Happy News

I’ve got some wonderful news today!  WHITE WITCH, BLACK CURSE was awarded the second place spot for B&N’s bookclub list for best urban fantasy of the year.  Whoo-hoo!  I am so pleased!  And what’s even better is I like/enjoy/recommend the book that beat WWBC. 

Here’s the link to check them out.  I’ve been a guest at this site before, and really enjoyed myself. 

The Black Magic Sanction tour T-s are almost ready.  We’re trying to find a cheaper shipping.  More tomorrow.


P.S.  There is a site holding a “Best Cover” contest you might want to check out.  All Things Urban Fantasy.  I’ve got a couple of covers there, including the anthology that has my delightfully non-Hollows vampire short under the Dawn Cook name.  And I can’t help but chuckle at the last category.  You know I’ve not been showing the cover for the next book, BLACK MAGIC SANCTION?  There’s a reason.  (grin)  –Kim


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  1. Sondra

    Well I will be glad when you release the cover officially because I want to put it up as my backround. That there is no way I will for get the release date and I wll be there waiting at the store, of course i could preorder…wheres the fun in that? I like searching for it in the store and browsing around. Since I moved so far away, about two hours from my nearest book store. *sigh* Can not wait! Thank you for your awesome work. It haas really allowed me to get through a tough spot.

    • Hi, Sondra.

      Oh, ouch! Two hours from the nearest bookstore? That’s hard!

      I’m so glad you’re enjoying my work. That it’s given you a healthy escape means a lot to me. Thank you.

  2. That is so wonderful! Congratulations!

  3. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    I was just about to ask about the tour shirts. You know me, I like to get my order in early!

    Like almost everyone else here, I Googled the Black Magic Sanction title and I agree, it looks great.

    One of Showgirl’s regular posters was handed a BMS arc at work the other day. She is one happy camper. I need to get a job in a book store.

    That would be hard to do since there isn’t one here. I guess I’ll have to open my own. (NOT)


    • mudepoz

      When i grow up, I want to OWN a bookstore. The best part of my childhood was having any book I ever wanted. We had all the Bestsellers and more in racks in the basement. They put together prepacks I think. Or something.

      Childhood heaven.

    • Marsha

      OOOH, running free in a bookstore all by myself. I have the tingles!

    • Oooooh, the ARCs are out? Very cool! I wasn’t sure!

      It feels like we’re getting the shirts out late this year, but I think we’re within a day or two of last year. It always seems to crunch everything. Sooner in, sooner out.


  4. Tiffany

    Congratulations!! Also the cover art contest was fun to vote in – Best Partial Body…Best Floating Head… haha those catagories made me smile. Most Anticipated Cover? Yeah, that one is yours hands down, with our first view of Rachel’s face! (or at least the straight-haired book cover version of Rachel 😉 ). I love it!

  5. Val-OH

    Holy crap!! You can see her face!!

  6. Val-OH

    Holy crap!! You can see her face!! The cover is awesome!!

  7. Couldn’t resist.
    I had to vote for you.

  8. Renee

    Just got WWBC proudly purchased from B&N. When I stumbled upon the little snippet in the back my inner fangirl squealed for a good five minutes, now I’m really excited for the new book.

    I’m liking the lists, I recognized a lot of names and have read quite a few too. Congratulations on getting the 2nd place spot and good luck with the artwork contest.

    • Thanks, Renee! And thank you for picking up WWBC! That isn’t the original beginning of the book, and I’m really glad I went back and started there. It is the heart of it. I hope you like it when it comes out. –Kim

  9. Phil

    Congrats on all that good stuff, Kim! I really like all your covers and i think the BMS cover with Rachel, obvious assumption that it’s Rachel, seen from front, will definitely be noticed!

    Of course the really good stuff is in between the covers … 😉

  10. Kneosha

    Hot Hot Hot cover!! Cant wait to see it on my bookshelf! Oh yes it will be mine heheheh. Who ever you have doing the art for the covers has done a wonderful job 🙂

  11. Hey Ms. Harrison!

    Congrats. 🙂 As always, well deserved! And, congrats on hitting 50k words! honestly, lol, although you didn’t do it in november per say, you still did 50k words in less than 30 days. That’s super impressive. 🙂

    I’ve been thinking of pacing, and have a question. Or rather, a statement that needs confirmation and then a question. Here we go:
    Writing takes energy in a sense, not physical energy obviously, but it’s as if – perhaps like your aura’s in Hollows, you peel a little bit of your energy out and feed it into your words. Do you find it this way? And then – if you do, what do you do if you find your proverbial aura a bit thin? Do you find yourself sometimes staring at the pages, and knowinng where your story needs to go, but unable to put the words to paper? And, does knowing that you write for a living make you a bit more ‘tense’ in this sitsuation, knowing that your livelyhood depends on your words?
    Right, never mind a question – this is a whole paragraph!

    😉 Have a good and fruitful day!

    • Thanks, Alyssa! I’ll break my 200 page count today, so I’m moving forward fast now.

      You asked about energy? There are days that I am mentally exhausted by the time I leave my office at night. There _is_ a certain amount of “putting yourself in your character’s place” when you write, and it can be hard, especially when your character is going through a tough, mental issue. This is why I don’t write from Ivy’s POV much. She drains me, and it takes too long to find myself again.

      When I know I’m going to come away from my work exhausted, (like today, actually) I have to fall back on a few tricks to get myself through it. I’ll be lighting a small candle today, and forcing myself to not leave my office until it goes out. And a hot bath tonight. Some extra quiet time.

      But no, I don’t worry that there will be a block that will prevent me from writing it. I’ve been through this more than once. You just look past it to something you will enjoy, and push until you get there. Good luck with it.

      You have a good day, too.


  12. Kylie Ru

    😦 I would have voted, but I can’t choose between Rachel and Mercy! I sorry, Kim-san.

  13. Lurker

    hey hey! Very cool on the accolades 🙂

    I see Vampire a Go Go made the list too, I’ve been wanting to read that and the other one from the same author..can’t remember the name. Something of the apocalypse I think. 🙂 However, it all waits until I get my Terry Pratchett fix over with. New Discworld book out 🙂

    Kim, do you think you will be able to start another series anytime soon, or is keeping up with the Hollows all consuming until it is finished? I still think your world setting is one of the best, if not the best, I’ve read. So much room and opportunity to do stuff. 🙂

    • Thanks, Lurker! I’m really pleased, myself.

      You asked about me starting another series? Well, I’ve got the Madison books going, too, but I’m always thinking about what comes next.


  14. Stephenie

    Gratz Kim! That’s super exciting! I’m trying to convince my family to pre-order BMS for me at the local B&N since I’m poor. It’s confusing everyone though, and now my grandmother thinks I’m becoming a satanist lol. I told her I wanted Black Magic Sanction for Christmas and I thought she was going to have another heart attack! lol. It was kind of funny.

    Yay! shirts! I love my WWBC shirt. I can’t wait to get the next one, even though I don’t actually get to see you on the tour I still feel like I’m participating. lol. 😀

    • Hi, Stephenie.

      OMGosh, your poor grandmother!

      Hey, the shirts just went up today. I hope you like the way they look! I should have a Wear Your Shirt Day for the release.


  15. Joy

    Congrats on the second place finish! It is well deserved. So like a crazy person I went and bought the paperback version of WWBC this weekend pretty much so I could read the teaser at the back. BAD IDEA!!! I was uber excited for BMS prior to reading this now I am having to take tranks just so I can make it calmly to Feb 23. The teaser was AWESOME!

    • Thanks, Joy! I don’t mind coming in after SANDMAN SLIM. I thought it was a cracker-jack book.

      You bought the mass market for the teaser!! (wow!) Thanks! I’m glad you liked it!


  16. Frotee

    Congrats Kim 🙂
    Although I personally am not a great fan of the Hollow’s covers (I find them to be a tad misleading – if the German Versions had those covers in addition to those horribly mistranslated descriptions…that would seem awfully cliché), I will support you on the cover contest of course 🙂 (Gives me some new reading Ideas to boot while waiting february)

    Greetings, Carina

  17. Kim, I have a question about the signing on Saturday. Can your books be from another store, or do they have to be bought from the Book Rack?? 😀

    My best friend has all of your books in paperback and hardcover already, and since she doesn’t live in the area anymore, I’m sure they are not from taht store. 😦

  18. Antonio Rich

    I really like B&N’s list for Best Paranormal Fantasy Releases of 2009. And, i got some great reccomendations out of it. But, of course, I gotta give my own list:

    1) WWBC by Kim Harrison
    2) Turn Coat by Jim Butcher
    3) Magic Strikes by Ilona Andrews
    4) Thlorn Queen by Richelle Mead
    5) Destined For An Early Grave by Jeaniene Frost
    6) Bone Crossed by Patricia Briggs
    7) On The Edge by Ilona Andrews
    8) The Trouble With Demons by Lisa Shearin
    9) Dawnbreaker by Jocelynn Drake
    10) Hunting Ground by Patricia Briggs
    11) Kitty Raises Hell by Carriw Vaughn
    12) Skinwalker by Faith Hunter
    13) Sandman Slim by Richard Kadray
    14) Rosemary and Rue by Seanan McGuire

  19. suzannelazear

    Yay!!! Congrats on everything…and new shirts–YAY!
    I miss the B&N book clubs, but I just don’t have the time anymore.
    So, yesterday we’re driving home from dance class and she starts randomly howling in the back seat. I ask her why, she points out the window and goes–“It’s a full moon.” LOL
    Have a great day!
    ~Suzanne and the tot

  20. cory

    I loved all of The Hallows books, can not wait for the next one to come. Great job on you achievement with White Witch, Black Curse.

  21. Congrats on your spot on the list. I already voted for you on the UF list. Actually I nominated you.

    Elie (Ellz Readz)

  22. mudepoz

    I thought we saw the cover for BMS? And congrats for one of the most anticipated covers! What is the reason, or is that the cover with the slight difference *Too old to notice*

    A lot of book covers from books I’ve loved.

    Sad, but other than your book, I haven’t read any of the top Urban Fantasy on the BN Website. More to read.

    • Antonio Rich

      Love the cover. But, I’m suspicious of the marketing “science” that won’t allow curly hair on a book cover…?

    • mudepoz

      As one who has very wavy hair, formerly auburn, now enhanced, enough that my straight iron and Moroccan oil are my best friends, I suspect it has more to do with fashion than description. Of course, she may have on one of her mom’s charms! That’s it, that’s what I believe. *Nods*

    • Antonio Rich

      Don’t forget that breast augmentation spell either. It breaks my heart to see my neices and love ones straighten their hair for fashion( I have black friends and family members who go thru a “horrorific” process to straighten their hair!). I know it’s a snapshot, But there are SO MANY snapshots out there telling girls what’s beautiful and what’s not.

    • Kylie Ru

      I love my hair the way it is. Straight at the top and wavy at the bottom. I termed it “fwooshy”.

    • That’s a good point, Antonio. You got me!

    • Antonio Rich

      “Fwooshy.” I like it. Kylie, my niece calls my hair “Elvis hair.” Unmanageable_yes.

    • Hi, Mud.

      Yep, the cover for BMS was leaked out, but _I’ve_ not posted it because there might be changes yet. (grin) When I have the “go” from my publisher, I’ll post it.


  23. Marsha

    Congratulations! They said some very nice things about your writing, and of course we all agree. The cover art contest is fascinating to me, especially since I studied graphic arts in grad school, and here I am working as a building manager. I guess the words to that country song are true, “if you want to hear God laugh tell him your plans” They really do make me want to look at the books and see if I would enjoy reading them, so they are doing their job.

    • mudepoz

      LOL, when I was in SF, a woman I met who was giving tours at the Flower Conservatory went here, and started in Psych. She became a building manager at UC Berkeley. My boss is building manager here. No thanks, he’s wired to every little thing.

    • Marsha

      Occupational hazard. It’s always those little things that get us building managers in trouble.

    • mudepoz

      He’s missing today. The temperature is 96 degrees in some of the labs, and the micro lab is 30 Celsius. I’m in hiding.

    • Hi, Marsha.

      Thanks! I think it’s fascinating to pick the covers apart, too, to see what goes into them. It’s a science.