHEA Club, but I know that it’s not going to happen (sigh).

      But I’m glad to hear that you have read BMS & like it best of all! I am a big fan of seeing how they grow together, & apart.

      And I agree with everything that you said…sounds like we’re on the same wavelength!

    • Let’s take a moment to despise you for having read BMS already, lol. Considering that I have to wait till June to read it. Grrr….
      *takes a moment, then gets over herself*
      I have to say, that what I liked about WWBC (Don’t read this anybody that hasn’t read the book yet. look away, look away…) is their relationship in it. How Rachel suddenly touches Ivy a lot more somehow. A hand on her shoulder, linking arms with her. Hugging her, touching her gently in hospital. There was an… intimacy or i’d say kind love there that wasn’t in the other books. I hope to see more of it in BMS, and naturally, as always, more of Ivy.
      It was the potential of R/I that lured me to the books, espesually when Rachel said in something like the first or second chapter. “I don’t swing that way.” or something. It shouted ‘denial’ to my interpretation, lol.
      I’ve come to love the two of them together, even if it’s just platonic and I think to me that’s still the best story line in the book. The fact that understanding doesn’t come easy, that friendship needs to be worked on, helped along, respected and not taken for granted. ANd, that sometimes, you need to see something from another person’s perspective.
      I guess, inevitably, I’ll be happy seeing them happy and hope that they would be happy together, even if they don’t end up together.
      But, we’ll see what the next set of books bring, lol. 🙂

    • Phil

      Sign me up for that Club. Rachel/Ivy HEA is nice, but if it doesn’t happen, I think Kim will figure out a way to make them, and us, happy. I hope so.
      Antonio, don’t know how you got your hands on BMS but what’s this ’bout an “Ivy book”!? If BMS is more from Ivy’s POV, then WOW!!! Wait … no spoilers, please!

    • Antonio Rich

      Jenn, Allyssa, Phil–Yes, our Legion is strong and numerous, those who fly the banner of our club. I know Kim was as surprised as anyone when Ivy crawled across that table in that first book. I think one aspect I would add to your comments is the formation of a non-traditional family that the 3 friends form. I think that has greater significance in modern times when people can often find themselves isolated…sometimes even from their own neighbors. How many of us have friends that are closer to us than many family members? Love finds a way. And, it’s comforting to see it actualized – in any form…

      No No No, Phil!(Grin) BMS is told from Rachel’s viewpoint as always. I just meant that it’s my favorite book in spot-lighting Ivy…and Ivy’s relationship with Rachel. I’ve always complained about how R treats I in the past and I can’t in this one. I think most of us in the RIHEA will be pleased(Grin)…

    • Kerry P

      Antonio you have just made my day. I have read all the comments below and I am for sure a RIHEA club member but I do like the development of a softer relationship between R & I. Now I can’t wait for the next book. Just did another reread of the series and really it just gets better!

    • *Laughs* Antonio, it was the best day of my LIFE when Ivy crawled over the table…

    • Kylie Ru

      I’m an Alchel and Trench shipper. In that order. But, I am rather (extremely) fond of Ivy. Even if she is a vamp.

    • Marsha

      *triple sigh* Alyssa. I know how you feel. I think in my mind they will always belong together, but fortunately for everyone out there, I’m not writing this series.

    • Hi, Alyssa. Keep reading. I don’t know how it’s going to end for sure, myself, and Ivy is being very . . . Ivy. 🙂

  16. Kylie Ru

    Kim-san it is then! 😀

    The only flowers I have are from cacti. The red ones are pretty. In fact, someone asked if they could take a picture, and I was like “Um, sure?” But the real pretty cactus flower comes from the one that is dying 😦 It’s only bloomed maybe three times, and the flowers only last for a few hours. They’re big and white.

    Awesomesauce on the rewrite! So it was just a trim and wash?”

    Oh, here’s the link to the BJ and Lyds dolls, so you know what I mean:

    Shall I dollify Rachel?

  17. Oh! Flowers! I only have my balcony for those and I usually mix them with a few vegetables and herbs (because there is nothing like a fresh tomato salad with basil on a hot summer day). So it’ll be a while before I can enjoy any flowers.

    It is always a great surprise to rediscover manuscripts and realize that it turned out better than you thought. It means it will be a pleasure for us to discover it as well (not that I would doubt that, of course!) 😉

    • Hi, Aheila. Mmm, I’d be having problems if I couldn’t get my hands in the dirt. I went two years with no plants in the house but for my office, but they have been creeping back since I put in some skylights, and . . . I’m okay with it.

    • I understand completely. I do miss my greenery. I grew up on a farm.

      Unfortunately, my cats love the dirt as much as I do so there is hell to pay for any plants in my apartement. I’ll have to buy some materials and hang some plants around the rooms. I just have not gotten around to it yet.