Final countdown

I’ve got three chapters  of rough draft left in this beast, and a good plan on how to achieve them.  Just gotta get them on paper.  Today should be a good day writing, and if I’m lucky, I’ll get an entire chapter done today.  There is just one thing on my calendar to interrupt, and that’s delivery of a file cabinet.   My old file cabinet is so full I am literally jamming pages into it. 

I’m feeling kind of fuzzy right now, so I’ll also be slamming the Echinacea tea to ward off whatever is coming down the pipeline.  Ahhh, winter.  But my daffodil bulbs are up about an inch and a half.

I’m going to ask my editor today about me posting the first few chapters pages of BMS on the website.  Fingers crossed!


ps.  No wonder you guys are coming at me with “chapters”  What a typo!  Pages, not chapters!


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  1. SeattleRobin

    W(Whine!) I was just looking at the Black Magic Sanction pre-order page on Amazon and realized the ebook isn’t being released until March 1st! I’m gonna have to wait a week, and this just after lauding the beauty of having an e-reader on the last blog. Though I guess I shouldn’t complain too much since I used to have to wait almost a year for the mass market. Now that was agony!

  2. shayne

    id love to see a preview chapter myself:D i have a lota trouble finding the books and time to read them so i normally get the audio…was absolutelly stoked to hear margareet will be doing the rest of the series i normally listen to them while working since im often working alone..cant wait for the release .was only introduced to your books about 6 months ago and since have listened to the whole series so far 4 times..i read in another post that you may get margareet to redo outlaw demon wails..i really hope so the other woman wasnt bad at all..but its just not the same without margareet 😛

    i know ya had a lot of sudjestings already but ive always found a good dose or mash potato with a heap of garlic in it will get rid of a cold fast and any1 within smelling distance of you that night 😛 hope ya feel better soon and cant wait for BMS and the many more books in series i hope you write

    • Thanks for the suggestion, Shayne! Garlic mash potato. Worth a try. I like my spuds. 😉

      I was thrilled when Ms. Gavin came back. She somehow became the voice of the Hollows.

  3. Joy

    Yay! BMS comes out next month!! It would ROCK to preview a few chapters!! I just got my key in the mail today. I love it! Thank you for another awesome freebie! Please pass my thanks on to Guy as well. Oh and I hope you liked your postcard. It was the only snow I could send you without it melting. Have a great week!

  4. Lucia

    First few chapters? Yes, please! If it’s up (lest we wait Jan. 23), then finally! It’s extremely frustrating searching for a next release book with not much information (had to browse through sites for summary) and not even a excerpt after 11 months of its last release. It tends to make me forget about the series and give up because of the tight-leash on it. But since I love the Rachel Morgan series, I sometime keeps tabs on it. Hope you had a fantastic day! (time difference here, I’m on another continent ^^)

    • OMGosh, I can’t put up the first few chapters. Just a page or two. But it wouldn’t surprise me if the first few chapters were to be made available at the Harper site. Just have to wait and see. You have a fantastic day, too!

  5. Cosalinda

    I hope you are not coming down with what’s been going around.


    • I hope I’m not coming down with it, either. Still a little fuzzy today, but it’s not worse, so that’s good.

      I don’t know about entire chapters, but I should be able to put up a few pages. Hang on. Harper may be doing something.

  6. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    Good luck with the permission to post. I never read those but I am sure there are a lot of readers that do. I find that reading an early release makes the wait for the book even harder.

    I want to try something. I don’t know if it will work I want to show off my pups with You Tube. This is the link just in case it fails,


  7. Graham

    Hi Kim,

    Really looking forward to the release of BMS. Just thought I’d post a note about the info page for the book on the Harper Collins Canada website ( In the blurb about the story they mistakenly set the story in Cleveland, not Cincinnati. 🙂 Sacrilege!

  8. jason in fl

    I wanted to let you know I mentioned you as one of my key inspirations in my personal statement for grad school :-). Can’t wait for BMS..

  9. JanisHarrison

    I used to take a homeopathic substance that was concentrated echinacea plus something zippy, some sort of pepper, a liquid that you took by putting a few drops under your tongue (and very soon chased with OJ or tea. Vile taste!) But those warning signs of a cold stopped. Right now I’m *finally* on the downhill side of a beastly cold, and I wish that I had (1) remembered my echinacea tea, and (2) gotten into the habit of rinsing my sinuses (with my neti pot and saline solution) every time I came home from mingling with people over the past 2 weeks.

    Congrats on seeing the end of the project, and on the new filing cabinet. I’m about ready to graduate from 2 drawers to 4, myself.

    • Hi, Janis. Mmm, sorry to hear about your cold, and that’s great you’re almost over it.

      Yesterday was great unloading my overloaded cabinet into a new space. Ahhhh, I can stretch out!

  10. Hey Ms. Harrison,
    I saw this afternoon that you’ve prepared a spot for the preview. I can’t wait. I hope you can stem the flow of your pending cold.
    Had a tough day myself thanks to illness, though it’s not mine. Basjan is sick. Very.
    We’ll see what tomorrow brings for both of you.

    • Hi, Alyssa. Yup! I got a spot all set up for it this last weekend, and alas, no pages today. Maybe tomorrow.

      I’m so sorry to hear that Basjan is sick. I hope he finds strength tomorrow. He didn’t get bit by anything, did he?

  11. You can do it! Shoot for that finish line! Or, rather ‘the end’ in this case.

    And it would be fantabulous and awesome if we get a sneak peak at BMS. 🙂

  12. Hi Kim,

    Happy New Year! Can’t wait for the preview. I came across the WWBC paperback at Target while doing some holiday shopping and read it. Oh my gosh – just when we thought Rachel couldn’t get herself into worse trouble!! I can’t wait to find out what happens (and hoping you get the go-ahead to post a bit more!).

    Hope that echinacea kicks your cold into the everafter 😉

  13. Scott S, Clovis CA

    First Chapters of BMS? Yes!! Why would they not approve? All it can do is prompt anyone on the fence about buying BMS into shelling out a few bucks (money, not pixie bucks). Of course, almost everybody reading this blog are die-hard fans and would buy BMS no matter what, but it doesn’t hurt things to reward us with a few chapters, say the first 10 or 15.
    What do you mean, that’s too many?
    But, seriously, some “free read” does work to interest potential buyers. That’s how I found you. I started reading Urban Fantasy with Jim Butcher’s Dresden series. Surfing around looking for more of the same, I came across a 100% laydown of DWW on your publisher’s site and, after reading the first third of it, bought it the next day. Becoming a fan of your work, I checked out your links to other authors, and now are fans of their work as well.
    You say you’re felling fuzzy? Hmmm. You might want to increase your Lisine intake. You mentioned that you have some Germanic blood. I do too (50%). As a kid I would get several colds each winter and, even worse, suffer from fever blisters with even more frequency. While in High School, I read a report that several groups of peoples, including Germans, show a lower than normal retention of Lisine, a key amino acid, which is involved with important bodily functions including immunity, nerve functions & memory. So I began to ensure I ate more foods with Lisine in them and when I felt “something coming on” or the first twinges of a fever blister, I would take a Lisine supplement and it would perk me up. Also, I have NEVER had a fever blister develop since I was 15, nor do I get the colds and flu bugs everyone about me seem to get. This also worked for my dad and sister.
    Sorry to go all Joe-scientist on you, but, hey, that’s my day job!

    • 😉 I’m fond of scientists myself (lysine). I think I might try it. Couldn’t hurt!

    • Phil

      You’re probably getting enough lysine if you eat protein rich foods like red meat, pork, eggs, cheese and fish.
      I am so not a scientist, but I checked ’cause it’s good to be cautious about taking dietary supplements. I’m not against them, just being careful.

    • Damn, that could be it for me then. No red meat, no pork, no cheese, and very little fish or eggs.

      Pretty much the only meat we eat is poultry, and even the hotdogs I hold in my mouth during training is made from chicken. Hmmm. There are a lot of metabolic pathways that connect to the immune system, I am loathe to discount things until I do further research. Never heard of that one.

    • Phil

      I forgot about poultry, Mud … that’s also a good source of lysine, my sources say.

    • Scott S, Clovis CA

      Some legumes have decent levels of Lysine. Garbanzos, Pintos & Black Turtle beans run about 2.5 grams per cup (dry). Soy is about the best, with a cup providing about 4.5 grams (the same as a can of tuna). Blue corn isn’t bad, too, although I don’t have the number at my fingertips.

    • Scott S, Clovis CA

      Oh, sorry. forgot to also mention that if you want to take Lysine supplements, be sure to get “L-Lysine MonoHydrochloride” as this is the true extracted aminate. Some “health food” sources sell hydrolized forms, which you don’t want. Oh, and 500 mg tabs are more than enough. I take half of that per day.

    • Hehehe did you say you hold hotdogs in your mouth during training?

    • mudepoz

      Yup. The dog focuses their attention on my face, rather than my hands. Competitive dog training has become a game with a lot of treats and toys. <-Changing Gravatar…
      Still can't wait to find out about Rachel against her kind…sigh. Maybe I don't like teasers.

    • Wow. I didn’t know you found the books with one of Harper’s free-reads. They are going to do it again this year, so if you know anyone . . . (more info later)

      I won’t ever have more than a few pages at the website, but I’m hoping for a link to a secure, Harper widget or something that has more. Harper has been quiet for a few days . . .

  14. It’s great that there is so little left. I don’t know about you but I tend to write more quickly and intensely (and/or getting kind of obsessed) when my stories are about completed. I can’t wait to say it is done and then re-read it and rediscover it all while polishing. 🙂

    Echinacea tea sounds great! Personnally, I’m in an Earl Grey period right now.

    Preview chapters sound like a great idea! I’ll just make sure I read WWBC beforehand. I got my copy Friday but have to post-pone reading it for a few days. I must finish planning my classes before I dig into your book. Otherwise, I know I’ll get sucked in until it’s through and other responsabilities are bound to suffer. So WWBC is sitting on my night stand and I’ll gulp that treat next weekend. 😉

  15. Will really really really really really hope to see a preview. Wasn’t there one in the Mass Market PB. So those of us that actually bought the HC are penalized. Bad Bad Bad.

    I swear by this when I feel a cold coming on. Granted, it never works, but it feels good:

    And apparently there is a mail issue here. It wasn’t just the xmas prezzies. The registration and health papers I sent to one of the puppy people was not received.
    Next time, tracking numbers.

    • Hi, Mud.

      I finally got a version of that in slippers this year, and I love them. It’s like getting a foot massage, and I’ve been known to put the inserts on my neck, too. But a sock makes more sense. 😉

      I’m so sorry to hear about the missing mail. Guy loses stuff all the time, which is why very little now goes out with a burning bunny on it. It’s become recognized. (good and bad)

  16. Antonio Rich

    Apparently, Seth Graham-Smith’s latest is Abraham Lincoln:Vampire Hunter. I am not making this up.

    I checked out the UK’s cover for BMS (Mmm different). I also checked out the other covers. Cool. I especially liked the cover for WWBC – the model has curly hair! Nice.

    • I was gonna say “Abraham Lincoln:Vampire Hunter” reminds me for some reason of “Pride and Prejudice…and Zombies” (I like to say the title with a foreboding ellipsis) but then I went to look at the cover and it turns out it’s by the same guy of course :-} Anyway, too funny! Wait a minute…is that James Cole (12 Monkeys) in one of those ‘historical’ pictures in the book summary site 😉 ?

    • SeattleRobin

      Hey Suzanne. I read Soulless because Antonio recommended it a few days ago. He must have liked it since he recommended it on to me. (I didn’t realize the original rec came from you.) It wasn’t the best thing I ever read by any means but it was a hoot and quite enjoyable.

    • Phil

      What, like Lincoln didn’t have enough to do being President? Lol.

    • suzannelazear

      Antonio, did you finish “Soulless?” What did you think? I just did a review of it for the steamed! blog.

    • That doesn’t surprise, me, Antonio. Going back and making public figures vampires or hunters seems to be the rage right now. (rolls eyes) Makes for fun reading.

  17. Phil

    Please do not work yourself to exhaustion. Tea is good. Maybe with a brandy chaser. 😉
    Preview chapters are enticing but I like anticipation so I may wait ’til Feb. And like Nicole said, I’d go nuts reading a sneak preview and then waiting weeks for the rest. So I will not peek …
    If I can resist!

  18. Wonderful. 😀 Thanks for sharing.

  19. Kylie Ru

    Preview chapters?! That would be total awesomesauce with a side of amazing! You should give your editor the puppy-dog face. That should work. *nod*

    I hopes you don’t get sickly! That would be bad. Very bad.

    Hm, but tea does sound tasty. Or hot chocolate.

    😀 Have fun, Kim-san!

    • Hi, Kylie-san. Still waiting for the approval, but even when I get it, it will only be a few pages from chapter one. The big excerpts have to come from Harper. A link would be good. All in time, I suppose. 😉

  20. Nicole

    I’m torn… Of course I’d love to read the first few chapters but then I’d go nuts until I could read the rest!

  21. Bonnie Jean in MA

    I pre ordered my copy of “Black Magic Sanction” on Friday. I can not wait. I’m really looking forward to reading it. I like the releases in February because up here in MA it is still cold and snowy. I work grave yard shifts so on my nights off it is wonderful to sit down with your books, having the house to myself (so to speak) and digging in! Thanks for sharing your gift of writing with us all.
    ps I want to say again, I really like this cover!
    Bonnie Jean in MA

    • Thanks, Bonnie! I really like the cover, too. Nice and mysterious. February works for me, too, even though there are a bunch of big names taht release that same time. I don’t miss much spring when I go out in Feb/March, and I need my dirt time to recharge.

  22. Shanda

    Yes!! It will be so awesome if that happens Kim! We’re so close to the release date. REALLY looking forward to some tidbits to tide us over. *fingers crossed*

  23. suzannelazear

    Preview chapters would be super fab. 🙂
    The tot and the teen got baby chicks this weekend. They named them and the tot carries her around in a basket. They and the hubby built a coop in the backyard. It should be very interesting.
    Happy Monday
    ~Suzanne and the tot

    • Jenn

      Oh Suzanne, please keep us posted as to how that goes! Sounds like it could be a heck of a ride!

    • suzannelazear

      she wants to bring them for show and tell on Friday. We’ll see what the teachers say, lol. We live in horse country, but to the rest of Los Angeles, chicks are odd pets, lol.

    • Oh, wow. That sounds like fun. We can’t have chicks where we live, so I comphensate by having a big birdfeeder. (grin)

  24. Oh, goodies. It is always invigorating to see the end so closely! And crossing fingers for BMS (feeding the addiction is great).

  25. Jenn

    Oh happy dance!!!! The first couple chapters?! Please ask your editor what we can do to convince them that it’s a great idea!
    Good Luck finishing your last 3 chapters! I hope it feels like you fly through them.
    As for the file cabinet, if you’re like me, you’ll have to shuffle everything around right away or it just won’t be the same (grin).
    Happy Monday to you and everyone else!

    • Hi, Jennn. I’ll never have the first couple of chapters up at the website, just the first few pages. But I’d be surprised if Harper didn’t have something at their website involving chapters. If it happens, I’ll have a link. Fingers crossed!

  26. Indy

    Hi Kim!!! Oooo!!! Preview chapters….that would be fab. Fingers and toes crossed.~Indy