Ta-Ta! Black Magic Sanction cover

Today I have the official cover for Black Magic Sanction for you.  It’s very much like the one that has been around for a while on Amazon and other sites, but there were issues with showing her face, and we had to add some shadow and fog to get the right look.  I liked seeing her face, but I’m equally as happy with the fog and mist.  That is a running theme with most of the covers, and I like the glow.  I’ll have both pictures up at the website at some point for you to compare and contrast, but for now, here’s the one we’re going with.  😉

Yesterday, I watched a sharp-shinned hawk stoop on a squirrel.  He missed, but when the squirrel ran up a tree to escape, he stopped about four feet up, turned, and started crabbing at the hawk, still on the ground.  It gave me time to get my binoculars, and when I focused on them, the hawk jumped for the squirrel, chased him around the tree two times, caught him, and dropped back down to the ground to choke the life out of the animal.  Wow.  I feel bad for the squirrel, obviously, but I am thrilled that there is enough resources in the area to support a hawk like this, and I feel lucky to have seen it.  Here’s a picture to give you an idea of their size.  Not a big bird at all, and I though it was a huge mourning dove when I first spotted it.  (Since that’s what’s out there 90 percent of the time.)


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  2. Thanks, John. I’ll look into it. They shouldn’t be for sale, and when we catch booksellers putting them up for such, they are removed from the ARC lists and don’t receive them anymore.

  3. John

    I notice that there’s an advance reader’s copy of BMS on eBay. I don’t know if you care, but it seems a bit odd.

  4. Katie

    Heyyy Kim! I absolutely LOVE the cover. I finished up For a Few Demons More for like the 5th time last night. I had a thought about something. I’m a huge fan of Ivy..to me things aren’t quite as together when she isn’t around…I would like to see a book in Ivy’s point of view..to know exactly what she feels for Rachel and what Rachel does to trip her breaker…lol. It would something very interesting considering I greatly enjoyed the short story that time with Ivy and the banshee. And of course you know I am in LOVE with Al. Something about his attitude and sneakyness that is sexy to me. I hope you have wonderful holidays..and good luck writing can’t wait til it comes out.

    Katie 🙂

    • Hi, Katie. Wow! You’re on a 5th reread? Thank you!

      I don’t write in Ivy’s POV very often because she’s hard on me. The graphic novel will be from her POV, right when she and Rachel first meet, so maybe that will help. That’s cool you like Al. He’ll be in the series pretty heavy from here on out. Enjoy!

  5. Sharelle

    Oh, Kim! I love it so much. Hiding her face is perfect! I wouldn’t want an actual facing overlapping what I have in my head. 🙂 I love it!

  6. Laura

    I think the cover looks great it’s kind of magical to me. Can’t wait to read this one, February is to far away.

  7. Kit

    I’m sorry… I seem to be the only one who finds the cover disturbing. I like the theory behind covering her face with mist, but I found the balance of the bright blue on her face and the surrounding shadow unevenly done. Maybe if the dodge tool was used a bit more it wouldn’t look like a disembodied blue patch jumping out at me. Plus the moon is backlighting her… so the bright blue on her face just seems to be disproportionately bright, considering the idea is that she’s a silhouette.

    Hope I haven’t rained on anyone’s parade. :T Maybe I’m just picky because I do this kind of editing on a normal basis. The art is otherwise gorgeous as usual, and I absolutely can’t wait!

    • Hi, Kit. Rain on my parade? Dude, it’s your opinion, and you have every right to it. I’m delighted with it, and that’s the opinion I have to follow, or I’d go nuts. –Kim

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  9. becca

    woot woot
    yeah baby!!! its starting to SNOW!!!!!;-) lol
    have a great weekend and hope snow arrives soon
    8 sleeps till santa

    becca and 2 excited tots(and a grumpy hubby!!lol only coz hes gotta work xmas eve)

  10. JanisHarrison

    Kim, you get some of the best covers in the genre. I’m so glad for you. I also quibble about the bosom size and the “uber” straight hair, but I have no quibble with the knife. Witches use ceremonial knives for some work, and every witch has one, be it large or small. Incidentally I love that the face is obscured because we all need to see Rachel for ourselves. And the gargoyle is fantastic — I hadn’t imagined Bis quite so ferocious looking, although the writing clearly depicts him. Question: Do teenage gargoyles have skin trouble like humans often do? It would make me scowl, too.

    • Hi, Janis. Do teenage gargoyles have skin trouble? (grin) Good question. I’ll ask Bis. (laugh)

      Thank you, I really like my covers, too. I have one of the best designers, I think. He really cares what goes on the front, and I’d be wiling to bet he had a lot to say about that gargoyle.

  11. suzannelazear

    Love, love the cover.

    BTW, I was so inspired by your poem yesterday I did the 12 days of steampunk christmas on a group steampunk blog I belong to, lol.

    Squirrles. We have far to many here and no predators. The tot enjoys watching them.

    Have a great day!

    ~Suzanne and the tot

  12. A.N.

    ah! Ms. Kim, you startle me. (grin) “Ta – Ta” is very appropriate. After various years with black the white surprise me. I like it and I like the tone of blue in the letters. Also I like the cover, with the fog the mystery is back. So, you want PJs for Christmas. (grin) Be Happy! A.N.

    • Hi, A.N! I’m starting to get used to the white format, but I’m still not sold on it for sure. I’m glad you like the new cover! Me too. And I see that you’ve been over to Magical Words! Yes, I wouldn’t mind a pair of jammies for the holidays. (grin) They are work clothes, right?

  13. Becca K.

    I like the fog as well. It makes it that much more mysterious. lol

    p.s. I just noticed that there’s a smiley at the bottom of the page, was that there before?

  14. Joy

    Great cover!! But then again I wouldn’t expect anything less. I too like the fog. That way I can picture Rachel how I want and not be told exactly what she is supposed to look like.
    And about the previous post about snow THANK YOU!!! It has been a weird winter up here in North Dakota. It just started to get cold and snow. It did not feel like Christmas. And there is something so very magical about seeing the world covered in snow. I have several bruises from my siblings. They hate snow! They live in the wrong state!
    I am so excited about the graphic novel. I just read one by Patricia Briggs. I loved it and now am extra psyched about yours!
    Have a great week!

    • Hi, Joy. (grin) You like the snow, eh? I find I sort of miss it, but then I go up north for a week and freeze, and then I don’t miss it at all. (laugh)

      I hope you like the GN when it finally comes out. It’s going to be a long while.


  15. Carolyn from Buffalo

    Awesome cover! I like the fog effect, and I have to say, Rachel’s profile reminds me a little of Jennifer Garner! I like the way you can see some of her face, but there is a little left to the imagination. Can’t wait for the new book.
    Merry Christmas, happy New Year, and happy Winter Solstice Kim!

  16. Phil

    I just checked out the Timeline, thanks Mud!, and loved the “history” lesson! 🙂 Mud has it right of course that Ms. Franklin got a raw deal, not getting the recognition she deserved for her VERY significant contribution to the discovery of DNA’s configuration of a double helix.
    I actually learned all that from a biology class!
    Anyhoo, good for you, Kim, for noting those facts!
    Think I’ll make me some of those Trent waffles now… 😉

  17. Lisa Brown

    The new book cover is awesome!!! I got my key and seeds in the mail the other day, thanks alot they are really cool. The hawk pic was nice,we have alot of those where i live . Can’t wait for Black Magic Sanction to come out , i am so ready to read it !!!!

  18. Hello Ms. Harrison,

    Gosh. White so bright… Nice layout though!
    Cool hawk. I’m a twitcher (of the bird watching kind) and can get terribly excited about things like this. My best moment was when I saw an African Fish Eagle catch a fish at a game reserve. They have the most amazing call.
    Had an exciting day of the death defying kind. My friend’s mare was in “that” time of the year which meant that the stallion was pretty… Excited. I didn’t realize this until I had all the horses penned up and things went south. To stop the stallion from chasing my horse and trying to kill him for looking at the mare, I had to grab the mare and get her out. Things didn’t go according to plan and I had to improvise, lol. To say the least, it was an interesting exersize. 😉 You were almost one blogger less here.

    Hope you have a great day! The cover looks great. 😉 Very exciting.

  19. Fantastic cover, Kim. 😀 That bird looks mean. I’ll have to use a bird like that in a story. 😉

  20. Greg(seattle)

    I’ll get over you not coming out west love the hollows & jenks I’ll still will need to get a tour shirt (hopfully I can get your autograph on it) like last yr PLEASE keep em coming thanks

  21. Frederique

    Ohhhh I ❤ the new cover!

    I haven't gotten my key yet 😦 but I check daily. Maybe it's just taking a long time due to the mail being backed up with holiday shipping. Or maybe it's taking a normal amount of time but since I'm so eager for it it feels like it's taking forever 😛

    • Hi, Frederique.
      Ah, funny story about your SASE. Because you sent me that marvelous bracelet and earrings, it slowed everything down as it sat on my desk until I had a moment to properly thank you. But it is on it’s way. 😉 Thank you again for the gift. It is lovely!

    • Frederique

      I’m glad you liked the bracelet and earrings I made you. Thanks for the heads up on the SASE, I thought my mail carrier lost my mail again hahaha.

  22. Scott S, Clovis CA

    All too often it seems the cover artists never read the books or contact the authors before making the paintings. Rachel must be using multiple charms for hair straightening plus one for bust enhancement because she’s quite different from how she’s written! And while it certainly adds a “bad ass cool factor” to have Rach wearing a biceps biker band and holding a major league pit sticker, I can’t remember her ever using either. Hmmm, maybe she’s gonna take a major turn to the dark side in BMS. Yeah, yeah, I know the design & layout is intended to attract potential readers, but the publishers could at least TRY to get things closer to the mark.
    Seriously, the graphic novel artist did a much better job of personifying Rach — maybe because he actually got input from YOU, the character’s creator!

    • Hi, Scott. Yep, because graphic novels are about the visual, we worked hard to find a look for the main characters that would be both distinctive, recognizable, and flexible for the entire story line. A cover is a cover, and I let go of trying to match it perfectly to the inside a long time ago. I will, though, try to match the inside to the cover, occasionally.

  23. Kerry

    I love the cover…I think every cover has been awesome so far. Keeping fingers crossed we will see Ivy with Rachel on one of the covers!!

  24. Lurker

    ooo, and ‘face’ shot of the Rachel. Nice. Love Bis also (luv teh Bis!). Can’t wait, get the whip and start cracking that publisher. Daddy wants the book now! 🙂
    That’s the second cover with a dagger and I dunno if I get it or not. I mean, Rachel never uses one, she never even talks about it. Oh well. At least in Fistful of Charms she was actually holding…er..charms! :)-
    Woot. new book, new book!
    Do you have a working title on the next one, or did you already mention that and I forgot already?

    • Lurker

      OH yes,
      PS: The new drama box theme threw me for a sec. lol Kinda like it tho. 🙂

    • gothar

      Rache has cut her hands on ceremonial knives in the books

    • Hi, Lurker. It was very cool to see a gargoyle like that. It is exactly how I pictured him. My cover concept guy is a wizard. This next book, (I just sent it to my editor Monday) doesn’t have a title yet other than a working title, and I’m like 90 percent sure it’s going to change.

      About the dagger. What can I say? It’s all about elements. 😉 I’m going with Gothar in that it’s a ceremonial knife.

  25. Hmm blue… I like it. A lot. And white background? Shall we expect the story to take a brighter turn?

  26. Phil

    Rachel’s face shrouded in mist is the perfect metaphor for her ongoing journey of self-discovery, working out her own conflicts and only slowly coming to terms with her desires and her true nature.
    Geez, no more psych or lit courses for me for a while! 😉
    what i was trying to say was i like the new cover… 😀

  27. Everett

    Great cover! Looking forward to the story behind it. We have hawks in my neck of the woods and small dogs and other pets are not allowed out when they are flying. My son’s friend lost his pet rabbit right out of the back yard to one. They are kinda big, about 12-14 inches tall when they are on the ground. At least they look big to me. Keep safe,

  28. Shannon

    Wow it’s so bright in here! Love the tiny smile at the bottom.

  29. Kylie Ru

    Whoa! From black to white! This might take me a bit to get used to. Definitely won’t be checking this in the middle of the night without a light on! 😀 But I like it.

    Silly squirrel. He should have gotten farther away before yelling at the hawk. I’m thinking the squirrel insulted the hawk’s mother, and the hawk wasn’t gonna have any of that!

    I really like the fog on the cover! It’s totally awesome!

    • Thanks, Kylie! I’m still not used to it, but I’m giving it a fair shake before I consider going back to the black.

      And I agree. Silly squirrel. No more passing your angy, crabby genes on to the next generation!

  30. Jenn

    Hi Kim,

    I love the cover with the fog on Rachel’s face. It’s always good to be consistant…lol However, why is her hair straight?

    Had an idea for you, now that you have artist who is bringing all our fav Hallow’s characters to life, have you thought about doing a computer backdrop/screen saver for us? I figure, since that is how we all check in with you that it would be a great idea! 😀

    As for the squirrel, he’s was just a tad too cocky…I raise baby squirrels for the ministry of natural resources here in Canada. It’s amazing how bold some of them are!

    Hope you have a great day!


    • I don’t think that woman necessarily signifies Rachel. The foggy face looks better a clear one, leaving space for imagination and interpretation.

      me thinks

    • Hi, Jen. I think her hair is straight because it has been so in the majority of the previous covers. If you stop and look, there are very few covers that have a curly-haired woman. I don’t know why, but there it is.

      Unfortunately because I have different publisher for the books and the graphic novel, I won’t have the chance to borrow stuff from one to promote the other. (shrug)

      You have a great day, too.

  31. Hawk

    love the cover How many pages is this book you no me always wanting more and is one of the worlds most loveliest birds in my unbiased opinion

  32. cat

    Ooo! Great cover! I sort of like that her face is blurred though because it leaves much more to the imagination!

  33. WOW!

    I know that isn’t a big word, but sometimes less is more. Oh screw decorum, WOW! WOW! WOW! The cover is freaking awesome!!!

  34. Love the cover, the fog makes it more mysterious.

  35. Kera

    Hello Ms Kim the site is looking great, very bright. Also i like the face being covered up on the cover. Gives more room for your way of looking at Rachel to take over.

    • Hi, Kera. I like the cover for the same reason you do! Imagination paints a nice picture.

      I’m still tryint to decide if I like the new layout for the drama box, but I like the changes at the main site.

  36. Linda (germany)

    Wow. Poor squirrel. But happie hawk. 😉

    I like your new layout. But the old one was also good.

  37. Susie

    Yep, stupid squirrel. When you get a second chance in life; be grateful, take it, and run like heck. Don’t look back and fuss about it.

  38. I like the fog. Still think there should be posters made.
    Hawk is beautiful. The nesting sight of the campus falcons will be happening when the weather breaks I think.

    I love the updated website!
    This link: http://kimharrison.net/Extras.htm (bottom timeline, including the much maligned Rosalind Franklyn, first scientist to photograph the double helix, and ignored and denigrated for years by the history books, (a pat on the back Kim!) and this link of author offices (Odd, I think I only saw one male in the bunch, Jim Butcher) http://www.paigecuccaro.com/html/the_cave.html There is one authors office that makes me want to use post it notes on her. Don’t get me, I’ve enjoyed many of her books, but she is the post it queen. Wonder what she did before their invention 🙂

    • Susie

      She wrote her first book in the late 80’s, and sold her first in 93, so I don’t think she ever had to work without them. You should have seen the pic of her next to her wall of post-its- color coded by which series they went for.

    • suzannelazear

      Mud, I don’t know why the tot chose WI, she’s never been there. But she does watch a TV show where the MC is from WI then moves to Los Angeles to be on a TV show…

    • Thanks, Mud. I’m pretty happy about the cover, too. Mmmm, I’ve seen Paige’s site before. Isn’t that something?

  39. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    Talk about your Kodak moments! I hope Jenks and the kids are safe. I know that at first you may feel bad for the squirrel but it’s his own fault that he is dead. He was stupid and it got him killed. A smarter squirrel would have seen the danger and ran farther up the tree before stopping to cuss out the hawk. 🙂

    The new cover is one of the best ever. I like it.