Ten! And we have a few teaser pages!

 Tucking my hair back, I squinted at the parchment, trying to form the strange angular letters as smoothly as I could.  The ink glistened wetly, but it wasn’t red ink, it was blood—my blood—which might account for the slight tremble in my hand as I copied the awkward-looking name scripted in characters that weren’t English.  Beside me was a pile of rejects.  If I didn’t get it perfect this time, I’d be bleeding yet again.  God help me.  I was doing a black curse.  In a demon’s kitchen.  On the weekend.  How in hell had I gotten here?

More . . .

I got the all clear from my editor, and the first few pages, (not chapters, sorry) of Black Magic Sanction are up at the website at the books pages.  Enjoy!

I’m chugging along with the last two chapters of book ten, and it’s finishing well, following the path I thought it would with a few surprises.  It’s the last chapter, which I will probably get dialog done today, that will be the most surprising.  This is the one chapter that I don’t plot out until I’m ready to write it.  Because the chapter before is where the crime is solved, the puzzle finished, or the deed finally done, the last chapter is where I take the last bits that have been dangling, and somehow put it all together in a comfy, cozy, coda.  Pizza parties, solstice bonfires, baby showers, family cookouts, and coming home from vacation to find the house stale and quiet are some of my favorite “last chapters.”  Parties, especially, are good ways to get sundry characters who seldome share page space in one spot. 

Besides pulling together characters for one last time (to assure the reader that they are okay) I have to touch on the threads I’ve left dangling so the reader knows I haven’t forgotten them and will pick them up later.  It helps the reader find closure when the story clearly isn’t done.   Emotions, too, must be considered, which made the ending for FDM very hard for me to write.  I like happy endings, and eating cake and crying was the best of a bad situation.

I’m glad to say that I’m back to my happy endings, but Rachel is sort of beat up in this one.  Growing up is hard to do.  (snerk)



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  1. brittany

    Hi Kim i forgot to ask.lol…. I am a senior in high school this year and I am going into editing and writting. I am in the middle of editing and the ending of my book and i was wondering what is the next step after you’ve finished it? How do you get it published? and things like that.
    A fan,

    • Hi, Brittany. Congrats! It sounds like you’re well on your way to becoming published. If it were me, I’d start doing my research on who to submit to, (reading a source book like GUIDE TO LITERARY AGENTS AND EDITORS or something similar) I’d also be finding a writers critique group and getting a second opinion on pacing and character development from other writers. Good luck!

  2. brittany

    Hi kim i am soooo happy to see that the next book is coming out next MONTH!!!!! EEEEEEEE!!!!! i am excited to read it.
    I can get impatient sometimes when it comes to books and series that i read, and i have been dying for this one to come out.
    How many books are going to be in this series? I was reading your blog and you were talking about the TENTH so i was just wondering.

  3. *fangirlish squee* Rachel done got possessed! I so want to rip Pierce a new one. I hope Ivy gives him a piece of her mind for me. Or her fist, since he’s sooooo convinced he’ll be corporeal again. What a giant ass.

    As you can tell, I’m hooked. February 23rd can’t come quickly enough!

    You rock!

  4. Oh my God!

    Up to this post, i thought i’d be able to resist reading the teaser. Heck, i didn’t even made it to the end of your post. Clicked right away. It was thanks to work it took me seven hours to finish the teaser.

    And, oh my…

    God bless ebil writers! It’s just ten pages, and Rachel already seems more mature and grounded, and she is in deep shit. 36 days… plus shipping… Gaah!

    I admire your talent Kim! I’ve put a link to you on my LJ. So that others see the greatness too.

  5. mila

    OMG I just can’t take two teasers at once – meaning the hint on the road trip book is killing me!

    looking forward to february 23rd, mila

  6. Tine

    I managed to not read the teaser for a whole 5 minutes and then….teaser it was. Can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait. I will be down at my local Borders on the 23rd.

    I also like the short story about Jenks and Bix (sp) that came out a couple of months ago. Will we be seeing more shorts about those two?

  7. shayne

    am just about to read the teaser..cant wait but just wanted to ask a quick ?…you said “I’m chugging along with the last two chapters of book ten, and it’s finishing well” and if BMS is book 8 does that mean book 9 is finished? or stuck in editing limbo 😛 i know prob be another year or so b4 release but just curious if is any chance of a release of book 9 in say six months?

    BTW hope ya feeling better from other day

    • shayne

      omg talk about a teaser …ahhh cant wait to read/hear rest of story now

    • Hi, Shayne. That I’m finishing book ten means I’m right on schedule for a 2012 release for it. (grin) I’ll be rewriting book nine probably when I get back from tour, (2011 release.) I work a bit farther ahead of the schedule than a lot of writers, but that’s my comfort zone.

      Glad you liked the teaser. Thanks! Oh, and I managed to dodge the cold. Yay!

  8. cc in ca

    That was awesome!!!Keep up the good work. 🙂 I think I’m going to like it more than WWBC with more demons & all. They’re my favorite.

    I just saw a comment from the other day was the Unbroken movie you’re talking about this one? http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0384635/
    The description sounds makes it sound hard to watch…

    • Hi, CC. No, that’s not the movie that I watched. Mine was about the guy who survived a deadly train wreck.

      Thanks! I’m glad you liked the teaser. I like this one better than WWBC, but not as much as the road trip book (which is next)

    • cc in ca

      Oh…yeah I saw the Bruce Willis movie you speak of…almost forgot (not a memorable one is it…at least not in a good way). I like road trip movies, characters are forced to talk to each other 🙂

  9. Stephenie

    Yay for teasers!! Uber excited!

    I had issues with the end of FDM too… I do believe it involved like 4 hours of crying and chinese food, as well as friend therapy. I get just a little too attached to fictional characters. I just can’t accept they’re not real jk. 😀 I’m a fan of happy endings too, but I can never seem to write them, the closest I really get to is bittersweet…

  10. Lurker

    Dangler of threads that haven’t been addressed, you taunt me so!

    /going to go read some. woot!

  11. Sarah

    Loved the teaser…thank you. I can’t wait until Feb. 23, but may I ask what book you are working on…number ten in the Hollows series? Isn’t Black Magic Sanction only number 8? Does this mean we have at least 2 more books to look forward to after this next one?!

  12. “coming home from vacation to find the house stale and quiet”…Nooooo!!

    I can’t wait until Feb 23rd!! Can you tell us more about the relationship between souls and auras?

    • Hi, Tiffany. No, it’s all good. I loooove the road trip book.

      You asked abotu the relationships between souls and auras? The way I’ve got it set up, the soul gives off energy that manifests itself as the aura, that’s how it changes through time, becoming stronger or weaker, color, whatever.

    • Tiffany

      Phew – not a tragic staleness then :-). Perhaps a developmental one… Yeah, I’m excited for the road trip book too – you’ve posted some intriguing comments on here, not the least of which (if I remember correctly) was that it’s your favorite so far.

  13. Marsha

    Damn! I told myself I was not going to read the teaser so that I could snuggle in and be completely surprised and enraptured with the new book when it came. I couldn’t help myself…it’s really good.

  14. Jenny

    Just what I wanted!A look inside Al’s kitchen. I love the decor; functional with touches of demon. 🙂 I knew he couldn’t be trusted.Demons… Gotta love ’em(or not). Great teaser. Thank you for putting that out for us. I can’t wait for the book.

  15. Thanks for the preview! I think this is my cue to re-read the whole series, timing the completion of same to coincide with the release of the new book. What say you? 😉

  16. Haven’t read the teaser yet because I’m not up-to-date on your work and I’m farther behind in the series, but I know I’ll enjoy it like I’m enjoying the earlier books right now. 😀

  17. Hey Ms. Harrison!

    Dude, that was a very rude tick, getting you pregnant out there in the woods. Bet you it didn’t even buy you dinner. Or something. I’m going to be extra careful with my bug spray from now on… 😉
    Basjan’s fever’s finally broken. He’s feeling terribly ill and terribly sorry for himself but from here, he can only get better.

    Thanks again for the teaser! Jup! I got to it fast because I went on just before I went off to work. It’s normally the time you start posting in the mornings I’ve discovered. 🙂 It’s a treat, lol. Thank you. I’m glad there’s a potential of Newt being in it. I can’t help it, I love her, I think she’s out of her mind.

    Have a good one!


    • Hi, Alyssa. Yeah, we tease our oldest son, telling him his father is a gnome. I found a decayed stump out there that I swear looked like one. I should try to find the picture.

      I’m so glad that Basjan is doing better.

  18. Amanda

    Hi there Kim! I read the first two pages, and I’m squirming! I can’t wait to read the whole thing, I get excited when I read your books. Thank you for writing something I can’t wait to read, you’re the best. Right now I’m enjoying The Ultimate Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy until Feb. 23. Rachel possessed sounds like a Rock’n’Roll ride!

  19. Kat

    OMG!!!! I am dying here! Thank goodness February is not too far off.

  20. liatortilla

    dude wish their was more cant wait to buy the book and read the whole thing


  21. JanisHarrison

    A note to KH: I have decided to vote with my checkbook in support of print publishing. I’m going to purchase the Hollows series. I will buy paperback, second-hand, where I can, to ease the strain. But I have a great deal of trouble locating any of your titles in the used-book market (Folks tend to keep your books, apparently), and some of your titles just disappear from the public library shelves, too. (Selfish, rude library “patrons”) And I will send a note to your publishers to that effect.

  22. JanisHarrison

    Frederique, cherie, When traveling with liquids in the luggage, be sure the bottles are flexible and NOT full. Before closing, squish out as much air as possible, This will give the bottle the chance to flex rather than burp if warmth + agitation occurs. Also, stashing those bottles in a plastic zip-lock bag is cheap insurance. And I find it nice to carry a larger zippy bag in the gym bag, to store the exercise clothes after exercise. Maybe a second big zippy for the shoes? Of course you must unpack the clothes and shoes as soon as you get home, to air out the shoes and launder the clothes. An up-note: Just think how sweet-smelling your gym bag will be!

    • Frederique

      Janis I usually do keep my shower things in a zip lock bag and nothing ever leaks, but of course the ONE TIME I don’t it spews all over the place lol. It’s ok though, I’ll be hitting the gym twice as hard tomorrow morning (with zip bags). 🙂

  23. How. Can. You. Just. StopItThere??????!!!!! As if we wouldn’t buy it anyway! arghhh moooore!!!

  24. Tish

    that was awesome cant wait!

  25. Dawn8226

    Oh no! You can’t stop it there. So evil to tease like that. 🙂

  26. Scott S, Clovis CA

    And we’re off and running with Rachel’s newest adventure….
    Thanks for the great teaser.
    Where did you find all the archaic expressions / grammar that Pierce uses?

    • Hi, Scott. I used the Writer’s Digest guide to Everyday Life in the 1800’s. I don’t know how accurate it is, or how well I translated what they were saying as far as usage, but it did give him a unique voice, which is what I was going for.

  27. Kelly

    wow, so can’t wait to see what happens! only 5 weeks left!

  28. Marlana

    dear kim,

    it is amazing how yiour books pull a reader in, im afraid im a little behind in the series i just fininshed “for a few demons more”. i read that book in one day and once again was sucked right in. I was so attached to your characters that i broke down and sobbed after racheal discovered kisten was really dead, scaring my roomate and leaving him wonder what the “big bad book had done to me!” though i was so upset with his death the way you worte it was amazing. I felt as if i felt his fear when racheal looked at him and knew he didnt believe that he was going to live. i felt her despair after having her hopes crushed that he was alive. i admit that for the rest of the book i was hoping so badly that there was some sort of demon curse to bring him back but after the birthday party i realized he was really gone and couldnt sleep that night having this deep feeling in me. you wrote your book so well kim that i actually felt kisten’s death and felt a loss for him. I was very upset but it also only made me so very more impressed with your writing…i am an aspiring novelist and the fact that you pulled me in so deep into your world of the hollows that i actually felt the loss of one of your characters in my personal life astounds me, and i only hope that some day i will be able to do the same.

    Anyways, im still waiting for the next book to be delivered to me via mail, and i hope that racheal tortures and kills twice whoever killed Kisten and im just praying so hard that it wasnt Ivy, (and still a little hopeful that kisten can come back from the dead) but im sure thats just still my grief talking. thank you so much for your series its nice to be a part of the hollows fantasy world sometimes.

    • Hi, Marlana. 😉 I’m sorry that Kisten’s death hit you so hard. It was a shocker for me, too, and I cried every time I worked on those pages. It takes me a book or two to get to the bottom of his death, but I am starting to get back into the happy endings, and it’s good. Oddly enough, no one seems to be measuring up to Kisten in Rachel’s mind. Maybe I miss him more than I realize. 😉

  29. Phil

    My resistance is weakening! Slipping fast! I tried scrolling down quickly past the teaser but, alas, to no avail … 😦 so, what the heck, I peeked! Twice! And now I’m psyched. How many more days till it’s released? Wow, we’re counting days now, not weeks or months 🙂

    I’m glad that you have fun writing those final chapters. When they surprise you, they definitely surprise us and that’s just one of the rewards of reading the Hollows.

    Have to go look for that excerpt now. Darn teasers!

    • Hi, Phil. -grin- I originally had just a link to the teaser, but then put in the first paragraph right on the blog just . . . for . . . you. (laugh)

      Glad you enjoyed it. I’m still counting weeks, but days works. yikes!

  30. Frederique

    This morning I was angry that my shampoo bottle decided to throw up all over my gym bag (now in the washer) but I realized it must have done it so I could read the teaser hehehe. Now I’m in even more of a hurry for February 23rd. I’m going to see if any of the bookstores near me will be open till midnight and if they will sell it to me then as it will technically be the 23rd.

    I hope you have a wonderfully productive day.

  31. Wow Kim! It’s amazing how talented you are. I always seem to forget in between books, Its like your writing becomes apart of me, but when i’ve been without for awhile, a new book is exhilarating. I am so excited to read this one. Rachel is progressing so much and i can’t wait to see what happens! The first few teaser pages are great! Great job. Cant wait to read more!!!!

    Jen UK

    • Thank you, Jennifer! I’m glad you’re appreciating the work I put into these books. Watching Rachel start to make some good decisions has been fun for me, too. 😉

  32. Kylie Ru

    Oh no! Rachel!! That was all Pierce’s fault.

    Okay, I gots a question that has probably been answered before, but I don’t remember seeing it in the FAQs, The latin. Did you take latin, or do you have to look it up? Or what?

    And yay for finishing! Are you going to be done before the deadline?

    • Phil

      Good question, Kylie! I was curious about the Latin, too!

    • Hi, Kylie-san. I tried to learn a little bit of Latin, but most of what you see in the books is me cobbling stuff together or finding well-known phrases here and there.

      I should finish the rough draft for book ten today, a day ahead of my imposed deadline. yay! It gives me an entire month to rewrite Madison before the tour, which was my goal.

  33. Good morning,

    It’s good to know that when I’ll have burnt through WWBC and went all “Finished already? But I want more, NOW!”, I will actually have a few pages more to read… which will probably leave me even more tortured but hey, I can deal with that!

    Oh! I can’t wait to write my own last chapter. From the sound of it, I’ll like it a lot. I never got quite that far yet. I have a bunch of short stories and a few beginnings of novels but I never completed any… yet!
    I’m actually working on the first I know I’ll finish. The plot is all laid out and I love it (hence, I’m motivated).

    Okay, now. Stop daydreaming, Aheïla. You have to get back to work. The novel will have to wait until the evening.

    Have a nice day!;)

  34. Susie

    Yippeeeee!!!!!!!!! I know when the teaser comes out, then the book is almost here!!!!!!!!! Love it, love it, LOVE IT!!!!

  35. suzannelazear

    Thanks for the sneak peak–what a great way to start a morning. It was fab.

    It’s supposed to rain here today so the chicks are inside next to my desk. Alas, they are no help with editing. Sigh. I might have to break out the chocolate to stay motivated today, lol.

    I like writing that final chapter, too, where things go back to “normal”–for the moment, lol.

    Have a great day!

    ~Suzi and the tot

  36. becca

    teaser!!oh how you spoil us!!exellent,only now iam driving the hubby nuts with OH MY GOD WHATS GONNA HAPPEN!! lol
    have you got any snow yet??we havent had any for 3days and then woke this morning and yup white out everywhere bliss.
    heres hoping your white peacefullness arrives soon
    becc and co

  37. Shanda

    All I have to say is yay! Thank you Kim for the teaser 😛

  38. *sigh* a new, fresh book to read. Fresh paper and ink. My favorite high (yes and I inhale mimeograph ink too)

    Goodreads has a few new polls running. Best book for 2009, number 63 currently (out a a hell of a lot of pages of books) is WWBC. There is also a poll for most anticipated.

    Pride and Prejudice and Zombies lost to Dead and Gone in that genre. Go figure. Thinking we need a few more people over there: surely we can do better than P and P (there is just something WRONG with these :))

  39. Rachel

    Good Morning…

    Just finished the teaser… it was great!

    Thank you Kim!!

  40. Jenn

    Good Day Everyone!

    I’m the first one here….ah a fresh blank page…I guess it’s ’cause I’m a morning person..lol.

    Ok, I haven’t read the teaser yet, I will tonight. However, I have one comment & it’s either a spoiler/teaser from you or I have missed something? Who went on vacation to come back to a stuffy house? Is this part of a different series, something you just made up? Hmmm now I’m thinking…Ivy & Rachel on vacation together? Wow, that would be interesting! (grin)

    Hope you all have a great day!

    • Hi, Jenn. The stuffy house comment was in referance to Fistful of Charms, but I never did show that part, just skipped ahead. I touched on it again in the road trip book, which won’t be out until next year. Bit of a long-range teaser there. (laugh)

      You have a great day, too!