Black Magic Sanction Tour T-s

It’s that time of year again!  The Tour T-s are here at last!  As you can see, we’re going with the Alcatraz theme again.  (grin)   This is original artwork, and I really like it.  Wearing one to a signing gets you into a “family photo” at the bookstore and bragging rights.  (grin)  We only make these available until the tour, and then they are gone, which makes them extremely limited.  And they are pretty cool conversation starters at the office, too.  The dates listed are not confirmed, so please check the official tour when it becomes available.

We like to make the shirts available for the holiday gift giving season, but we can’t guarantee Christmas delivery.  (If you pay pal before the 15th, chances are really good.)  Guy worked his magic, and we were able to keep the price pretty much to what they were last year despite rising shipping costs.  We’ve tried to make it really simple.  Here’s the details:

Unisex size.  (I wear a med to large)
$24.95 per shirt, includes domestic shipping with tracking number.
All sizes up to 5X available.  (3-5x will take longer to ship)
International orders add $5.00 US dollars per shirt to cover increased shipping allowance.

We can give you a break on the domestic shipping if you order in lots of two, which will decrease your total by ten dollars, but both shirts must go to the same address at the same time.  Talk to Guy here if you’re international.  He might be able to give you a break as well.

So, to order your Black Magic Sanction Tour T . . .

1: pay pal 24.95 for one shirt, (or 39.90 for two) to Guy at vampcharms @ comporium dot net Tour T’s are gone.  Thanks, Guys! (2/14/10)

2: tell him the sizes you want in the notes area at pay pal.  PLEASE!!! I’m begging you to not forget this.

3: make sure your name and address are correct at pay pal.  We can’t be responsible for misdirected mail.  If you’re using your brother’s pay pal, keep this in mind.

4: any questions at all, email Guy, and be sure to include in your correspondence your pay pal  email. I don’t want to listen to him complain this year about John Smith having one name for his address, going by ThunderGod on his regular email, and TwoCute for his pay pal.  (grin)  It makes for a very stressful day trying to match them up.

5: You can snail mail monies in as well to:

Tour T’s gone.  Thanks Guys! 2/14/10

There it is!  If you have any questions, email Guy at vampcharms @ comporium dot net.

Powells, Portland OR



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59 responses to “Black Magic Sanction Tour T-s

  1. April Tomlinson

    Kim! It’s been awhile since I posted but alas, your newest book is coming out sooner and I’m itching for my favorite characters. That said, why are you not coming to the west coast!!!!!!!??????????? I mean, Black Magic Sanction is set in San Fran isn’t? I am super bummed since I have been to everyone of your book signings and always make it a point to read the book before your arrival. Oh well I guess. Can’t have it all. Hopefully you’ll make it out next year. Question, is my favorite ghosty going to place a large role in this book? Hope so, take care!

    Tacoma, WA

    • Hi, April.

      I know a lot of people are unhappy, but I’ve been neglecting a few places, and it’s time to fix that. sigh. Maybe I’ll get out there in June?

      Pierce? (grin) He’s around . . .

  2. I just talked to guy about the tee deadline and found out NO PORTLAND?! There are a ton of us on the West Coast, and it’s related to the story, so we need to have a talk with your travel planner. 🙂

    Can we still do a roadie tee photo in June if you come out here? 🙂

    • Hi, Rachel.

      Nope. No Portland, but I think I’ll be getting there in June for the YA tour, and you can bring your Hollows books then! I don’t see why we can’t do a family photo, too. Sure!

  3. Meagan

    Hey Kim!

    WoW! The t’s look awesome! How exciting!

    I was just at Powells, which is newsworthy because I’m from Australia and was just passing through Portland. I also hit up San Fran – all before I even knew about the BMS theme! How’s the synchronicity? 😉

    Sad I won’t be able to catch you on the tour as I’m back in the wonderful land of Aus, but I’ll be there in spirit!


    • Hi, Megan.

      Thanks, I’m really liking the T, too.

      How cool that you were in Powells and San Francisco! It will make the next book all the more interesting, I think. 😉

  4. Hey there!

    Brilliant t-shirt! 😀 I’m going to buy WWBC over the weekend. I’m doing a pony camp next week and am going to use it to get my mind off of the kids, then – when BMS comes out, I can read that! Can’t wait for the books. The problem (but in a good way!) with your writing is that it’s addictive!! I can’t focus on any other books at the moment, knowing that there’s still one out there that I haven’t read. 🙂 Thank you!

    Congrats on the page count, lol. That’s really brilliant (for us and you!). Haven’t done much writing myself sadly, RL interference and my own thin ‘aura’. But, it will come round again. 🙂 It always does. Thank you for answering my questions yesterday, very much appreciated.


    • Hi, Alyssa.

      I’m suffering a bit from too much on the page this week, myself. I totally kicked my keyboards butt, and I’m almost burnt out. But it’s Friday, and I’ll be ready to go again next Monday. 😉

      I hope you like WWBC. It ends . . . well, it ends kind of interesting. I’m glad you’ll have the next one in a few months.


  5. Oh wow! I really want one! 🙂
    I’m currently writing 😛
    I get distracted too easily so I only get about 900 words in each hour :/
    This is one of the big distractions. End of story. Time for work xD

    Can’t wait for those T’s!! 🙂

    -Heather Koch

  6. Stephenie

    Well… gotta beg for two more christmas presents now… Need a BMS shirt, AND gas money for Minneapolis. 😀 I could actually make it there. It’s only a six hour drive. I could be back for class on Tuesday *shifty eyes*

    • mudepoz

      Stephanie, if you’re East of the Missisloppy, I can pick you up. It’s about five-6 hours from here. Although, when the Tall Dude lived in Milw. and I lived in River Falls, there were times where it could take up to 12 hours if the snow was bad ;(

    • Stephenie

      Aww no! I’m west of the Mississippi. I used to live right on it but now I’m a hundred miles west lol. Thank you though! Hopefully if I get to go I’ll see you there!

    • Hi, Stephenie. Six hours! Yikes! (grin) I’d better put on one heck of a show!

  7. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    The shirts look great. I’ll be ordering mine as soon as possible. Don’t worry about rushing mine out before Christmas. I won’t need it until just before the date of the signing.


  8. mudepoz

    WOOHHOOO! My friends and I do book reviews for Goodreads. KWWBC is up for best fantasy book in 2009! Obviously people take my reviews seriously 🙂 If you belong, VOTE! If not, join, great place to review books.

    The Magicians by Lev Grossman (Goodreads Author)
    Skin Trade by Laurell K. Hamilton
    The Gathering Storm by Robert Jordan
    The City & The City by China Miéville
    Turn Coat by Jim Butcher
    White Witch, Black Curse by Kim Harrison
    Bone Crossed by Patricia BriggsLoading
    Dead and Gone by Charlaine HarrisLoading
    Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Seth Grahame-Smith
    The Strain by Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan

    Melissa Marr got a nod for her Wicked Lovely. I would have liked to see Madison…but.

  9. mudepoz

    Oh good Grief. ‘Guy’ is gonna hit me.
    *Hopes my mug isn’t sent yet. Again. Adding two t-shirts!*

  10. David Sylvester

    This is my first time. My wife and I listened to all of the “Witch” series books while driving. We are just finishing up White Witch, Black Curse. Thanks for the experience. Are you coming to the West Coast for your book tour? (San Francisco)

  11. Phil

    Those T’s are tres cool! *deferring to my French roots here*. Original artwork … very impressive! Is the artist named on the T? Oh, where does Alcatraz fit in again … is it for BMS or after? Will get my order to Guy asap and obediently follow all your instructions 😉
    Have a fun tour, Kim!

    • Hi, Phil.

      Thanks! I’m really liking them, too. That’s a great idea to have the artist’s name on them. We’ll do that next year! 😉

      Alcatraz is for BMS, yes. shiver

  12. Sebrina

    It’s been a while since I’ve checked out your blog. There was computer issues, and internet issues, and…well, you get the point! But how happy was I when I saw the shirts for the new book? Extremely! I might have to fork out the money + int shipping for the shirt. Hmm.

    The only reason I might not is because it’s the holiday season, and I’m debating on whether or not to start my boyfriend in on your series. I’m slowly bringing him into my paranormal readings, and started him off with Laurell K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake series. I’m not sure how he’ll take pixies, fairies, and elves. We shall see.

    • Hi, Sebrina. Nice to have you stop in!

      Yep, the shipping is eating us alive. It’s almost more than the shirt, which really bothers me.

      That would be cool if your boyfriend liked the books. Then you’d have someone to talk Hollows with!

  13. Lurker

    Lurker is a sad panda at the hate for the west. Nothing west? wth?

    /jealous to all you lucky tour stoppers 😦
    Alcatraz theme and nowhere close to the real deal 😦
    Have I pouted enough yet?

    • Hi, Lurker. Nope, nothing out west this time, but I’ll be getting out there for the YA tour in June, and you can bring your books in then. Hey, I’m pouting right there with you. I love Seattle in Feb.

  14. Michelle

    No Portland stop this year? Bummer. Guess I can still hope that a couple more dates are added though.

  15. Judi in NJ

    OMG!!!! Screaming in NJ!!! LOVE the tees!!!!!!!! Woot!!!! Nicely done…and btw – ALL your shirts are great conversation starters! And once you get me started I don’t stop! Can’t tell you how many copies of DWW I’ve given to people and then replaced for myself – both because of the awesome tees and my big mouth! 🙂 Actually sending out DWW to a friend of Rod’s – a big tough guy – so not the type that immediately comes to mind as a fan – but you just watch me convert him!! Thanks for offering your fans tangible pieces of the Hollows! We love it!!!!!!!

  16. When I read this ( today, I thought of burning bunnies, and I know where to go for burning bunnies so I thought I’d share.

  17. Nice shirts. I like those. 😀

  18. suzannelazear

    Wow, those are nice! Hmmmm, what can I do to this one? I never got around to “improving” last years, but the one I wore to your signing at BEA in LA was pretty fun with the studs, grommets, and laces. Maybe my friend and I can work with the Alcatraz theme…Too bad you’re not coming to Los Angeles this year.

    The tot was happy to hear you still have her picture. She says hello.

    Oh, are you doing Madison shirts? inquiring dance gurlz want to know (since they like your Hollows tour shirts)
    (I’d like to know who has my Madison book, lol)

    Happy Thursday!
    ~Suzanne and the tot

    • Thanks, Suzanne! I like them, too. I’m kind of bummed I’m not getting out to the west coast, as well, but I’ve been trying to get to Ann Arbor for years!

  19. Antonio Rich

    OMGosh, the T-Shirt artwork is almost exactly what i hoped it would be(I would rather your name be more prominant than 2010, but that’s a small criticism). The shirt isn’t up on Vampiric Charms site…a little awkward w/o shopping cart (I DO have a paypal acct)…I think i’ll use snail mail (it worked pretty fast for the key).

    • "Guy"


      “Guy” here- The tour Ts never go up on the merchandise website- PayPal is the best way to order. Kim and I will be sending out a Hollows Flyer tomorrow afternoon with the ordering details and a couple of other bits of merchandise news. If you are not on Kim’s mailing list, be sure to do so before tomorrow. The link to her mailing list is on her home page on the left hand side you will need to scroll down a bit for the link. Cheers, “Guy”

    • Antonio Rich

      Thanks Guy.

      I did get the last Gazette so i guess i’m on the mailing list. I’ll wait till tomorrow then…

      Thanks for the info. Be Good…

  20. Stephanie

    Got my key a couple of days ago…love it! I have noticed that you tend to stick to the northern states on your tours (yes, NC is the north to us down here). Do you ever venture furthur south? Us Georgia folks love us some Kim Harrison too! 😉

    • Hi, Stephanie.

      There is a clear tour circuit for most authors, and we don’t stray from it much when the publisher is footing the bill. I might get farther south for the YA tour, but I don’t think Georgia is on the list. Sorry!

  21. Nan

    I love those shirts! I don’t know if I’ll be able to buy one–but I think I’ll leave a few hints for my husband.

    I know that the tour dates are not finalized, but I really do hope that you’ll be able to come to Ann Arbor this year. Admittedly, it’s not the loveliest in February, but it’s still a great city.

    • Thanks, Nan! I think they are pretty cool, too, with that original artwork and everything. I’m totally looking forward to A2. That’s where most of my family is. 😉

  22. mudepoz

    Minnesota. March 1st. Does your publicist have a death wish for you.
    Sigh. I wonder if serendipity will let me get up there. Never know. maybe that agility trial. If I have my way, any book I buy here on out will be signed so I can KEEP them 🙂

    • Antonio Rich

      There’s always the Michigan dates, or if your really in the mood for a road trip, Cinci and Dayton (double the days)

    • Gothar

      Go to them all would be cool. Sucks no Canadian dates and the closest is 10 hour drive.

    • Hi, Mud. Yeah. And Michigan in February. Urg. What happened to my west coast vacation! (laugh) I will likely get out there for the YA tour in June, though. That’s nice.

  23. Christopher

    Wow the t-shirt looks awesome!! and its a shame the tour doesnt come to jersey =( … but on a lighter note i finally finished White Witch Black Curse last night (staying up till 3 am because i couldnt put it down!!) and i have to say BRAVO!! Im totally amazed by the last two chapters and I Really can not wait to get the new book!!! I cant say i dont feel bad for leaving “No Revenge” for the characters tho … and why do i have the feeling that theres something really weird about this whole Pierce and Al situation! … Ugh February is so far away! Is there ANY thing i can do to get my Hollow “FIX” till then !? lol

    Keep Up The Great Work!!!!

    • Hi, Christopher. Thanks! I’m glad you liked it! I was not happy about the no revenge issue, but neither was Rachel, and anytime you can make the reader feel what the main character is feeling . . . That’s good.

      Hollows Fix? Have you read the novellas?

    • I’m working on finding all the novellas…still haven’t found Hotter than Hell.

  24. Kylie Ru

    Awesome! I will have to see if my mom will order one . . . or two, maybe she wants one.

  25. Heather C

    Hi Kim!!! T-shirts look great. 🙂 Speaking of Alcatraz, I received my keys in the mail yesterday. Very cool, and they are heavier than I thought…like a real key. 🙂 Send my thanks to Guy.~Indy