Weird morning

I think there is a front coming through this morning.  I could feel it when I went outside with the dogs.  It’s sunny right now, but I’m going to guess it’s going to rain shortly after noon today.  Just a guess.   It feels like things are shifting in a smooth pattern, not a jerky jump.

For those of you who are participating in NaNoWriMo, this is the last day to try to meet the 50,000-words-in-a-month goal.  I’m not going to make it unless I have a cracker-jack day.  Friday I pulled in a little more than 3000 words, (about my average) which puts me about 6,800 short.  That’s about 22 pages for me.  I could have given up one of my weekends and done it, but it goes back to that pacing thing I was talking about last week.  I have at least two more months like this, and I don’t want to burn out.  I use my weekends as carrots, so keeping them open is vital to maintaining my drive. 

And boy, did I enjoy my weekend!  Nicely paced between shopping and family.  Got the last of Halloween put away, I think, and the yard was raked out for the third time this year.  It will be tidy for this week’s rain.  Got around to watching Finding Neverland, which was a very good answer for what to say when people ask me “Where do you get your ideas?”  It shows how the creative process works–vividly and in a way that is very kin to my method.  I really enjoyed this movie for about six different reasons.

I also had a very odd dream where my subconscious finally told me what I want to write about for a new YA series if the opportunity should come up.  It literally gave me elements and said “put these together into a story”, like it was an assignment: These critters are good.  This critter is bad.  Here is the main character and her problem, here’s the secondary main character and his problem, here is the setting.  Write it in third person . . . Go!

Will it ever see an inch of paper?  Mmmm.  I don’t know . . .  Madison is doing quiet well.  But the idea is there and now it can perk.



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  1. Hi Kim!

    I picked up one of your books recommended by a B&N salesperson, For A Few Demons More, and I started reading it based on just that. Here I am, all confused and thinking … seriously, who writes books this vague? I knew there HAD to be more books ahead of it. So I log on today and search for you, and there you are! With a few books ahead of this one. No wonder I’m confused! 🙂 I am enjoying the book but I look forward to going back to the first book and getting ALL the story!!

    Are you attending the RT Convention in April in Columbus? Are you in Cincy? I know your story is set in Cincy. I’m near Columbus, so I decided to attend. I’ve always wanted to be an author, but have never committed. This year, I committed! I am writing my first book, yay!

    Barb Riley

    • Hi, Barb. Oh yes! Start with DEAD WITCH WALKING if you can manage it! It makes a lot more sense that way. (grin)

      I won’t be going to RT this next year, no, which is a shame. The author line up is fantastic!

      That is wonderful that you’re writing! I hope you keep it up.


  2. Jemma

    Ok, so I feel a little left out over here! No preview of Black Magic Sanction for me as we only get a paperback so I already own WWBC! 😦

    Also, very ticked off – went to grab the next hollows book on my reread and my darling daughter has obviously been playing with my books (MASSIVE NO NO) and had mixed them up so in my haste to leg it out of the house this morning (late as usual) i’ve ended up with Where Demons Dare (the uk title for the outlaw demon wails) instead of for a few demons more. I Finsihed Fistful of Charms on my way in to work, so now i have the awful task of braving the tube for my journey home with nothing to read! Not a happy bunny!

  3. mudepoz

    Loved Finding Neverland.

    Missed Alcatraz. I think the Tall Dude did things rather sneakily to keep us free of the boat ride. I forgot. He gets motion sickness. He has to drive, AND takes Dramamine to take the plane. Now I remember why we usually go on separate trips 😉 Ah, it was lovely to be with the Tall Dude. Now I have to sit upon my hands and wait for the Alcatraz connection.

    And he was a good sport, carrying many orchids in a Ghirardelli tote onto the airplane since I already HAD my limit of carryons.

    *Ears perk* Critturs? Good Critturs? Bad Critturs? YA? Awww.
    But, I have to admit, if there is the possibility that Madison won’t end with a trilogy, I don’t need new Critturs. Yet. After all, when you fold up the Hollows, you’ll need Critturs…

    • Hi, Mud.

      Sounds like you and the Tall Dude had a good time. That’s what it’s all about.

      I don’t have any expectations on the Madison books right now. It’s kind of limbo while the second one comes out. I’ll know better next year. But that doesn’t mean that my ideas go into limbo.


  4. Sabrina

    Hey Kim!

    Long time, no post on my behalf. The next time I chuck out a boyfriend I should make sure that I’m the one who made the contract for the internet. It took ages to get back online but ,finally, I made it (Makes the happy dance). It’s good to see that your inspiration for new projects is well fuelled by your dreams, although I have to admit that, at the moment, I’m just sooo looking forward to “Black Magic Sanction”. Can’t wait!! Right now, I’m reading “Undead in the Garden of Good and Evil”. “Dates From Hell” has been sitting on my shelf for quite a while now. I’ve been saving it for the times I’m in real need for a Hollows shot. Love it! Take care!


    • Hi, Sabrina.

      Oh, ouch! I’m glad you’re back now, and I hope the sting from the old boyfriend is easing.

      I can’t wait for BLACK MAGIC SANCTION to come out, either. I’m in teh countdown.


  5. Hi Kim, I won Nano! 😀

    See you Saturday. I’m missing my Nano party to come to the signing. 😉

    • Hi, Tyhitia! Wow! Congrats! I’m really proud of you. That’s a ton of work, and you will always be able to point to it and say, see? I’m a writer. (grin)

      See you Saturday!


  6. Heather Koch

    Hey Kim,

    You’re so lucky to have a subconscious mind that actually helps you with your writing. A few dreams of mine are going to be put into written form. I love it when mine gives me a good idea. It basically shows me it in movie form, so it’s pretty much like watching the movie and then writing about it. How fantastic 🙂

    Now part of my inspiration is you and the updates you constantly post. It gives me hope that one day thousands of people will love my writing as well 🙂

    If you ever feel some odd urge to read the first chapter from my second story, Witch What, here’s the link ;P

    If you actually find the time to read it, I’d love to hear (read) what you think of it. I’m not expecting compliments about it straight off the back, so a little constructive criticism would be a nice gesture. Of course, I don’t exactly expect you to read it either (considering you’re a famous author and what-not).

    Anyway, good luck writing! I can’t wait to read all of your books!! 🙂

    -Your Newest Fan, Heather Koch

    • Hi, Heather.

      I don’t dream of my characters very often, at least, not that I remember. The trick is to take your subconscious off its leash and let it run.

      I’m sorry, but I can’t read your first chapter. It’s one of my blog rules. If I read yours, then I read everyone’s, and then I will have no time for my own writing, and I try to be fair. I would love to take on a new author, but it’s a three to ten year commitment, and I’m just not in a good place right now.

      But . . . have you thought about joining a writer critique group in your area? That’s where I brushed up my work and shared it for the first time. I was with my group for several year, and I still think I couldn’t have done it without them.

      Continued success in your work!


    • Heather Koch

      Hello Kim 🙂

      It’s completely understandable that you don’t have time to read other works. You’re already a famous writer with a literary agent who keeps you on track, so no feelings hurt 🙂

      I’ve kind of thought about it and I think I should go for it or at the least research it, but I’m not really fond of group work. I’m considering sending it to the English teacher I had last year for editing and his opinion. Also, I have one friend who also writes (sometimes) and she reads everything I write. It’s actually really nice to be close to someone who shares a MONUMENTAL common interest and loves reading my work. Unfortunately, she doesn’t let me read her’s because she thinks it’s bad or something.

      I’ve decided to be on my own butt about my writing and give myself deadlines for each chapter. Chapter 10 is due on Saturday for me. I was thinking making it every other week or so, but I’m not really sure 😛

      I found out that Stephenie Meyer wrote Twilight in 3 months. I don’t intend on being mean, but she must not have had a life in that time span. Over the summer, I decided to see how long it would take me to write a single chapter if I did nothing but eat, sleep, and write. This includes talking to no one and not going out. Guess how long it took me? Two days, closer to a day and a half.

      This is getting far too long. Write back when possible! 😀

      -Heather Koch

    • Hi, Heather.

      Mmmm. It takes me 3-4 months to do a rough draft. I’d be willing to bet that’s what Ms. Meyer meant when she said she wrote TWILIGHT in three months. 😉


  7. Laura

    Hi Kim. My day hasn’t been weird, but it sure has been long. I’m trying to finish the planning for my Winter Solstice Wedding… just 3 short weeks from today! It will be by the light of the Christmas tree in our house. I’m looking forward to it and also looking forward to reading WWBC when we go on our honeymoon in Aruba next month. Thanks for the timing of the mass market 😉 We are getting married on the solstice due to traditions in my guy’s family, but I often think of the serenity and celebration experienced by Rachael et al during their solstice celebration. I’m looking forward to celebrating it year after year.

  8. Christopher

    I’m a HUGE fan of the Rachel Morgan series! and im almost done with White Witch Black Curse, and even tho I am not done yet it seems like when im done I am going to be wanting to read, know, and live thru more of what Ms Morgan is going thru!!! will there be more books?!!? I Must Know haha … Please keep up the Great work!!!!

    • Hi, Christopher. Thanks! I’m really glad to hear that you’re enjoying the Hollows so much. There is another one coming. Look for BLACK MAGIC SANCTION this February 23rd.


    • Christopher

      I def am looking forward to purchasing it and please keep up the good work!!!

      oh p.s. I had a lovely dream that the entire series was made into a tv series/movie and i woke up almost feeling anxious … i think it would be a Huge hit!

    • That would be uber cool, Christopher. 😉

  9. trisha

    i finished my nanowrimo novel at 2:10 this afternoon i was 303 words over
    i did not think i would finish but proud of myself for trying in the first place

  10. Lurker

    Isn’t that the film Dustin Hoffman lost his finger on?
    Haven’t seen it yet, but if that is where the ideas come from, maybe I should a take a peak into the Kim H brain?! 🙂

  11. Heya Kim! Just dropped by to tell that Prom nights from Hell is translated into german: “Bis in die Ewigkeit” and will come out Oct 1st. And that WWBC is called Blutkind. Hope all is well, have a great week! aimée

  12. Stephenie

    Interesting! I was just going to ask you today about how you come up with your ideas. I was wondering if you come up with scenarios and toss Rachel into them to see how she deals, or if she just drags you along for the ride. My characters never listen to me. No matter what I want them to do they just keep on doing, so I’ve stopped trying anymore lol.

    • Hi, Stephenie.

      That’s pretty much how a story idea develops for me. What they didn’t show is the work involved in putting it all together. Sometimes I do exactly what you said, about throwing Rachel in and seeing how she swims, but I usually have some idea of how she’s going to get out of it.

      I know all about independent characters. Have you found that some are more stubborn than others? I have. (laugh)


  13. Hey Ms. Harrison!

    I love Finding Neverland, but then I’m very fond of anything Johnny Depp plays in. You know that he’ll make it worth your while. We watched two movies this weeked – The Shipping News with Kevin Spacey, Judy Dench and Julianne More (VERY GOOD) and I caught the end of a animation film called Hoodwinked. It’s not one of my favorites, but there’s this singing goat in it… I love the goat, I can’t help myself…

    We had a freak shower at the resturant tonight (waiter by night) and it rained buckets in minutes. Naturally, I got soaked in the rush to get in the pillows and things. Good times, good times…

    Final NaNoWriMo Status: 57491. With 30minutes to go, (and a day shift waiting for me) I’m calling an end to it. 🙂 Once again, I would like to thank you for all your encouragement throughout the month! It’s been super Ms. Harrison, thank you. I’ve really had a lot of fun and, even if I had not made it (though that’s always easy to say with hind sight and a goal in hand!) I’d have still loved it. 😉 You’ll just have to remain it until next year… 😛

    • Hi, Alyssa.

      I’ve seen Hoodwinked! Singing goat, eh? I kind of like the private-eye wolf. It worked for me. 🙂

      Congrats again on the NaNoWriMo! I’m really proud of you for sticking with it and pounding it into the ground! Ta-da!


  14. Phil

    Oh, imagine how much time you’d have for shopping and other fun things if your subconscious and your dreams could do ALL the work! 😉

  15. Marsha

    I can promise you that you will be getting rain…it has rained on and off all day here and it’s heading your way. Be sure to make a note about that dream. You might want to start a new series one day. I’m glad you had a great weekend and I think it is very important that you don’t work every day of the week unless you absolutely have to, it’s very bad for one’s health and attitude!

    • Hi, Marsha. We got rain all day, but it was peaceful, and I enjoyed it. I’m enjoying the sun right now. 😉

      I think the perfect work week would be four days on, two days off, but that doesn’t mesh with anyone else’s schedule.


  16. Phil

    No doubt your subconscious can dream up all kinds of amazing story ideas and fascinating characters! I’d say go with it, tho’ you certainly don’t need my advice, lol!

  17. KennyG

    I had a dream last night that I would get my BMS key today. It came true!!

  18. Linda (germany)

    haha. I always enjoy reading your massages.
    Finding Neverland is a great film. Johnny Depp is absolutly … incridable.

    Just like Al. 😉

    • Hi, Linda.

      I was halfway through the movie before I realized it was Johnny Depp. He seems to play very interesting characters who are deep feelers but are not that good at showing it. Intuitive thinkers, maybe? Must think about that . . .

  19. Chele

    Hey Kim,

    Glad your weekend was good. Just wanted to let you know I ordered the new book!! it is a christmas gift that will arrive in Feb.. lol! 😉


    • Hi, Chele. Yay! You should see me grin! I know I can’t wait for this one to come out. I can imagine how glad you will be when it’s finally released!


  20. Alicia

    Hey Kim.. It’s funny that you mentioned dreams in this post. I had a dream last night that you called in to the local radio station where I live and were being interviewed about your novels and you named dropped me..??? How totally random – considering I don’t even know if you DO radio interviews and heaven knows you have no clue who I am.

    Then I had an even stranger dream after that one that if I WAS a writer, I could probably use as a story line but I’m a reader not a writer!! LOL

    Hope that your week is a spectacular one!!


    • Hi, Alicia. Really? That is an odd dream. (grin)

      I’m kind of hoping to put in a good bit of work this week. I’ve got some time yet before the holidays close in, and I need to use them to the fullest.


  21. Kat

    Hi Kim~I wanted to let you know I went to B&N yesterday, and I was greeted by a stand full of WWBC paperbacks! 🙂 It made me very happy to see. I felt proud for you even though I don’t actually know you…LOL The sneak peak for BLACK MAGIC SANCTION was awesome.

  22. suzannelazear

    I love, love, love when my subconcious does that, lol.
    Glad to hear you had a fab weekend. I’ve never seen finding neverland.
    Congrats on getting so close, that’s still *a lot* of words, considering you didn’t start at 12:01 on nov 1st.
    I typed “the end” yesterday. I did it! The story came in about 20k over what I anticipated, but that’s what’s editing’s for, lol. My first 50 pages and synopsis are shiney, the full’s burned onto a CD (they only need it for proof that it’s done). Now I have to print out my six copies, put it in a box, and ship it to Texas.
    Oh, inquiring tot’s want to know who’s handprint is on the WWBC shirts…
    Have a great week!
    ~Suzanne and the tot

    • Suzanne! That’s wonderful! I’m so proud of you! Isn’t that a great feeling?

      I don’t actually know who’s handprint that is. Someone in the Harper’s offices!


  23. Bob J

    Dear Kim,

    Isn’t it fun to dream a solution, never mind a new concept. I do that myself all the time. I will have a machine problem at work that is kicking everyone around. Then the next morning, I will have the solution. ( I am usually in the shower when the solution hits.) I have even gotten to calling this process dreaming the solution. It took me years to realize this process was happening to me. ( Spent a lot of log night work on collage projects with no progress, when I should have been sleeping.) Once you
    know that this process works for you. It is fun to use it. So now I just have to go to sleep early, instead of staying up all night reading or watching TV. I would be a night owl, instead of a early bird.

    Best Regards,

    Bob J.

  24. Rebecca B

    Happy Monday! May productivity reign! Digging in here.

  25. Antonio Rich

    I read in the paper this morning that a temple in Lopburi province, 93 miles north of Bangkok, celebrated the local monkey populace for attracting tourists by hosting a “Monkey Buffet” with food and drinks for more than 2,000 monkeys. My Thanksgiving weekend with my Italian relatives in St. Louis was of a similair mood and setting. Just add drinking games with home-made Lemoncello and you’ve got a good idea. I’m thankful this year for designated drivers.

    Hey! I found this great picture of you on Amazon. I don’t think i’ve ever seen it before, but i DO recognize the hat.

  26. I know we all would love to see another series from you! You subconcious must be on to something.

    Are you considering doing any blog interviews for Feb? If so, please consider me, I would be honored.

    If not, I’ll still love ya. lol

    • Hi, Elie. It’s something I’d like to write, and I’m tired of having ideas I never get to act on. We’ll see.

      Thank you for the invite to blog in Feb. I’m trying to keep my schedule clear so I can do all the fun stuff here, but I’ll keep your offer in my in box! Thanks!


  27. Kylie Ru

    Dreams are always fun like that. I’m glad you got to enjoy your weekend! I did, too, and now I am sad that it’s Monday. Meh, it happens. Hope you have a productive day, and don’t burn yourself out, Kim-san!

    • It was a very weird dream, Kylie. There was another author in my dream who got the same list of elements as I did, and if she writes a story using them in real life, I’m going to be freaked.

  28. SeattleRobin

    Whoohoo! I won Nano last night. Got in one day early with 50,012 words. (I got so excited by winning I couldn’t even go back and finish the scene I was working on. Heh!)

    And I beat Kim! (It’s pretty much a given that Kim’s is way more readable, but I’ll take what I can get!)

    Kim and Antonio, I’d sincerely like to thank you both for giving me the nudge on the 5th of this month to go ahead and try doing it, even with a late start and almost no story idea. It really has been an incredible experience and I’m feeling really good about what I accomplished, even if I never write another word. (You’re both mentioned in my acknowledgements for my never to be read novel! Hehe!)

    • Antonio Rich

      Cool beans! Jeez, if i’d known a little pep talk could get you to write a book, maybe i should have challenged you to cure disease, eliminate world hunger, solve that messy business in the mid-east…Seriously, baby steps – start out with a run for mayor with an eye on an eventual run for the White House. If you can keep me in mind for ambassador of Italy (fingers crossed) that would be swell.

    • SeattleRobin

      LOL! Okay I made a list. I’ll get right on those other little things. The mid-east might take me a bit though. Oh and sure, you can have Italy.

    • Congratulations, Robin! That is wonderful! You beat me out. Yup! (laugh) I won’t get my 50,000 words until today.

      I know exactly how good you feel. Enjoy! You really accomplished something, and I’m proud of you.


  29. Jennie M

    Hey Kim. Just wanted you to know that my book club ( is doing their annual “Best Book of the Year” poll and WWBC has made it on the list. Of course I voted for it. It’s coming in second SO FAR, right behind (by 4%) Turn Coat by Jim Butcher. I’m crossing all fingers and toes hopeing WWBC wins.

  30. Glad you enjoyed your weekend, mine was on the mildly crappy side, but we all have one of those every once in a while.

    I’m hoping you have “a cracker-jack day”!