Black Magic Sanction Tour Schedule

It has been a wild week, what with edit letters coming in, (Third Madison book), good news from NY, (Best Paranormal Fantasy Novel of the Decade.  Wow.), graphic novel sketches coming in, (happy dance!), and a film crew spending the afternoon with me, (No writing today.  It’s all PR.)  I’m going to decompress this weekend like nobody’s business.  (grin)

And a good piece of news for you came in late last night.  I now have the official venues for the Black Magic 2010 tour.  (Insert happy dance here) They aren’t up at the website yet, but I wanted to let you know because there are a few additions in June.   Before you ask me to add your city, I don’t pick the stores.  They are chosen by my publisher based upon how author friendly and willing to promote they are, if they are large enough to do events, if they are a reporting store, and if they sold books when I was there last time.  (You can usually bring in books purchased other places, but they appreciate you buying something while you are there to offset the cost of having me there.  In other words, if they don’t sell books, they won’t ask me back, and who knows when I’ll get another shot there, so if you want me to come back, bring your friends and buy something!  (laugh)  

As you can see by the list, I will be getting out to Portland for a public library conference, but I may be stuck on conference grounds, so no promises.  And I’ll try once more to get to the Virgina Festival of the Book this year.  I apologize for last year.  (A close family member passed, the third of four this past year.  It’s been . . . an adventure.)

Feb 23, Charlotte, NC– Joseph-Beth Booksellers
Feb 24, Cincinnati, OH–Joseph-Beth Booksellers
Feb 25, Dayton, OH–Books & Co.
Feb 26, Ann Arbor, MI–Borders Books & Music (Lohr Rd)
Feb 27, Lansing, MI–Schuler Books & Music
Feb 28, Grand Rapids, MI–Barnes & Noble 28th St.
March 1, Roseville (Minneapolis), MN–Barnes & Noble Snelling Ave
March 19-20, Virginia Festival of the Book–Charlottesville, VA
March 25-27, Public Library National Conference, Portland OR (closed event?)



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84 responses to “Black Magic Sanction Tour Schedule

  1. Kassi

    Heya Kim…

    The book is being released just days after my birthday and I can’t even begin to tell you how EXCITED I am! It stinks that you’re not going to make a stop in Chicago but, you will be near my best friend and my “Ivy”! Happy Holidays and thanks again for making my birthday so much sweeter this year!!

  2. About the tour, Portland is a closed event ?

  3. Kristy

    I’m super super super excited… the Roseville location you’re going to be at is 10 minutes away from me!!!! I can’t wait!

  4. Lisa L

    huzzah venues for the tour … I will quite possibly be in Ann Arbor, since it’s only an hour drive from the house, but I really want to hit Cincy cause I’m a freak and that’s my birthday. Now I just need to scrounge up some money and get a T-shirt for a friend and I.

    • Hi, Lisa. That would be very cool! The Cincy signings are always pretty busy, but I’ve never been to Ann Arbor for a signing, so I don’t know which one will be more busy. (Okay, I was at an Ann Arbor signing once at the University bookstore where I got my four Myth books signed by a skinny, young, Robert Asprin. Dude, he didn’t have a line back then, and I was so geeky. Life is really weird.)

  5. Nate

    OK, hardcore geeked. I actually work at the Barnes and Noble that you are visiting and I am a huge fan. I am hoping I can work the event just so I can meet you in more than just a fan in the line capacity. Yes I’m a fanboy, deal with it 😉

  6. Dee

    I can’t believe the only west coast event and it is closed to the public. I really hope we get a open site. We will be waiting for good news.
    Thanks Dee

  7. greg smith

    kim are you going to come to seattle wa. when your new hollows book is out

  8. David

    Good evening,

    Hi, I couldn’t find a place to post general questions, so I hope it’s okay for me to post it here.

    I’m a huge fan of your books, and I’ve been slowly loaning them to all of my friends to read. I, and most of my friends, are also big role-playing fans. I was wondering if you’ve ever considered making a role-playing expansion out of your universe. Because the world your books take place in is so unique, I think it would be amazing to let people create their own adventures.

    I’m not exactly sure how you would go about doing that, however. Jim Butcher has been developing his own system, and the ETA is up in the air, but I like the idea, and was wondering if this would be something you’d be interested in doing. I’ve been working on making an expansion to a system for personal use, but was wondering if there were plans for anything more official.


    • Hi, David.

      I’ve been watching a writer friend of mine, Faith Hunter, build a gaming plan for her books. After seeing the effort that goes into one, I’ve decided to pass for now. It’s also good to know that the roll-playing rights are usually an added perk when you sell the movie rights, so giving them up might not be the right thing to do in the long run. but I agree that the Hollows lends itself very well to a balanced play just as it is.


  9. Jo

    So sweet! Cinti Ohio….yay! Circled in red on the calendar.

  10. Caitlin

    Portland, OR?? What does closed event mean? I want to be there!

    • It means if you haven’t signed up for the conference, you probably can’t get in. Some will have days that the public is invited for a small fee, like if they are having mass-author signings. Some don’t, and sometimes there is enough time to arrange an off-site signing. I have no idea if this is possible or not. When someone else is paying your way, you generally don’t go off on your own and promote yourself somewhere else. But we’ll see.

  11. Edward

    I know that the economy is still tough, but I do hope we will see you this time around at the VA Festival of The Book. My wife was very disappointed when you had to cancel last year, but her hopes were renewed when I told her you plan to be there this coming March.

    After many years of disinterest in reading, I introduced my wife to Rachel Morgan and now she reads constantly (and loves your Hallows books most of all). So pleeeaaassse don’t let anything stop you from being there–you will make her year.

    • Hi, Edward. It’s on the schedule, so I don’t see a problem with not making it this time. That is wonderful that the Hollows got your wife interested in reading! I can’t wait to meet her.


  12. I thought I read yesterday that you were going to be Kansas City but it is gone today. Did I just dream that or are you going to be close enough to me that I can meet you and get you to sign a book. :o) I already asked my wife and she said it would be OK for us to go down and meet you so I hope you are going to be there.

    • Hi, Duffman. I am, but I was asked to keep it quiet until all parties have been informed. Ur, that kind of info is nice to know when you get it, not after the fact. See you there! 😉

  13. Hello there!
    Well, lol, more book signings to go to! Mwahahahaha… “Dear mum, seeing as how i’ve missed the last one, I’ve decided to become a book signing tour groupie in Feb. Please feed my fish.”
    It would be quite a trip as you’ve said, lol. Though not beyond me to do something so wild (planned a back packing tour through Aus in a week after I decided: “Hmm, i think I want to go… Next week!”) I think that would take the cake. I hope it’s going to be tons of fun!

    Last day before the weekend! I hope the television thing went well.

    • Hi, Alyssa.

      The filming went fabulous, and I am so much more confident now. It’s amazing how well a professional can bring out the best in a person. Still . . . it’s not my favorite thing to do. I’d rather be writing. (laugh)

      Mmm. Did I ever tell you that I planned an entire two week vacation out west in two days? One Friday, said to Guy, “I’ve got some time. Let’s go.” And by Friday next, we were gone. I was good with it, but Guy was kind of surprised.


  14. Tiffany

    OMGosh Kim I just read yesterday’s post!!! It looks great! I’m so excited!! I don’t recall if you mentioned before that the story will be about Rachel and Ivy’s first run!! (ok all my sentences are exclamations, but I can’t help myself!!!! LOL).
    PS – I can’t believe they aren’t sending you further west than Minnesota 😦

    • Hi, Tiffany. (grin) I’m pretty excited, too. And yes, the graphic novels are that golden year where Rachel interned under Ivy. Lots of fun stuff, but alas, no Al or Jenks. (pout) But we have Kisten in a tub of hot water!

      Hang tight on the tour cities. I have a young adult tour the first week in June that ventures farther west.


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  16. Woo Hoo! You’re coming to Michigan. I’m excited now since that’s a lot closer than Dayton, Ohio. 🙂

  17. Aurora O.

    Hi Kim! I have to say that I am quite disappointed that there will be no book signing in Portland, OR for this book! I have been to the last 4(?) and was looking forward to another one! If we can go to the library conference will you sign our books?

    • Hi, Aurora.

      I’m not sure, but I don’t think the conference is open to the public. Hang tight. It’s really early in the planning. I might get off site.

      It would be great to see you again. 😉


  18. Becca K.

    Speaking of New York…are you visiting anytime soon? lol

    btw, are there any signs of ComicCon this year? I was so bummed I couldn’t make it last year.

  19. Linda (germany)

    You don’t have any music for skimmer…

  20. Impy

    It’s such a bummer that you have a whole Alcatraz theme going and yet they aren’t sending you to San Francisco this time around! The more’s the pity, that being local for me, but at least I can get excited about how the characters, at least, are coming to my neck of the woods. Maybe. Or talking about it a lot. Or referencing it in enough of a way that it prompted keys—keeeeeeeeeeeys.

  21. Renee

    Okay, Charlotte isn’t unreasonably far away from Tampa only about 9 hours or so. I could make it a road trip. My biggest concern will be the temperature difference, I’m not sure I own suitable winter clothing (80 degrees here yesterday =).

    I hope your tour in the southern states goes well. If it does, maybe your publisher will book you down south more often. *cough* Florida*cough*

    • OMGosh, Renee. I’m not going to say that that would be the farthest a reader has come to see me, but it’s close. I’ll also be in Atlanta the first week in June. Much, much closer. (grin) More details as I get the OK to release them. (grumble, grumble)


  22. Marsha

    Oh wow! I’m only a couple of hours from Atlanta, that’s exciting. since my boss is a fan of your books, in fact it was she who introduced me to the series, I’ll get her to come too. It has been an exciting week for you. Your good news about DWW has given me a great idea for a gift…see we can have teasers too.

  23. Chelikins

    It looks like a wonderful venue.. only the closest one to me is during the week and I will be out of vacation days… now if you could just scoot it to a Sat or Sun.. we would be talking! 😉 Maybe next year.

    • Hi, Chelikins.

      Mmmm, sorry. It’s pretty much set before I’m given the go to put it on the web. But as you say, maybe next year. I’ve also had people bring them in for their friends at work . . . . You’d miss the Q&A, but at least have a signed copy?


  24. Phil

    Wait, no northeast tour? NY is clamoring for one, we feel unloved, abandoned … 😦 Too dramatic? I suppose i could move to San Diego! Okay, waking up from dream now and getting real!

    Seriously, it sounds like an exciting tour! I guess i can always live vicariously thru those who get to the signings and share their joy! 😉

    Have fun with the film crew, Kim!

    • Thanks, Phil. The day went more smoothly that I could have imagined, and I held off my panic until about six hours after they left. (laugh)

      I’m sure I’ll get to the NE before _too_ much longer.


  25. Stephanie

    YAY!!!! You’re coming to Georgia! I will be there with bells on!

  26. Tia-Marie

    Will there every be a signing in Canada? Specifically Alberta? Hell I’d travel anywhere in Alberta for a signing and a chance to meet you!

  27. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am.

    Atlanta?! That’s only 250 miles from me! Now I am torn. I want to be a part of the BMS tour and see you in Charlotte but Atlanta is 90 miles closer. Oh what to do?!

    Go to Charlotte? Go to Atlanta? Go to both? (Kim/Guy get a restraining order?)

    Contest idea for the GN sketch from the last post Coloring! is it legal for us to download it color it and send it to you digitally for judging?

    • Hi, Vampy. I’ll be happy to see you at either, place.

      Oh, I don’t think I want the aggrevation of a coloring contest. I have no idea how that might work with the legal rights, seeing as it’s a work in progress. How about a “fill in the blank” contest, instead?


  28. SeattleRobin

    Bummed you won’t be in Seattle. But since I got to see you twice in the area this year I guess I can’t complain too much.

    I figured it out. It’s Ivy’s hairdo that threw me off the most in the GN drawings. The ponytail being high up instead of low. It’s funny what our minds do with little details like that. Still loved the drawings though and I like what you said about how you wanted Ivy’s Asian features to be more dominant for the GN.

    I read your comments from yesterday about the Amazon reviews for WWBC too. I didn’t feel they were nasty so much (though it’s been months since I read them), but there was a lot of disappointment I couldn’t really relate to. I think the problem is that a lot of people like really formulaic stories and they want things to be very fast-paced. It’s like they don’t have the patience for a really good read with some depth.

    My review said it was a transition novel in the series and that I liked that it was paced differently and we got to see a lot of good character interaction between Ivy, Rachel, and Jenks. I liked how it both wrapped things up for old issues and set the stage for the things to come. But then I’m one of those people who can really enjoy one of those slower, meandering type novels from a Southern writer right after reading a barn burner thriller. 🙂

    • Antonio Rich

      WWBC was the only time (probably the first AND last) i wrote a review for Amazon. I thought some aspects of the negative reviews were “understandable” but i thought there was ALOT of “piling on” as well. When people get emotionally invested in art they can sometimes get overly bent out of shape when things don’t happen “that they WANT to happen.” I hope some of those who got an ARC are prepared to write a review. It always seem the negative reviewers are “more eager” to write theirs first!?

    • becca

      well said!!
      i think kim wouldnt have said it much you channel by any chance lollol

    • I’ve got so many people in my head, it might be nice to be a voice in someone else’s once in a while. (laugh)

      Thank you for the review, Antonio! It wasn’t so much that there were a huge number of bad reviews, but that they got stuck as the feature review, and hung there the entire release. Blahh. I should know better than to go to Amazon. 😉


    • Hi, Robin.

      I’m going to miss Seattle, too. I do my shopping there for tour clothes. sigh

      Hey, thank you for your review. I really appreciate that! You’ve no idea! (grin)


  29. Lurker

    San Diego, yay! Although I’m pretty much…ok, well, definitely not in the ‘young adult’ demographic, I will so be there for the Madison thing.
    Woot, grats on all the.. the.. stuff! 🙂

  30. mudepoz

    Maybe Roseville or MI, DEFINITELY Chicago. It’s so much fun to listen to your readers questions! Is Madison being released in May? What a great week you had! Congrats!

    How old is your home? Oak is a fairly hard wood to rot out. Gick.

    Off to battle insects and below zero temps. I should have gone to the Eukanuba Invitational in Long Beach CA. Sigh.

    • Antonio Rich

      MP – I say we all meet up in San Diego. LOVE San Diego. We could make it our first National KH Convention!

      We’ll put Lurker in charge. Tiffany can come down from LA(i think she’s from LA?). There are a TON of KH fans out there on the west coast…

    • Vampyre

      Only 5 fans? Sorry it’s a bad joke about weight…we all know there are no fat people in SoCal.


    • Antonio Rich

      There will be if i show up, Vampy.

      6 months until San Diego – enough time to lose 25 pounds to make my fighting weight.

    • Tiffany

      Is Kim going to be in SD in May?? I didn’t see that. San Diego I can definitely make! And yes, between her west coast fans and an as yet to be created “convince your significant other that San Diego is the place to be for a vacation in May” package 😉 highlighting of course, the afore mentioned KH Convention 🙂 …. Sounds fun – let’s do it!

    • Frederique

      I would totally go if it was in SD. It’s about 200 miles away but that’s totally drivable 🙂 Carpool anyone?

    • Yes! San Diego, please! I live here, and May would be awesome! Please, please, please!!!

    • mudepoz

      I was reading these via email. Hold on Antonio, we’re having a convention WITHOUT the guest of honor? Sheesh, watch how rumors build up speed!

      Then again *Thinks* bet we could get a BIG cardboard picture of Kim and give it a prominent display at the beach.

    • You guys are fun. (laugh)

    • Antonio Rich

      She’s scheduled to be in San Diego for the Madison tour…I saw that somewhere…may,june?

    • Hi, Mud. The Q&A is my favorite part, and yes, Madison is being released May 25th.

      Mmmm, as for the tree that fell over? It’s been standing deadwood for about three years. I agree that oak is hard to rot out, but between the termites and carpender ants, It never had a chance. It snapped off right at the base and left the roots. Three more years, and it will be dust.

      I think we have your cold weather, now. It’s 28 and dropping.

  31. Andrew Matner

    Hi Kim,
    are there any plans for a book signing tour in the UK?
    How well do the books sell in the UK? Ive come across them as paperback in stores, but never hardbacks and I’ve not seen in the charts. Which saddens me because the charts over here in the UK are flooded supernatural novels cashing in it seems on the abysmal Twilight series.

    I learned about The Hollows from a friend as she did in turn. Now its our 1st topic of conversation when we meet up. I’m just about to finish book 4 and I’m making my friend Bonnie a little jealous by picking up editions with the saucy USA covers lol.

    • Hi, Andrew.

      They don’t actually publish the books in hardcover in the UK. I’m strictly paperback there, but you can always import them. 😉

      That is so cool that you have someone to talk Hollows with! And yes, the US covers are a little more spicy, aren’t they? (grin)


  32. becca

    great new all week for you,you can to no wrong!!ask for a pay rise!!lol
    good news on the tour..still no uk dates(puppy eyes!!)
    been keep my eye out for the post man every day the family think ive lost the plot…looking for my prom from you they dont get it(eye roll)
    your xmas present should be with you soon,no peeking!!lol
    sorry ‘guy’not one for you again but it you take a liking to it you will have to fight the boss for it

    becc uk

    • Hi, Becca. Trust me, if I was going to the UK, I think you’d hear a small explosion from halfway around the world. (grin)

      Mmmm, a package? I’ll keep an eye out for it!


  33. Jenn

    You’re coming to MI? Ohhhh I’m so excited….I’m going to do my best to make it to one of those! I’m in Ontario CA which is right above MI. Maybe my girlfriend & I can make a road trip down there!

    The other item, what’s the TV crew for? When will we be able to view it? Hope you have fun with it!

    I’m glad that you are having such a great week, for all the work you do, you deserve to have it all come back to you. You have enriched a lot of lives. Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate it. Thank you.


    • Antonio Rich

      I hope it’s the “Project Paranormal” people. They do a great job with author interviews…

    • Nope. But the crew I had out here was perfect for a very nervous me. (laugh)

    • Hi, Jenn. That would be fabulous to see you! I don’t know if I’ll ever get up your way any time soon. And thank you for your last comment. Thank you, very much.

      The film crew was taking footage for promoting BLACK MAGIC SANCTION, so we’ll see it fairly soon. Probably around the first of the year, I’m guessing?


    • Jenn

      I told my hubby last night that I’m coming down…didn’t ask, just told him…lol…I said I would either go with my girlfriend or he could come with me…(grin)…I just had to put my foot down!

      I can’t wait to see the vid…I’m sure it’s going to be awesome!

      P.S. I’ve told my hubby that I want BMS in my stocking this year! And I know I’ll get it since he’ll make me go pick it out…hehe! Have a great day!

    • Jenn

      Wait…lol…wrong book in stocking! I’m getting ahead of myself…(grin) WWBC! That’s what I want!

    • That’s what’s out righ now, Jenn! But if you’re lucky, you might know someone in the industry and get an early copy of BMS.