Twas the Night of the Solstice . . .

If we have seen the 12 Days of Pixy Christmas, then it’s time for one of my favorites to be taken from storage, dusted off, and set proudly on the mantel for the season.  Enjoy!

Twas The Night of the Solstice
Kim Harrison
‘Twas the week before Christmas, and up in the Hollows,
Solstice bonfires were burning, to toast the marshmallows.
The pixies were snug in their stump, even Jenks,
Who claimed he was tired, and needed some winks.
So I in my parka, and Ivy in her boots,
Were toasting the season, with thirty-year hooch.
When out in the street, there came such a crash,
I thought that it had to be ‘coons in our trash.
Away to the gate, I trudged through the snow,
While Ivy just said, “If it’s Kist, say hello.”
I lifted the latch, and peered to the street,
My face went quite cold.  We were in it thigh deep.
‘Twas a demon, who stood in the headlamps quite bright,
With his coat of green velvet, and his uncommon height.
His eyes, how they glittered, his teeth how they gnashed,
His voice, how he bellowed, his tongue, how it lashed.
The street wasn’t holy, so on Big Al came,
As he bellowed, and shouted, and called me by name.
“Morgan, you witch.  You’re a pain in my side.
“Get out of your church.  There’s no place to hide!”
Like hell’s fury unleashed, he strode to my door,
Where he hammered and cursed, like a cheap jilted whore.
But Ivy and I, we circled round back,
To stand in the street and prepare for attack.
“You loser,” I shouted.  “I’m waiting for you.”
And the demon, he spun, taking on a red hue.
Ivy stood ready, and I whispered, “Okay . . .
“If he wants to get rough, I’m ready to play.”
With nary a word, us two girls got to work,
Putting foot into gut, of the soul-sucking jerk.
I circled him quick, with a few words of Latin,
While Ivy distracted him with lots of good wackin’
“Get back!” I yelled out when my trap was complete,
And Ivy somersaulted right over the creep.
My circle sprang up, entrapping him surely,
Al fussed and he fumed, like a demonic fury.
The neighbors all cheered, and came out of their houses,
Where they’d watched the whole thing, like little house mouses.
So Ivy and I, we both bowed real low,
Then banished Big Al, in an overdone show.
But I heard Al exclaim, ‘ere he poofed from our sight
“You won this time witch, but I’ll get you one night!”
Kim Harrison
December 14, 2005


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74 responses to “Twas the Night of the Solstice . . .

  1. That rocked! LOL The cool thing is…it keeps with the tempo of the story this was based on! How many authors can say that? LOL

  2. Alice

    That poem was hilarious!!!! You wrap your books up in that simple poem (I couln’t stop laughing!!!) Love the cover of the next book!!

  3. Ronni Lea

    AW I love that! and you wrote it on my birthday! :o)

  4. Oh I LOVE this! I’ve read it so many times but it is always such fun to read!

  5. Stephenie

    Very nice! I love the new layout of the site btw. I love the little poem it’s awesome. This is my early Christmas. 😀

    • Stephenie

      ZOMG! A) That story is freaking fantastic! I HAVE to show it to my friend who works in a vet office. and B) I live around there! That is totally awesome! The owls in the Mississippi Valley are the reason I was always happy my dog was fat…

    • Marsha

      OMG! This is one of the reasons I am so scared when my Pom decides he can’t wait until morning. We have barn owls that are bad enough, but this one sounds like a monster. Kim must have to worry about hawks as well as owls, but at eight pounds, it would take a very big hawk to take Josh.

    • This is why I hoot agressively at the barred owls in the woods next to us. It keeps them away. I hope.

  6. Becca K.

    Hi Kim! 😀

    This poem never gets old. It always leaves me smiling with a nice warm feeling. Can’t wait until Christmas!

  7. Brandi

    I love this! It made me laugh so hard I had my boyfriend looking at me like I was crazy.

  8. Marsha

    Really nice. I can so visualize Rachel and Ivy kicking Al’s butt.

  9. This just made me wonder, how did Ivy and Kisten broke up? Did the even? Just finished rereading Dates From Hell, and now this solstice poem, i don’t think you ever brought the subject up.

  10. Sue, Chicago

    Hi Kim! I haven’t posted in a while. Life’s been getting in the way! I have been reading the blog when I get the chance though. I was telling some friends about your 12 Days of Pixie Christmas last night and they were asking me questions about it. (I’m trying to convince them to read the books and get as hooked as I am!) I was trying to describe and explain Jenks to them and they had a couple of questons. I can’t remember the answers and I was hoping you could help. Why does Jenks dislike Tinkerbell so much? and, How do you pronounce Jih?

    Also, I love the solstice poem! The reference to Kisten always chokes me up, though!

    If I don’t get back here in the near future, Have a Nice Solstice and a Merry Christmas!

    • Hi, Sue.

      Very cool! I hadn’t thought about the poems as a way to get people interested in the books, but yeah!

      I’ve no idea why Jenks dislikes Tinterbell. I think he’s just jealous? And I would pronouce Jih Ju-eye, but since I’ve never heard it spoken before, it’s just a guess.

      If I don’t talk to you between now and then, you have a peaceful solstice and a merry Christmas, too! –Kim

  11. Hey Kim! So excited about Black Magic Sanction coming out. I love the 12 Days of Pixy X-Mas!! I finally got caught up on your blogs. NaNoWriMo ate my life, in a very very good way.

    Thank you so much for sharing your writing process with us. I admire your work very much, and after finishing your books, I’d often sit back and go, “Wow. How in the hell can she keep all of those complex threads straight and weave it together into such an incredible tapestry?! I wish I could do that!”

    Flattery aside, I see that it takes an incredible amount of diligence, organization, and just plain hard work. Your brain is awesome, and I love it. Thanks so much for doing what you do, and inspiring me to work on myself as an up-and-coming writer.

    • Kelly, that’s fantastic that you’re working on your writing. It sounds to me like you’re serious about it in that you’re picking things apart to see how they work. (grin) Good. I hope my writing process helps a little. Everyone writes differently. I’m honored my work has inspired you. Thank you. –Kim

  12. Phil

    Luv that!! It could be a scene from one of the Hollows, Rachel and Ivy in action. We know what a good team they are together! 😉
    Al on the way back to the EA with his tail between his legs, so to speak … Awesome imagery! 🙂

  13. Jeannie

    Finally caught up on posts today-been working. Lots has happened. Love the cover, thrilled that the fog covers most of her face, I want to fill that in..Will have to wait til its out before I chose a favorite. haha. Can’t wait, did pre-order, but pre-ordered last year too and when it wasn’t here the day you dropped, I ran to store and bought it that night, then gave the ordered one as a gift. I know, noo patience. Like the new look to the sight, was surprised at first but its nice, bright and cheery. Jenks 12 days had me rolling, love it and him. Like the solstice poem too, I can actually picture it happening, just like I could the first time I read it. Thank you very much. Enjoy your evening, hope your holiday plans are coming full circle.

  14. Veej

    I love it! That’s the solstice spirit!!
    That so made my day =}

  15. Kat

    I love the poem…you’re such a talent! 🙂 Amazing cover for BMS! You must be really happy.

  16. Miranda

    🙂 awesome! its starting to feel like Christmas now!

  17. suzannelazear

    I really, really love that. It always makes me want to write one too, lol

    At your request, here’s the “Twelve Days of Steampunk Christmas” I wrote for a group Steampunk Blog I do called “Steamed!”

    On the 12th day of Christmas my true love gave to me…
    12 Air Pirates
    11 Painted Ladies
    10 Clock Hands
    9 Ray Guns
    8 Pairs Brass Goggles
    7 Aviator Caps
    6 Cogs and Gears
    5 Mad Scientists
    4 Flying Cars
    3 Top Hats
    2 Dirigibles
    And an Airship in a Pear Tree!

    Have a great day! We’re taking the tot to Lego Land.

    ~Suzi and the tot

  18. Kylie Ru

    😀 I read this a few months ago when I found you’re blog! It’s awesome to see it again. Go Rachel! Kickin’ that demon’s arse! *looks around* Erm, don’t tell Al I said that. ^^;

  19. Oh, I love this one every time! I also love the 12 nights of Christmas, Jenks is a gifted poet lol.

    Kim, is it okay, to repost this two on my blogs? With the proper attributions of course. I think some of the readers of my personal blog and my writing blog will die laughing, plus we usually feel kind of left out during the Winter Solstice celebrations, so it will be great for morale–not to mention to promote Black Magic Sanction. Also, I’m hoping Jenks’s 12 Nights of Christmas will make my older brother laugh until he pees 😉

  20. Jenn

    Wow! Love it (grin). I wonder if Al would be invited to solstice this year?
    I just got my copy of WWBC which will go in my stocking this year, so I’m starting the series over again as of tonight! I can’t wait to snuggle in & catch all the details that I might have forgotten.
    Hope you have a great day!

  21. LIndy, Alberta, Canada

    Awesome!!! Loved it. Oh I am so excited for the next book. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Have a great day Kim! Thanks for this, it was a very cool way to start mine.

  22. Frederique

    LOVE IT!!! That is just what I needed today. I have work then my last final, it’s in Anthro and it’s going to be the hardest of my finals. Now I feel geared up and ready to kick some exam arse :p

  23. Mark W

    Love it! 🙂

  24. srettagliata

    This always makes me smile. I remember finding it on your site a few years back when I was first introduced to the series. Also, I feel I should mention this is from Sebrina. For whatever reasons it’s only posting my comments with my username. I shall have to sort that out 🙂

  25. Roger Simmons

    I like the new look to the Drama page.

    Love the new cover. Made it my background page.

  26. Heather C

    Love it!!! Plus, the cover for Black Magic Sanction looks great. I’m not sure which cover from all the books is my favorite, but this one is near the top.~Indy

  27. Hey Ms. Harrison!
    😀 WONDERFUL!!!
    What a delight to have this just before going to work. Thank you, lol.
    *looks around….* Seems I’m the first one here, lol.
    Still reading WWBC, loving it. I’m in the literary sense sipping it slowly, like a good red wine, because I know that if I finish it then that’s it till Black Magic Sanction comes out. 🙂
    Have a good, productive day. 🙂 Glad Rachel kicked some demon arse to start with. 😉