Snow? Yes. Ice? Errrg.

We might get snow by the end of today, but it’s more likely going to be a nasty mix of ice and rain.  And that’s what you get when you wish for snow in the Carolinas.    It’s going to be around long enough to make my travel today miserable, and then melt.  However, there is a second chance on Thursday to get another batch, and that would be uber nice, seeing as I won’t have to be in it.  Not like today.  Sigh.

 I hope to get some baking in this weekend/next week.  Yesterday it was bread from scratch, which was a downright excuse to procrastinate, but it was good with soup for dinner.  Maybe . . . chess cakes.  (grin)  Sticky goodness in a little tart shell.

Have a great weekend, and see you on Monday!  –Kim


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  1. nicole Archie

    I really wish we had actually gotten the snow instead of what we actually got… Yes so i just realized that you lived in Rock Hill. I live here too. We have the crappiest weather don’t you think?? never get any real snow! I wish we would tho.. i know i would love some.

    • Hi, Nicole. Yup, we get icky weather most of the time, I agree. Maybe we’ll get some snow in Feb. It always seems to snow when I’m out of the state. (sigh)

  2. Sharon

    Just read that you will be in Charlotte for the release of your next book! I am only about an hour away. I have never been to a book signing so I am going to try and make this one my first. Any thing I should know before I go? Like how early should I get there? Should I bring snacks for the wait?

    I am a Rachel/Trent fan;) Can’t wait for the hook-up.

    • Hi, Sharon. Yes! I will be in Charlotte on release day! I’m really looking forward to it. Joseph-Beth is a fabulous store! I can’t even begin to guess how long the lines will be, but if you want a chair, you might want to come about 1/2 hour early is all. (grin) See you there! Bring your questions for the Q&A!

  3. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    Happy first day of winter. That’s today, right? Last night I dreamed i was riding a motor cycle through Europe but was lost in Germany. As I was asking for directions, I found out I was a Were wolf. Weird huh? I have no desire to fide motorcycles anymore, go to Europe or be a Were.

    I’m going to see Avatar today woo hoo!


  4. suzanne lazear

    Hi Kim. Snow and ice? Ewwwww. I’m in AZ for the holidays and its a zillion degress here. The tot is begging to see snow. Now sure how that will happen other than the nightly “snow show” at the mall, lol. How did the chess cake turn out? The tot and grammie have been baking up a storm, right now they’re making a gingerbread house.

    Happy Baking!

    ~Suzi and the tot

    • Hi, Suzanne. Mmm, the snow show might just be enough, don’t you think? (grin) The chess cakes didn’t turn out the first time, but they look good on the second round. (laugh)

  5. Kelly

    I always like to ask fellow bakers advice:
    Any suggestions on high altitude baking? My breads never turn out up here.

  6. mudepoz

    Weekend goals: Reading, writing, and ‘rithmatic (budget)
    You get what you ask…get CaCl2 for icy patches and don’t slip.
    We don’t have much snow here-too cold.
    *Sigh* What am I doing here. I’m addicted. Worse, you’ve opened up three new worlds I do not need to be reading. Amazing how many fun reads are out there…and amazing how many yucky ones I managed to find before that.

  7. Be careful in the weather. Hopefully we will get something here, Kim. 😀 I’ll be baking a few cheesecakes and cakes for Christmas. 😀

  8. Marsh

    Hello Kim, my friend turned me onto yours books. They are frickin awesome! It has everything that I enjoy. My question is, is it weird that I’m a guy and I love your books? When I look for them, I usually just find them in the romance section. I kinda feel weird in that section, since it’s considered for women mostly. I really don’t care if someone gives me a weird look because I love your books. I hope you keep coming out with more for as long as you can. Thank you for your time Ms. Harrison.

    • Antonio Rich

      The short answer Marsh is..

      Yes. Yes, your wierd.

      But, from one wierdo to another…Your in the right place. Kick back. Relax. Want a beer?

      P.S.Have you ever been to San Diego?

    • Frederique

      I’ll take a beer if you’re just handing them out 😛

    • Hi, Marsh. (grin) No, you’re not weird! I’ve got lots of guy readers, most of them in the military or the police services. I’m always amazed where my books show up on the shelves. Anywhere from romance to horor. Me? I like to see them up front. (laugh)

      I’ve got lots more planned for Rachel, so I hope you keep reading!

  9. Stephenie

    Ah. Sleet. The weather forecast for the entire month of February in Iowa! December is usually pretty good, theres snow right now, but its not too cold. It’s January and February that are killer. F-f-f-freezing.

    At least Black Magic Sanction will keep my mind warm. Even if my poor little fingers freeze off. Pauvre moi!

    • Hi, Stephenie. The icky weather might be why I don’t get to some areas when the books come out, which is why I’m surprised (and pleased) I’m hitting MI and Chicago this year.

  10. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am.

    I am getting the wet part of the system that is moving through the South East. Very nasty.

    On a happier note, I bought some Betty Crocker Brownie mix. I’ve not baked anything except Shake and Bake chicken in almost 3 decades.

    To make them more interesting, i mixed in some Reese’s Peanut butter bits. They turned out great. I was thinking about making a new batch and bringing you some in Charlotte at the signing. The hard part would be not to eat them all before I see you. 🙂

    Have a great week end. I made a big pot of soup from scratch to get me through the nasty weather. 🙂


    • mudepoz

      I’m on an ebil elimination diet. The fact I can’t breathe anymore while doing doggy events became worrisome, especially since the inhaler didn’t work. So…here I am with Trader Joe’s gluten free brownie mix wondering if they will turn out to weigh a ton. Even the dogs just licked off the margarine and played hockey with the bagels. Can’t blame them, they chipped the wall with one.

    • Hi, Vampy! Wow! You baked? (grin) Very cool. Even better you tweaked it to suit you, and it turned out. It doesn’t always. (laugh)

      You have a great week, too. Enjoy the soup! (I’m a soup kind of girl, myself.)

  11. JanisHarrison

    I too hate the snow, here in Seattle. It only falls after a period of below-freezing cold, when it warms enough to precipitate. And then snow falls, so pretty … landing on pavement (streets, sidewalks, etc) to immediately become ICE. Since Seattle is all hills, travel becomes All Hell. I believe the whole world knew about the horrible time we had last year, when we had record amounts of snow (therefore ice) and our soon-to-be-ex-Mayor decided not to sand/salt/plow. Except his neighborhood, of course. Snow is beautiful, in the mountains.

  12. Phil

    Snow and ice … Oh, I’m looking forward to that! ‘Bout as much as a toothache!!
    On the bright side, my puppy Bailey hasn’t seen her first snow, yet, so that should be fun! 🙂

    Have a fun pre-Solstice and pre-holiday weekend, Kim and everybody!!!

  13. Marsha

    I just had to attend a ground breaking ceremony for a new building in Tuscaloosa, which is even farther South that we are. We had FREEZING rain all day, so you might get your wish as it moves North. They are predicting flurries for us Saturday. Chess cakes huh? If they are sticky and messy they are probably delicous. Are they like chess pie? Enjoy your weekend oh queen of the keyboard and kitchen.

    • Hi, Marsha. Chess cakes are little tarts that are sticky and messy when you make them right, and I finally got them right again last night. They are one of my dad’s favorites, and Guy’s, and mine. Thing One and Two don’t like them. (Whoo-hoo!!!!)

  14. Lurker

    See, this is why my mom always told me to be careful about what I wished for!
    And, um….why is it you are you bummed about this snow, and happy about the snow you aren’t going to be in? Are you sure you aren’t from SoCal?! You snow people are wierd :)-

    • gothar

      Weird – HA!

      The case of wanting something you never get. I grew up around Detroit which would get in general inches of snow and never bone rattling cold. I moved northeast and get double digit feet if snow and brutal cold. I hate the cold, snow, freezing rain, wintery mix, etc yet I did it all for my wife. So, weird works 🙂

    • Hi, Lurker. Yeah! I’m from Michigan, where you both love and hate the snow. It’s a requirement. (grin)

  15. Frotee

    It’s been snowing all day over here, building a nice layer of white on the ground (and everything else it touches) 🙂 Tara (my dog) had sooo much fun playing in the snow – she loves snow. What she doesn’t love is the salt they use to free the walkways of the slippery stuff. Meh, can’t have everything. Will have to drive extra carefully on the way to the cinema this evening, too.
    I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you on thursday Kim!

    Greetings from cold Germany, Carina

  16. Antonio Rich

    Ow! My eyes!

    I liked the feeling that i was sitting in the back row of a darkened classroom, passing notes, gossiping in sotto voce. So, I’ll have to get used to this. This must be what it’s like trying to read street signs in “white-out” blizzard conditions. “Did i miss my exit?”


    Things are going to get busy for all of us, so I wanted to say thanks for the art, thanks for…well, paying attention to us. Hope you and Guy and ALL your family has a wonderful Holiday Season!

    And, to everyone else: Buone feste! (Happy Holidays!)

  17. Hello Ms. Harrison (and everybody else)

    I can’t tell you how much I envy you guys who have winter. It was 99 degrees F today. (used internet converter, so i think that’s right). I broke with my usual routine and worked a day shift so that I can have tonight open and it was torture. So… Hot…

    My plans for the weekend are: Cooking for my partner, riding another 5 miles on my horse (going for a quicker time this time) and maybe, just maybe get some writing done. 🙂

    Have a good one Ms. Harrison!


    • Antonio Rich

      I thought you were in England? Or, was it Africa…?

    • Africa, South Africa. 🙂 I lived in England for about two years, had to come back because they didn’t want to renew my visa. I’m still in the transitional phase, lol.

    • Kylie Ru

      I wish it was 99 degrees here. I dun wanna wait for it. I woke up freezing this morning. It’s . . . 45 right now. Twitch. I hope you have fun with all your stuffs!

    • Phil

      99 degrees? Ouch!!!
      Two feet of snow? Double ouch!!! 😦
      Forecast says we’re in for a snowy weekend in the northeast … 😉

    • Hi, Alyssa. Mmmm. We get 99 degree temps where I live, with humidity. Guy hates it, but I work with my windows open, basking in the heat. It’s the cold I can’t take anymore, but you adapt to your clime. Keep your water with you! –Kim

  18. Nej

    We’ve still got 10 or so inches on the ground from our blizzard last week, I can Fedex some over for Thursday…we’ve got plenty to spare. 🙂 🙂

  19. Kylie Ru

    I remember ice. Back when I was living in Oklahoma. Remember snow, too. But I only remember one day of each. ^^;

    Hmm, baking does sound quite enjoyable. Methinks, I might have to make some cookies. And some cinnamon swirl bread. Without raisins. I don’t like raisins.

  20. Don’t worry, I’ll box up some snow and mail it to you, there is a winter storm watch in NYC and these rarely let us down.

    Enjoy your weekend too Kim!

  21. Sebrina

    I suppose now wouldn’t be a good time to gloat, and say that I received snow last night? Does it help any to say that I was thinking of you as it fell? 😉 Yay for baking though! I’ve had an urge to make chocolate chip chookies. Maybe when the boyfriend gets here Tuesday.

    • Hi, Sebrina. I’m in snow right now, too! (grin) Lovely snow, just a few inches deep. It’s going to melt on Friday, mostlikey, but it’s nice right now.

    • Sebrina

      Yay for snow! It’s been snowing off and on here for a few days. 😀 It’s been rather lovely; however the subsequent ice the next morning isn’t so nice. Ah well!

      Happy Solstice!