So darn relaxed, I’m cranky!

I love my weekends.  My little two-day vacations where I spend time with Guy and bake stuff or play in the dirt if it’s warm are much needed breaks to recharge and reconnect with reality.  I guard them jealously.  But three weeks away from my keyboard with only four days work sandwiched in there has left me overfull with ideas and energy, so much so that I’m quite honestly, a bit cranky.  If I don’t put in some major work today, I will be surprised.

So, what did I accomplish in my “time off?”  I solidified my next project in my mind as far as POV, tense, direction, and what I want to accomplish and what technique I want to try my hand at.  I almost even have the time carved out for it to write it on spec, my favorite way to write.  I got a new idea to chew on that is so nebulous that it will be three years before it has any cohesion, (but the kernel is there).  Baked about five dozen cookies, knitted two mini-scarves for my new gargoyles, saw two movies at the theaters, and probably six on TV, decorated and mostly undecorated the house, visited with family out of state, visited with friends in state, and spent some time with Thing One before he heads out to play in the sandbox.               I’ve got enough grist for my creative mill for a while, thank you, very much, and am feeling a little full.  I’ve been using my work as a creative outlet for almost fifteen years, and without it, I get . . . cranky.  Or so Guy says.

Movies . . .  Sherlock Holmes was enjoyable.  I liked seeing the steam-punk themes which I think is going to be more popular in the future in literature.  It might be the next big thing, but my writing doesn’t lean that way right now, so I’ll concentrate on my strengths.  Seeing a more realistic Holmes was fantastic.

Avatar.  This one surprised me, but not in the story, which was exactly what you expect, (it’s a fairy tale with evil huntsman, a princess, and a damaged hero who is mended.  An old story, but no less enjoyable for that.) The beauty in the story was how it was put together.  Breathtaking.  I’m waiting for the sequel.  They will be back.  It takes what, five and a half years to get there?  Eleven years, just enough time for a youngling to show up, and for the main characters to grow into their new roles.  I’ll be there.

Work front:  I’ve got two weeks to finish this bad boy.  Two weeks, and just over a hundred pages to go.   Snap, crackle, pop!  It’s going to be close.


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  1. Jenn

    Hi Kim et al,

    Happy New Year to you all, I’ve been away from my pc for a while now…glad to be back! Yesterday I started reading all of what I missed & discovered that you have turned things upside down…lol…let me tell you, it took me a while to figure that out…
    So Kim, movies? I want to see them both, especially Avitar in the theatre. As for steampunk, have you ever read Sherrilynn Kenyon? 2 of her minor characters are steampunk & there are some goth in there too…
    I really like your new porch sitters, what does Bis think of them?
    I’m just re-reading the series so I can get all the details fresh in my mind for when I get the next on in Feb….when I come see you of course!
    Anyways, back to work, hope everyone has a great day!

    • Hi, Jenn. Yup, I turned it upside down, and still trying to decide if I like it this way. It makes it easier for me to check on during the day. I didn’t know Sherrilynn worked with steampunk! Too cool!
      That would be great to see you in Feb! It’s almost here! Enjoy the reread. 😉

  2. Melisa

    Kim!!!! It’s been so long that I don’t know if you’ll remember me but I spell my name with only one “l” and one “s.” 🙂 I have been away far too long because of the holidays and work! O and I made an amazing trip to Italy as well! I looked for your book out there when I had time to stop in bookstores 🙂 Anyway, just wanted to say I have still been keeping track of the new things coming out and I will be sending in a paypal soon for a tour shirt! I can’t wait for the new books and graphic novel and I am reading the short with Jenks right now. I will probably have questions later but I did want to ask about your tour in June for Madison. Will you be out on the west coast for it? I’m asking before I have to try to plan a trip out east for the black magic tour 🙂 – Melisa

    • Hi, Melisa. Yes! I remember you, Melisa with one s. (grin) As it sits, I should be getting out to a few cities west of the Mississippi the first week in June, but there might be an off-site signing in Portland in March when I’m out there for the library association meeting.

  3. Kat

    Wow! I’m exhausted just reading about everything that you accomplished! Love the scarves for your gargoyles. ~grinning~
    Interested to hear about this new project…I am in awe of your awesomeness! 😉

    • Hi, Kat. 😉 I have very full days, but you’ll notice the scarves are only a few inches long and an inch wide. They don’t take much time. It’s all about proportion. (laugh) Little bite-size chunks.

  4. Back to routines. Hopefully I’ll have something great to come of it. 😀 You always do have great things, Kim. 😀

  5. JanisHarrison

    Welcome back to your regular routine. All best wishes to your son and to everyone’s sons and daughters who are off playing in the sand — may they all come home soon, safe and sound. And now I know what our gargoyle is missing! I shall commence on little scarf and cap soonest — even I can make those.

    • Thank you, Janis. Ooooh. You knit/crochet? I like the beauty of watching a piece take shape with just one thread and two stitches. I used to knit a lot, but now I’m down to gargoyle scarves and little tiny mittens. (laugh)

  6. Wow, you have been busy. And seeing you so enthusiastic about writing makes me giddy inside. If i could, i would gladly serve you while you were working.

    Avatar reminded me of a mix between Pocahontas and Miyazaki works. All nature being interconnected, that deep respect for life was mesmerizing to watch. I’ll take your word on Sherlock Holmes and go watch.


    • Hi, Ezgi. Well, all that was spread out over three weeks, to be honest, but yes, it was a busy time. Putting in some time with the keyboard is almost restful at this point.


  7. Evelyn

    hi there, I’ve read nearly all your books and greatly enjoyed them, I’d like to hear more about rachel and al’s interactions. I like Al for some reason, I’d also like to hear more about Ceri possibly, and her baby with Quen, it seemed so sweet to me how you described Ceri and Quen.

    I really don’t like Jonathon, and I don’t trust Trent one bit, he is a demon in behavior.

  8. Good to have you back!

    I so understand the crankiness that starts creeping around every sentence when you have an urge to write that has not been satisfied. Since my work (I’m a video game designer) often puts me on that spot, my resolution for this year takes the form of a blog to make use of my jittery fingers.
    I’ve just started to tell my story and ideas are packing up faster then my free time allows me to write them. I’m basically drowing in post-its with snippets of actions on them… and I’m getting a bit cranky.
    I find its a positive crankiness, though: I just cram a lot more writing when I finally get down to it. And then comes the relief… *grin*

    I wish your crankiness helps you get that hundred pages in in time!

    • Thanks, Aheila. You seem to know exactly what I’m talking about. Good luck finding the time to get it all out. Life likes to distract, and post-it notes are king!


    • I think I’ll somehow manage. If I like it too much, I might leap to write full time, who knows?
      And yeah, post-it notes are a must. I drive my coworkers crazy with them! *evil grin*

  9. Hey Ms. Harrison and welcome back!

    Ah, the sandbox, i knew it well. And loved it too. 🙂 My mum said that it was the best day in her life when I took my toys out to the sand. 🙂 Don’t worry, all will be well with Thing one.
    It’s good to see that we won’t have to report you to the Gargoyle Protection Service (GPS for short). Nice to know that there are at least some G’s out there not cold.
    I also saw those two movies. I enjoyed Sherlock Holmes, (and I had had my doubts). He’s one of my favorite all time characters. For interest, if your (and anybody here) a Holmes fan, I’d recommend the author Laurie. R. King’s Mary Russel series. It’s very good.
    I also felt the same about Avatar and was surprize that such an old almost cliche like story could be told in such a refreshing manner. It was beautiful, and the obvious message behind it painful to behold. I enjoyed it.

    Happy Writing. I don’t get cranky when I don’t write, I go lost. I’m lost now, lol, my parnter all but told me to spend a few days in front of my keyboard. We’ll see if I can find my way. 🙂

    Have a good one ma’am. I hope you kick some keyboard (demon, bad witch and baddies…) but.


  10. gothar

    My New Year so far has brought me a $300 plumbing bill, a round of antibiotics and a chest x-ray. I started crocheting a scarf for my new wool coat 🙂

    • Dude. Here’s an internet get well flower. @-;–
      May things improve.
      Espesually the plumbing.

    • Oh, good grief, Gothar! I’m so sorry. It does seem to happen all at once, doesn’t it? My entire 2009 was sort of like that. I was fortunate enough to stay healthy, though. Wait. No. I was down for a while, too. I just forgot. (rolls eyes) I hope you feel better soon.

    • Antonio Rich

      So Sorry. Hope you feel better…

  11. cat

    You did not dress up your gargoyles!? I LOVE IT! Did you knit the winter gear yourself (in all that free time you have. heh). You are the coolest author in the world. 😉

    • Hi, Cat. They looked so cold. I had to do something. And since they are out there all year . . . why not dress them up! (grin) Yes, I knitted the scarves and hats. They make for little projects that I can finish over the weekend.

    • Cat

      Happily you made me feel better about the fact that my husband and I ended up getting a stuffed elephant an entire wardrobe at Christmas. He even starred in my 12 Days of Christmas videos (the elephant, well the husband did too, as my 9 ladies dancing but that’s another story). For your amusement I present you, Finnegan D Ephalent:

      (on a completely different note, how might one go about contacting you if they wanted to do a short (5 questions) interview for the release of BLACK MAGIC SANCTION? I hate to be THAT person, the one who comments with questions like this, but I don’t see a contact form or anything… Therefore, lameness in comments!)

    • Hi, Cat. I have unfortunately found myself in the position where I am turning down most interviews, especially email ones, as they take up too much of my PR time, and I’d rather talk here than in an interview. Sorrry. –Kim

  12. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    I have a quick question for you. How much time has elapsed since Dead Witch Walking and Black Magic Sanction?

    I ask because one of the ARC readers was telling us a little about it with out spoilers and she said it’s only been about a year. That just seems a little short to me.

    Like everyone here, I’m looking forward to reading it when it comes out, February 23, 2010.


    • Oh, poo, vampy! You’re asking me to think. Let me see . . .
      DWW was June 2006, and WWBC was New Years, 2007/2008. BMS is in April 2008, I think. So that would be almost two years. The road trip book, which is next, is the two-year anniversary.

  13. Phil

    Are you cranky ’cause you have that itch that is urging you back to writing while ideas are swirling around in your head?
    Do you ever want to write a novel where there are multiple pov and each major character tells his/her story in first person?

    I like that Rachel, Ivy and Madison may have a new arrival coming. Any hints? 😉

    i want to see those movies, too. Steampunk is a lot of fun.

    I want to wish Thing 1 the best for when he goes off to that “sandbox” and a safe return!

    • Hi, Phil
      Yup, I’m cranky ’cause I want to get back to the keyboard and get the ideas on paper. sigh
      Mmm, I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to tell a story from multiple POVs, no, but it would be a great excercise for developing a storytelling technique.

      No hints yet on what’s coming up. I want to hold it tight within myself until it is entirely realized, and then and only then put it out for the slings and arrows of other’s thoughts.

      Thank you for your wishes concerning Thing One. (deep breath and a smile)

    • Kat

      I just got what the “sandbox” means. Along with Phil I want to send him my good wishes.

  14. Nikki Palun

    Those scarves are great! I also enjoyed both Sherlock Holmes and Avatar. We are looking forward to seeing you in Cincinnati soon!

  15. Kerry

    Avatar was awesome!! I’ve also heard about Cameron making movies for each of the moons! Hope too see Sherlock Holmes this weekend. A little nervous as I’m a Sherlock fanatic and I’m always worried when someone tries to redo the original…but I’ve ehard only good things about Robert Downey in this.
    Counting the weeks till the next Hallows book is released!

    • Hi, Kerry. A movie for each moon? Mmmm. I’d rather see what’s happening on the original, but it’s his story, and I trust it will be good.

      I hope you like the Holmes movie. It’s nothing like the original, but very cool all the same.


  16. SeattleRobin

    Love the outfitted gargoyles! I’ll be eager to hear about your new project when the time comes! I went and saw Sherlock Holmes with my best friend a week ago. It was entertaining, but frankly also disappointing. I always thought of Holmes as very cerebral, but the movie turned him into an action hero. Don’t get me wrong, I love action flicks and kick ass fight scenes as much as the next geek. But I feel like Holmes was twisted to sell movie tickets rather than trusting that movie audiences could be interested in him as originally portrayed.

    • SeattleRobin

      I forgot to add two things:

      I can’t say as I get the whole steampunk thing, though it certainly is becoming more and more popular. (I’d never even heard of it until very recently.)

      For the blog comments I prefer the original with the oldest posts first. This way I have to scroll to the bottom and read in reverse order.

    • Antonio Rich

      Hey Robin. Speaking of steampunk – give Gail Carriger’s Soulless a try. Suzanne would correct me and say it’s more of a Gaslight Romance. But, it’s Victorian England with that “past meets future” thing that Steampunk gives you. Plus, vampires and weres! I was surprised that i liked it so much. Funny, whip-smart writer and unusual systems(supes have TOO much soul!). Plus, a main character who is more embarrassed to be half Italian than being born w/o a soul. Too funny.

    • SeattleRobin

      Thanks for the suggestion, Antonio. I’ll put it on my list of books to consider. Though you know how it goes, those lists seem to go on forever and there’s always new stuff coming out from authors we already like!

    • Hi, Robin.
      Oh, that’s too bad you didn’t enjoy it, but many flavors of ice cream for many individual tastes. 😉

  17. Kylie Ru

    I love the little scarves! I really want to see Sherlock Holmes and Avatar. I might go see Avatar this weekend, and I’ll probably go see Sherlock Holmes before I have to go back to school in two weeks.

    I hope your day is productive, Kim-san!

  18. Scott S, Clovis CA


    Another project? Yikes! So Rachel and Madison are going to have a sister?
    OK, that’s both good and bad. Good for you because you have a way to vent the creative juices fulminating in your brain. Good for us because we get another universe and set of characters to enjoy. Potentially bad for you because you might get stretched too thin (those evil deadlines). And kind of bad for us as we’ll have to wait even _longer_ between Hollows books. Sigh. We’ll just have to console ourselves by re-reading everything. Again.

    OK, at least give us a hint. Will it be an adult novel? YA? What about the main character(s)? Whom might she/he/they be? An ogre with a passion for interior decorating? An Oreo obsessed transvestite wizard from Lower Slobovia who sets out to conquer the south pole? A writer in the South Carolina who, after years of talking to her two small dogs, suddenly find they can talk back?

    I vote for third person POV. While you will not be able to go as deeply into a character’s thoughts, we will be able to see the stories from different viewpoints. OK all you bloggers lurking out there, let’s see a show of hands. How many of you would love to get more insight into what Ivy, Jenks, Trent (even AL?) feel and think? Granted that can’t happen other that through the filter of Rach’s eyes, ears and interpretations. So, how many of us would like for Kim to do 3rd person, hmmm?

    Seriously, you know that whatever you do, we’ll like it.

    • About POVs, i would love to see Ivy’s. I know we have the whole Dates From Hell from her perspective. And the upcoming GN depicting their first times together is also from Ivy’s POV, if i’m not mistaken. What i would love to see is her take on the current events. Imagine reading Mackinaw from Ivy’s eyes. Or WWBC.

      My second choice would be Al’s. That i can not fathom in the least.

      (hear Kim hear) *grin*

    • Kylie Ru

      The only thing we have from Al’s POV is BESPELLED. But something involving current events would be way awesome.

      I’d love some stuff from the other characters’ POVs.

    • Hi, Paul. Slow down the pace of the Hollows books? Never! They are on a yearly schedule, and that comes first. Which is why I’m working so hard to carve out an extra three months from my work schedule so I can write this thing without messing up already agreed upon deadlines. It’s a stand alone, just for me. And I want to share it when it’s done. But first–I have to write it. (grin) No hints. At all.

  19. Lurker

    Is that Bis’ Christmas and New Years outfit? 🙂
    We watched both Sherlock and Avatar. Liked them both, was going to see Avatar again, but it was sold out (still!). Which was probably good, since in hindsight Im not sure I wanted to spend another 2.5 hours with my eyes tearing up from the 3d glasses.
    So, we went out and finally got our puppy. He will be 10 weeks old when we pick him up. I haven’t had one this yound since before I left the ranch:) yay! This year will be a billion percent better than last year (you guys have no idea!) 🙂
    I even get to start work again next week. woot!

    • Hi, Lurker. Ahhh, you found me out. I’m trying out Bis’s holiday festive clothes on my own gargoyle. 😉

      I’m trying to get back out to see Avatar again, myself, which is unusual.

      Oooh, fun with a puppy! Enjoy!

  20. Antonio Rich

    I hear James Cameron’s plan is to go back to that world, but to tell a story about “each” of the moons circling the gaseous planet. Hmmm.

    Sending good luck and well-wishes to your son. And thanks.

    Question: We know there is a cure for Rosewood Syndrome, the Inderlander term for the curse the Elves inflicted on the Demons that stunted them and created Witches. But, I gather that Trent has put that drug away. So, there must be witches dying young needlessly. Do you think, in the future, this may become a further divisive issue between Rachel and Trent. Because, in my mind, I see Rachel growing into a role as an active advocate, guided by her principles and ideals. What do you think?

    • Scott S, Clovis CA

      Spot on, Antonio. I’ve been thinking along the same lines. That Rachel / Trent friction will make an excellent long term plot point that can arc over 3 to 4 books (more?). Then there’s the fact that future Rosewood survivors may begin a “new” race of witch / demon hybrids that will, of course, not set well with the other supes as the new race may very well end up at the top of the food chain, so to speak. Ooo, lots more delicious story points. And will hybrids, if they mate, be able to have similarly gifted offspring that never get Rosewood? (will they breed “true”) These questions are for the god of the hollows universe (Kim) to decide.

    • Hi, Antonio. Thank you for your thoughs on Thing One. I’ll pass them on to him.

      Mmmm, good thoughts on the Hollows saga. Patience. (grin) The story isn’t over yet.


  21. Marsha

    Oh gosh I wish I was as happy to get back to work as you are! It’s freezing down here I am sure I’ll get dozens of calls about the buildings being too cold. Hey, as my boss told me “job security”. I think I might have made a mistake and sent something to you at the wrong address. Do you or Guy get things at the P.O. 36653 address?

  22. Ha! I love the winter wear you made for your gargoyles. But they look a bit cranky. They look like they’re saying, “I can’t believe she’s making us wear this stuff.” ;o) I hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday. My husband gets home from deployment in 2 1/2 weeks. I’m so excited that I’m about to burts! :o)

    • Hi, Valinda. Mmmm, you may be right. They do look a little cranky. I don’t dress my puppies up for the cold, so the gargoyles get the brunt of it. I didn’t play much with dolls when I was growing up, so maybe I’m making up for lost time.
      congrats on your husband coming home! That is wonderful. 😉 😉 Tell him thank you for me.

  23. Is this a continuation of the idea you mentioned you were going to put on the backburner or yet another idea that arose from your door dilemma?

    So nosy.

    • Golly, Mud. I don’t really remember. I tell you guys about most of my ideas, but only ten percent of them are good enough to pursue. Probably? It’s not from the door incident, though. I’ve been working on this one for about a year.

    • That’s it 🙂 Thanks. Hmmm.
      I can probably find the blog entry.

      Speaking of which, did you get a large bubble pack envelope?

    • Errr, maybe? I got a few things recently, but nothing from you, I think . . .

  24. suzannelazear

    Morning, Kim.
    We took the tot to see “real snow” in the mountains yesterday as a last hurrah before school starting today. It was packed full of kids in snowjackets bundled up to the hilt–but it was in the mid 50’s. She built her snowmade, made a snow angel, and sleded down a hill on a boogie board (lol, that’s the best we have). Now she has this grand plan that we’re going to rent a cabin next year for christmas and spend it in the mountains. We’ll see.

    So you bake, garden, and knit? Wow. I’m in total awe.

    ~Suzi and the tot

    • Hi, Suzanne. Oh, good! I’m so glad she got to see real snow. Christmas in the mountains sounds good to me! 😉

      Yep, I do all sorts of domestic things, or I used to. Not so much anymore. I dabble now. (grin)

  25. Indy

    Hi Kim!!! Happy New Year!!! I figured the gargoyles would be warm where you live, but they are looking good in their scarves and hats. 🙂 You pack a lot into your weekend. We did some witner cleaning, and cleaned out the ‘room from hell’. Also known as the balckhole where everything seems to disappear to.~Indy

    • Happy new year, Indy! Oh, that wasn’t what I did over the weekend. That took me three weeks to accomplish. (laugh) Mmm, we’ve got a room like that, too. It’s called Guy’s office.

  26. Chrisy

    Hey my favourite English-speaking-and-writing (obviously) -author.
    I’m lost in the middle of WWBC (because it takes a while until we can get the books here, dammit) and I totally dislike Marshal. This power pull thing so annoyed me! Because it’s kinda like the vampires’ blood sharing thing, isn’t it? Rache betrayed Ivy so much with this. And I don’t like how Rachel says she loves Ivy as if it wouldn’t mean anything. I’m upseeeet. But I love the books anyway. Sorry but I had to say this. Don’t be mad 😉
    Cheers – Chrisy

    • Antonio Rich

      Hmmm. I can sympathize, Chrisy. By far, my favorite aspect of this series is the relationships between the Three main characters. The first thing I do when i get a new Hallow’s book is to quickly leaf thru it to see how many times I see “IVY” in it! (Grin) But, I have to disagree with you a little. I think ALL three of the characters Love each other deeply and telling each other is heartfelt and Received as such. Also, I don’t think the Power Pull was a mixing, and certainly not a “ringing”, of their auras. But, hey, it’s not as if Ivy is on a bloodfast either. But…yeah. Be good…

    • Hi, Chrisy. Thank you! I’m glad you’re enjoying the books, and I’m so glad you finally got your copy of WWBC.

      Mmmm, no worries. I’m not mad at what you said. I can’t make a book that pleases everyone, and the story isn’t over yet.


  27. Hey Kim,
    I love your Gargoyles!
    I sculpted my own version of Bis for my wife as Christmas present: