Slow but steady

Busy day planned today.  I’m chunking through rough draft, making good progress.  I want this done by the second week in January, which is–OMGosh–like two weeks now, so I can spend a nice bit of time on the Madison editorial rewrite before that is due.  I’m really likeing what’s happening in this one.  A part of me is saying the book is too introspective, not enough action.  But then I look at who’s there with her, and it’s like, “Yeah.  This is good.”  (snerk)  Time will tell.

Now, if I can just keep Mars out of retrograde.  Or is it Mercury?  (grin)



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  1. hello i was just wondering if ivy and rachel are ever going to get together its like i been waiting for them to get together

  2. Hey Kim,

    Thank you for being AWESOME! As a fan, I wish I had someway to repay all the great art you’ve bestowed upon us, but I do not. The only sorta artistic thing I do is music. If you are ever bored/need to kill time, feel free to visit my FB music page at
    If not, that’s cool too as I know you gotta be crazy busy 24 hours a day, but if nothing else, thank you for The Hollows and just know in case you ever forget, WHAT YOU DO MATTERS!

  3. Gina Root

    Hi Kim Im an avid reader and i really enjoy your books,, they make me laugh and cry and give me adventures id never get as a stay at home mother of thanks for the woderful world of the hollows,,great blend of fantasy and reality by the way…. ive one question in every which way but dead racheal goes to ivys mom and dads,, there is the smell of cinnamon and cloves in the air,,, but in a fistful of charms nick baks ginger drop cookies and the hotel smells of cinn. and cloves and ivy is awoken angry by the smell” vampires are sensitive to the smell” im confused… by the way i named my youngest after your vamp, “Ivy Rain, [ my oldest is Willow Faith] but thats all for this day your the greatest!1! Gina

    • Hi, Gina.

      Thank you! I’m so pleased that you’re finding so much enjoyment in my work. 😉 I’ve heard your question before, so you are not alone. The spices are like coffee to vamps. Stimulating. The reason Ivy threw the pan of cookies out was because she was trying to sleep.

      Hope that helps. 😉 –Kim

  4. trish

    It’s 4pm on New Years Eve here so just wanted to wish everyone a happy and safe 2010, and we are that much closer to BMS. Yay! Have a great night if you are lucky enough to be doing something. Think I’ll do a bit more re-reading.(grin)

  5. Kenya

    Just wanted to say hello! I’m a new fan! I happened to pick up Dead Witch Walking in early December…. and I’ve just finished the serious today. My husband and kids are delighted that I will be returning back to reality! I love your books! I think your an excellant writor, I can’t wait for the next installment! I still miss Kisten, but Rachel will always be the coolest witch in the world!


    • Hi, Kenya. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the books so much! Wow, you read them fast! (grin) Too bad I can’t write them that quick. BLACK MAGIC SANCTION is almost out. Did you find the novellas in the anthologies Dates from Hell, Holidays are Hell, and Unbound?

  6. A.N.

    Saludos Ms. Kim!
    You said that you were wearing purple and I remembered something. From ODW, “He was wearing his purple robes, and I fingered my belt, starting to think that was the color demons dressed their familiars in when they were pleased with them.” So, are you have been behaving lately? (grin) (joking with you)
    About rude people; I live by Mt. 7:12, but an ex boss of mine “taught” me “Pellejo ajeno no duele” (“the hide of another doesn’t hurt”). I use this saying to “explain” the rudeness of people.
    I read a brief description of Black Magic Sanction and I got all stress out only with that. Trent, Nick, Al and the witch society against Rachel. The sole mention of Trent name and I want to hit something…
    But Bravo! this only say that you create a very good Bad Guys. I don’t know how I’m going to finish that book sane.
    Be Happy! A.N.

    • Hi, A.N.

      Mmmm, you might be on to something there! Maybe that’s why I’ve been wearing purple. Because I’m pleased with myself?

      Not long now for BMS!


  7. Kylie Ru

    I had to work this morning. I never work in the morning (except Saturdays, but I don’t have to be there till 9). But I get paid, so I guess it’s all good.

    I hope today was productive, Kim-san!

    • Hi, Kylie-san.

      My morning was good, and then the afternoon was productive as well, but not with writing. Had some stuff to do in the real world. 😉 One last push before the end of the year.

  8. Hey Ms. Harrison!

    Hmm. Don’t talk to me about the planets. We have a full moon tonight (a beautiful one I have to say) and it showed. I burned my lunch (and supper!), I broke a bottle of Lime Cordial (for work) in my car (cleaned!! sob!!) and had to buy a new bottle with my own, hard earned cash, I dropped a cigarette tray, I broke a glass and I took out coffee cups with out coffee (on special nights and on request, I take out coffee without the cups. This is a trick reserved only for the special customers…). I blame the moon.

    Good luck with your busy day! Goodness, does this mean that you’re almost done with the book? The rough draft I mean. 🙂 Hope you have good plans for new years!


    • Hi, Alyssa. Mmmmm, I’ve had a good day so far, but I did cut my finger, which I almost never do.

      Yup, I’m more than 1/2 way done with Hollows 10. Just a few more weeks of solid writing ought to do it. Just in time to rewrite Madison . . .. It never seems to end! (grin)

  9. Stephenie

    Kim! I’m so happy to be back. I’ve been gone for a while w/ the holidays. I hope you had a good one! I can’t wait for the books to be out! I got some gift cards to B&N’s so I’m hoping I can maybe pick up the first Madison book. My cousin and I have been wanting to read it but are…. sadly… too poor. And in the mean time I’ve managed to read six books this week alone so Christmas va-cay is being productive in reading, but not in writing. I’ve been on a two-week (meant to be 2 day) break from working on my novel. How did you keep on track writing when you didn’t have editors, money, and deadlines to motivate you?


    • Hi, Stephenie. Welcome back! I’ve been back from holiday for a few days now, myself, and have thrown myself back into work with rather a serious vengence. (laugh) How did I keep on track before I had deadlines? I’ve no idea. I think I was simply facinated with the entire process, and I wanted to see how the book ended. My writer group helped, too. –Kim

  10. Sue, Chicago

    Hey Kim! A little bird whispered in my ear and told me to check out the HarperCollins website. No, they have not posted an excerpt. BUT, they have posted a brief, one-paragraph synopsis. I can’t wait until the book comes out! I’m dying to see how Rachel handles dealing with You-Know-Who being back!

  11. kat

    Kim~You are such a tease! 😉

    I flew into Michigan yesterday (Flint area) with my Thing 1…I actually only have one….I don’t think I could handle more! LOL He is excited that there is snow. My sis and I are going to try and take him sledding. Last night I was showing her your sight and Blog…she is an aspiring writer. She teaches writing to 9th graders in the inner city which as you can guess can be challenging. I thought she would enjoy reading about all your writing tidbits. You are great about giving so much to your readers!

    Happy writing!


  12. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    “Black gold, Texas tea…” Oil?

    “Come and listen to a story about a man named Jed
    A poor mountaineer, barely kept his family fed,
    Then one day he was shootin at some food,
    And up through the ground came a bubblin crude.

    Oil that is, black gold, Texas tea.”

    I wonder how that show would have been if Jed was a vampire, Granny a witch, Ellie May a wood nymph and Jethro a sweet lovable but dumb werewolf?


    • Vampyre

      this post makes no sense now. It isn’t in the proper order anymore. Some how it was scrambled.

      There was a post asking you about Black gold and then I went off on this tangent…there really was a method to my madness.

      I posted right after this

      ” katfromdenmark Says:

      December 30, 2009 at 8:40 am | Reply
      Hi Kim.
      I don’t know if this has been asked before. But I’m on a re-read of the Hollows and thought about the black gold bracelet that Kisten has given Rachel. I’ve never heard of black gold before, so is it something of your imagination or can you buy it somewhere? Just curious


      I guess I broke it…:(


    • Hi, Vampy. I switched the order so that newest posts show up first, but if it’s got everyone confused, I’ll switch back. Sorry . . . 😦

      But for what it’s worth, I knew what you were talking about.

  13. Phil

    Now i’m intrigued by Madison’s introspection. Maybe I’ll ask my cousin nicely and she’ll lend me her copy of ODTS … 😉

  14. Have fun! It’s raining today and the tot and I are still in our PJs. She’s playing the Wii, (Star Wars Lego) which is hysterical. I love my little creative idea-maker–did you know that if a dragon and a vampire kiss they explode??

    Have a great day!

    ~Suzi and the tot

  15. Frederique

    Kim keep up the good work. The more I read the more inspired I am to keep writing myself. Thank you!

    Oh and it’s Mercury that causes trouble when it’s in retrograde 😉

    ~Frederique~ aka ~The Witch~

    • Frederique

      It’s actually “La Brujita” but I translated it for the non Spanish speakers. My whole family refers to me as “La Brujita” but they mean it in a nice way.

    • Phil

      … that’s what a classmate called our Spanish professor, but I’m sure she meant it in a nice way, too… 😉

    • Hi, Frederique.
      Thanks! I hope you always remain inspired. Oh yes. Mercury, the god of communication. Figures. (grin)

  16. Lurker

    were you born a tease, or do you just work at it really hard? 🙂
    Hope the Christmas was wonderful, and New Years will be just as good. I know mine was a million times better. Wishing the same for everyone else.

  17. Antonio Rich


    Have you seen Avatar? I think, next to District 9, and Star Trek, It is my favorite movie of the year. Yes, yes, it’s a connect-the-dots retelling of Pocahontas, hitting every movie cliche in it’s fall out of the James Cameron tree of plot-lines. But frankly, it’s so damn beautiful they could have turned the sound off and i would have loved it. If my eyeballs could walk and talk, they would have sighed contentedly and politely excused themselves for a smoke.

    • Antonio Rich

      P.S. Speaking of Beautiful(ROLLS EYES), I came across a year-end review list i think my female buddies here would be interested in. I’m doing you guys a solid here…

    • Frederique

      Hahaha thanks Antonio. I’ll be smiling all day at work 🙂

    • Marsha

      O.K. Antonio. Now I know I am officially old. I looked and all I thought was “my nephews are older than that”. I’m off to grab another one of those dark chocolate truffles I made with the sprinkle of Himilayan sea salt on top. Ooooh baby, that’s what I’m talkin’ about!

    • A.N.

      Hi! In the movie Avatar I like the messages; that we need an spiritual life and that we need to protect nature because we all are connected. And I agree it was visually beautiful.

    • Hi, Antonio. I’ve not seen it yet, but Thing Two is going to see it tomorrow. I’ll probably check it out, but seeing noble civilizations wiped out by technology depress me. (Dances with Wolves, etc.) And that’s what I got from the previews. Maybe . . . It sounds good.

  18. Heya Kim just wanted to tell you that tomorrow night is a Blue Moon which is a second full moon in one month. It is very seldom and the last one on New Year’s was in the 90’s. And it’s very good for magical purposes. I wish you all the best for the new year and many successful books 😉 I’m pretty sure we will support you 😛
    Have a great party!

    • Hi, Amy. Really? I knew the moon was almost full, but I didn’t know that it was a blue moon. Cool!

      I wish you all the best in the new year as well. 😉

  19. katfromdenmark

    Hi Kim.
    I don’t know if this has been asked before. But I’m on a re-read of the Hollows and thought about the black gold bracelet that Kisten has given Rachel. I’ve never heard of black gold before, so is it something of your imagination or can you buy it somewhere? Just curious 🙂