NaNoWriMo. How did you do?

I guess the real question is, did you enjoy yourself?  I had fun sharing progress with some of you, and I hope that maybe we encouraged each other just a little.  I know the official NaNoWriMo site is chock full of ways to interact and encourage, and I hope more of you participate next year.

My totals?  I did not make it.  (laugh)  At the end of yesterday, I had taken my last batch of dialog (8 pages) and turned it into 19 pages of prose, which was about six thousand words, bringing my monthly total to 49,092 words.  Whew.  I’m exhausted.  (big grin) 

Now I have to do it again.  If I put a 50,000 word Hollows book on the shelf, you all would yell at me.  I’m thinking I’ll have this done by the start of the Black Sanction Tour.  We’ll see.  I have a goal, and that’s good, and it’s padded with down-time, which is better!

Congratulations to everyone who stated, congratulations to everyone who finished!  It is stretching your skills that makes it fun!!


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  1. Melissa

    I NaNo-ed! I finished the month with 54,365 words……I think that I hate 75% percent of them. Congrats to eveyone else that took part in NaNo, finish or not you deserve it. Kim, I also wanted to thank you for mentioning NaNo on your blog. I think it is wonderful for you to encourage your fans to not only read your books but also take part in your craft.

  2. Sabrina from WV

    I ended up w/ 51,805. The story is not done, but I made word count. It was a crazy, intense month what with taking care of the family and being a full time college student, but it was also fun and exciting and I met so many awesome people there.
    You’re so right, we would turn into pouty Kim Harrison fans if all we got was a 50,000 word book from you lol. No matter how long they are, they are never long enough! Turning to the last page is such a bittersweet thing. We want to know how it ends…but then what?
    Can’t wait until Feb. to get my hands on the next book.

    • mudepoz

      Ah, but when the book is done, you reread certain authors who leave subtle clues of foreshadowing to find and cogitate upon for a year.

      Of course, you cleanse your mental palate with other fab readings. Like The Fountainhead. And then the short Skinwalker (catch up with Rogue Mage) and a taste here of Butcher, and… so many books, so little time.

      Then go back and look for the original Easter Eggs.

    • Sabrina from WV

      Indeed! I only have a few series that I reread more than once a year and The Hollows is one of them.

    • Thanks, guys. I try hard to put things in there that you will only recognize after the fact. It makes it fun for me, too. –Kim

    • That’s super, Sabrina! I’m really proud of you. I know how hard it is with family and school. Dude, you should get a metal! (grin)


  3. Hello Ms. Harrison,

    Well, as you know – I finished NaNo. 🙂 Went to the TGIO party last night, and had a quiet blast (because we’re a quiet group of people…) though with my luck they went to the one resturant that only has TWO vegetarian meals on their menu. And one had mushrooms in… *Shudder*. We had fun though and I realized once again that I wouldn’t have pushed through with NaNoWriMo had it not been for everybody pushing me on.

    Yes, lol, I love the singing goat. I particulary love the bit where he sings: “Aaann avalanche is coming and I do not feel prepared…” I keep thinking: Heck, who would?

    Hope you and Guy have a great day Ms. Harrison,


    • Hi, Alyssa.

      I hit 50,000 sometime yesterday. A day late, but I did use the first week or so to plot and plan. Pacing. Writing is all about pacing for me. But NaNoWriMo is about pushing and pulling both yourself and others into seeing what you can accomplish. I’m so glad it worked for you!

      You have a great day, too. –Kim

  4. Kylie Ru

    Well, since everybody is reporting their word counts, I decided I’d figure out mine. This isn’t for a single story (there’s 8, actually) and it’s from the time I started, which was September. Yeah . . . so mine is up to 33,370 words. But some of that is “author notes”. Meh.

  5. I DID IT!! The story is, of course, nowhere near done but I finished. My plan is to get the first draft done by the end of the year then start afresh by plotting and starting the rewrite after that. My NaNoWriMo total came out to 50,280 words!

  6. Marsha

    Congratulations to all of you who decided to try NaNo this year, and extra kudos to those of you who finished! I am very impressed and look forward to being an avid reader of your work in the future. Kim, will all of your great advice over the past weeks be saved someplace that can be studied later by any budding writers.

    • Hi, Marsha.

      I gave every post on my plotting the tag “How Kim Outlines” so if anyone is interested, they just have to click on that, and start from the bottom and go up. 😉 I, too, did not want to lose the hours of work I put in to detailing my current process out. I might print them out in a hardcopy at some point . . . It would be grand for a seminar or something.


  7. Heather Koch

    Hello Kim,

    I’ve never even heard of NaNoWriMo before being on your site. I’m upset that I missed it. I think I’m going to try and make NaNoWriMo an every month thing just to catch up with myself 😀

    I, myself, only have 29, 321 words in my own story right now 😛
    That’s only 52 pages :/

    I do not feel accomplished at all. I’m going to start getting my words up this month 🙂

    -Heather Koch

  8. Phil

    About the best word count i managed, i’m embarrassed to say, would barely qualify for a haiku, sigh, but i’m saving my story idea for next year, and, we’ll see. *Fingers crossed.*
    Your encouragement to all those who participated inspired me! 🙂

  9. drza44

    I only got 13,548 words written in the month, most of which were done in the first week and last day of the month. In the middle work/family/travel derailed my writing hopes, but NaNoWriMo was still a success for me because usually when derailed I stay that way for months at a time. This time I was able to get my focus back in a couple of weeks, and my total project is up over 41000 words now so my new personal goal is to get over 60000 by Christmas.

    • Drza, that is wonderful. It sounds like you made reall progress in the “method of determination.” Good for you. I hpoe you make your personal goal! –Kim

  10. suzannelazear

    I’m proud of you, too. I totally understand about doing it all again. I had quite a few words before I started (Yep, I’m a big fat NaNo cheater, lol, but I had to get this done). Now on to the next project on the to-do list before I get back to this one for edits (I like to let a ms marinate for a week or two before I edit–what do you do?)

    From the tot files: So, the tot is telling my elderly aunt about her imaginary friend, a Vampire giraffe named BoBo.

    “He eat’s people,” the tot tells my aunt.

    “Naw, surely a carniverous giraffe would eat animals,” I interjected, trying to redirect conversation.

    “No.” The tot looks right at my aunt. “He likes old people best.”

    Sigh. Fortunally, my aunt thought it was funny.

    Happy Tuesday!

    ~Suzanne and the tot

    • Gwendalla

      LOL! Suzannelazear your daughter sound like she has a wonderful imagination. Maybe you should get her writing as well.

    • suzannelazear

      She’s comes up with the best plot ideas, lol. She’s learning to read and once she does, all hell is going to break loose, i’m sure. The parent-teacher conference is next week, I’m sure it will be interesting.

    • Hi, Suzanne.

      Hey, I won’t say a word. 😉

      Tell the tot I still have her artwork up in my office. It makes a bad day better.


  11. Stephenie

    I jumped on the NaNoWriMo train a little late this year lol. I didn’t actually participate, but I am trying to write a thousand words a day on my novel. As much as I hate to admit it (and I really do) I want to finish it before the media claims the vampire ‘fad,’ dead. While I know there will always be an audience, whether vampires are ‘in’ or not; I feel like it’ll be a lot easier to get a deal while Twilight is still big. *hiss* It makes me feel like such a sell out, but well… I do want to sell lol.
    Kim, when do you think is the best time to send a manuscript in to publishers? I’m trying to figure out how many rewrites I should go through before trying. How ‘finished’ is the best?

    • Hi, Stephenie.

      There is nothing wrong with writing to the market as long as you are writing the story you want to tell. Urban fantasy is going to be around for a long time because Hollywood is selling it, too. It’s been with us since Bewitched and I Dream of Jeanie. It’s a healthy escape because it’s dealing with people and the human condition.

      The best time to send a manuscript in? When you are so sick of it you want to chuck it in the trash. (grin) I’d say about two to three passes through it, and if you can have someone else look at it, that’s all the better. Good luck! Oh, and if you can go to writing conferences and actually meet agents and editors, they are a hundred times more likely to look favorably on your work. Luck, luck, luck! –Kim

  12. Lurker

    I don’t write, just read and then complain about the stuff I don’t like. Aren’t I a great fan?! 🙂 I mean, I’d like to write, but…well, lets just say my talents lie elsewhere. I did enjoy you sharing your stuff with us. It was pretty cool learning some insights to how you do your thing.
    How many pages does 50K works come to, anyway? I don’t think I’ve written that many total in my life! haha

    • Hi, Lurker.

      At least you’re honest about it. (grin) 50K is roughly 150 pages for me. I don’t keep track of word count as much as page count. The earlier Hollows came in at about 400 ms pages, each one a few pages more until now I’m hitting about 500 ms pages per book. It can balloon up to 525 after editorial rewrite, though. –Kim

    • Lurker

      Ha! I’m honest about everything. No point in lying. I’m pretty terrible about it anyway!

  13. Congratulations to everyone, finished or started only. 😀

    I still have 30k or moe to go with this novel, but it’s not my first completed novel. 😀

    I look forward to finishing it.

  14. Since our version of NaNoWriMo was kosher, since I think 8 of us wrote it via Facebook, Chatzy, and Skype. And it is definitely not for public consumption. But it made a heck of a lot of people laugh, including ourselves. I’m glad it gave us the incentive to try. Better yet, it shows that many cooks don’t necessarily spoil the broth, but man, it can make it very…interesting.

    Early Christmas gift from a vendor. Most people get chocolate. I got a new dissecting tray, tools, and safety goggles. What every biologist needs. Want it for your freezer collection 😉

    • Antonio Rich

      There was an article in the local paper sunday(regular feature called the “Critter Corner”) that made me think of you (and Kim). The writer was talking about reviewing a book called “The Organic Dog Biscuit Cookbook Kit,” by Jessica Talley. Apparently, baking dog biscuits and other treats is more common than i thought. Have you ever tried your hand at baking for your puppies?

    • mudepoz

      Since I seldom cook for myself (I’m never home), I wouldn’t dare poison my dogs that way. Won’t shoot over them either. However, most of my dog training students make great things for the pack. And there is a local people bakery that does dog bone biscuits that taste too good for dogs (I hold treats in my mouth when I train, it works with the chow hounds). I’ll stick to my Human Training for Dogs book, less likely to kill anything! The dogs LOVE tuna fudge, but it requires refrigeration, and SMELLS.

    • Antonio Rich

      Oh MYGosh, your right! Some of those treats look yummy. Peanut Butter Treats – i thought you weren’t supposed to feed dogs peanut butter? I bet cats might like those Salmon Treats.

      Coincidentally, TUNA FUDGE was the name of my old Punk cover band…(Grin)

    • Kylie Ru

      I would love a dissecting tray, tools, and goggles! Dissecting was always my favorite thing in Bio. That and playing–er, using fire in a responsible manner.

    • Mud, that was what it was all about. 😉 I’m glad you had fun.

      I once got a dissecting kit for the holidays. My favorite gift to this day is a Dremel I got from my dad when I was about 14.

  15. Antonio Rich

    Got my key yesterday. Too cool. I want to fashion a book marker somehow…a double-sided burning bunny tied to the key. Thanks!

    I know your a big Johnny Depp fan. I have an old classmate here in Dayton who deals in rare and valuable books. He’s sold quite a few books to celebrities including a few to Mr. Depp (apparently he likes to give books as gifts). Anyhoo–It’s cool to know he loves books. Why not send him one of your books with a little note? Why not. He might even respond.

    • Antonio Rich

      OH. Got a few ideas on gift buying for you for Guy:

      Home Improvement: i was in Lowes yesterday buying a ladder. Love ladders. 4′, 6′, 8′, and extension ladder. Wheel barrow, cordless drill, circular saw, tree trimmer, hand clippers, gloves.

      Golf gift certificate.

      Vintage T-Shirts(Ebay, CafePress) DVD Tv sets(

      Electronics: Everybody at Thanksgiving was talking about getting a POWERMAT. Have you heard of this? It’s a flat surface charging device for multiple handheld elctronic devices. No more cord chargers. Costs about $100. Be Good.

    • Hi, Antonio.

      Like the list. I’ve seen that powermat. I like the idea, but am not so keen that it takes a special adaptor you fit on your gadget to make it work.


    • drza44

      Dayton, huh? I just left there, went home for the holidays. Good to know there are more of us on the interweb.

    • Antonio Rich

      There are actually a bunch of us (including greater Cinci, Columbus, N Kentucky, W indiana…) following Kim and other Sci Fi/Fantasy artists. I run into them all the time here and other places…B Good…

    • Hi, Antonio.

      Cool! I’m glad you got it! I think it would make a good bookmarker, too, with some ribbon on it, maybe. They were a blast to develop.

      If I thought that Johnny Depp would read it, I’d send it to him, but realistically . . . what are the chances? The guy is busy. He is going to use his down time to recharge, not research. (grin) Someone, somewhen, will recognize DWW for its potential. Until then, I’ll play in my sandbox by myself. (laugh) Timing is everything, and I’m the queen of delayed gratification.


  16. Sarah

    I DID IT!
    I managed to get 50k written in 30 days
    I am very proud of myself, but the story is nowhere near finished, so I am going to try to get it done pretty soonish
    But I proved I can do it; now I just need to prove I can write a whole novel!

  17. Oh the shame! *rends garment and gnashes teeth* I had to give it up at 18000 words. It was starting to take time from my schoolwork, which has Super Ultimate Priority right now. However, I made quite a bit of progress on silencing the internal editor. AND, I have started a short story based on one of my minor characters. I do plan to come back to the novel at some time in the future, but shorts might be more my speed right now.

    • Hi, April. There is no shame! The time needed to chunk out even that many words is hard to find if you have responsibilities like work, family, and school. That you improved your craft is what is important. I once took a year off from writing novels to hone my craft at shorts. That’s where DEAD WITCH WALKING came from. (smile)