Something Fun

I’ve had a stressful week, fabulous, but stressful, and as I finish it out today with hopefully a solid day’s writing, I’ve got something kind of fun for you.  There are no prizes, no awards–and no answers, either!–but I’ve numbered the panels from the graphic novel page I showed you a few days ago, and now it’s time to put words to them!

It’s all in fun, and there are no right or wrong answers, so have fun!  Just one hint.  That is a whistle in Rachel’s hand.



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  1. Christopher


    I-54 Ivy, “I told you not to trust that demon!”
    Rachel, “Hey! I’m already black listed how much worse can it get!!”

    I-55 Ivy, “Why are you carrying that whistle and not your splat gun?”

    I-56 Rachel, “Well gee Ivy, i left my magical Styrofoam and the splat gun is so last week.”

  2. Jamie

    I-53 Troll splashes away.
    Rachel, “Wait I just want to talk to you!”
    I-54 Ivy, “You didn’t really think that whistle would work did you?”
    Rachel, “No, but you never know unless you try.”
    I-55 Ivy, “You can’t do everything yourself, you’re going to get hurt.”
    I-56 Rachel, “I can handle myself Ivy. If you think it’s too dangerous then you should have stayed at home!”

  3. Janis

    I was afraid of what the art might look like, but this is actually very good, and close to what I had in my head for Rachel and Ivy.
    But I seem to be the only person who noticed that Rachel isn’t wearing her pinky ring. It looks like there might be something on her right index finger, but no pinky rings.

    And that’s what my hair looks like if I don’t dry it very, very carefully. Red, too! 🙂

  4. Crystal

    Not to be mean or anything but that is not the way I picture Ivy. Rachel looks great.

  5. jeremy, ca

    (panel one) Were– omg i gotta get away from that frizzy witch
    (panel two) Ivy–“Stop blowing that whistle! You’re scaring all the Weres.
    Give it to me!!!!!” Rachel–” no! its mine. let me have my fun!”
    (panel three) Ivy–“I SAID NOW!!!!!!”
    (panel four) Rachel–“Dont you take that tone with me! i’ll shove this whistle where it doesnt belong!”

    lol ok so that was a little bizarre. but you said have fun with it

  6. Phil

    @Robin … hehe “haughty vamps” (Priceless!)

  7. SeattleRobin

    Okay, here’s my lame attempt:

    1-53: *SPLASH!*
    Rachel: Ivy! It’s getting away!

    Rachel: Give my whistle back. You were supposed to blow it to warn me when it was coming in my direction!

    Ivy: I. Am. Not. Blowing. A. Whistle.

    Rachel: It was a perfectly good plan and you ruined it! (Under her breath: “Save me from haughty vamps.”)

  8. Karen

    Sorry to through things off on a tangent. I just got my “key” and I was wondering if the phone number and extention will be activated for us to call in, and when. Sorry if I’m kibitzing, but I just gotta know.

  9. Phil

    I seem to recall Kim saying she doesn’t get involved with fan fiction and now i can see why, so thanks for the info, Marsha and Mud! 😉

  10. mudepoz

    There is NOTHING I want to do with Hollow’s FanFic. It plain scares me….
    And I suspect I am a bit older than you are.

    There are some writer’s that condone it, but a long time ago, MZB was sued by a rather crazy FanFic writer. I’ve read some, I’ve made some friends thru some of the lists. But I’ve discovered that I prefer the original characters, clones don’t turn me on.

    • Kylie Ru

      Hm, these are rather dangerous waters for me . . . since i write fan fiction. My niche is Beetlejuice, though.

    • Marsha

      I must admit it was a bit shocking to me, but I did not really finish reading the whole scenario (blush). It wasn’t very well written either. I am fairly new to the on-line community and had no idea there was such a place.

  11. mudepoz

    I’m dying here!!!! Fan Fiction gone awry 🙂 *Tosses canon and rolls on ground*

    Trust me, this is great when you have a day collapse…

    • Antonio Rich

      You know when Kim said Rachel was holding a whistle, I immediately flashed on that scene at the end of Sound of Music where that kid is blowing the alarm on the escaping Von Trapps. I thought, “is there any way i could do a Sound of Music/Hallow’s satirical mash-up?” I couldn’t remember the lyrics to stick in Ivy and Rachel’s mouths…!? LOL.

    • Tiffany

      LOL! I like your sense of humor – I happen to know all the lyrics to this baby….oh wait! Antonioooo I think this mashup could be made into a quirky video for the KH Convention…

    • Antonio Rich

      Oooooo! Anytime i can wear a costume and NOT wake up the next morning embarrassed, is cool with me.

    • Marsha

      I am either very old or very naive, or most likely both. I looked up fan fiction since you mentioned it Mud. Specifically I looked up Rachel and Ivy. OMG!

    • Kylie Ru

      I’m sure you noticed there is a TON of Rachel/Ivy? Yeah, I don’t read those ones. No offense to any one.

    • mudepoz

      Honestly, this is one domain I’m not looking to find other people’s POV. There is a place, I think, for FF. I’ve read some amazing work that turned into original characters. I’ve read some books I can guarantee were springboarded from FF. Just doesn’t interest me.

      Unless it’s really silly like this is. Now I want to know exactly where this went.

  12. Phil

    Sorry, i can’t resist going again, so here it goes …
    1-53: RACHEL: The whistle will work, i’m telling you!
    1-54: IVY: Where did you get a whistle?
    1-55: RACHEL: It’s one of Kim’s freebees, okay?
    1-56: IVY: Hush Rachel, we’re not supposed to mention her!

  13. mudepoz

    1-53: Rachel-STOP! In the name of the fashion police!

    1-54: Ivy: What happened? Why did she take off like that?
    Rachel: Hey, it’s not my fault you didn’t tell me she could run like a daughter of a bitch!

    1-55: Ivy: You were only supposed to distract her so I could grab her and give her a pedi! That bitch so needs a total makeover and you let her get away!

    1-56: Rachel: I didn’t KNOW it was a dog whistle! I thought it was great idea to get a subsonic whistle you could hear! How was I supposed to know she’d hear it too! And I wrecked my lipstick and everything!

  14. Indy

    Hi Kim!!! Thanks for the sneak peek into the GN. Can’t wait to see the full thing. Happy Weekend, and boy did I need it!!!~Indy

  15. Tiffany

    Setting the scene: Rachel and Ivy are going on a run to capture a tax evading warewolf. Rachel wanted to work out a plan together, but Ivy was pissed off about being assigned Rachel’s partner, doesn’t think she needs Rachel to do the job, and has told her to wait on the bridge. Rachel of course, does not do that – she came up with her own plan for how to catch a warewolf…

    (1-51/2: Rachel spot the warewolf and blows into the whistle)

    1-53: RACHEL: “Yep. Here he comes ….. STOP!! …. Crap he’s running away!”

    1-54: IVY: “What the hell? Give that to me!”
    RACHEL: “No. Let go, Ivy!”

    1-55: IVY: “Is that a…a DOG WHISTLE?? What, did you think he was going to just come running over here?!?”

    1-55: RACHEL: “Well I didn’t hear you sharing any of your brilliant ideas!”

  16. Antonio Rich

    1-53 “TWEEEEET!”
    (Not for the first time today, did Ivy second guess her decision to play office politics)
    IVY: “Give me that whistle, witch! You were supposed to wait for my signal!”

    1-54 RACHEL: “Wait!? So Denon’s goons can arrest him? Sharp is innocent. You can’t lock him in a cell…He’ll die!”

    1-55 IVY: “That’s not YOUR decision, Rachel. Your not in charge here. You work for the I.S. now.”

    1-56 RACHEL: “You don’t have to tell ME that. Your the one who seem’s to have forgotten!”


    1-53 “TWEEEEET!”
    (Not for the first time today, did Ivy second guess her decision to play office politics)
    IVY: “I TOLD you not to wear that ridiculous skirt. You can barely move!”

    1-54 RACHEL: “I handled it, OK! You’ve been on my ass all day. Give it a break already.”

    1-55 IVY: “Half of Cincinnati has seen you witchy ass today. Why don’t you lean over the railing again and show Kentucky this time?”

    1-56 RACHEL: “Your one to talk! Did you get any help getting into those leather pants this morning, or did you just jump off a building into them?”

    • Marsha

      Love the line about Ivy’s pants.

    • gothar

      version #2 was priceless!!!!

    • Kylie Ru

      I rather liked version #2. Trust a guy to come up with something like that.

    • Tiffany

      Too funny Antonio 😉 I like the first one too – good story elements, maybe even add something about Art in there.

    • Antonio Rich

      I was worried nobody would remember SHARP, the bridge troll from Eden Park either. I was squeezing as much as I could in there. Economy of words and such_HARD_WRITING_ME TRY…

    • mudepoz

      I love Sharp. I asked when he was coming back at Arcana, but Kim wasn’t sure about him 😦
      I’m still trying to figure out if a female were IS a bitch.

    • Antonio Rich

      At the end of ODW Rachel is talking to herself about Sharp being chased out of the water…But, where in the heck would a Troll go!?

      Read the teaser for BMS the other day. Oh man, Al, Pierce, the everafter – it only takes Rache 12 pages to get in a s**tload of trouble! It’s going to be good.

    • Kylie Ru

      Al’s in the teaser?!?! *runs around in a circle* I must read it!!!!! Oh, um, yeah, that’s terribly early for crap to go wrong for Rache.

      I remember Sharp! Just not his name . . . and whenever I think of a river troll I think of the monster from Okami. There’s a part where you have to go into a sunken ship off the Ryoshima Coast, and there’s this giant seaweed monster thing that tries to smash you . . . In order to kill it, you have to lower the water level, then roll a spiked barrel on top of it. Yeah . . . .

    • Jenn

      Sharp! (smacks self in head) I couldn’t remember for the life of me what his name was!
      I loved both of your variations! The first for how accuate I think it is & the second for the humor!
      Thanks for the good read!

    • SeattleRobin

      ROFL, Antonio! I love version two. “Show Kentucky this time.” Hahahaha!

    • Okay, Antonio. I think that last one is the best. (laugh) Bravo!

  17. Marsha

    1-53: “Whoa! I’m outta here.”

    1-54: “Damn, Ivy. You scared him away, and nearly scared me to death
    sneaking up like that”

    1-55: “Magic whistle huh? I thought it was supposed to call weres. THAT
    was a bridge troll”

    1-56: “Well if you hadn’t gone all vampy, I COULD HAVE ASKED HIM

  18. Jemma

    Hey Kim, so I missed this the first time you posted it (.. I’m away from the internet for one day!) and just have to say squeeeeeeee! 😀

    I’m looking forward to this so much. Your penciller is wonderful! You’re right about the facial expressions (and personally I get really fussy about faces being drawn nicely in comics etc) and the body shapes are perfect also. He’s definitely captured the characters essences. Also, I keep staring at the hair, especially Rachel’s. I wish I could get effects like that with just a pencil.

    I’d take a shot at making up some dialouge but right now nothing comes to mind. I might pop back later. 😉

    • Hi, Jemma. How he handled faces was why I wanted to work with him, though there were some other pencilers who had Ivy and Rachel down right from the first page. I wanted him–and the expressions he drew, and I’m so pleased.


  19. Abrelle Poole

    Kinda off topic; I’ve been off the site a while and am ecstatic about the new Hollows book! By the way, did catch unbound and loved it… was just wondering if the new book spawns off of that… would be interesting! I can’t wait! Also wondering if you’ve ever heard of JR Ward, Kim- the books are good, but u need all of the glossary to begin with, whew! Been burning through much of your suggestions while i wait to re-read WWBC and then get your new book! Have i mentioned lately that no one holds a candle to your books! Keep up the great work… we’ll see if u cant get best paranormal author for the millennium!

    • Hi, Abrelle.

      Cool! I’m glad you liked LEY LINE DRIFTER. I’m going to try to bring Daryl and Sylvan back in, yes. We’ll see . . .

      As it happens, I am going to be doing a world book for the Hollows this next year. It should be interesting. I’m so glad you’re enjoying my work so much. Thank you!

  20. Lisa Zurek

    Rachel- (blows whistle) “Everyone, out of the water. Shark!!!!!”
    Ivy- “Rachel, that’s not funny.”
    Rachel-“I always wanted to do that!”

  21. 53 – Ivy (offscreen): Give me that little flute, you amateur!
    54 – Rachel: It’s my flute, and this will work! Everyone knows music soothes the savage beast!
    55 – Ivy: Wanna bet?
    56 – Rachel: I said “Savage beast” not “Savage bitch!”

  22. Lurker

    53 – Now, just where did David go? Oh look, there he is!
    54 – Ivy, gimme that dog whistle. It will NOT work on David, no matter how hot you are for him!
    55 – grrrrrr
    56 – Don’t you go all ‘grrrr’ on me! You blow this whistle here, and who knows what will show up!

    Yeah, I know. I suck, but its fun 🙂

    Was reading yesterdays comments, and apparently I’ve been put in charge of something. Apparently, it is true, the lunatic is in charge! woot! 🙂
    (er… what am I in charge of, again?)

  23. Caitlin

    53- (whimpering)
    54- dammit Ivy! What do you think you’re doing blowing that whistle at my new boyfriend? You might have scared him off forever!
    55- Good
    56- I don’t care if you scare them all away, I’m still not going sleep with you, Ivy!

  24. Mike

    1-53: Sound of Troll slogging away
    1-54: Rachel: “Heeeeey, Ivy gimme that back, it’s not yours”
    1-55: I’vy’s eyes going black as she “vamps out”
    1-56: Rachel: “and dammit why does your hair ALWAYS look so much better than mine ?” stupid vamp genes she mumbles under breath.

  25. These are too much fun! You guys have me laughing already, and it’s not even noon yet!


  26. Phil

    1-53. Rachel: Stop that, Ivy!
    1-54. Ivy: Stop WHAT?
    1-55. Ivy: Rachel, if this is going to work, you’ve got to trust me.
    1-56. Then stop looking at me like I’m lunch!

  27. Kylie Ru

    Hm, let’s see . . .

    I-53 ?!

    I-54 Ivy: I told you it wouldn’t work!
    Rachel: But it was supposed to work! It’s a freakin’ dog whistle!

    I-55 Ivy: He isn’t a dog, Rachel!

    I-56 Rachel: Shuddup!

    Hmmmm, this started because I thought it was a werewolf, but maybe it is a river troll? Not my best, but finals are sucking my creative juices. Anyway, hope you have a great weekend and productive Friday, Kim-san. Have fun, and don’t die! And that goes for everybody else! ^_~

  28. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    I’ll give it a shot.

    I-53 >splash splash splash< "Wapner is on in 5 minutes! five minutes to Wapner!"

    I-54 "Rachel! Do you know what time it is?"
    "Umm ….no."

    I-55 "Well it's almost time for the People's Court! Catching that troll can wait, let's go! We have less than 5 minutes!"

    I-56 "Wapner?! That hack! I'm a Judge Judy fan! Don't you ever forget it or you may find this thing in my hand some where the sun don't shine!


  29. cat

    Oohhh!! So exciting1 I can’t wait for this!! Thanks for the sneak preview!

  30. korsee

    hey kim i know this is kinda off topic of your blog but i need your help. i have to due a biographical paper on an author we think is a literary leader for my senior project and no one has ever done you. i have found some info on you but not a lot do you think you could just tell me some more about you? if you could let me know because i have some questions.

  31. LOL, a challenge. Unfortunately one i was quite suck on, lol. Here we go:

    1-53: Rachel: Now you’ve done it!
    1-54: Rachel: *snatches whistle* That’s the last time you blow my whistle.
    1-55: Ivy: Rachel, if you let me blow your whistle, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.
    1-56: Rachel: *points finger.* This is only our first run. There’s four more books to come before you can say stuff like that. Bad vampire, giving away the plot. Bad vamp!

    It’s the way Rachel points her finger at Ivy, I couldn’t help but hear: Bad dog! Bad!! in my head. 🙂

    I admire the fact that you can talk on film! How did it feel in the beginning, (way in teh beginning) when you had just written DWW and you realized that it was popular, (very popular). How did that feel? The popularity, people knowing your author’s name. Knowing what goes on in your head (sometimes…). Was it a bit overwhealming?

    lol, no, you didn’t tell me of the vacation. (though, you might’ve in an earlier blog post, i never went to the archives). That’s about the way i’d do it to, lol. I didn’t use to be so impulsive, but then I traveled (and did migrant work for two years) and… Wanderlust bit hard.
    Anyway, 🙂 Have a great weekend, I hope that you rest out well!


    • gothar

      I 56 🙂 that’s called foreshadowing

    • Frederique

      Hahaha! Brilliant!

    • Antonio Rich

      When I woke up this morning, I had no inkling – none whatsoever – that “let me blow your whistle” would forevermore be ingrained into my brain as a double entendre between two women.

      Bravo, Grasshopper. Bravo.

    • Phil

      You and me both, Antonio!! 😀

    • Phil

      🙂 Your creative genius is showing, Alyssa!!!

    • LOL, I think that history’s proven time and again that there’s a very fine line between genious and insanity… 😉

      Thanks guys!

    • Jemma

      Hehe, love your dialouge. 😉

    • Tiffany

      “There are four more books to come before you can say stuff like that” – hahaha that’s funny Alyssa.

    • Indy

      Now that is some great dialogue….lol

    • mudepoz

      I bow to your gift of innuendo!

    • Alyssa, that is beautiful! (grin) That made my entire weekend. Thank you for the laugh!

      Since you asked about the film crew . . . I’m getting better at it. At least I can actually relax and enjoy myself, now. It helps a lot when you have a professional behind the camera who knows what they are doing and can draw the best of a person out. Every time is easier, and the worst part is thinking, “I could have answered that better.”

      I hadn’t a clue that the books were going to be so popular until about the third or fourth book, and then it was nuts. What goes on in my head does make it to the pages quite often, but it’s all mixed up and blended, giving the characters their soul, so that is okay.

  32. Bob J

    Dear Kim,

    I think 1-53 is a her? No hair on the bare legs. Never mind what looks like bottom of a dress or maybe a T-shirt.

    Have a nice weekend.

    Best regards,

    Bob Jacobs

  33. Linda (germany)

    It’s a troll? Oh I’m so bad. Haha

  34. Linda (germany)

    Well, I think I found some music for skimmer. 🙂

    Stiff Dylans – Ultraviolet

    Okay…hmm…werewolf (well, it is a werewolf, right?), bridge, Ivy, Rachel and a whistle. Maybe they having a run, Rachel is doing her stuff and Ivy is pissed? haha. Becaus Rachel did the run her own way and the werewolf disappeard and that’s why Ivy pissed.

    Or…haha…or Ivy did it wrong. She scared the werewolf, he ran away, she blowed through the whistle and Rachel is freaking out because it was planned otherway. But i don’t think, because Ivy is the controlfreak. When she’s not gping vampy. I love her going vampy…

    Wel,, god I don’t know. You woun’t tell us, right? (grin)

  35. Jenn

    1-53: Rachel watches the bridge troll run under his bridge.
    1-54: Listen Ivy, I KNOW this troll, I’ve been here before & he is NOT agressive!
    1-55: You’re wrong Rachel, he is a menace. Now give me back my whistle!
    1-56: No Ivy, YOU’RE wrong, and I’ll prove it to you!