Kim Harrison December Signing

I try very hard to keep my December clear of obligations, but when I have the chance to sign with fellow author Faith Hunter at our local store, The BookRack, I usually take it.  (grin)  We will be taking part in their Author Fest weekend, and our times are from noon to two, on December 5th.

The BookRack’s signings are usually _very_  low-key, with small lines and lots more time for one-on-one, so if you are out shopping and in the Rock Hill/Charlotte NC area on December 5th, bring your books (be they by Kim or Dawn.)    Faith and I will sign ’em for you!  😉

The BookRack @ 742 N. Anderson Rd. (21 bypass)  803 327 9028



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44 responses to “Kim Harrison December Signing

  1. Oh, I’m so there! 😀 Can’t wait.

  2. Lurker

    I thought we had an agreement. It was San Diego or bust!

    Oh wait. That might have just been me.


  3. Jo

    Oh yeah and the keys look intriguing. Searching for those stamps to send a SASE.

  4. Jo

    Yah! Road trip… not really but it would be a fun mini vacation if the funds were there. Ah sigh, I’ll just have to wait for next year’s book tour that be close enough to where I Live. Question – Do you put up and decorate a tree? Ours will be up tomorrow, then the light stringing fun begins.

    • Hi, Jo. Decorating already? I know how you feel. I’ve been in the shops and it’s getting harder to wait. I like doing the outside of the house the most. I was the one who would string lights outside while growing up, and it was very peaceful and quiet. The people on the inside never knew the joys and satisfaction of a quiet, cold, still evening, where the sun was down and the air was gloomy.

  5. Meg

    Hi, Kim! =] Man, I wish I lived near enough to go to that signing. But I’m separated from the bookstore by an entire ocean and thousands of miles of American soil. Maybe you’ll come to the UK one day? (fingers crossed!)

    Exams are pretty okay, or as okay as a small slice of hell can be. My Spanish orals are coming up in two days and I need to learn an essay and fifteen questions/answers before then. I told myself yesterday I would sit and memorize it, damn it! So I got all my worksheets, connected to Google Translator and got to work.

    I now know two paragraphs of my essay off by heart, three answers to the questions and I can sing the entirety of ‘Killer Queen’ in Spanish.

    Day well spent? I think so! 😉
    Thanks! ~Meg VV

    • Hi, Meg. I would love to get my bod out to the UK sometime. I need to breath some air and feel some dirt. Get the feel for the place. Maybe some day. Ouch on the exams. I don’t miss that at all! Good luck!

  6. 🙂 You know… South Africa’s nice in April if you want to plan another signing tour… I can give you a free horse safari… 😉
    Not in the state I am in now though, lol, my camping trip came round and bit me in the *cough*. So sick I can hardly wear my glasses (stuffy nose, heavy lenses, not a good combo). But, excuse me once again, lol, I’m complaining (particulary because I just got back from work and it’s past midnight…) and publicly fishing for sympathy, lol. Notice puppy dog look. Notice how it’s ruined by a sneeze. 😉

    Very cool about the book signing! Next time I’m in the country I’ll give a shout, lol.
    Enjoy your day Ms. Harrison and I hope you and ‘The Guy’ had a good weekend!

    NaNoWriMo Status: 44978. That happened this morning. Not much happened tonight. LOL, i’m so close to having 50K, it’s almost frustrating, lol.

    • Hi, Alyssa. Ooooh, my sympthies on the alergies! That’s awful. I hope you feel better soon. I’m still poking along at 29,000, but I’m getting there. 😉 You are doing fantastic!

  7. Marsha

    Maybe the next time you are that close to us I can take off and make a nice trip up there. It is very pretty country. How close are you guys to Ashville, N C?

  8. Caitlin

    Come back to Oregon for a book signing!

  9. Stephenie

    EEEEEE!! Freebies! That is super exciting. I wish There was some way to have signings at the University of Iowa. We have a world reknowned writing program… you’d think we’d actually have more going on…

    • Antonio Rich

      OOooo i’m jealous. I always dreamed of going there. Kurt Vonnegut, John Irving…Alot of famous authors have got their start there writing/teaching.

    • Hi, Stephenie. I don’t think Iowa is on the tour list. Sorry. But that’s why I try to make the freebies cheap! 😉

  10. Phil

    I have relatives in the Winston-Salem area. I’ll let them know ’bout the signing. I’m thinking they have potential YA/Hollows fans in the family! 😉

    I should have asked a few posts back when sparkling vampires were discussed, Where did the sparkling vampires originate, i.e. in whose work? I know you said there’s a place for them, but i can’t seem to find it, lol. Thanks.

    • Antonio Rich

      stephenie meyer’s Twilight series, Phil. I think the latest movie made about 140 million over the weekend – ALOT of people like those sparkly vampires! I have the 1st book in the series sitting on my book shelves…i haven’t read it yet.

    • Phil

      Thanks, Antonio! 🙂 I’d no idea sparkling vamps were from Twilight … thought they might be a Charlaine Harris thingy. 😉

    • Phil

      One would think the sparkling would kinda giveaway that they are vampires, letting their secret out??

    • Marsha

      I don’t think it the sparkle, Antonio. From the women I’ve talked to it’s the guys that play them…especially the one with his shirt off all the time, and we ain’t talking teens here : )

    • Kylie Ru

      Phil, that’s why the main vampire family it’s about live in Forks. Were apparently there is no sun. Sun sets of the sparklyness instead of killing them. The only reason I know this is my mom made me read the books so she could go see Twilight. I’ve read the first two, and now I’m taking a loooooong break from Bella and her teenage angst.

    • Lurker

      I thought Twilight was the glampires? I haven’t heard sparkly associated with them, then again it isn’t like I dig for twilight info either.
      Guess its the same thing. Have no interest in looking at them, but I do taunt the wife every.single.time we pass them in a book store 🙂

    • Shannon

      Antonio, if you are expecting a book about vampires in the Twilight saga you are going to hate it. The Twilight saga is a love story that just happens to involve vampires.

      I’ve read all four and loved them, but then I am a silly romantic girl at heart. Yes i was one of the poeple standing in line for two hours for the realse of New Moon. Took my teenage daughter who loves them too.

      And they don’t sparkle all the time, just when under direct sunlight. Their skin is reflective. I know that makes no sense, but I really don’t care.

      Kim is still my favorite. But since it is fiction I’m aloud to love Kisten and Edward and Eric and Jean Claude and Lastat.

    • Hi, Phil. I think you got your answer already, but I was referring to Stephenie Meyers’s vampires. They sparkle in the sun. Personally, I don’t like bending the rule of vampires can’t be in the sun without death, but I sympathize with having to set all your action in the dark. I handled it by having two kinds of vamps, living and dead, and she handled it by easing the light restriction. Both systems work, and though her books are not targeted to me, they are clearly filling a need and I salute her. (grin) Those readers are going to go somewhere when they are done, and we need to welcome them into a wider world that Ms. Meyers opened for them. –Kim

  11. suzannelazear

    The signing sounds fun! The PJ story time was the cutest thing ever. I ler her wear her red footie PJs to the mall and she got her pcture taken with Santa (I made the teen pose too, she did not wear her PJs, lol).

    How’s the word count. I did 11k over the weekend after a slow Friday and am feeling a little better about getting this finished by the end of the month–except, I think it’s going to run a little longer than I anticipated. Oops. I guess that’s what’s editing is for.

    Happy Monday

    ~Suzanne and the tot

    • Hi, Suzanne. Word count is going good. I filed 14 pages under my keyboard yesterday, so I’m moving, but I don’t think I’m going to be able to make up the time I lost plotting. (grin) It’s going to be close. –Kim

  12. I saw NC and got excited. But alas, I am in the NE, close the coast. Charlotte would probably be about 7-8 hours. Maybe next time.

  13. mudepoz

    I was on your site to get back here, and never noticed before your cover contest for ODW.

    WOW, all of those shots looked professional. The Fireman was VERY impressive.

    And no, the best I’ll get is to see Alcatraz from the air…Tall dude is shy, (yeah, it;s the opposites attract, just like magnets), and not into touristy stuff. It’s gardens and maybe an antique store.

    • Hi, Mud. That was a fun contest. That’s too bad that Tall Dude won’t give it a go. The tour is self-contained with headphones, so you can go and explore as you want. It’s kind of lonely out there, if you can believe it. But gardens are good. 😉

  14. NickinColoma

    You need to get back up our way Kim—-Nick in Coloma

  15. Kylie Ru

    I would be in class at that time. 😦 Oh! I got my envelope on saturday so I can send it today . . . but we don’t have any stamps. So I will send it tomorrow! Have a fun day, Kim-san!

  16. Jenn

    Can you please come to Ontario Canada for a signing? Please, please please!
    Maybe you could hang out with Kelley Armstrong! She’s really nice…I met her, I’m sure you’d get along great!

  17. Roger Simmons

    At Bitten by Books,

    “Who is the Vilest of Villains?” poll:

    Piscary finished 2nd with 121 votes,

    Al finished 4th with 102 votes.

    Roger – Illinois