Wish it would snow

Just a little.  I could use being snowed in right about now.  Snow is peaceful, even when you have to shovel it.  There is  that same peace to be found while you’re shoveling snow that you get when you’re digging in the garden. 

Why am I pining for snow?  This morning, I saw a post with a little spot of white on top, which turned out to be a peeling tag, but it looked like snow–a little spot of light in an otherwise dreary day.   I wouldn’t mind being snowed in at all right now.  Just for a day.

I spent half the weekend revamping the website and preparing to switch over to the colors in the new cover of BLACK MAGIC SANCTION, which I should get permission to post this week.  The new cover is up on Amazon at the pre-order spot, which means it’s just a matter of time.  (grin)  I’ve got to do some tweaking on the navigation colors on the home page, and then make a new banner for here, but other than that, I think the website is good to go for another year.  I went back and made new banners for the earlier books, and that was fun, even if the only place you can see them is at the book’s individual pages.

My posts might be a tad shorter this week as I try to jam as much in before the holidays as I can, so for today, I wish it would snow.



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70 responses to “Wish it would snow

  1. Frotee

    We’ve had bits of snow since saturday, though nothing really lasted. I guess it’s even a little too cold for snow now, although we even had some this morning – few and tiny flakes, much so small to make a difference. If we had some real snow now, it might even last; -4°C must be good for something 🙂

    I hope you’ll get some snow Kim!

    Greetings from Germany, Carina

  2. Kristy

    In MN we have pleanty, you’re more than welcome to take it all away… My niece and nephew are loving it though so you may have to fight them for it

  3. Jessica

    You have a better chance at snow than I do, Kim. I’m in Aiken, SC (about 2 hours south of you). But yeah, the cold combine with the rain and just not cold enough to snow is just a tease.

  4. Becca K.

    I wish we had snow too, all we have here in NYC is freezing rain. yuck.

  5. Mike

    Oh, so I can blame all this white stuff that we’re getting here on you. I knew I couldn’t be me to blame because I didn’t ask for any snow this time.

  6. Marsha

    That was one of the best things about living around Sacramento. Every winter we could drive up to Truckee, play in the snow until it got too cold and wet, then go home! It was great. Your weekend blog was fun, and I think it shows why I’m a reader, not a writer. Lots of fun playing with the other kids i n the sandbox though. Thanks.

  7. Jeannie

    I have to say I can’t agree with your views on the snow-I’m in Ohio, after growing up in Florida-HATE the cold and with snow comes cold. Snow itself is pretty, now if we could just make warm weather snow, aaahhh. But I do hope you get your wish, down there…Love the cover. Hope you had a good weekend and a better week. I found everyone’s GN words very funny. Loved it and laughed a lot!!

    • Hi, Jeannie. I hate the cold, too. (laugh) But I like looking at the snow, and being in it on MY terms, not six in the morning scraping my windshield. That’s just wrong.

      I had fun with the GN, too. I’ll have to do it again when we get closer to the release date, and then give you the real dialog.

  8. gothar

    I just notice her face is hidden behind some cloudy, fog or something. I always thought it was my crappy screen but it isn’t

    • Hi, Gothar. Yup, they went with cloudy fog for the final cover, but I will have the original up for you at the website, too, so you can compare the two. 😉


  9. LOVE the cover for BMS!

    And you can have CA’s snow. We don’t want it!

  10. Karen

    Love the new bookcover. I’ve read some folke mentioning a preview, is one out yet. Please, I need a fix untill february23rd!

    • Hi, Karen. Thanks! I like it, too. The preview to it is in the last pages of the mass market of WHITE WITCH, BLACK CURSE, but I should have a short teaser up on the website soon. It’s coming!

  11. Corpse1001

    I moved to Charlotte to escape White Death amoungst other things. It makes my son happy when it falls and me happier when it melts by noon. The book cover looks wonderful and I cannot wait to dig into the new book.

    • Hi, Corpse. –grin– Yeah, Charlotte is about 30 minutes north of me. No snow. I’m glad you like the new artwork! When marketing started leaning toward shadowing her face, I suggested using fog since most of the other covers have fog. I was shocked when they went with it. They probably would have thought of fog, too, but it was a nice surprise.

  12. No snow in Phoenix, but a good amount of rain and chill over the weekend, but I’m quite happy to skip the snow!

    I did preorder the new book. I’m surprised my daughter, Kylie, didn’t pester me already….

  13. Lurker

    I live in SoCal.
    What is this ‘snow’ you speak of?


  14. Hello Ms. Harrison,

    I saw my very first snow last year April, I was working nightshift and wasn’t paying attention to the world outside my shed (doing lambing) because I had quite a few ewes that needed seeing to. I noticed the temperature dropping though, and when I finally stood up out of the muck I realized that some of my sheep were covered in white fluff… It dawned on me what it was so I looked outside and saw snow! Like any crazy foreigner would, i ran out and started playing in it immediately – only to run back into the shed five minutes later to warm my hands! It burned, lol.

    I have to say thank you for the weekend as well, the blog posts were so much fun to read! It was a real example of: “When the cat’s away, the mice come out to play!” And, it’s my pleasure to have made you laugh and your weekend, 🙂 see it as thanks for all the times that you’ve made mine by making me laugh (and cry, and wish that I could grab one of your characters and strangle them with my bare hands…).

    Have a super day, potentially filled with snow.


    • Hi, Alyssa. Mmmm, isn’t that an odd feeling? Something so cold that it burns? You wait out in it for the bus long enough, and you get sick of it, but it’s beautiful when you’re warm.

      I had fun this weekend reading all your creativity on my page. Thank you!


  15. julia

    heyy kim
    its beeen while since i came. i been on vacation..how’s it going? what did i miss these past 4 months ? i want to know everything! :))

    • Hi, Julia! Nice to have you back! You want everything that’s happened in four months?! (laugh) Dude, you’re going to have to hit the archives. There’s been a years worth of good and bad the last four months, and I’m not up to a “Kim’s Year in Review.” (grin)

    • mudepoz

      Thanks to the PTB. Do you realize how many Newsletters we get from various students and friends that recap their WHOLE YEAR, no matter how boring?

  16. Heya Kim! Homepage is looking good! Over here it snowed a bit yesterday. I came home around midnight and in front of my car the rain turned into snow, it was beautiful! I read a great sentence last week: In the first snow of the year you never get cold.” I like it, it’s so quiet and peaceful. sigh. So looking forward to Christmas, yay! Have a great week, aimée

  17. Scott S, Clovis CA

    Hey! I thought you left the midwest to get AWAY from all the snow? Make up your mind, already….
    Love the cover of BMS. So far no one has commented on Charlaine’s promo quote. Wow. Can’t get much better than that!

  18. Hope you had a good weekend, and a good laugh at our ideas on GN. Watching the ideas fly was so fun.

    Feb 23rd was already a special date for me (being Agent Scully’s birthday. Yeah, dork here), now i have something else to remember it by. This will also be the first time i’ll indulge myself on a hardcover. Really looking forward to it.

    I understand what you mean with getting snowed in. It took me living in a town that hasn’t seen snow in history to make me realize i did love that pristine, peaceful white despite saying that i detested cold. What you pictured is something i’m saving for my retirement. If i get one.

    By the way, i wanted to ask about the SASEs. Is Guy done with posting the back? I appreciate the time and effort you spend on it.

    • Hi, Ezgi. Ooooh! You’re going for the hardcover this year? (grin) Very cool. It’s a good one, I think you’ll like it.

      Guy has caught up with the backlog, and the only thing sitting on our dining room table is what came in this weekend. You should have it soon if you’re in the US, but international stuff can sometimes get hung up in customs for weeks, months in Germany.

    • mudepoz

      Thank goodness. I kept telling to put it off…I think we might be in sync now…I need a t-shirt for my Kim. Who was with me at the signing in Illinois and started me on your books 🙂 Another ebil person.

  19. srettagliata


    I’m wishing for snow, too. It’s not Christmas without snow, but I have a feeling I won’t get any in time. 😦 Fingers crossed you get yours.

  20. Frederique

    We don’t get snow here 😦 I have to drive up into Big Bear to find snow and good hot spiced cider (sorry I’ve been on the hunt for a good cider for a while). Good luck getting everything done before the holidays. I know I’m stressed to finish it all before the Winter Solstice, I’m making scarves for everyone in my family and I’m very new at crocheting lol. I just finished my first scarf ever on Friday night and I finished my second last night. I’m feeling quite accomplished.

    P.S. I was just wondering if you got the bracelet and earrings I made you?

    • Hi, Frederique. Oh no! Didn’t you get my thank you, card? I’m sure I sent one out. (pout)

      That’s great you’re making scarves! I made some for my gargoyles. They looked cold out there. (laugh)

    • Frederique

      I haven’t gotten the key yet, maybe I’ll get it today *fingers crossed*

      Scarves for your gargoyles? Hehehe! My gargoyles are inside so they don’t get so cold. Funny enough my largest gargoyle carries my old fashioned key around his neck to keep it safe for me.

  21. I usually love snow but i am a little tired of it right now. You can have the 5 foot drift that was behind my garage door last Tuesday and runs the length of my driveway. :o)

    • Duffman, one of my fondest memories is playing in a dug-out snowdrift my grandpa made beside his garage. He actually dug a cave out of it. It was very cool to my young self.

  22. Phil

    Oh, i second Antonio’s thank you for the fun weekend post… 😉

  23. I am right there with you. I grew up in the snow belt and now, well NC isn’t exactly a Winter Wonderland. I am hoping an upcoming trip to PA will provide some frosty fun!

  24. Phil

    We haven’t had snow yet, and i can’t say i miss it … and now that i’ve said that, we’ll probably get a blizzard! *sneeze*

    I was in b&n over the weekend and saw the mm WWBC, only ONE copy left! I resisted peeking at the teaser, though, since I always try to avoid spoilers.
    Have a good week, Kim, and everybody!

  25. Antonio Rich

    Hey – Thanks for letting us play this weekend. It was a trainwreck. But FUN!

    Finished a book last week that had 134 chapters in about 500 pages. And, there was so many points of view/narrators (at least a dozen) that it was really hard to warm to the characters and get into the storyline. Question: If you were NOT to write a novel in 1st person, how would you approach telling a story with so many characters?

    • Hi, Antonio. If it were me, I’d write it in third person, and stick to two character’s POV, one for the protagonist’s side, one for the antogonist. It might take some creative writing to make it work with only two POVs, but the writer is the one who should be doing the work, not the reader.

  26. Kylie Ru

    I wish it would snow! We did get rain yesterday, for which I was ecstatic. I think it snowed up north. Flagstaff, maybe. Oh! So I looked at WWBC on Amazon, did the little “look inside” thing, and managed to find the teaser. Then I did a little happy dance ’cause I didn’t think I would be able to read it. Started reading . . . Yup, Pierce pops up, I click the next page button, and Rachel gets attacked by something! In the middle of Pierce talking! It took me a bit to realize seven pages were skipped. Then I twitched.

  27. Indy

    Hi Kim!!! I would be more than happy to donate any snow we get here in Indiana to you in SC. How about we switch, send some warmth and sunshine uphere and snow for you? 🙂 Since I no longer get snow days, which I so miss, I just like a light dusting on Christmas, and that’s it.~Indy

  28. mudepoz

    Make it go, make it go, make it go.
    I almost DON’T mind the freezing rain. The snow is melting, leaving…mud. And muddy paws. Festooning my home with my logo 🙂 Try white noise and you too can be insulated from the world without the inconvenience of cold white stuff. Good luck getting caught up. I’m still painting my ascaris, have a sore throat, and got nothing but dog grooming done this weekend. Checking your website…

    • mudepoz

      Cheez. Sucked me in, didn’t ya. Of course I ordered it. NOW, before you do what you did earlier this year with several books so I ended up ordering a bunch but at different times…WHAT ELSE IS LURKING? Other than Ms. Hunter’s Bloodcross, which I also ordered. S

      *Muttering* Ebil author. Ebil author. This is why I keep coming back? To be enticed into purchasing way early and away from my new community bookstore because I have NO impulse control. Sigh.

    • Mud, you’re fun. (grin) You should see the tiny prints my pups make. They are so sweet, I let them stay on the floor for a while before cleaning them up. Just these tiny little things.

  29. gothar

    We have truckloads if you want it and getting more today.

  30. Vampyre

    Howdy, ma’am

    Happy Monday! Snow is the one thing I don’t have to worry about, much. While it beautiful, I have to say I don’t miss it much. 🙂