My dog’s got bling

Aleix got a new collar yesterday, and I am sooo happy.  Not because it’s new, but because it’s bigger!  She’s always been small for a standard, (I didn’t want a teacup) but the vet assured me she wasn’t too skinny.  She had access to food all day, and it worked for her. 

Xander, though, is a chow hound, and had packed on the weight under the same feeding schedule.  We’ve been on a measured amount, twice a day for about two months.  Alexi always left half her food, and was slowly loosing weight.

Then, to make matters worse, Aleix came back from a two-day stint at the borders with a sore throat from barking too much.  She wouldn’t eat at all.  It was then I started soaking her kibble to go down easier.   And she ate the entire bowl.  I was a happy mamma dog. 

Needless to say, I’m still soaking her kibble as her sore throat slowly vanishes.  We’ll be back to dry before too long, and I think her days of leaving half her food in the dish are gone.

Happy sigh.


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  1. elise waxler

    Happy New Year Kim,

    I am so excited about the new book coming out! I peeked at your website and saw that you were going to be at Jospeh Beth’s in Cincinnati, OH of Feb. 24th…………….even better!!!! I suppose I’ll wait one more day to get my hands on the new book so I can see you again, yeah!!! I can’t wait to see what Rachel, Ivy and Jenks are up too.


  2. Brooke

    I’m glad to hear you have amazing “Mama dog” instincts. That was a brilliant idea to soak her food. Keep up the good work! =o)

  3. amanderson29

    Hi Kim,
    I’m sure you hear this sort of thing a lot… I really love your books, and I started reading the Hollows series at a really difficult point in my life. Not only were they entertaining, but they gave me a wonderful world to drift into when I needed it the most. Thank you for writing them!

  4. JanisHarrison

    Congrats on your pup’s needed weight gain. If you continue to moisten her kibble with milk perhaps you should go for lactose-free milk — it reduces the (cough, gag) flatulence factor.

    When my daughter and I were “staff” for 2 cats, one was a stuffer and one was a picky eater. We just had to monitor the feeding dishes, occasionally distract the stuffer and coax the picky eater. Now that one was a true drama queen! and I miss her still.

    To the person who puppy-sits the homely chihuahua, she might need to put on a couple of ounces, like Aleix, or maybe just needs to feel better about herself. Give her a little mush-talk, every critter I’ve been around loves it.

    • Thanks for the gas aleart, Janis. (grin) Aleix seems to be doing great right now, so I’m going to continue as I am. I’m just so pleased that she looks healthier.

  5. Wendy

    HI Kim, So I have never written to an author before, but was compelled in this case. To start with, I love your books and think you are amazing. I just finished For A Few Demons More, which was mostly great, other than the tragic death of my favorite character! I was so surprised at this and continue to wonder why you would kill Kisten? Can you give me some reasoning behind this? I know he is just a fictional character and I should not be upset, but I kind of am, as silly as it may sound. Any insight you could give me would be great! Thanks for sharing your gift!! Wendy

    • Hi, Wendy. Thank you! I’m so glad to hear that you’re enjoying the books so much. 😉 Ahhh, why kill Kisten. I’m not surprised you’re upset. A lot of people were, and it made a big impact. That wasn’t why I killed him. I killed him firstly for the story. He was making Rachel too happy, and when my main character finds her true happiness, the story is over for me, and I wasn’t ready to end the series. But I found that killing him also stretched Rachel’s character, matured her, got her to stop reacting, and start thinking, and that was good too. I miss him, and that might be why I set the graphic novels (summer 2011) when he was still alive. We have a tub scene! !!

  6. That is so adorable! I should get some bling for the horses lol!

  7. Frederique

    I’m glad your dog is gaining weight 🙂 and I’m sorry she got a sore throat.

    My puppy is 12 years old and she has always been a bit over weight but I’ve been taking her for walks and now she finally has a little waist hehehe.

  8. Jamie

    Have you tried soaking the food with whole milk? It not only makes it soft, but adds extra nutrients and calcium which little dogs especially need as they get older or sick.

    • That’s a great idea, Jamie!

    • Cats and dogs are lactose-intolerant and do not produce the proper enzymes to break down the sugar in cow milk which can lead to upset stomachs and surprises.

      If you would like to add more protein and nutrients, perhaps making a big vat of homemade beef/chicken broth with your choice of veges. 🙂

    • Jamie

      Actually, I’ve given milk and cheese to my dogs since I started raising them and never had a single problem with it. Also, chicken livers and gizzards boiled in water with garlic powder and mushed up is really good for them. And my aussie Sophie LOVES scrambled eggs.

    • mudepoz

      My idiot show dogs get, in addition to large amount of turkey hot dogs for training, 1 C of Fromm’s a day, 1/4 cup of yogurt, kelp supplements and fish oil. And whatever they manage to steal. If a springer gets fussy about food, they are dying.

  9. Ahhh… such a proud momma! Your babies are adorable.

  10. Jason in FL


    That is the cutest thing ever. I am in love. I just wanted to say thanks so much for your drama blog. I love visiting every day and it is such an inspiration to me as an aspiring writer. I thought I might give you a quick update and let you know I have decided to take the MFA route and have applied to four graduate schools for Creative Writing. *crosses fingers* My top choice is University of Iowa–they are one of the best.

  11. Marsha

    Oh my gosh she is so cute. I don’t mean to be cruel, but the little chihuahua I puppy sit is sweet, but kind of ugly. Not the nicest thing to say, but the truth. He looks like that little goblin thing in the Harry Potter movies.

  12. Shannon

    Such a cute picture. It reminds me of the look my dog Annie gives me when she wants me to give her some attention.

    Have a good one!

  13. Antonio Rich

    For those who haven’t ordered yet: I notice Amazon has lowered the price on pre-orders for BMS to $14!

    Question: they are selling a hardcover edition of BMS by Playaway Adult Fiction for $69.99. What is that?

    • Cosalinda

      Antonio- Amazon $69.99 is for the audio book not the hardcover book….hope that helps…

      KH–Aleix is sooooo cute. I’m glad she is doing better.

    • Phil

      Thanks, Antonio. That’s even better than B&N’s 20% off. Though I like going to the bookstore the first day out. Maybe $69.99 is plated in gold? (grin)

    • Oh, wow. If they lowered the price, that might mean that it’s selling really well. (grin)

    • SeattleRobin

      Hey Antonio, Dunno if you’ll see this since Kim already came through. But I looked up Soulless on Amazon to put it on my list and was so intrigued with the description that I bought and downloaded it then and there! I’m about 60% through it right now. It’s been a hoot to read so far. Thanks for another great suggestion!

  14. lurkerr

    That’s some might fine bling on the pup there 🙂
    And stop recommending books! I’m already behind in my reading! hehehe

    So, I did the Gravatar thing, and of course my name is already used up, so I spoofed it. Hopefully the pic of our new pup should be there now. Guess I’ll see after I hit zee submit comment button!

    • mudepoz

      IS that a wee schnauzer face there? TOO Cute. I judge terrier specialties, and I adore schnauzers. Sigh. I just adore dogs. *Kicks self, needs cheaper hobbies*

    • Lurker

      Indeed it is 🙂 Mini type tho.
      I love the grumpy old man look hehe
      I love the English Springers also, but, alas…not enough room here for that kind of dog.
      We pick him up on Sat. A whopping 10week old. Puppy class is on monday, that should be interesting.

    • Kylie Ru

      I gots three mini schnauzers. A black, a grey, and a white.

    • Hi, Lurker! I like your new avatar!

  15. Scott S, Clovis CA

    Terminally cute, that one. When our last pup was ailing, we soaked her food in hot beef or chicken broth. Pampered much? Our dogs are children that never grow up. (and we like that!)

  16. Phil

    I sense your relief that Aleix is eating better. Entirely understandable. Bailey likes the food we buy in the gourmet puppy shop in the village, The Pampered Pet, lol.

    A neighbor has a cat that is kind of skinny but is active and happy.

    I’ve added Bloodcross to my list, and Skinwalker, which I will read first. I also want to read Madison to find out how she works out those issues for you 😉 .

    • Hi, Phil. Relief is not the word. I have her on a special Chi food that is designed to keep her teeth healthy, so soaking it kind of ruins that aspect, but now that she’s eating, I can slowly cut back on the amount of water in it.

  17. Hey Ms. Harrison,

    Sorry to hear about yoru dog being ill. Or having a sore throat anyway. My dog had a bladder infection two weeks ago. Not cool but luckily cleared up now.
    Terrible day for me, I was in a car accident coming back from a funeral. Sigh. These things do happen I guess. 🙂

    Hope your day is better than mine,


  18. Jenn

    Aw, I’m glad your babe is eating better! I hadn’t heard of that until we were at our friends who have an older dog & they soak her food since her teeth are sore!
    And what exactly did Rachel get up to?! I can’t wait to find out!!!!
    Wishing you a happy & productive day….

  19. Kylie Ru

    Aw, she such a cute puppy! My doggie Nero is, how shall we say, slightly chunky? Well, he was, but we put him on a diet, and he’s lost some weight since then.

    Have fun today, Kim-san!

  20. Judi in NJ

    Happy New Year to you and yours, Kim. OMG – that picture is sooooo sweet! Such a sugar face!!! Thanks for sharing! Please send a “S’up?” to “Guy” for me. Going to buy Bloodcross – woot! May 2010 be a year that can keep up with YOU! >mothering, writing, baking, gardening, knitting, bird watching, photography, carpentry, part-time herpetologist, (hee hee), etc… there anything you can’t do??? Go for it! You’re a real inspiration!

  21. A.N.

    Saludos Ms. Kim!
    Happy Three Kings Day! Do you put grass under the bed for the horses? (grin)
    Pet Aleix for me. I like your dog, maybe is the eyes. I gave Mia little balls for Three Kings day and the selfish dog doesn’t let me play with them, Ha ha! You have to see her. I went to Ms. Faith site and asked for a Freebie. She sent me an email, that made me happy. I really like “Skinwalker” and I have to get “Blood Cross”. Be Happy! A.N.

  22. Bob J

    Dear Kim,

    What a Gooood Dooooooog…

    Best Regards

    Bob J

  23. Frotee

    Good to know that Aleix is gaining weight 🙂
    It can be quite difficult to feed to pets to ideal weight when one is a glutton (easily gaining weight) and the other…isn’t. My parents currently face these issues with their cats 🙂

    Is there a chance that Aleix just didn’t like the kibble (in its dry condition) and therefore wouldn’t eat it all? My dog was really picky when she was younger – I always had to mix something interesting in her puppy food to make her eat it. But then, I know a lot of people who generally soak their dog’s kibble, so as long as that works for you, everything’s fine 🙂

    • Hi, Frotee. I would not be surprised if she didn’t like her kibble, but that’s what she was going to get. (laugh) Getting it moist might have made the flavor better. In any case, she’s eating, and I’m happy. 😉

  24. A.N.

    Hi Mudepoz,
    No they are not the same. I read both but in different places and the second is the one at the back of DWW. Apparently they mix up the translations.
    Be Happy! A.N.

    • Thank you. I speak ‘horticultural Spanish’ and anglicized Latin. I recognized Witch, Vampire and black…and can guess most of the rest. Enough to wonder what was going on 🙂
      Good going Amazon 🙂

  25. Jemma

    Awe! I love that picture of Aleix. She looks like a mouse.

    … That’s all I had to say. lol

    Apart from the fact that we’ve had severe weather warnings all over the UK and I woke up to 5 inches of snow this morning. I just saw a guy walking past my house (we live at the bottom of a hill) dragging a boogie-board that I guess he’s using for sledding. I have a boogie-board in the garage.. I think he’s onto a good idea there… 😉


  26. mudepoz

    Kim, she is beautiful! And *kof* do you mean your dogs don’t have a wardrobe of beautiful collars and matching leads? (Hides large investment of ostrich leather beaded leads and collars, particularly for the black and white thing who looks GREAT in red)

    Now, there was an announcement for another book release, and there you were on my recommended list (gosh golly, why would that be:) And your normal bio, but…anyone read Spanish, because I don’t think these two things are the same:

    About the Author

    New York Times bestselling author Kim Harrison was born and raised in the upper Midwest but has since fled south to better avoid snow. She spends her time tending orchids, cooking with some guy in a leather jacket, and training her new dog. Her current vices include good chocolate and exquisite sushi. Kim is the author of the bestselling Hollows series, including The Outlaw Demon Wails, and she contributed to the paranormal collection Prom Nights From Hell.

    Nacida en el Midwest, Kim Harrison ha sido acusada de ser bruja (entre muchas otras cosas), pero jamás ha visto a un vampiro. Le fascinan los cementerios, el jazz a medianoche y se viste siempre de negro.

    • Thanks, Mud! I think she’s a sweetie, too. No fancy duds for my pups. Guy picked out her new collar, and I really like it though I’d never pick it out myself. He likes shiny.

      I think the Spanish bio is my original one from Dead Witch Walking. Born in the Midwest, Kim Harrison has been accused of being a witch, and has never seen a vampire (that she knows of) She likes cemetaries, midnight Jazz, and wears too much black. 😉

    • mudepoz

      And she’s bilingual too. 🙂 Guy has EXCELLENT taste.

    • Frotee

      Isn’t it normal to speak at least two languages? o.O I speak 3 – 4 if you count that itty little bit of Japanese…

    • mudepoz

      LOL. Depends on what country you live in, and where in the US you live. Sometimes I wonder if some of the people I know speak any language.

    • Er, I’m not bilingual. I just remember what it said. (grin) But I AM trying to learn Gaelic in my copious spare time.

    • Frotee

      Wow, I hear that Gealic is quite difficult – and really cool 🙂 (I think I know someone who actually speaks it…must ask him to say something in Gaelic next time we meet)

      I suppose it’s only natural to speak at least two languages if English isn’t your mothertongue 😉 (But hey, it’s probably the easiest language to learn…you guys have such an easy grammar ^^)