Er, sorry about the exclamation points, but I’m glad it’s Monday.  I had an interesting weekend with family/snow/airtraffic, and though I won’t be writing today, you can be sure the writer in me is not shutting up, and I’m seeing ghosts of new books _everywhere._    The frustration of not being able to work (play) with these new characters (toys) is driving me slightly nuts.  But it’s a good thing, and the steam I’m building up now will carry me through the hard-to-write spots.

Made chess cakes this weekend.  Made them twice, actually.  Baker’s note–eggbeaters do not make a good substitute in chess cakes.  Guy dug the mess out of the shells, and I rebaked them using real eggs.  Mmmmm, good stuff.



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  1. Sarah Roth

    Hi Kim!
    You’ve said I should ask at the blog again. It’s everywhere offtopic, so I choose the last entry…?
    I’ve just read the *Hell-shortstories and White Witch Black Curse. There are some things I didn’t understand. May I ask? ^^
    The first thing is Mia’s wish… did she unconsciously use it as she got to know Remus or why was he able to survive that long? But if she had a happy family with him and holly, why was sh…e looking for love with Tom?
    And why Rachel didn’t feel anything from taking smut as Al used her blood to invoke black magic? I first thought Trent could be her familiar and take it instead of her but later as she did the black fire charm she felt like black silk covering her aura… or will we learn more in the next books? ^^
    The last thing I’m wondering about is the deal between Pierce and Al. Why is it necessary to promise servitude? Shouldn’t Al be able to force Pierce into being his familiar?

    • Hi, Sarah. Thanks for coming on over here. I REALLY appreciate it.

      You asked about Mia’s wish. She made a conscious decision to use it to be able to live with Remus and engender a child with him. She was faking it with Tom in order to suck up his lifeforce for Holly. She really wasn’t in love with him. It was an act from the moment she met him. The wish was used up with Remus, and she knew it.
      Rachel won’t feel anything when Al uses her blood unless she’s the one doing the curse _or_ Al decides she’s going to take the smut, and even then she might not feel anything if she takes the smut willingly. Trent? The bond was never made real, so he’s kind of exempt.

      Pierce and Al. It’s kind of tricky there. Al could force it, but then he’d be fighting Pierce all the way. If there is an agreement, it’s easier, and actually more degrading for Pierce because he agreed to it. Hope this helps!

  2. JanisHarrison

    Solstice Greetings to all! My daughter and I celebrated by baking cookies and shortbread all afternoon on Sunday. I’m in the throes of putting up the “Christmas” tree (I always chuckle a bit, since I’m a pagan and the rest of my family are Christian, and the Yule tree ain’t exactly Christian).

    I suspect chess cakes are chess pie tarts — Yes, Ms Kim? Don’t fuss with “Eggbeaters,” just get eggs from vegetarian-fed hens, they are much lower in cholesterol and don’t have mystery ingredients.

    Hey Vampy, I loved the typo. From now on, it’ll be “galleons” of milk in our house! Sorry about the fudge ice cream loss, I commiserate.

    • Hi, Janis. I hear you on the mishmash of religions, origins of traditions, and stuff. It’s just one happy mess to me, and I don’t see what the big deal is. But that’s just me, looking at the bigger picture to understand the small.
      I would tend to agree with you on the chess cakes and chess pie tarts. I’ve got my recipe up today if you’re interested. And unfortunately it’s not the cholesterol, it’s the sulfur. Guy is sensitive to it, if you can believe it. I can’t, but it’s true. He’s been so much happier this year since we figured it out. (grin)

  3. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    There is a thing called chess cake? I just though you were spelling cheese cake wrong since there is no editor here to help you. 😛

    Of course I can cook and bake. Who do think cooks for me? You have seen me live and in person, do I look like I miss many meals?

    I’ve been having a bad day. I am only mentioning it because it’s kind of funny. It started when I went to the cable company to look into switching my internet service to them. I was told there was going to be a sale and it would be cheaper this week. It seems this week starts tomorrow.

    Close to them is a little restaurant. Some biscuit and gravy sounded like a good idea. No dice. They stopped serving breakfast 20 min ago.

    Next on my list was go see Avatar. That went OK. Good movie and not too crowded. They even had it in 3-D!

    After a less than satisfying dining experience, I headed to my sister’s house. She was going to try and get a sliver of glass out of my foot. It’s tiny and uncomfortable but not really hurting much. I passed her on the road. She was heading into town

    I finally get home safe and sound only to realize I forgot to buy my dog food. The Wal-mart where I get it is next to the theater. I called my sister and she said they were going there so she’ll get it for me.

    Oh almost forgot the worst thing…It seems that I forgot to put my half galleon of chocolate fudge ice cream back in the freezer. I moved it to get something out and left it on top.

    Now there is a big puddle of chocolate on top of the refrigerator, running down the side to the floor. I didn’t even get one bite of it.

    Just imagine all this like it’s a movie and it’s funny…right?


  4. Happy Solstice to Kim and every one on the Rachel Universe. Can’t wait for the days to start getting longer!!

  5. Marsha

    Being from your adopted state of S.C, I’m familiar with chess pie which is a very old recipe my grandmother told me they made to use up the buttermilk left from making butter. It’s surprisingly rich and sweet considering buttermilk could gag a maggot. Are your tarts made like the pie? Here’s to all those new ideas and characters in your head, just don’t talk to them in public please, they might not let you keep your keyboard in the padded room.

    • Hi, Marsha. Mmmm, looking at what you said, I don’t think they are the same, but I bet they originate in the same place. I’ve got my recipe up today if you’re interested.

  6. I’m glad you are having such a great Monday. I am too! It was the best Winter Solstice ever. I waited for the Baby Sun by a frozen river–very cool!

    Oh, and your poem is posted on my writing blog. Thanks for sharing it.

  7. CMS

    hey kim,
    looking forward to the new character. Hope you are having a HAppy Solstice

  8. Jemma

    Hi Kim, Nothing really important to say but just checking in on the Drama Box.
    This weekend I decided it was time to tidy away the mass of papers and oddities all over my bedroom floor. (I put things in tidy piles, but then the piles pile up and .. yeah. My room is small so it gets easily cluttered.) Anyway, one of the objects I had to tidy away was my freebe keys (which came in the post last weeks, thanks Guy 😉 and sometime last year I noticed that I had enough random little Kim Harrison merch and freebes now to account for them having their own special place to be kept. So I put all my Hollows freebes etc into this old silver make up case (like a mini briefcase). While packing the keys away in there I looked through all the little things I have and found I had a few of the temporary tattoos from the FOC tour, and since I didn’t want to waste them by using them but had more than one I decided to regress to my early teens (when I’d decorate all my storage boxes with magazine clippings) and applied the temp tattoo to the front of the case. This was a long story for such a random piece of information but, yeah, now I have an awesome looking case for Hollows related items. 😛

    Happy Solstice.

  9. Hi Ms. Harrison et. al… 😉

    Hmm. I didn’t do any baking this weekend but I did do some proper cooking. Haven’t had decent vegetables in weeks.

    So, I have a story to tell you: I’m currently at my parent’s house, taking care of it while they are away for the holiday season. My brother’s in Zanzibar so needless to say, I have the whole house for myself. Saturday evening we had quite a storm and not wanting to risk my computer, I quietly read WWBC. I was at the bit where Ford discovers Pierce and admittedly thoroughly freaked out because ghosts aren’t a comfortable subject for me. I was just getting lost in my own thoughts on the Hollows and ghosts while reading when our fence alarm suddenly went off in all its glory (short circuit on the wire brought on by the storm). I nearly had a heart attack and died, lol. I couldn’t touch your book till the following morning.
    Thank you for the adrenaline rush.

    Happy Solstice to you and Guy,

  10. Phil

    I wish you lots of new characters for Christmas, sugar plum pixies maybe, how does that go again?

    So cool that you got your 1-2 inches of snow! Multiply by 10 and that’s what we had! 😦 Bailey loved it. I only let her go as far as the front yard tho’ and early on and it was fun for all of us!
    Now back to shoveling snow! Enjoy the week and the Holidays, Kim and Guy and everybody!

  11. gothar

    I made 2 banana chocolate chip loaves this morning.

  12. Lurker

    Wifey made cheesecake once (it was good!). Since then she has never made another, or eaten one.
    I think it is kinda like when you find out what a hot dog is actually made of, you never eat one again. lolz
    So, now I have to hide when I eat cheesecake 😦

    Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy, er…whatever it is for you this time of year. 🙂

    • gothar

      It’s more the nitrites, sulphates and junk that makes you never want to eat them again. However, I still eat them when I know I should.

    • Kylie Ru

      I don’t think about what’s in a hotdog when I eat one. Cheesecake is uber tasty! I’m sorry you must hide when you eat cheesecake. 😦

    • Hi, Lurker. I made cheesecake once, then never again because it’s a pain in the butt. (laugh)

      Merry Christmas!

  13. Bonnie Jean in MA

    I like the cover of the next book. I like the mystery of not seeing her face on each cover so I am glad the mist/fog/smoke was added to this one. I made cheese cake pear torte and banana chocolate chip breads!

  14. Scott S, Clovis CA

    Eggbeaters! Relax . . . embrace the cholesterol. It’s natural. A little here & there isn’t that bad. It’s the holidays, after all. And speaking of the Holidays….
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and all those you love and care for.

    • Scott S, Clovis CA

      Oh, and a Happy Solstice to Rach, Ivy, Jenks, et al.

    • You are absolutely right about the eggs, Scott, but . . . ah, you know how Rachel has that sulfur sensitivity? I think my subconscious was picking something up, because we found out last year that Guy is sensitive to sulfur and nitrates/nitrites. One egg and bam! He’s got a migraine. We’ve saved a fortune on Advil this year already. So I’ve been working on my recipes to see where I can use egg substitutes and learning to enjoy sake. (grin)

      Happy Solstice!

  15. Frederique

    Happy Solstice everyone.

    Kim you keep teasing us 😛 I can’t wait till February but I guess I will have to. I bought WWBC in paperback just for the teaser and now I’m more anxious than before. I already had it in hard cover but I needed a Hollows fix.

    • Hi, Frederique. Happy Solstace! Dude, you bought it for the teaser? (grin) Thanks! Hope you enjoyed it!

    • Frederique

      Hahaha yeah I bought it for the teaser. I LOVED it but now I NEED to know what happens next. Maybe it’s for the best that it isn’t out right now or I don’t think I’d get the rest of my crocheting done by Christmas. When I’m reading the Hollows series no one gets any of my attention except my cat because he lays on me (he is a total mommas boy).

  16. Stephanie

    I would like to second Jenn’s question, what are chess cakes? I’m sure they are yummy, they must be if they have the word cake in their name, lol. Happy Solstice everyone 🙂

  17. Jenn

    OK, I’ll bite….what are chess cakes? Maybe I know them as something else?
    New Character? Ohhh, that sounds interesting…are they part of the Rachel’s world or are you thinking something completely new?
    Speaking of which, Happy Solstice to those who celebrate it! Just think, now the days will start getting longer…
    Well, happy Monday to you, Kim, I hope it’s at least as good as you’re hoping for!

    • Hi, Jenn. They might well be called something else. I’ve got the recpie up today for you if you’re interested.

      The new character is for a new story I’m kicking around. No hints. It’s just too far out.

      And I hope you had a great solstice, too!

  18. Kylie Ru

    Well, I’m glad that you’re glad it’s Monday. Which is Getsuyoobie in Japanese, and it means Moon Day. No surprise there. If you already knew that, awesome. If you didn’t, then I will do a little happy dance. I might have a Santa Clause movie marathon. The ones with Tim Allen. Yup. Fun stuff, that.

    Oh, do you like the new layout yet?