And the ideas just keep coming.

I think I remember now why I keep such a busy work schedule.  If I’m not actively working on something, the ideas pile up behind themselves until there’s a mishmash of thoughts, concepts, characters, and ideas that demand their fair share of my day.  The sad thing is that they will all have to wait.  Years maybe.  Talk about the frustrated writer.

In any case I’m back to work today, trying to cram five days into four, which should be easy after the self-imposed “fasting” this last week.  I guess my only question now is why have I been wearing purple lately?



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  1. Hawk

    welcome back glade to see you did not overdose on eggnog and cookies

  2. Hey Ms. Harrison!

    I should first point out that I dreamt of vampires all night and quite frankly, I blame you… (laughs). I wasn’t even bitten once… 😉
    I learned that purple is the bridge between the physical and the non physical (spiritual). If you look at the rainbow, it’s the last colour that you can see. So, effectively it’s the force that touches the unseen. (puts on psycho analyzing glasses) Perhaps you are wearing a lot of purple because your making a bridge, through your writing, between the unseen world (your imagination) to the physical one. (putting it into a book). The purple that you wear becomes a symbol of that and a symbol of how you are constantly jumping between the two.
    Or, perhaps… you just unconsciously realized that you look good in it and continue to dress in it. 😉 This is all in theory of course.

    I’ve finished WWBC and, with your permission, i’d like to give you my 5c on it (it got me thinking). Don’t worry, it’s positive. 🙂 I won’t flame someone in their own blog, that’s just rude. Should I put it here in your blog, or should I post it in mine?

    Have a great day!

    • Hi, Alyssa. You dreamed of vampires? (grin) Sounds like fun! Mmmm, I like your theory of why I’m wearing purple. Makes sense, but alas, I think it’s just because I like it. (laugh)

      That’s cool that you finished WWBC. You’re welcome to post a review here, sure. 😉

  3. trish

    I’m glad to see that a good Christmas seems to have been had by all. My daughter brought home (without my ok,grrr), a manx kitten. It looks incomplete without a tail but she is cute and more fun than anything on the tv keeping my boys, the cousins & dog amused for hours but our old cat (16)hates her. Guess she feels superseded! All of the accessories Nat bought for the beastie were purple. She also bought a new bowl for ‘her’ betta, named ‘Fish’, and it also has purple stones in it and a purple rim at the top. Purple is the new black (grin)
    I have pre ordered my copy of BMS as a late Chrissy present for myself. Can’t wait!
    Gotta go as ‘mini beast’ is killing my toes! Ow! Bye.

  4. Be glad that the ideas keep coming, Kim. 😀 Some writers dream of it. I write down ideas all the time and I love it. Can’t wait to read more of your work. 😉

  5. Jo

    Purple Hmmmmm……….. Well it is one of those colors that kind of gets along with most of the other colors. Pair it up with black pants (leather or cotton depends on weather) and dark blue lace overlay on the shirt and those vamp boots Rachael wears….. possibilities are endless. Just looked in the closet and thought – ugh! I need some new clothing selections. I do have a question though – How nervous were you at your very first public reading? I did a reading of my poetry and thought I was going to freaking pass out, didn’t tho – just had to remind myself to breathe. 🙂


    and … Yay -February almost here kind of, well it’s close!

    • Hi, Jo. How nervous was I? Well, if I go back to my first public reading, that would have to be at my writer’s critique group, and I was very nervous. That nervousness stuck with me for about a year, but it’s pretty much gone now, and that is one of the reasons I promote face-to-face critique groups where you read your work aloud for critique. Congrats on reading your work!

  6. suzannelazear

    Purple is my favorite color. Wearing purple today. The tot prefers red, lol. I totally hear you on the pile up of ideas and impatient characters who threaten to “hijack” your time. once I saw a shirt that say, “If I don;t get these characters out of my head soon, their threatening to trash the place.”

    I hope you and your fam had a fab holiday. The tot got lots of dolls and 2 fake hamsters…(and a promise for real chicken…)

    I got a promise for a new laptop…

    Happy Monday!

    ~Suzanne and the tot

  7. Phil

    Oops, nearly forgot to tell you in all the post-xmas confusion, my favorite cousin *’cause she bakes the best chocolate chip cookies* is ecstatic over her present, ODTS. Btw, i checked with her mom to be sure it was age appropriate for her, she’s 15. Anyhoo, she’s thrilled. Says she read about a third of the way thru on Christmas night, so by now she’s probably finishing it and is ready for the next Madison, lol.

    • Hi, Phil. Really? Oh, that’s too cool. Yes, 15 is the perfect age for Madison. Be sure to tell her that the second one, EARLY TO DEATH, EARLY TO RISE, will be out the last week in May. Yes, I know it looks like forever, but it will be here before you know it.


  8. Lee

    hey Ms Harrison,

    hope you had a great christmas, mine was going really great untill I went to get the mm paperback of WWBC for the teaser ( I tried but I couldn’t wait till feb!!) only to get home and discover that the New Zealand paperback doesn’t HAVE the teaser for BMS in the back, AGHH! soooo……. when will you be loading it onto the website? : D


    • Oh, no! Lee! I’m so sorry! I forget that there’s other versions of the books out there, and they don’t often have the extras that the US copies do. I’m so sorry. I should have the BMS teaser up on the website after the first of the year.


    • Lee

      woohoo thats not too long to wait then! thanks Ms Harrison!

  9. Sabrina

    Purple it is, hm? Well, I don’t know why you’re wearing it but I’ve been wearing this colour for the last 2 years of my working life. Every Single Day. So, no more purple for me in my private time :-).

    I hope you had a great christmas with your family. Mine was stressfull, as usual, but I loved every single moment of it. No Harrison presents for me this year, but there simply hasn’t been anything I hadn’t already bought. Februrary can’t come fast enough!!

    Have a great New Years Eve!


    • Hi, Sabrina. Stress and the holidays seem to just go together, don’t they? I might have overstretched this year with the out-of-state travel, but it was worth it.

      You have a great New Years Eve, too!


  10. Chelikins

    Hey Kim!!

    Hope you had a wonderful wonderful Christmas. I still have some money left over and am thinking of getting some bookshelves and make my “lligrary” room. Basically it is a small room between the living room and kitchen.. but hey.. I think it would work. It has a lovely big window in it too.

    I also wanted to tell you that my friend’s son asked for your whole collection for christmas. He had borrowed your first book from me and was really enjoying it!! I was on happy street to hear he had asked for and RECEIVED them for his christmas.

    Also it still possible to send the enevelopes for the keys?

    Thanks Chele

  11. jeremy, ca

    is the purple a metaphor for something, or are you just wearing the color purple a lot?

  12. JanisHarrison

    P.S.: Re all those ideas, capture them (on index cards, so you can sort them?) one idea or character per card. Then you know you’ve got them “in store” and can get back to them when you’re ready. Ends a lot of fussing, and allows you to focus your energy more finely on The Project With a Deadline.

  13. JanisHarrison

    There are many shades of purple, from deep blue-purple to almost-pink purple. Those of us with “redhead” complexions (again, many many shades) can wear most of them, depending on the undershades of our skin. As a crone I find purple to be a color of uplift, anti-conventional … and somehow it does empower me (just a bit). Purple is associated with healing, too, and I tend to give purple-toned flowers in get-well bouquets. Rose quartz is major in channeling healing energy, and the 2 colors together are mutually strengthening.

    During these grey months, purple helps energize us. Perhaps that’s why you gravitate toward it.

  14. becca

    welcome back kim from the hoildays….went kinda quick or was that just me wishing time go fast coz of the in-laws ;-)..
    hope you ate all things naughty and drank alittle too.hope you got some niffty gifts.
    keep those creative juices flowing thats always good news to the *cough*obsesive fan aka stalker lol

    hope you have a good start to the new year,never really like to celabrate new years eve(why do you have to have people pass way on really pointent days??) but since ive been reading your work it just means iam closer to release day!!!!
    becca and gang uk

    • Hi, Becca.

      It’s great to be back at work, to tell you the truth. Too much of a backlog of creative energy isn’t good. I’m sorry you have sad thoughts attatched to New Years. What a bummer. . . .


  15. Judy Bienvenu

    Hey Kim,

    Thanks for picking “Mr Hairy Enema” as the winner!

    Gus is a great dog, but since I’m the “Alpha” in the family, he is always up my butt. If I stop quick, he runs into my leg! Thank God he’s not taller or he really would be a “Hairy Enema”.


    • mudepoz

      What an incredibly patient sheltie!!!! He looks the way my beasts do when we do dress up: what are you doing to me, stupid human!

    • Judy! Was that your dog? (grin) My, what a patient beast, indeed!

    • Judy Bienvenu

      Shelties are the sweetest dogs!

      Herding breeds are smart, obedient and very loving. His herding instinct is so good he ever herds the cats! The funny thing is, the cats have also learned to “herd” and will often herd the dog, which is pretty funny to watch.

  16. authra

    i always wear purple its my fave color it makes me feel happy maybe you need to feel more upbeat

  17. Shanda

    Good afternoon Kim. I’m sure none of us can wait much longer for BMS. Only about 2 months away from release now! Are we going to get any more information on the book? I had a great holiday with my family. Did you do anything special for Xmas this year?

    • Hi, Shanda.

      I should have an excerpt up soon, probably after the first of the year. I am no good at one paragraph synopsis, so I don’t even try anymore. sigh I’m so glad you had a great holiday. I visited with family and friends, and then had a peaceful evening/day at home with my boys. Happy sigh. Made a gingerbread house, which is something new.

  18. firenight86

    i thought that i would find tout what the color purple mens in the magyk world for u so here it is . Power, success, idealism, psychic manifestations; ideal for rituals to secure ambitions, independence, financial rewards, or to make contact with the spiritual other world; increases Neptune energy.
    Purple represents strength spiritually, and a attachment to a higher plane. oh and thank for the for the Hollows.

  19. firenight86

    all was heat it win i start a now book and it is good as hell that i cant stop riding and thin i get to the last book in the sirs and finish it . now i have to what for the next one to came out . but all i can say is that it will be worth it for i love to read allot and this is the first sirs that i can read over &over agen so i must so to u thank

    • Hi, firenight.

      Thank you. I’m tickled three shades of pink leather that you’re enjoying the books that much. I have always loved reading, and if my work has shown you how fun it can be, then I feel like I’ve really done something worth while. Thank you!


  20. Kim, i really want to thank you again for the Hollows. I just got home, and it feels like i’m coming home to Rachel, Ivy and Jenks. Work is being… demanding, and i find my refuge in these books. One with a purple title on it, to be exact. I’m reading WWBC UK edition. Trying to stall myself as much as possible to make it to February; rereading chapters, finishing level upon level on video games… Still it’s not helping. Can’t resist any more than Ivy could.

    Wearing purple? If you also have a purple sash on then it’d mean something else, though i’m not sure how one could wear that to a trip to the mall… I think wearing purple takes guts. You obviously have it. 🙂

  21. Sue, Chicago

    Good Morning, Kim! I wear purple occasionally, but, lately, my color of choice is orange. Too much Rachel Ray, I guess!

    On a different topic, I know you did a lot of work on your website a little while ago, and most of it I like. However, this weekend I went to look something up and had a very difficult time reading the links on the main page. The blue of the lettering bled into the black so much that I could barely make them out. I don’t know if it’s because I have an old monitor and maybe an HD monitor doesn’t have this problem, but I had a difficult time getting off that page.

    Do you have any idea when you’ll be able to post an excerpt of BMS? I’m really itching to get a new taste of the Hollows!

    • OMgosh, you wear orange! I don’t think I could get away with that. You must have a Takata-like personality. (grin)

      I’ll see what I can do about the link color. Thanks for letting me know it was a problem.

      Excerpt of BMS? I’ll ask, but my editor is out until the first of the year, so it will be at least that long.


  22. Kylie Ru

    I don’t have that much purple. Got a lot of black, though.

    I hopes you had a fun Christmas! And I hope all those ideas get in line, and learn some patience. 😀

    • Hi, Kylie-san. I’ve got more black than purple, but purple is in my wardrobe. Very little red. Almost no brown. Gold, if I’m dressing up. Mmmm, how things shift.

  23. Frederique

    Purple is associated with royalty and nobility and in magic use purple is often times used for healing and to add strength. In the chakras the sixth chakra is violet and is located between the eyebrows at the third eye position relating to mind, intuition, and heightened self awareness.

    Nothing wrong with wearing a lot of purple 🙂 I wear lots of it as you can see here

  24. Phil

    I like purple … women seem to look good in purple so … 😉
    As for having ideas in your head that may not come to fruition for some time, that’s the mark of a healthy, active imagination, so i say go with it and may you have many years of successful writing ahead!

    So a team of aspiring pastry chefs, girlfriend and her sister, attempted your great grandmother’s recipe for the holiday and received much praise. Possibly as much for the attempt as the result, i just know it taste good! Just thought you’d like to know.

  25. Marsha

    Do redheads look good in purple? Call it aubergine and you’ll sound more sophisticated. Welcome back! I hope you had a great Christmas with your family.

  26. Purple huh? Haven’t got a clue. But I did see Black Magic Sanction available for pre-order! I can hardly wait! Good luck with the shortened work week. Hopefully it will be productive and effecient for you.

    *Kof* Perhaps you are fond of grape jelly.
    Now, do you keep a log of the thoughts in your fine head.

    • Marsha

      I like that Mud…since I do much of that now I guess I’m already old. Well thank goodness. Now I don’t have to worry about it anymore 🙂

    • You’re welcome. It’s why my mom wears purple. Me…not so much. Not the age, just it doesn’t look very good covered in …mud.
      Amethyst turns water in wine, so the legend goes.
      (Chrys is Cera’s mom, and while she really wanted to be Beast, she was just as happy to keep the muzzle with no usable holes on her nose and the silly ears, and balance on the rock. She’s not much of a demon, but she does rock)
      *Happy Dances…EARRINGS, didn’t expect girl stuff!* SQUEEEE!

    • Hi, Mud.

      Since you asked, no, I don’t keep a journal or record of the thoughts that percolate through my head. If they stick there, then they are good enough to follow. If they fall out, then they didn’t have enough to keep me engaged. (shrug) Or maybe I’m just lazy. (laugh)

      Congrats on the win! I didn’t know that was your dog, but I should have guessed! –Kim

  28. tattoolady

    good morning kim! i hope that we will be able to see some of those ideas turn into books! i have been wereing purple latly too and i don’t really know why. maybe something is in the air that screams “purple!” i hope that your holiday was wonderrful and “santa” was good to you and your family. -tattoolady

    • The fates willing, one will make it to print. I’m dying to write it. Santa was good to me, yes. Favorite prezy? A pair of slippers with microwavable inserts. Whoo-hoo!