This week is going to be an odd one with Thanksgiving in there, but since I’m parking my little butt at home and not going anywhere, I will be tightening my determination to the sticking point and am planning on working both tomorrow and Friday.  I’m finally starting to get some momentum behind the story, and I want to keep it going.  Unlike a train, progress on a rough draft can stop on a dime and yet require a full head of steam to get it going again.

Friday I got about twelve pages done, only to realize Monday that I needed to have David in there for both logic and story flow.  I did not write him in yesterday.  To maintain my forward progress, I simply added a few sentences in the margin to work him in on the rewrite.  Doing that allowed me to get a full day’s writing in yesterday instead of backtracking.  I got another 14 pages under my belt, bringing my totals to 29,584.  I’ll be passing the 100 page mark today if all goes well.  My week and a half of prep work still has me behind you NaNoWriMos out there, but I’m slowly catching up!  –Kim


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  1. Kathy

    I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how much I enjoy your Hollow series. I just discovered them by accident and I am hooked. Thanks so much for the books and please keep them coming.

  2. A.N.

    Saludos Ms. Kim,
    What is the menu for tomorrow?
    Have a fabulous Thanksgiving Day with your family. Thank you for your time, your writing advice and your attention to us. Also thanks to Mr. Guy, he is great with us too.

    • Hi, A.N.! I think we’re going with chicken, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, green bean casserole, and volcano cookies (date cookies)

      I hope you have a great Turkey day!


  3. SeattleRobin

    NaNo Update: 44,398 words. I can smell the finish line! Too bad my story will only be about 1/3 of the way complete at that point. Bleh. Maybe I’ll write part 2 next year?

    I hope all the Americans here have an absolutely wonderful Thanksgiving! I’ll be going with my aunt’s and sister’s families to a restaraunt. It’s become a tradition to go there over the last few years. Nice view of Puget Sound and the ferry. We all get to visit and no one has to do dishes! The food is really good too. Though some of my relatives are heretics and order the halibut or prime rib instead of the turkey dinner. Tsk.

    • Hi, Robin. Whoo-hoo! You’re almost there! And I know what you mean. I have about 100,000 more words to go, too. 😉

      I like your idea of eating at a restaurant. No dishes-heaven!

  4. Stephenie

    Why isn’t it February again? 😀

    I’m so happy to be home for Thanksgiving. I like having people take care of me again. I hope you have a good Turkey Day Kim, and everybody else!

    I wish I could actually get some actual forward momentum going on my story. I’ve been so distracted by drama lately though… 😦 I need a yearlong vacation on a beach… My stars! I feel old…

  5. I’m almost at 38,000 for Nano. What font do you write in? I use New Courier. It’s easier for me to write in the margins and line edit. 😀 I know agents like to see that font or Times New Roman. Have a Happy Thanksgiving. 😀

  6. Joy

    Happy release day!! I cannot wait to read the teaser for Black Magic Sanction!! Yay! Oh, I have so missed my werewolf! I cannot wait to read about what David has been up to! Have a great Thanksgiving! And for all the vegetarians out there save the turkies and have a tofurky!! Even if they are disgusting 😉

    PS Killer freebies this year, again!!

  7. Phil

    I must comment on my earlier comment to say that it occurred to me that a character may be difficult to write, not fun necessarily, but essential to the story, and you do those extremely well! And characters like Ivy, as you’ve mentioned, are so complex that she is difficult to write and satisfying to get right!

  8. Katie

    Hey Kim! I’ve been checking in day to day on your progress for the next book…I’m on pins and needles to get my hands on it as soon as it hits the market. I went back and bought Dead Witch Walking to complete what my aunt sent me 2 years ago (book 2 3 and 4). I picked up For a Few Demons more that summer…but before i sidetrack myself I’m going to read straight through and piece everything together freshly. Rachel gives me something to think on when I’m stressed out like crazy. Good luck writing 🙂


  9. *glances up* Hey Phill!

    *glances in front* Hello Ms. Harrison!
    Yes, technically – I think that if we count all your words that you’ve written in the prep work and the such then you’ve alreayd surpassed us. 🙂 Mere mortals tremble, lol. Good luck in this final stretch! i’ve worked out (though I might be wrong) that your average pace is about 6-7 thousand words a day. Very nice.

    Thanks for the sympathy! lol, for the record i still have a nose up for sale. It’s 25 years old, it’s never been broken or worked on. As noses go, it’s not to big, not too small. It does have some freckles on, but i’ll throw them in for free… Any offers anyone?

    NaNoWriMo status: 47399, runny nose and all! If I don’t reach 50K tomorrow, the tag match’s going to be close… 😉 thank you for all the support btw. I think it’s been half of the fun this year. Thank you. 🙂

    • Hi, Alyssa. See, it’s really unfair to compare my totals to yours because I’m working full time on it! Eight hours a day, five days a week. But I was curious as to if I could catch up with you guys if I took off the first week to plot the book out. It will be close! I got almost 6,000 more words yesterday. My fingers hurt. (grin)

      I’ve been having fun, too.

  10. Phil

    If my hunch is correct, David is a fun character for you to write. Well, stating the obvious! If he weren’t fun to write I doubt you would have introduced the character. I suspect he’s got a pivotal role to play in the upcoming books, for a minor character at least, and if so that can only add another unexpected development that we’ve come to appreciate in your work! 😉

    Hope ya have smooth sailing with your writing and no roadblocks . . . Oops, that was a mixed metaphor, wasn’t it!

  11. suzannelazear

    Hi Kim, I did that too, lol. I worte a scene last night only to realize that I might need to re-introduce another character first. I think i’m going to use your idea and write myself a note to change it later instead of taking the time to re-write/re-arainge things this second I made a list of the remaineder of the scenes I need to write to finish the ms (I’m working off a synopsis only, not actual outline) and I’m going to run about 15k over what I oriignally anticipated. That’s okay, but it means I have to write 4k a day, not 3k if I’m to finish the draft by Sunday. Ooops. And I have some major pie and cookie baking to do with the tot tomorrow (pumpkin chocolate chip dried cherry walnut cookies and burbon pecan pies)…I have yet to unpack the baking stuff yet and the hubby can’t find box. Guess its off to target during my lunch break for some disposable pie pans and a cookie sheet, lol.

    The tot had to being canned goods today for her schools canned foor drive and she was so proud of herself because she added one can from her own personal stash of fancy sardines grammie bought her (her favoite, i have a strange child, lol). I was so proud of her thoughfulness and wanting to share, but that’s what the season’s all about.

    Have a great day. Doing any baking?

    ~Suzanne and the tot

    • Hi, Suzanne.

      That sounds like a good plan to me. Both the book work, and kitchen work! I’ll probably make bread today. Mmmmm. We’ll see how much I can get done by dark.

      You have a great day, too.

  12. Shanda

    Great progress so far Kim! I was beginning to wonder if David was as important a character as he seemed in the previous books. It’s like he took a stepback for the introduction of new characters. Also, what do you and your family normally have for Thanksgiving dinner?

    • Gothar

      Kim mentioned in another post that Mr Hue was too smart and would solve everything without much effort. Of course, this is book 10 and we still waiting for stuff before 10 even see the light of day.

    • That almost sounds like a complaint, Gothar. (grin)

    • Hi, Shanda. He is important, but he’s very good at getting Rachel out of trouble, so I have to be careful how much he is involved.

      What do we usually have for Thanksgiving? If it’s just my immediate family, it can be game hens or a big roast chicken. (usually chicken) If it’s extended, it’s usually a chicken casserole and lots of trimmings. (Big family)

  13. mudepoz

    Oh. Just got my Author tracker (Again, NO I am not a stalker:) ) Nice quotes from two very strong paranormal authors.

    Okay, I admit to growing admiration for Diana Gabaldon. Even if it takes a year and a day to read one of her tomes.

  14. Antonio Rich

    Speaking of David (favorite male character, along w/Jenks and Glenn) : I know the vampire doctor on the bridge in A Fistful Of Charms was a nod to one of your writing buddies, I was wondering about the guy David once brought to the church (Does anybody remember which book? I can’t find it?). He introduced him as a friend who wanted to meet Rachel , they spoke a few words and that was that – we never saw him again. Was he another tribute to an author/character?

    • Hi, Antonio. Ah, yes. Howard! He shows up a couple of times, but we see him first in EVERY WHICH WAY BUT DEAD. He was just himself, not a nod to anyone. He was the red hering for Rachel’s dad if anyone got the early hints that she was a love child. 😉

  15. mudepoz

    Somewhere along the line I thought David was disappearing. I guess not. But now I wonder if the marvelous Red Wolf is returning.
    Ah speculation and wait to reads.
    Question, what size font are you using for 12-14 pages with that high a word count?

    • Hi, Mud. I thought he was gone, too, but I’m working him back in for at least a book.

      I’m using Times New Roman, 12, and I am only getting a little more than 300 words per page with that. I think we might have had a miscommunication.

  16. Bob J.

    Dear Kim,

    Great work, and enjoy some turkey.

    Best Regards,

    Bob J.

  17. Kylie Ru

    Woot! I like David. He’s fun. Good luck on getting your 100 pages, Kim-san!

  18. Watch out for the turkey, that triptafan (bad spelling) could slow you down!