If you stopped by yesterday, you would have heard me moaning about getting back to my keyboard, as in “I can’t wait” not “I don’t want vacation to end.”  Trust me, I like my weekends, but I’m all funned out right now.  (grin)  So yesterday I got back to work and, as expected, cranked the pages.  Didn’t get out of my office until 8:30 pm, but I put the smack-down on the keyboard and got a whopping number of pages under my belt.  Holy smokes, it felt good to get something done.  If not for Guy making dinner, it would have been cheese sandwiches.  (grin)  I likes cheese.

So today, as I try to wash-rinse-repeat, I’m hoping I get out of my office a wee bit earlier.  The end is my favorite part of the book to write, and the long hours just seem to happen.  Everything is in place, there is a clear direction of action, and it’s pure movement for the last 100 pages.  Ahhh, I love to start things, but I love the endings just as much.  Rachel, Rachel, Rachel . . .  What have you done now?

 So instead of prattling on about nothing, which I managed to do anyway, I did want to bring to your attention a new release by Faith Hunter.  If you’ve been following her new Jane Yellowrock series, the latest, BLOODCROSS is out today.   (happy dance!)  I read the first, SKINWALKER, and loved it.  Kick-ass heroine, deadly vampires with all their glorious hierarchies, and a cop, all mixed up in New Orleans.  What’s not to love?  She’s got a few contests going over at her blog today  if you’re interested.



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  1. Stu

    Hi there, love the boks as always, can’t wait for the next.

    Kind of a strange question, but I was wondering if Ivy has a middle name, I can’t seem to recall if I’ve ever seen Al or another demon refer to her by her full name before.

    Sorry if this has been asked before.


    • Hi, Stu. Thanks! I’m so glad you’re enjoying them. 😉 If I’m remembering right, it’s Aleshia, but I’m away from my desk right now, and I can’t check on that. Al did call her by all three of her names.

  2. Hi Kim. I’m in love with your Gargoyles. They make me smile every time I look at them all dressed up for the cold weather. Are you going to dress them up for every season/holiday? Will they get bunny ears for Easter? LOL. :oD We’re getting more snow (in North Dakota) tonight and tomorrow. Like we need to add to the 2ft. of snow we got over Christmas. We have no more room left for more snow. Want some? I’d be happy to send you some snow. ;o) Have a wonderful week. Give the puppy’s an extra treat just for being cute.

    • OMGosh, Valinda! I don’t think I can go so far as to dress them up for other holidays. But maybe Halloween? Hey, I wouldn’t mind a couple of inches. It’s been unusually cold for the past week, and I think it would stick. Strange weather . . .

  3. Can’t wait to read Faith’s book! 😀 You rock, Kim. I’m learning more and more here. 😉

  4. CC in CA

    Hi Kim! I can’t wait until February! But until then I’m speculating who I like to play your characters. I was watching that Legend of the Seeker show the other day and came across Tabrett Bethell. I think she could make a good Ivy. If you look at the photos where she has dark hair & notice her deep set eyes. Plus she still has an air of class even in skin tight clothes, which can’t be easy.

  5. Renee

    Thanks so much for the heads up about Faith Hunter’s new novel, I never would’ve guessed it would be out so early. The first Yellowrock novel just came out last summer didn’t it?

    It’s great that you enjoy getting back to work, wish I could say the same but hey, quel sera sera no?

    I’m glad you enjoyed your holiday and wish you the best of luck for the new year.

  6. Jessica

    That’s wonderful that you enjoy your job so much and that it is the perfect creative outlet for you! It really shows in your work. I hope that I can say the same once I finish grad school :).

    I’ve often wondered though, everyone (except those with ARCs) have only read up through book 7 while you’re essentially finishing book 10 – do you ever have a difficult time remembering what your readers have read/learned so far without unintentionally giving away small spoilers from books that haven’t been released? I would get so confused! Especially since you do make yourself so available to answer questions (which I think is incredibly nice of you, by the way).

    P.S. Is it as frigid in SC as it is here in NC? Brrr! Having moved from IL, I expected better from the south!

    • Hi, Jessica.

      Mmm, good question. I do have to watch myself as far as what I say, especially when I’m on tour and I have to answer questions on the fly. But I’ve been doing this for a long time, and you just remember where to stop. I don’t really tell you guys that much, anyway. (grin) I’m much better at keeping secrets.

      It is very cold here. Unusually cold. I’m not liking it much, but getting through it.

  7. Jemma

    Hey hey!

    Just popping in to say I bought the Vampire Romance 2 anthology today for your Dawn Cook story (though I will of course read the whole thing, but I know my priorities. 😉 ) and I enjoyed it a lot. As you said, it’s totally different to the Hollows but still you. Though it was fun that there were a few moments where I actually forgot it was your work which was great also especially in defining a line between Dawn Cook and Kim Harrison.

    Hope you’re well,

    • Hi, Jemma. Oh, how cool! I’m so glad you liked it! It was a lot of fun writing a vampire story so different from the Hollows for a change, and I’m so pleased that I was able to change the voice enough to sound like a different author.

  8. Sebrina


    Congrats on the awesome day of writing! I have to tell you that my mom is a gem. She asked me what I wanted for Christmas, and at the time Unbound still wasn’t out in England yet – mostly because she asked around my birthday, which is at the start of November – and I told her I wanted two anthology books: Unbound, and Never After.

    What you need to understand is that my mom is terrible with books. She’s not very big into reading, and when she goes out of town to go shopping (because we live in an UBER small town), she always has to call to have my remind her what I want. Well, not this time! In my 1 of 2 Christmas packages were both the books I asked for, and there was a physical squee! I haven’t read it yet, because I have exams this week and next, but it will be my reward when I finish 😀 I have to say I’m incredibly excited as I’ve been waiting months to read your short story!

    Apparently the guy that found the books for my mom only found one, and then said he couldn’t find the other. My mom had him show her where he found the first. I guess when she got over there it was right in front of his face, and she put her hand on the book without hesitation. I’m not sure which book, but it felt good to know that my mom knows me well enough to know that the books I like are generally together in the same area/genre. So, needless to say, You and Laurell K. Hamilton are my Christmas joy this year. I might even find some new authors I enjoy as well.


  9. Tease. >_>

    Thanks for the word about Faith Hunter. I’ll look for it.

    Tease. 🙂

  10. Phil

    I must read Bloodcross. I’ve been meaning to. Meanwhile, I’ve been re-reading WWBC. Especially poignant part…where Rachel is rushing Ivy to Rynn after the attack by Mia. Rachel’s worry and anguish over Ivy, her protectiveness, are all exhibited so honestly that I, and other readers, i’m sure, feel all of her emotions intensely.
    Re-reading is cool ’cause I can appreciate the story in more ways than I might have the first time I read it. 🙂

    • Phil

      … and equally compelling in that scene is Ivy’s pain and desire to resist taking Rachel’s blood even though it could cost Ivy her life and her soul. In the midst of all that are the questions about Ivy accepting who she is. Even Rynn appears to have been moved by Rachel’s pleas, if that’s possible.

    • Hi, Phil. Mmmmm, I liked writing that scene. I thought it did a wonderful job of putting Ivy’s and Rachel’s relationship right out there, both the good and bad.

  11. Stephenie

    Mmmmm…. fromage… *drool*

    I like the end too! The end means its getting closer to being finished and released… teeheehee! I’m trying to get back to my keyboard, but it’s not so happy with me, I think it liked resting. I’m quite ready to get back however.


  12. Antonio Rich

    I likes cheese too.

    But, none for me for awhile (New Year’s resolution and all). I won’t exaggerate and say I’m starving, But I wouldn’t reccomend pets or small children getting too close to my mouth right now. I’m so hungry i could eat this keyboard.

    Question: We know Rachel, the demons, Cerie, and Jenks have all had their biological clocks reset by taking a curse. What would happen if Ivy, or any vampire living or dead, should take such a curse?

    • Phil

      No cheese? Hmm. Think I’ll put down this pizza while I contemplate that. 😉

      Good question ’bout the bio clock, Antonio! I don’t know that undead vamps need it though ’cause they’re dead??

    • marsha

      Oh Phil, that is really mean. I know how Antonio feels as I have given p given up sugar ’till those pounds start going away. My family
      has begged me to relent and eat some chocolate! I get more
      than a little b****y when I first give it up.

    • Antonio Rich

      Well. Fine. I’ll take my water and yogurt and move to another table. Oh, who am I kidding, I don’t have the energy to get up.

    • Phil

      Sorry, that was meant in support … hence, putting the pizza down, not eating it.

    • That’s a good question, Antonio. I have no idea! 😉

      I’m not very good at denying myself food I want, but I’m really good at reading back panels and looking at the calories and deciding how I want to spend them. I can have chocolate if I eat my sandwich with only one slice of bread. Good luck rearanging your eating habits. It. Will. Be. Worth. It.

  13. Kylie Ru

    Wootness on productiveness! (Whoa, that’s not coming up with a red dotty line. Because it’s actually a word. Hm, I think I knew that.)

    Today, I have to buy the rest of my textbooks, and tag people’s dirty clothes. Twitch.

    Have fun, Kim-san!

  14. Chrisy

    Hello again Mrs H!
    Hey I think it’s what I like so much about your books: that they upset me sometimes and make me happy sometimes and what I really love is the developing of the characters. Not only the inward but the outward, too! Like Ivy changing her hair and stuff. That doesn’t happen very often in novels, does it? Or maybe I don’t know because I don’t read serial books so often. Which shows how much I like the Hollows – again. 😀
    Huuh! Happy? 😀 I am.
    Be well and eat fruit!

  15. Eeeek! Thanks, Kim! I admit I am more nervous about Blood Cross than any book in a looonggg time. (I have you a copy…)

    • Antonio Rich

      Hmmmpf! I think you should bring enough for the whole class. Just kidding. Already have Blood Cross on order (Wink)

    • Yeah, but in ways, you are even more ebil than Kim. You have bits and pieces hanging about, on your website as well as with that bit on the other site, that introduce ideas then draw them out and then back like a turtle’s head in a shell.

      Very disconcerting. Ebil way to continue a series.
      *Goes back to Goodreads to pimp books, tries to figure out if she can get friend to do her Haiku Reviews*

    • Antonio Rich


      Which puppy is this one? Didn’t noticed you’d changed your gravitar. Hmmm maybe I should change mine. New year and all.

    • Phil

      Cute pup, Mud!

    • Phil

      Probably nervous excitement … Blood Cross must be good if it makes you feel that way.

    • Who’s up there? I’m at work, so not sure if I remember who I have! If it’s the cartoon, that is Quark, my insane rescue. A rather well known cartoonist lives in the area, McCartney and did dog shows. Great places to buy doggy stuff cheap, if you are into doggy stuff.

    • mudepoz

      Need to clear cache. That is also Quark, about 17 years ago. My foster child, that he found, is celebrating his 24th birthday. Since I don’t want his pic, found Quark. And he was a very, Very VERY weird dog.

    • Hi, Faith! (grin) Good to see you here! You have a right to be excited. 😉

  16. Oh how teasing!
    I really look forward to this one – especially after your ” Rachel, Rachel, Rachel . . . What have you done now? ”
    I can’t stop grining 🙂

  17. Hey Ms. Harrison,

    I read on Faith Hunter’s blog that her nephew had had a heart attack. luckily he’s alright. We’re still expanding in the urban fantasy section, sadly – authors like Faith Hunter and Jocelyn Drake aren’t found on the normal book racks. You have to order them in from the US. I found you purely by chance. (Book called to me, I swear…). I haven’t hit the keyboard yet, but we’re very slow at the resturant where I work at the moment and, unable to help myself, I grabbed a take away box and started scribbling. lol. it felt good.

    Hope you’re well and warm!


    • Hi, Alyssa.

      That’s odd. I was sure I answered this already, but my post seems to have fallen down the rabbit hole.

      Yes, Faith’s nephew had a heart attack, which she has been talking about on her board, and as I understand it, he’s not doing as well as she wants him.
      Good luck with the scribbling. That’s how big ideas start, but you know that!