Hardly got any sleep last night

First, let me say that I love to sleep.  I might even go as far to say that lately, I’ve use my bed as a carrot to get through the more tiring of days.  Putting a heated mattress pad on the bed has been like heaven.  (Ten minutes on high right before bed, then turning it off makes for a long sigh of pleasure when you slip between the sheets.)

Okay, now that I’ve got your attention.  😉

But last night, I went to bed wired because I got the okay from my Del Rey publisher to show you an early page from the graphic novel.  She was reluctant at first, because it’s going to be summer 2011 before it will see the light of day, and I agree that it’s way too soon for teasers, but OMGosh, I really like what is going on, and I had to share it with you, and after hearing the downright pleading in my voice, she gave in and we agreed on a page.

Our pencilest is Pedro Maia, and I am totally wowed by what he has done with my awkward first attempt at a script.  I wanted to work with him because I was blown away by his facial expressions as well his fabulous cityscapes in his samples.  I was also impressed when he took my sketchy description of what it looks like when Ivy vamps out, and evolved it into this breathtaking visual moment that I just stared at and shouted, “That’s it!” and pretty much danced around the room.  The page I have for you doesn’t show Ivy vamping out.  (There is a series of two pages in a car that I just stared in awe at.)  You’re going to have to wait.  But go beyond the cut for the bigger picture to see the first glimpse of an angry Ivy and a frustrated Rachel on their first run together.  Neither one is in a very good mood.  (laugh)

There is no possible way in creation that Rachel and Ivy are going to look as everyone pictures them in their mind.  But the expressions, the movement, the soul of these two women are here, and I am . . . happy.

Larger picture beyond the cut.


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  1. Wow! Just checked out this penciler, Pedro Maia. His cityscapes are really top-of-the-line. Check him out: http://www.glasshousegraphics.com/creators/pencilers/pedro%20maia/index.htm This guy can really draw … and he was born when I was a sophomore in college (feeling really old now!)

  2. Kathy L

    O.K. I thought Rachel would look a little more like you. No charm to straighten her hair? Maybe later.

  3. Kathy L

    Hey, haven’t been on in awhile and was really stoked to see the pencil drawings. Ivy’s lips should be a little fuller(don”t you think). Other than her being a tad masculine (hope that’s not cause she’s bi) I loved them.

    • Hi, Kathy. There is no way that any character can be made to match everyone’s imagination, but I’m taken aback at your suggestion that she might look masculine because she’s bi. Ivy is beautiful. (When she’s not yelling at Rachel)

  4. Aargh – I always type that wrong – The link is http://www.colorsmith.com/RachelPg1.jpg. Oops!

    • Rob, that’s very cool! I like what you’ve done, but seeing as I’m going through a publisher who is funding the distrubution, packaging, and marketing, you can understand why they want to be the only one’s supplying the artwork. It’s their baby. I’m sorry, but that’s the way they roll. 😉

      It did happen faster than I thought it might, but the Hollows seems to have picked up a lot of speed lately.

  5. I remember talking with you about this when you were signing in Seattle – it happened faster than you had expected back then! I know you were looking for something really unique, and I’m glad you found it! I tried to start something for you, but alas, I spent about 8 hours on it, and realized I couldn’t keep up a reasonable timetable on it. You can see my attempt here: http://www.colorsmtih.com/RachelPg1.jpg – of course, now that I realize they are looking at Summer 2011, I could have done 400 pages for you by then! LOL. But I’d still love to do some covers for you, or even make bookmarks out of the pictures I gave you in Seattle. Just need some sort of Rachel-like quotes to put on them (hmmmm…)
    Meanwhile, Congrats for getting this off the ground – can’t wait to see how the final pages look! – Rob

  6. Stephanie

    Now this looks like a very interesting and exciting new venture. Good on ya and keep writing and I’ll keep reading (only a little behind you guys in the States) but your books do filter on over here in the UK.
    I’m glad that I found you as an author, your books are now a must read (to read and read again).
    Thank you.

    • Thank you, Stephanie! I’m so glad you found the books and are enjoying them. Watch out for spoilers the first month of the US release. They always delay it for the UK.


  7. Kiraglade

    looks awesome and I choose to look at it this way… 2 hollows books in one year WOO HOO!!!!
    Oh and on a side note, I discovered my young sister in law has a friend called Rachel Morgan =)

  8. jeremy, ca

    first off, thank you for the teaser. secondly, i feel some how dissapointed. i understand what the artist was doing. They clearly displayed Ivy’s asian features and racherl’s frizzy hair, but it just seemed like it was too bold. i always saw the features to be more subtle. But as you say, not everyone can be satisfied by what turns out. In the end, i guess i just had the characters faces based off my friends, and that is why they don’t make me awe over them. thanks again!

    • Hi, Jeremy.

      I dictated pretty clearly what I wanted to see to the artist, and had several chances to make changes. So what you see here is EXACTLY what I wanted. To be honest, Ivy is not exactly what I see in my head when I think of her, but she is exactly how I wanted her on the page, her Asian heritage very strong because of its inherant beauty.

    • Okay, it’s hard to see her inherant beauty because she’s yelling, but you get the picture.


  9. Aww, man. I’m really excited to see this when it’s done and I’m even more excited for you, Kim. 😀 You deserve it. 😉

  10. Sara

    I thought Rachel was shorter too, but love her pic. I though Ivy would be prettier, more exotic looking. She is suppose to be a hybrid right, half American and half Asian?

    • It’s hard to see with just one panel, but yes, Rachel is shorter than Ivy. You don’t think Ivy is pretty? Okay, I’ll give you that. You’re only seeing her when she’s mad. Trust me, in the rest, she is gorgeous.


  11. tattoolady

    Oh My Goddess! Ivy Looks just like i imagined her to look!!! i am doing the biggest happy dance EVER for you and how the book looks! i am really looking forward to BMS and the graphic novel. my poor husband is counting down the days until he is a “hollows widower” for a couple of days. *sigh. if only he would read them than he would understand. i hope that all is well with you and yyour family. did you get hit by the storm that seems to have hit the rest of the country?-tattoolady

    • Hi, Tattoolady.

      Cool! I’m so glad Ivy hit the mark for you. 😉 Isn’t she beautiful? sigh.

      We did get a couple days of rain, and we had an old, rotted oak fall away from the house in the middle of the night, but we’re good here, thank you. No flooding.


  12. Renee

    Wow, good thing there will be plenty of distractions for us readers in the form of new novels releases. Otherwise 2011 would seem too far away.

    I’m particularly excited about the graphic novel for two reasons. I’m a bit of a comic book nerd and I recall you posting a bit about it being from Ivy’s point of view. Her character is enigmatic in the books, and she is so beautifully flawed that it’s difficult to pin thoughts to actions. Reading her actual thoughts on events would make her seem more real. Although, I’ll admit it does add a level of fun to the novels to try and puzzle out her actions on your own.

    Congratulations on the progress of the graphic novel, and I hope there will be one or two more teasers down the road.

    • Hi, Renee. Yes, the GN will not impact the regular Hollows schedule, so that is a plus. And yes, this is from Ivy’s POV. It was time.

      Very cool that you’re a comic book nerd! My brother was, too. 😉

  13. Becca K.

    I LOVE today’s post, Kim. 😀 It looks pretty darn great. I’m surprised how great Rachel’s hair looks, haha. And Ivy? Man, oh man, Ivy. It’s not what I pictured at all but at the same time..it’s just SO Ivy. Did that make sense? I can’t wait to see everyone else, especially Jenks, Al, and Kisten. How will I survive?!

  14. Jenny

    I think it’s great you are so pleased. If you are so excited by the art then it doesn’t matter what we see in our heads. This is it. Ivy’s facial expression is just so on the edge of turning into a very scary vampire. Nice. 🙂 Thanks for thinking of us.

  15. Kylie Ru

    o_O” . . . they look angry. It looks amazing! Waitasec! If this is before DWW does that mean there’s no Al?! What about Trent? I’m glad Kisten’s going to be in it, but . . .

    Congrats on yesterday’s happiness! Best book of the decade? That is one seriously wicked awesome accomplishment!

    • Thanks, Kylie! I’m still jazzed about the B&N acknowledgement.

      Yes, they are angry! But when you get two strong women, not afraid to yell . . . (grin) It’s been fun watching them realize they might be wrong.


  16. Marsha

    Wow your blog is getting busy…does it go crazy after a book is released? I think it’s amazing that you take the time to connect with us this way. Thanks for the peek at the GN, I love Rachel’s hair. I am looking forward to being able to put words to the expressions. Right now it is a bit like watching TV without sound 🙂 The characters look much more like I imagined than I expected. I always thought that Ivy would be the most difficult to capture.

    • Hi, Marsha. It is a little nuts lately, but there have been some majorly cool things to talk about. When there is a release, I don’t even write for several weeks.

      I’m glad you like the peek! Friday, I’m going to have a “fill in the blank” contest. (grin) And you’re right that Ivy was the most difficult. I asked for a lot of revisions on her before we were good to go. Rachel was good from the very first sketch.


  17. Linda (germany)

    Are there any news about making a film, yet? Well, new news 😉

    • Hi, Linda.

      Golly, no. I don’t think anyone wants to touch the Hollows. Done right, it would be a major effort that would involve sensitivity and subtily. Hard to do unless the director is artistically invested, but honestly, the reward would be outstanding.


    • Jenn

      I would love to see the Hollows come to life…heck, I would volunteer just to be onsite for the filming!

  18. JanisHarrison

    First, Rachel is tall, as is her brother Robbie, a trait inherited from their biofather Tanaka. That’s where they get their red hair, too. Second, a teeny comment on Ivy: her almond-shaped eyes are a slight indication of her diluted Asian ancestry, and are probably not quite so “tight.” (Living in Seattle, where there are lots of Asian-mix people, I’m aware of the slightly Asian cast to some folks’ eyes–it’s a hint, not a broad stroke.)

  19. Linda (germany)

    Oh jeez, Kim. You saved my day. 🙂
    Acting, learning for math, that’s all I have done today. But than I relaxed for a few minuts and my day (or better said my evening 😉 )
    is saved. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    The picture is great. Totally great. 🙂
    Is it, how you imagined these two incredible girls? 😉

    I love them both.

    • Hi, Linda.

      Thank you. I really like this page, too. Is this how I imagined them? Yes and no. I see Ivy with a lighter touch from her Asian heritage, but I wanted it to be strong here because of the artistic beauty inherent in the Asian features. She’s gorgeous.


  20. Hey Ms. Harrison,

    *Grins* Wonderful! I can just see the two of them arguing on their first run. Rachel was really unconciously asking for a bite at that stage, lol. Was Ivy practicing then or had she already decided to go off of blood? There’s life in the drawings, it’s fascinating to see. You can sleep easy tonight, knowing (from the responses that I’ve read and my own oppinion) that we approve. 🙂 Getting into a warm bed is one of the best things in life, which is one of the reasons I love winter, it sort of looses its novelty when it’s 30 degrees C.

    As to not stopping to write, *chuckles softly* I don’t think I ever will, even if nothing ever comes of it. I have to write, it achors me and brings precious silence to my thoughts.
    And, I love it.

    Enjoy your day ma’am, I hope Rachel kicks a lot of ass.

    • Hi, Alyssa.

      Ahhh, I wish I could answer your questions, but you’re just going to have to wait. I don’t want to ruin anything!

      You have a great day, too.


  21. Oooh, candy… Yummy.

    Everybody’s talking about how close or far these drawing are to the way they pictured them. What relieves me more than any similarity is your approval, and in this case, awe for the sketch. If you say “that’s it” and this is it.

    So is there a way for us to see more? Like Ivy vamping out for example? And though it might be small but i like how Rachel is shorter than Ivy as you wrote. I’d feel really uncomfortable if that was not true to the book. By the way, has Mr Maia read the books Any of them? Or has he drawn based just on your script?

    • Hi, Ezgi.

      Thank you. That you trust my judgment means a lot to me.

      I should have more as we progress, but probably nothing soon.

      I would be very surprised if Mr. Maia has read the books. He drew based only on my descriptions. It’s a lot harder than you might think, trying to describe faces. Wow.


  22. Jenn

    Oh!!!!!!!! I’m happy dancing! I’ve always wanted to see what they look like! Rachel looks just like I picture her; Ivy a little different. Thank you for not making us wait until 2011. The only other one I’d really LOVE to see is Jenks!

    Hope you have a great day!

    • Jenn

      Oh! I think I figured out some of the story line by that first box! I can’t wait!!!!

    • Oh, hold that thought. I’m going to have a contest on Friday to “fill in the blank” as to what they are saying. (grin)

    • Jenn

      Oh ya, one more thing….Congrats on the recognition from B&N! That is totally awesome. I remember when I first saw the book in my local Wal-Mart. I stopped, admired the cover art, flipped it over to read the back & hugging it to my chest turned to my husband with pleading eyes. He rolled his & took it from me to put in the cart. I went home that night & started reading it…let me tell you, I was drawn right into the storyline.

      Anyways congrats BIG time!

    • That is a very cool story, Jenn. 😉 I love it! Thanks!

    • Thanks, Jenn! I’m glad you like what you see. Unfortunatly we’re not going to see Jenks at all! He’s not even at the I.S. yet.

  23. Ivanna Jarvi

    Hey Kim,

    Long time lurker, but you flushed me out with this one! How exciting! I’ll be a graphic novel convert after this for sure! Thank you for all you do and good luck with this new project! 😀

    • Hi, Ivanna.

      Cool! I’m glad you posted! I’ve never been much of a GN reader, either, but watching this come together has increased my appreciation for what goes into it. Storywise, it’s about the lenth of a novella, but it takes longer than a full manuscript to produce. Lots of time, effort, and resources.


  24. Suzanne Lazear

    Wow, what a nice treat! Can’t wait to see more. 2011–the tot will know how to read by then and I’ll have to share, lol. It should count as summer reading, right?

    Todays my last day of work, (sniff) I’m going to miss the kids most of all, but I do have a job interview tomorrow.

    The tot says hello.

    ~Suzanne and the tot

  25. Oh that is awesome! Ivy even looks kind of like what I imagined she would! In my head her Asian features are a little less pronounced, but I love what it looks like so far!

    just a side note, I got home from my final today to find the SASE I sent off for waiting for me! 🙂 Thank you for the awesome key and the tomato seeds- I think my mom might enjoy planting the tomatoes.

    • Hi, Candace.

      Whoo-hoo! I’m glad you got your swag back! (grin) Guy has been trying hard to keep up with the SASEs.

      I’m so pleased you like the first artwork. Me too.


  26. Antonio Rich

    No. The artwork doesn’t match my imagination, but I’m totally cool with that. I love books. But, I love seeing, or hearing, a different artistic interpretation of a story, or a song, a play. I don’t want artists to “paint by the numbers.” I’m just so happy that you are enjoying the collaboration and letting the artist explore possibilities.

    Your letting more people in the sandbox! Good for you. And, what’s good for you is good for us!

    • I knew there would be a wide opinion, Antonio, which is part of why I begged to start showing some pictures. Get you all used to it. (grin)

      Yes, more people in the sandbox. I’m trying to keep the soul, and let the artist find his or her own ideas. So far, so good.


  27. Jessica Santiago

    Sorry I swear I’ll leave you alone after this. I really enjoyed seeing a more mature rachael…and I am madly in love with Rachel’s Mom and Al.

  28. Jessica Santiago

    Oh I didnt realize how snotty that sounded…I had went into a private book store to purchase your latest book, and the owner started ruining it for me! Turned out she was totally inaccurate she couldn’t have possibly read it. Anyways, I was sooo turned off by the book store owner that I just couldn’t read it for the longest time…but I am soooo glad I did! Hell, it was even better than the first! Not many authors can get consistanly better the way you manage! So! I’m buying from Barnes and Noble now. I hope I didn’t come across wrong…if I did sorry. really.

    • Hi, Jessica.

      Nahh, you didn’t sound snotty! Mmm, not good that a bookstore owner dissed a book so bad you didn’t want to come back. But you liked it, so it’s good!



  29. Jessica Santiago

    Does it sound silly to say I appreciate the fact that they aren’t annorexic bobbleheads? Sorry if it does…I just finished reading White Witch Black Curse. I’m ashamed of the fact I put it off because of reviews I heard that turned out to be inaccurate…The book was your best yet! Thank You so much for yet another wonderful read! Never again will I listen to another review!

    • Jessica, I have a wonderful editor who seems to think exactly like you, and I never even saw the artists who gave them unreasonably skimpy clothes and waistes you could put your hands around. I think they look pretty sexy as they are.

      I’m so glad you liked WWBC! I know the reviews on Amazon were nasty, too. Somehow the bad ones got stuck as the featured reviews. That you took a look despite another person’s opinion makes me feel better.

  30. Judy Bienvenu


    The artwork looks great! Thanks for the peek.

    Aren’t those heated mattress pads fantastic? We’ve had one for years and I can’t imagine getting through the winter without it!

  31. SeattleRobin

    Yay for the sneak peak at the artwork! You’re right. Neither of them look anything like how I’ve pictured them in my head. But that just comes with the territory. I love the scene at the bottom. I can hardly wait to find out what’s behind that vehemently pointed finger! (grin)

    I just read the post from yesterday too. Congrats on DWW making #1 on the B&N list! I have to say I completely agree with that assessment. I still remember picking up the book and wondering if it was going to be some kind of Anita Blake ripoff. But one chapter in I was totally blown away with what you had written and knew I was reading something very unique and special. 🙂

    • Antonio Rich

      I’m imagining that Rachel let a suspect go that Ivy wanted to arrest and question…The question for me is “what the heck was that anyway!?”

    • Hold on to your ideas, Antonio. Friday’s post will be a “Fill in the blank” contest. (grin)

    • Thanks, Robin. 😉 I’m still excited about the B&N list. I think I’ve lost a pound already from nervous excitement.

      And I’m glad you like the sneak peak! I wanted to show you guys early so you could get used to the way they look. I knew there were going to be some very wide opinions.


  32. Scott S, Clovis CA

    Is it not so cool when others become inspired by your creations? Like the ripples in a pond.

  33. Thank goodness that pic could be enlarged. Looks good, Iam sure it wil be spectacular in color.

    • Hi, Elie

      I’m afraid that was a bit of evil author in me, taking out the link to enlarge the thumbnail and hiding the larger picture behind the cut. (laugh)


  34. It is bizarre to see characters in pencil that you have only seen in your head. I wonder if there is some rorschach effect going on. Like, how you visualize the characters tells something about your character.

  35. Bob J

    Dear Kim,

    I love the page from the graphic novel. You are right, I had Ivy fixed in my head quit differently. I have never been able to see Ray’s face in my minds eye since so much is going on around her. Ray does not describe herself very well. She a skinny, short, lite skinned, green eyes, redhead, with a bad temper. (The two redheads I know have bad tempers. But are sweet most of the time. Why?) But that is not why we love her. (Maybe the bad temper.) Ray tells us, she looks good in a dress, but she is not vain. So we do not have any real ideal what her face look like. Ivy, Kisst, Nick, or Al would be able to tell us more about Ray’s face. Since you rarely write from an other point of view, nor have I drank a beer with any of them. (Maybe Al.) I could not pick Ray out in a crowd. So I love the art for Ray. (It will be great in color. I love color!) I have been looking at Ivy with Ray’s I for quit some time. The art on Ivy is great, but it does not look like Ivy. But since you are happy I am happy. Thanks for the peek.

    Best Regards,

    Bob J.

    • Thanks, Bob. I am happy. I intentionally wanted Ivy’s Asian heritage to be more pronounced to give visual variety to the ladies. Besides, I think she’s beautiful, showing off her Asian roots.

      And you know what I’m most thankful for? I didn’t have to fight to get them to look like real women, with normal curves. (laugh)


  36. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    Rachel looks like she is about to stake Ivy with a pencil!

    2011?! Oh well, it gives me plenty of time to start saving up I guess. 2011, for reals? >sigh<


    • mudepoz

      I thought the world ended in 2012, so don’t worry about your charge card. Is that a hair charm around Rachel’s neck, do you suppose ;}

    • shadolanie

      LOL – My first thought was that Rachel has WAY better hair than I imagined!

    • Hi, Vampy. Pencil? Close. Maybe I’ll have a contest. Guess what’s going on in this page. (grin)

      2011 for real. It will be done sooner, but because it’s through another publisher, it can not be released too close to a Hollows book.


  37. Phil

    That’s so exciting that you’ve found the artist who will bring your characters to life, graphically speaking, capturing the dynamic between Rachel and Ivy when their relationship is new and developing.

    I kind of like that we all have variations in our minds of how Rachel and Ivy look. And it’s their essence, i think, that’s truly the most challenging for the artist to capture, and it looks like Mr. Maia is up to that challenge! 🙂

    • Antonio Rich

      You’ve hit the head of the nail on that, Phil. I’ve never been too hung up on how the character’s look, but i have a definite take on “Who they Are” as people. Ivy – beautiful, repressed, graceful and predatory in her movement, principled, bold when she “has” to be, shy in expressing her feelings, afraid but…hopeful some how. The truth is, as different as Ivy and Rachel “seem” to be, I’ve always thought of them as kindred spirits, having much more in common than their surface differences would initially indicate.

      I can’t wait to SEE the moment in the GN when one or both first get a glimmer of insight that this might be true.

    • Thanks, Phil. I think he’s got them, too. You can really see the relationship change from page to page. It’s facinating.


  38. Judi in NJ

    Kim–>>>>bowing down to you<<<<< Thanks so much for the pleading and the sharing!!! Love it!!!
    Re: yesterday's post – just read it!! Congragtulations!!!!! Oh my!!! Paranormal Book of the DECADE?? While we all knew it was so, congrats on B&N acknowledging it as such!!! Sweet nibblets that's awesome!! Rock it, Kim!!!! Woot!!!

  39. Wow Kim this is great! He has captured them so much how I saw them in my head also. The only think I see different is that I always pictured Rachel being a little shorter even in her heels. LOL Isn’t it such a wonderful feeling when you see that so many people get your vision, from your artists you are working with to your readers that follow you consistently! 🙂 We love you and I can’t wait for the new book to come out!

    • Thanks, Nicole. Mmm, I hadn’t thought about the height thing. Shrug. It is, what it is. 😉

      I can’t wait for this to come out, either. It’s going to be . . . something.


  40. Frotee

    Nice to see you so happy about the outcome of your graphic novel Kim 🙂
    Having some knowledge of Art (and a pretty perfectionalist look at it) myself, I have to say that I find the close-up of Ivy’s face a little masculine. Aaaand the posture of the arms is still a little stiff. (It’s easy to see mistakes you fight with yourself, especially if you have friends who can do better)
    Apart from that though I really like the style and the visualization of Ivy and Rachel – and I’m a sucker for pencil sketches. I don’t like the typical american comic coloring because it seems generic and 2 dimensional, but pencil sketches still have a soul 🙂
    (Sorry for the drawing-person-rantings ^^°)
    Greetings from cold, wet Germany, Carina

    • Hi, Carina,

      I am deeply invested in this project, so yes, I’m pleased with how it’s going. Every thing you see has gotten my stamp of approval. When working with another artist, it’s best to not control, but stand back so you can see somone elses’ work shine. And like I said, I try not to worry about the small stuff as long as the soul is there. And it is.


  41. Stephenie

    Soooo freaking excited! This is starting out as a totally awesome day!! No school!! (In college no less!) Because of snow and wind. Rachel and Ivy teasers! Time to do laundry!

    And I love to sleep too! So I’m going to go back to bed!

    The cut looks A-mazing! I’m so incredibly excited to see the whole thing. I’m totally okay with waiting until 2011 if you continue to give us teasers and put out books. I can live. I’m patient. *shifty eyes and hysterical laughter* Okay maybe not, but I can control myself. End of hyper ramble!

  42. Stacey

    Rachel looks exactly as I pictured her, prettier than she thinks she is! Ivy looks great too. I was really nervous, but this is a relief seeing that they look how they’re described in the books. I can’t wait for the graphic novel!!

  43. mudepoz

    He is GOOD! Very VERY Good. Very VERY VERY good. Okay, enough superlatives! Off to shovel another foot of snow. And slush. And Fifty MPH winds. And…So I understand ya’all have a change of seasons down there? I only got as far as NC to work on my research, wasn’t impressed by the humidity:)

    *Tapping fingers waiting for Jan for BC, Feb for BMS, and when was Madison coming out?*

    And yeah, Madison WI would be a great place to come (NOT). They have 18 inches of snow and more coming. State offices are CLOSED!

  44. Awesome. They look just as I pictured them, well, I picture them in color, lol. It’s always a little scary to see if an artist, or a casting agent has chosen images that match well with the books. Your artist has.

    Thank you Kim. Little things like this are one of the reasons (awesome books being the first) you are a favorite author.

  45. Lillian

    This is great. I totally love the facial expressions.

  46. Shanda

    Hey Kim, sounds like you’re having a pretty good week lol! That piece of the graphic novel is looking okay. I’m not sure if that’s the way I thought Ivy would look though :-+ That is Ivy, right? 😛

    • Thanks, Shanda. Not getting much done this week, but lots is going on. I wanted Ivy’s Asian heritage to be strong in the GN so I didn’t have two women looking too much alike. It was a decision of balance.

  47. Hi Kim! I agree with you on the last paragraph. Ivy’s facial expression looks spectacular.. and I totally can’t wait til it’s finished! (2011 will be here soon!) Will you let us get a sneak peek at Kisten, too? (hehe, *heart races*)

  48. Mendi in STL

    Heyde Hey Kim!

    Whew! I was thinking that was a really evil author thing to do if you were going to only give us that tiny thumbnail. I kept trying to click on it! But now that I think of it, you were a bit evil to put it at the end. But regardless, VERY COOL! Thanks for thinking of us and pulling to get that little sketch posted. You are the best!