New day, new week, new stuff

Today I start on Madison III rewrite, still untitled because the one I sent it in with wasn’t close enough to the previous two.  I went over the editorial letter Friday, and thought about some of the changes over the weekend.  Today I’ll be going over the letter again with the ms in front of me so I can start to plan my attack.  If I’m lucky, I’ll get a few chapters into it.

Rewrites are funny beasts to tame.  Sometimes, it’s like taking a wet, muddy dog off the street and giving it a bath and a trim.  Sometimes it’s like taking that same wet, muddy dog and finding out it has a medical issue and having to open it up and fix things–while giving it a bath at the same time.  (Painful and messy) I’ll be fixing things with this one, but nothing major, and I’m hoping the changes I’m making don’t cascade into making larger problems that then need to be fixed as well.  I’ll know more later this week.  😉 



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  1. Hawk

    funny how that works when fixing something change one little thing and next thing you know the whole car is apart and you do not remember how everything fits back together and when it all back together you all ways have 3 screws left over

  2. Kylie Ru

    D8 I just had a brilliant idea! Lightning has struck my brain!! So I drew a doll version of Beetlejuice and Lydia. They turned out pretty freakin’ cute. Now, I wanna do some for the Hallows gang! Wee!

  3. Amber K

    I am so excited to read Black Magic Sanction when it comes out!!! I am a huge fan of yours and actually had your books recommended to me by one of my teachers and I have been hooked on them ever since. I was telling my friend about the series and explaining to her that they are very addicting and full of suspense I never know what is going to happen and so I lent her my book and she started reading it but she doesn’t get much to to sit and read so at night she calls me and I read them to her. I just finished reading her The Good The Bad And The Undead. She is hooked so bad on it and I will admit so am I. Her and I both think that with the relationship that Ivy and Rachel should go further. XD Just want to say congratulations on all you work and keep it up!! Just out of curiosity in BMS Skimmer is in jail do you bring her back in at any point or does she just stay in jail?


    • Hi, Amber. That is wonderful that you and your friend are enjoying the books so much. Thank you. Ah, Skimmer is in jail partly for her own protection after killing a master vampire. I think she’s going to stay there, but maybe not . . .

  4. Jami

    Hi Ms. Kim! I just recently started reading your Rachel Morgan series of books and I am having trouble finding all of the newer boocks, from books 5 back. I was wondering if you might give me some advice on where to find them because I have looked in every bookstore and Walmart in my area and on the internet and none of them have any. Thanks!

    • Hi, Jami. Thank you! I’m so glad you’re enjoying them. Unless you’re in a rather large bookstore that caters to urban fantasy, you probably won’t find the earlier books on the shelf. They are all in print, but shelf-space is at a premium, and . . . that’s the way it goes. Amazon is your best bet for finding the books. Come the release of BMS, there will be a surge of the earlier titles on the shelf, but this late in season, they are harder to find.
      Good luck!

  5. Chris

    Just got computer back from the Geek Squad and came to the site. What a surprise! Rachel’s teaser–featuring Al!!!!! I am soooooo stoked! Thank you Kim, for another visit from my(now) old friends. I am waiting with baited breath(and hopefully burning bunnies)!

    • Hi, Chris. Ahhh, the Geek Squad. I’ve got a non-emergency appointment with them, and they scheduled me out two weeks. So not happy.

      I’m glad you like the teaser! 😉

  6. Hey Ms. Harrison!
    Hope you had a super weekend. 🙂
    Here’s a question, do you struggle getting into a book like say the Madison book, after you’ve worked with another (like Hollows) or do you slip between the two easily?
    I’m still in the Land with Linden Avery. It’s a hard journey, lol.

    Have a great week!

    • Hi, Alyssa.

      I slip in pretty easy, with only a few hours of procrastination, but really, cleaning my office is a necessity after three months of hard work. You have a great week, too!

  7. marissa

    please write so IVY AND RACHEL CAN BE TOGETHER if you want to though cuz im a fan of them

  8. Phil

    I’m totally inundated with new reading lists. Not talking ’bout my grad work which is monumental. No, I mean the good stuff, the books you, Kylie, Mud, Marsha and Antonio mentioned! 🙂
    Thanks, everyone! I didn’t get to the bookstore over the weekend, or the e-book thingy, but I will read Blood Cross and Richelle Mead’s series, and I like the looks of P.C. Cast’s series, too.
    Oh, and a YA Steampunk take on WWI, where’d they come up with that one!? Have to find it!

    Good luck with the rewrites, Kim. Hope you don’t find too many complications when that “dog” is in the bath.

  9. suzannelazear

    Good luck on the rewrites!! “Plan of attack”–I like that!

    The tot’s baby chick died on friday. It was heartbreaking. We got her a new one and I think all is well. But it was her first pet loss. sniff. It’s raining again, so the chicks are by my desk. cheep cheep.

    We’re watching a brand new show on disney then off to a playdate.

    Have a great day!

    ~Suzi and the tot

  10. Kylie Ru

    Sometimes just giving the dog a bath is difficult enough.

    I’m sure someone will be in the room as I’m waking up. Meh. I don’t think I’m going to actually care. Just as long as someone is there.

    • Antonio Rich

      Kylie-chan…Or, Kylie-san–

      I came across a short explanation of Japanese honorifics in a manga (Genshiken by Kio Shimoku):

      -kun — suffix at end of boys name to express familiarity or endearment. “Phil-kun” for example.
      -chan — same as kun, but for girl. “Robin-chan”
      Bozu — “kid” or “squirt”
      Sempai — title suggests upperclassmen(school or organization)
      Kohai — underclassmen(school or organization)
      -san — common honorific equivalent of Mr., Mrs., Ms., Miss. “Antonio-san” for example.
      -sama — one level higher than “-san” and used to confer respect. “Marsha-sama” let’s say.
      -dono — confers utmost respect. “Mud-dono!”

      And, “Sensei” which literall means “one who has come before,” this title is used for teachers, doctors, or masters of any profession or art.

      Maybe “Kim-san” should be upgraded to “Kim-dono” or “Kim-sensei” or just “Sensei” for short? (Grin)

    • mudepoz

      -dono — confers utmost respect. “Mud-dono!”

      LOL, more like Mud Dun’t know! 🙂

    • *cough* Mud-bozu *cough*

    • Marsha

      Thanks Antonio. Mud is definitely our dono, isn’t she?

    • mudepoz

      LOL 🙂 Bozo, yes, kid, not for many many many years:)
      And yeah, Dunno is often my response to questions. That and huh? ;*

    • Kylie Ru

      I actually thought about using Kim-sensei . . .

      What does Kim, uh, Kim-san think?

    • mudepoz

      ((((Kylie)))), consider this a cyber hug:) Besides, I get to undergo a procedure on Wed that requires the Tall Dude to take me home, so I’ll borrow the hug back then 🙂

    • Kylie Ru

      Okie-day! And thanks Mud-duno!

    • I like Kim-san. I once worked in a setting where the project was being sold overseas, and I was known as Cook-san for a while, so Kim-san feels comfortable to me. Besides, I’m still learning, and anything more than that might be too much. 😉

  11. Antonio Rich

    I’m not sure the scope of the World Book, but if it’s a sorta “state of the state” kind of thing, maybe it might be interesting to include the press. We hear about the tabloids every now and then, maybe it might be cool to see this world thru a new set of eyes. A young reporter. I even have a nominee: that young red-headed girl who Tom and his coven had kidnapped in WWBC(can’t remember name?)

    I’m making some head-way on my New Year’s resolution to lose weight, but there is temptation everywhere! I had two neices last week hit me up for some Girl Scout cookie purchases.

    • Jenn

      I like the idea of it coming from a 3rd person…that might be interesting….an outsider’s take on our main crew.

      I’m glad that you’re doing well on your weight loss! My family is also doing a weight loss challenge. I’m loosing but slowly…lol…you know what you do with those cookies you bought? Take them into the office! That way you’re supporting the girls & yourself!

    • Antonio Rich

      Give…Did you say give away Girl Scout cookies!?

      “scusi! In nessun caso.”

      (“Excuse me!? Certainly not.”)


    • Jenn

      Well, it was just a suggestion…lol…

    • Marsha

      Oh man I hear you. Doing OK in the sugar department, but I have been hitting the bread (mana from Heaven) really hard. We have been so cold down here that I have not been walking either. I got a bonus this year, a miracle in itself, and plan to use it to buy a folding treadmill…no more excuses. Only down four pounds since ew Year : (

    • Antonio Rich

      I lost 4 pounds the 1st week, then gained 2 back the 2nd week. It’s sooo easy to slip back into bad habits. Bad habits: Soda, Fast Food, Portion Size, and Snacks.

      I used to have a treadmill. But to save my joints, I bought an elliptical. I’m up to 40 minutes.

    • Hi, Antonio. I’ve got an idea as to how I want to write the world book, and I’m hoping that you all get a kick out of it. Time will tell, as they say.

      Mmm, nicely done on the weight loss. You’re right about the bad habits, and I usually get around my urges by delaying the sweets until an undetermined later, or telling myself I’m not going to eat cake unless I bake it myself. (Which might explain why I bake a lot on the weekends.) I do ten to twelve minutes a day on my elliptical, but I’m lazy. (laugh)

  12. Ha ha! Love the analogy!

    I’m actually smack in the middle of a similar process: I’m rewriting game rules. I played through one of my video game projects this weekend (yeah, a little overtime for me…) and realized that while all the ingredients are there and it’s kind of fun, a sparkle is missing. And the publisher’s comments are not in, yet.
    Hopefully, it will turn out to be just a “dog bath and trim” case. I already devised some “simple” solution (the quote marks are important because “simple” in video games never quite is since it affects design, programmation and art) and they might fix it all. *crossing my fingers*

    Good luck with your rewrite!

  13. Kat

    What a great analogy! Good luck with the rewrite.

  14. mudepoz

    Um. Okay. Well, Good on Madison! Go.Go.Go
    *Swallows concept of dog analogy*
    *Runs to be sick*
    Thanks for the wonderful imagery. *Kof* I think I’ll just quietly wait for BMS and Madison and finish Blood Cross. Yeah. That’s the ticket.

    *Scrubs brain with bleach and shudders.*

    • Antonio Rich

      Loved Blood Cross. If you get a chance, hop over to Amazon and tag/vote on my book review for her book. It’s good to keep the positive ones prominent front and center (Grin)

    • mudepoz

      I am ADORING Blood Cross, and have been pushing for reviews. As soon as I’m finished I will be there and B and N. I have a friend, Dee, a technical writer who does Review Haikus:
      She kills rogue vampires.
      Shape-shifter, woman and Beast,
      Struggling for control.

      Complex mystery,
      Multi-layered characters.
      Outstanding story.

      I wish I could distill a story down to this. And she was perturbed she couldn’t do it in ONE haiku.

    • Antonio Rich

      As I told Phil recently, my tastes in poetry are more along the lines of dirty lymerics and “Green Eggs and Ham.” Although when I was studying Greek History in college we would read the occasional Epic Poem. I don’t reccomend the form, however, for a book review.

    • -grin- Sorry Mud. But that’s what it feels like, sometimes. I think I’ll get away with a bath and nail trim this time. Whoo-hoo!

  15. Linda (germany)

    Well, in book number 11. Is it hart to write Ivy? 😉

  16. Marsha

    I would think that rewrites would be very difficult to handle. Do you ever have to change something that requires you to follow that change through other threads in the book? I can see where your outlines and organization would be critical for something like that.

    • Hi, Marsha. Rewrites are vastly different from book to book for me. Much of it depends how well I plotted it out, and being the third, I’ve got the world down and can concentrate on the characters. But yes, sometimes there is a change that cascades through the entire future of a series, much less a single book, which is why I only plot out the book I’m on, and no farther.

  17. Bianca

    Good luck with the writing! I’m sorry if this has been asked, but I’m a Kindle reader and the release date for that is April 2010 for Black Magic Sanction. Is that right? About two months after the hardcover release 😦 I don’t read hardcovers/paperbacks, so I guess the wait is worth it!

    • Hi, Bianca. Yes, they have delayed the release of the electronic version. I think they are going to start treating them more like mass markets editions than original releases.

  18. I am a bit late, but I just picked up Madison 1, I can’t wait to read it. Glad to hear there will be more, I love a series!

  19. Jenn

    Good luck with the rewrite…I hope it just says a “wash job” for you!

    So, yesterday, I went & my local used book store & dropped off some of my old stuff. I was looking around for something new to read & there sitting like a bright shiny penny was a Hard Copy of ODW! Well, let me tell you, I snatched it right up! I was so excited, I didn’t even grab anything else…lol…it’s my frist hard cover copy of your work. I’m going to get them all eventually…I hope!

    Hope you have a fantastic Monday!

    • Hi, Jenn. So far, it’s a wash, brush, and nail trim. 😉

      Ooooh! Isn’t that wonderful when you can find them like that? I found ODW hc in a BAM on an endcap for 7.00 last month. How can you resist? (grin) Have a great week!