Since you asked . . .

Here’s my family recipe for Chess Cakes, which are not really cakes at all, but little sugar bomb tarts.  I only make these around the holiday season because they are kind of tedious and high in bad stuff, but they are probably one of my favorite things to eat.

Shells: one standard pie crust recipe.  I usually wad the crust up into a cylinder, then cut discs off the log and roll them out one by one, forming them over a water glass before dropping them into well-greased cupcake tins.  If you use the disposable tins, you can get them out easier, because they get sticky.  Prick the shells with a fork and bake for 8-10 minutes at 475 F, and let cool.  Makes about 12-15

1C  raisins
1C  sugar
1/2C  B utter
3 Eggs

Cream sugar and butter, beat in the eggs until foamy.  Add raisins.  Spoon into the baked shells, and bake at 400 F until a light, brown crust forms.  It will still be runny inside.  I like eating them when they are still hot.

Mmmmm.  This is an old recipe that I got from my little grandma. (Great grandmother on my dad’s side)  She was born in Germany, so I’m expecting that it originated there.  She was a very cool woman and I played crazy eights with her when I was growing up.  This is one of the ways I keep her close to me in my mind.  😉



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  1. Hi, Shaymey. Cool! I hope you give it a try and that you like it. Enjoy WWBC!


  2. Shaymey

    Hey Kim,

    Long time no see… But glad to be able to stop in again. Thanks for the recipe I will surely try it out for xmas day this year. Just got my hands on White Witch Black Curse and cant wait to read it. Always your fan,

    Shaymey (NYC) 🙂

  3. Hey there Ms. Harrison,

    Very nice. 🙂 I baked some shortcake and spekulas today. (Spekulas is a dutch spiced cookie – my way of reaching back to my roots). I’m not sure who’s going to eat them, lol, but we’ll see.

    Had a fall with my horse yesterday because he was walking where he was looking instead of looking where he was walking. It came as quite a shock to all of us, and I swear afterwards, when we both managed to pick ourselves up, he was very embarrased. He’s fine (save for a scraped knee).
    In WWBC I’m where Rachel goes AMA. 🙂 I had to laugh, lol, I have one against my name as well.

    Have a great day,

  4. Tiffany

    Hi Kim,
    Sounds yummy. I wanted to ask you about something I’ve been wondering: the grounds around Trent’s place are described as seeming like a planned forest – I was wondering if it is a replica of another forest somewhere else, or if it just seems like a man-made pattern, like a reforestation?

    • Hi, Tiffany. That’s a good question. The woods itself is random and not in straight lines, but because Rachel is a witch, she can tell by the groupings and that there are no old, decayed logs laying around, that it was planned out, not an old-growth forest. Does that help?


  5. Thanks for the recipe, Kim! 😀 I’ll try it out sometime. Sounds delicious.

  6. suzannelazear

    The tot was not impressed by the fake snow at the mall, which turned out to be made of soap. Aparently Disneyland does the same thing. So now I need to find her real snow, lol.

    The tot did made a quite impressive gingerbread house yesterday with a little help from Grammie. According to her, Gingerbread Vampires live there. LOL

    ~Suzanne and the tot

    • Jenn

      I have an idea for your real snow…it may not be quite the same thing but you could always try shaving some ice…that might work???

    • Phil

      I like Jenn’s idea … oh, and we have snow to spare out here! Guess that doesn’t help much, tho’.

      Suzanne, thanks for that Steampunk link!

    • Fake snow made of soap? Dude, I would not be impressed either. That’s to bad! Fun on the gingerbread house! I have one to put together waiting for me on my counter at home. Wish me luck. I’ve not done a gingerbread house for like ten years.


    • suzannelazear

      LOL, Kim, I think you need to buy a kit and make the things (and guy) help you. It’s great fun. 🙂

  7. Linda (germany)

    I hate chrismas. It’s always the love whos missing.

    • Phil

      That is too sad … hope you find some Christmas cheer.

    • Scott S, Clovis CA

      For me Christmas is an attitude. I try to separate the commercialism from “the reason for the season” and still enjoy both. For some it is more about getting, but I enjoy the giving more. I share a cheery smile and a “merry Christmas” to those I meet in the course of my day, from grocery clerk to UPS driver, and often get a pleased–if not a bit startled–smile in return. Sometimes I give some sort of small, random kindness (see my entry above about the cleaning lady) and you’d be surprised how often it brightens someone’s day, even if it only a little bit, and it in turn will brighten your own day as well.
      So, do what you can to put yourself in a positive mood. I’m sitting here in my work cubicle that is strung with colorful Christmas lights and listening to Christmas music. Do something like that. Find positive ways to change how you think about the season. CHOOSE to see it in a better light.
      Remember, it’s all about attitude.
      Frohliches Weihnacten!

    • Nothing is happy unless you make it that way. Happy doesn’t happen, happy is created, so if you’re missing someone, do something to bring your memory of them alive, not in a sad way, but happy.
      Good luck, Linda. Being happy takes practice. (sigh)

  8. Phil

    My girlfriend, the part-time veterinarian assistant and aspiring pastry chef, has decided to try your chess cake recipe, a task likely beyond her present ability … she’s not made a doughnut with a proper hole yet … 😦
    No complaints from me though. If she wants to bake cakes, yay. 🙂

  9. Scott S, Clovis CA

    I hear you about recipes passed down family lines. I have several that go back 3 or 4 generations. Our sour cream coffee cake is perfect for the holiday season. It’s always a big hit. Years ago I made the mistake of sharing same with coworkers and my writing group and now they’ve come to expect it each year! I wrapped up a plate of them last week for the lady that cleans our office and this morning I found a bunch of homemade tamales in the fridge with my name on it plus a polite request for the coffee cake recipe. Now every time I smell the fragrance of the cake in the oven I’m taken back to my younger days and visits to Grandma S. It is interesting to note how close the tie is between culture and cuisine.
    Maybe such a link for Rach, Ivy, Jenks or others (Ceri?) might make an interesting tidbit (bad food pun) in future Hollows books . . . .
    As for Guy’s problem with sulfur, I understand. I’ve always had a BAD reaction to any of the “Bleu” types of cheese. I’ve know since I was a kid that I’m allergic to Penicillin, but only learned years later that the mold in Bleu cheese is also a type of Penicillin.

    • Hi, Scott.

      I’ve been collecting family recipes since I was in my early teens, I think. Some of them I didn’t really appreciate until recently, (the ones from Guy’s family) but now they are a part of my and my kid’s lives, and that’s pretty cool.

  10. Jenn

    Hi Kim,

    Yummy! They sound a lot like my great grandmother’s (on my Mom’s side) butter tart recipe. They are so good….I’ll have to give your’s a try. It’s always great to spend “thought time” with the person that you got the recipe from. When I make the butter tarts, I end up in goal.
    Are you curious now? lol, most people are.
    My great grandfather was the last governor of the goal in Goderich, Ontario Canada. This is now a meusem.
    The last picture on this URL is the kitchen that my great grandmother used to make the tarts in. My mom & her sibblings used to come visit them while they lived/worked there. Getting a tour from my great grandmother was always a wonderful thing.
    Wow, thanks for taking me down memory lane.

  11. Kylie Ru

    😦 I don’t like raisins. That saddens me, because now I won’t make them. Unless I can find something to replace the raisins with . . .

    Well, since you didn’t know yesterday’s (insert happy dance here), I shall tell you today’s. Tuesday is Kayoobie, and it means Fire Day.

    Hmm, I hope you have a productive day, Kim-san! I have to work today, too. I’m hopin’ it’ll be kinda slow and I won’t have to be Thunder Thighs, Dry Cleaning Hero.

    • Scott S, Clovis CA

      Try other dried fruits like cherries, cranberries or apples.

    • Kylie Ru

      I thought of cranberries, but I don’t like those either. I might give it a shot with cherries, though. Love them things!

    • Phil

      Blueberries … try blueberries.
      I like the Japanese lessons. Happy Kayoobie to you, Kylie … 😉

    • Kylie Ru

      I thought of blueberries, too. Glad you’re likin’ the little lessons! 😀

    • Hi, Kylie-san!

      Mmm. I’m thinking blueberries will give you the best result, but you could put walnut pieces in and possibly keep the German “tart feel.”

      So, yesterday was fire-day? I like! It felt like a fire day. Today feels like a fire-day, too. (grin)


  12. Marsha

    I like raisins, and they have more potasium than bananas. I know how you feel about recipes reminding you of you grandparents. Every now in then I have to make my grandmother’s bread pudding, and nonna’s lazagna for the same reason. I wish you and your family the very best for Christmas. Enjoy!

  13. Heather C

    Hi Kim!!! Sounds yummy!!! I just wanted to wish you and the family a Merry Christmas. I hope Santa brings you want you are looking for.~Indy

  14. BUT! Hey, they ARE healthy : looks at food pyramid: We have raisins, a fruit. Eggs, a protein, Flour, a grain…then again, I can make the same argument for Mountain Dew.

    Oh, and Vampy doll…I think I can trump your bad day. I give rounds of Femur bones to my dogs to keep their teeth nice and clean. They can’t splinter them, and if there isn’t much marrow, they don’t get the runs.

    But my smart, obedience trial champion did something so dumb that I am ready to put a sandwich board on her back ‘free to horrible home’. She managed to get the ring bone stuck on her lower jaw, behind her incisors. I had to wake up the tall dude, who was too groggy to help. Damned dog was wagging too hard for me to do much, and I couldn’t get it over the incisors without hurting her. The funny thing was, she must have had it on her mouth for a few hours, but I figured she was carrying it to keep it away from her brother. She even ate a biscuit.

    Let’s say the emergency vet bill late at night did in my budget.

    • Marsha

      Oh, Mud.. Been there done that. I had to take a cocker to the emergency vet with pancreatitis because she was able to chew into a large joint bone (I’m not to up on cow anatomy) enough to very tiny splinters. Poor baby was in such pain. They do not get any animal bones now… period.

    • Phil

      *Taking note* No animal bones for my pup. Good to know. Thanks, Marsha!

    • Joints are soft, femurs not. Never had an issue for 40 years, but of course, this dog is…unique. I blame it on the English father… *Grumble* genetics.

    • becca

      hey mud dont diss the english genetics!!!lolollol us brits are made of stronge stuff gotta be something else lol

    • *Looks at becca* Just doggy genes. My best friends are Brits…and thank the Earth for Skype!!!

    • Mud, how right you are. (grin) Ohh, sorry about your dog! That’s awful. I once spent a morgage payment on a cat who got a foam puzzle piece stuck behind his pancreatic duct. Mmmmm.

  15. becca

    hey kim
    thanks for the recipe.always like collecting yummy treat ideas.
    just wanted wish you,’guy’ and the rest of the harrison clan a very MERRY CHRISTMAS i hope you get your snow soon(even better on the big day)fingers crossed for you.england has come to a standstill in some place’s because of the white stuff!!i hope your christmas gift gets there in time,i just know your gonna luv it(i hope 😉 ).really hope some1 gets me some amazon etc vouchers you know what i will be getting!!egar for BMS!!!!!!
    hugs and have a nice christmas
    becca,tim,sebastian and nathaniel