Will you be near Charlotte, NC Saturday?

Out doing some shopping Saturday?  Going to be near Charlotte NC?  More specifically, Rock Hill, SC?  Me too!  (laugh)

This Saturday, I will be signing with fellow urban fantasy writer Faith Hunter from noon to two where I’ll be pushing the Hollows and Madison, and she’ll be pushing . . . uh . . .  See, Faith has got more books on the shelf than me, so she’ll be pushing everything, but mostly her latest series, Jane Yellowrock starting with SKINWALKER, I think.  (grin)  I’ll have the BLACK MAGIC SANCTION freebies with me, and Guy will bring some tour T’s, so if you want to pick one up free of shipping, come on out!

Faith Hunter and Kim Harrison, Book Rack 2007

Local signings are usually _very_ low key, and I’ll personalize every little thing you got since there will be no line to speak of and lots of time to talk to you.   

This is a multi-author event day, which means there will be lots of authors in and out all day.  Too.  Much.  Fun!

Rock Hill, SC (30 minutes South of Charlotte NC)
December 5 12:00 to 2:00 pm
Book Rack
742 N. Anderson Rd (21 bypass)
803 327 9028


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45 responses to “Will you be near Charlotte, NC Saturday?

  1. mccoglaiti

    Come to Durham, it’s only 2 and a bit hours away!!!

  2. Lurker

    Just got done watching Cincinnati down Pitt in the last 30 seconds. Great game. I think I need a Rachel Morgan reaction to game. GO GO! 🙂

  3. Kim, it was great meeting you today!! Awesome! 😀 I was almost too excited to talk. 😉

  4. proudfit

    kim, I am on the Patrica Briggs alot you have two Enteries one as Kim Harrison and one as Dawn Cook. On the Dawn Cook thread I outed you as Kim Harrison. Some where suprise by this revlation. Which is the Peudonim? Proudfit

    • Hi, Proudfit. Really? (grin) I bet you caused a stir!

      Kim is the pen name.


    • proudfit

      it freaked some people out. Plus some jaws are still on the floor.

    • Part of the reason I made it public knowledge was me trying to affirm my identity as a _writer_, not simply a writer of urban fantasy. I can do lots of stuff with lots of voices. I’m itchy to do something really different again, but no worries, my itches take years before I scratch them.


  5. emily

    Random quesion. Do E-books purchased on the computer or kindle contribute to standard sales figures? Are those sales counted towards an authors placing on best-seller lists? Thanks!

    • Gwendalla

      I was wondering the same thing. Do I pre-order BMS or do I buy the e-book so I can have it the instant it comes out? And how does all that effect the author?

    • Hi, Gwendalla. I do believe that Amazon and other big-name book stores are reporting stores, so the pre-orders counts toward the first week of sales. 😉

    • Hi Emily.

      That’s a good question. I would be surprised if they did, but maybe? Not every book sold is counted, only those that are sold through “reporting stores.”

  6. I was looking at the signing places and dates. Unfortunately, I don’t live anywhere near there and my parents are unwilling to let me go. It’s understandable. I really wish I could go though 😦

    I hope I can catch you if you come to my area!

    -Heather Koch

  7. Phil

    Happy weekend, Kim! I stumbled upon your interview with Locus and truly enjoyed reading ’bout the way you explain the distinction between romance and UF and paranormal and that in UF there isn’t always a happy ever after and that readers accept that and are drawn into the story despite that or maybe because of that. Anyway, very absorbing interview! 🙂

  8. Drat! I am stuck in bed sick and will not be able to make it :(. Any chance of you coming further into SC, around Columbia or Myrtle Beach?

    • Hi, EarthMommy. Oh, ouch! I’m sorry you’re not feeling good. I hope you’re better soon. I don’t get out to Myrtle Beach very often. I signed there a couple of times, and it was dismal. I don’t think I’m the beache’s target audiance, but I LOVE the beach. 😉


  9. Hello there Ms. Harrison,

    Lol, trust me – if I had a hair’s chance to leave the country, I’d be there on saturday. Pretty fed up with Africa, and I think a book signing is as good an excuse to have to leave it as any… “Dear Mum, Don’t count me in for tea this weekend, I’ve decided to leave the country, again, this time to have my Vampire Book Collection signed. Please feed my fish, I should be back by Tuesday…”
    As it is, I doubt they’d let me into America, so I’m going to say: Have a great time! I hope it feeds your energy, leaving you ready for another keyboard pounding week. 🙂 Remember, pacing…

    I hope you have a super time. 🙂 I’m off to bed, had a long night shift and i have to be up a little later today to bake bread for a party (cheese and onion) and ride 5 miles with my horse (which isn’t a lot in the grand scheme of things, but it’s a struggle to confince him to pace himself. Silly pocket rocket…)

    Good night, and have a super day tomorrow! Enjoy every second.


  10. Marsha

    I really wish I could be there, it would be a long drive, but since I fully admit to being scared s*****ss of flying, I could do it. I noticed that you will be there again for the BMS tour? I don’t know if my advance order will be here in time for me to go and get it signed.

  11. mudepoz

    This is a signing I don’t need, but would have LOVED to go. I am hooked on Faith’s books (I have a Mage in the car waiting to be read :).

    Okay, maybe I just understand dog lovers best. *Shrug*

  12. bigappletobigbear

    I won’t be there- I am in Berlin Germany- but I wanted to say that I found out today that you are Dawn Cook (through the Locus interview- on my shelf since shipped over from the US this summer) and I just wanted to say how much I loved your Truth books.
    I have also read all of your books as Kim Harrison (and like them enough to get them in hard cover) without ever knowing or guessing or seeing any similarity in writing styles. Wow. Congratulations on being able to write such great women and worlds in such different styles.
    Also, I love the Truth covers- is there any way to purchase them as posters?

    • Hi, Bigapple

      Oh, that is too cool that you read both series not knowing I wrote them both. They are very different, aren’t they? 😉

      I don’t think the covers were ever made into posters, no. Sorry!


  13. Bonnie Jean in MA

    So I was in the book store a few months ago with one of my friends and “Outlaw Demon Wails” was on a table. I asked her if she had heard of the series. She responded no. I said, “Oh no, you have to read these”! She picked up the book and I told her to put it back because there were more before it and I would lend her mine. Well, I lied! HA HA I just bought her “Dead Witch Walking”, as a Christmas gift. She will love it! I can’t bring myself to part with my own stash for lending/sharing, so she’s just going to have to get her own stash going. I decided I will get her one for each special occassion we celebrate until she catches up to current. Thanks for the great reads. Bonnie Jean in MA
    Have fun at your signing.

    • Hi, Bonnie. Oooooh! That’s great! I hope she likes it, and that you have someone new to talk Hollows with soon. I don’t blame you for not wanting to loan out your books. I don’t loan mine out much, either.


  14. Stephenie

    Now if only I weren’t completely broke and had a car that actually worked… Life would be just grand. I need a miny vacay anyway. Today isn’t going so well. I managed to miss the bus twice… so maybe going to North Carolina wouldn’t be the best idea. I’d probably show up right after everyone was gone… or end up in Russia. Anything’s possible with me.

    • Hi, Stephenie. Oh, ouch! That’s awful that you missed the bus. I used to live in fear of it when I was a kid. Maybe next time I’m in Charlotte you can make the signing. 😉

  15. Kylie Ru

    Kim-san! I convinced my mom to order two shirts! I’m so excited!! Lots of exclamation marks!!!! (I had to take some time to spell “exclamation” cuz when I talk I say “explanation marks”) I would love to see you tomorrow, but I’m a _bit_ to far, and I don’t think my little shetland pony could make it! Anyways, I hope you have a fun weekend!

  16. Phil

    Didn’t someone once say Go south young man? Actually it was go west, okay, history wasn’t my best subject, lol, but if they knew ’bout the book signing with you and Faith i think they’d head south to Charlotte!
    😦 I’m kind of far to make it, bummer! I will tell some rels who live in Winston- Salem, NC, maybe they can go 🙂

  17. Frederique

    I’m jealous too! Do you think you might make it out to Cali at some point? I just finished re-reading the Hollows series through book 7 and now I’m angry at myself for reading so fast. I keep trying to tell myself that February isn’t that far away lol.

    How do I get one of those little avatar thingies?


  18. suzannelazear

    So, If the tot and I left now, would we make it by tomorrow? LOL. I’m not sure how long it would take to drive from Los Angeles, lol. (I don’t think the van would make it). Have a great time!

    I have my very first parent-teacher conference on Monday morning…shudder…I’m a little afraid…

    Have a fab weekend.

    ~Suzanne and the tot

  19. I. Can’t. Wait! 😀 See you and Faith on Saturday, Kim! 😀

  20. Kat

    Sigh~I am very jealous of those who get to go. 😦 I am too far away…California. But I did notice some Michigan dates on the official tour. I think I might have to schedule a trip to see my folks to coincide with one of those dates. Have fun today!

    Great news about the B&B bookclub list!

    • That would be great to see you out in Michigan, Kat! I’m going to miss not getting out there this spring, but I go where they send me, and I’ve wanted to get to Michigan for a long time. 😉