Dudes!! It’s out next Tuesday!

With all the fun of Halloween and then the freebies for BLACK MAGIC SANCTION coming in, I have not yet had the chance to crow about the mass market of WHITE WITCH, BLACK CURSE hitting the shelves in time for the big Thanksgiving shopping day!  I know that a lot of you have been patiently waiting for the mass market, and it’s finally almost OUT!  Just look for the same fabulous artwork they used for the hard cover.  Oh, and if you’ve already read it, you might want to take a quick look in the back.  There is no short story this year, but there is a 1/2 chapter teaser for BLACK MAGIC SANCTION.  (grin) 

Happy Friday, everyone!  I probably won’t be baking.  I’m hitting the stores early because, frankly, I hide on post-Thanksgiving Day shopping.  Mmmm.



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  1. kacie

    I love the princess series. Any possiblity you will write another?

    • Hi, Kacie.

      Thanks! I’m so glad that you did. The magic system with Tess was one of my favorites. I’d like to write more, but my schedule is really maxed out, so I don’t ever see it happening. Sorry! –Kim/Dawn

  2. 🙂 Congradulations on the Mass Market! Lots of exciting things for you this month, lol. I’m a couple of chapters away from needing to buy White Witch Black Curse. I took ODW with me on a camping trip this weekend (because I couldn’t take my PC…) and I have to say, mwahahahaha. I can’t wait for the next book. Thank you for giving me a very good reason to be unsociable, it was really appreciated. Hope you had a good weekend!

    NaNoWriMo status: 42163.I might not have had my computor with me but I did have some paper. I’m not a very good hand write (bad wrist) but I figured that I had to do something to try and reach that 50k mark. Now I’ve got tons to go and type up, lol. But, that will be done in December. When I’m not an inch away from being it

    • Thanks, Alyssa. I’m excited about the mm too. I’m so glad you liked ODW. (grin) That was a good one.

      You’re doing fantastic on teh NaNoWriMo! Wow. I am totally impressed! I think you’re going to stay ahead of me…

  3. Richard

    Hello Ms Harrison! Love your books and great characters, I hear ya bout the shopping, I used to work black fridays when Circuit City was still around, its a killer. Seen those keys, cool stuff! I’m usually out of the loop but seeing them does this mean somethings going on in SF if so that be cool. Love the City.

    • mudepoz

      Hey. Wow. I am so geographically impaired that my GPS, Marvin Garmin fired me. Alcatraz is in the SF area? Hehehe. I’m going to visit for Thanksgiving. Dude! I’ll be able to SEE Alcatraz. Um. The tall dude informs me that if I want to do touristy things, he’ll be —> visiting the gardens.

      Obscurish question: Why does salt dampen spells…and where the heck did I miss a pass off with Rachel’s brother?

      Mud, dreaming of a vacation with just the Tall Dude. And worrying about my house with dogs and a poor micrograd student…

    • Antonio Rich

      (Grin) Remember, Clint Eastwood was in the classic “Escape From Alcatraz”…added note: i knew someone who used to work as a tour guide on Alcatraz. The tall dude would enjoy it, although i’m not sure if it’s available everyday…The gardens are not such a bad idea either…Golden Gate Park…I’ll be in St. Louis myself over the upcoming holiday…B Good.

    • Hi, Mud. If you want to go to the island, you have to get your tickets a few days, to months in advance. It’s worth the trip, though.


    • Thanks, Richard! I’m glad you’re enjoying the Hollows. Yup, there’s going to be a little West Coast action. (grin) I liked writing this one.

  4. Heather from AZ

    You’re books are my favorite. I would like to know; How you come up with the ideas, who do you enjoy reading, who do you enjoy reading about and have you ever read any Tamora Pierce?

    • Thank you, Heather. I’m glad you’re enjoying them! Where do I come up with my ideas? Because it’s a series, they usually flow from the previous story. I haven’t read any Tamora Pierce in a long time, but yes, I’ve enjoyed her work. 😉

    • HeatherfrmAZ

      I am very happy to hear that. =) But where did you come up with making a realm that is Hollows? It’s amazing the creativity someone would need to make up such a place. I just love that I can be transported into your books! So wonderful and so awesome. In the 18th century you would have been tired as a witch!!! ((It’s a compliment.))

    • Hi, Heather. I didn’t see your last post here until now. Sorry. Where did the Hollows come from? The oddest characters in the strangest setting, I suppose. (grin)

      I don’t know if I’d ever be tried for a witch. I have a low profile. (laugh)


  5. A.N.

    Hi Ms. Kim!

    what do you think?

    • mudepoz

      Hey, I like it. Who is she?

    • A.N.

      She is the actress Dichen Lachman and she play the character Sierra in Dollhouse.

    • Marsha

      Isn’t she pretty and exotic! Something about her facial structure is very feline to me. With black hair-very close to how my imagination ‘sees” her.

    • Kylie Ru

      It’s Sierra from Dollhouse!! i love Sierra. Hey, she would make a good Ivy. . .

    • mudepoz

      She is incredibly exotic. Probably due to the fact I learned to read with comics, I generally ‘see’ in cartoons. It has some advantages, I am seldom disappointed if an actor doesn’t appear the way I thought, since I didn’t :). But this girl, with dark hair, is now stuck in my head as Ivy. Amazing. Guess I will have to see if they have episodes of Dollhouse.

      She has the most gorgeous hands.

    • Antonio Rich

      Hair and Hands…you guys crack me up, hair and hands were, like, maybe 20th, 21st on the list of where my eyes wandered.

    • mudepoz

      Darlin’, I must assume you are male.
      And hands are the best indicator of age *quickly hides mine behind back* and as such, are one of the biological signals to fertility. (End Bull 😉 )

      Yeah, yeah. I dated a lot of musicians because of their gorgeous hands. Who knew that the Tall Dude would never play the piano again after he decided to use MY CHAIN SAW to cut down a tree. And fell off a ladder. Hands Rule Dude!

    • Antonio Rich

      Chain saw on a ladder is a no-no, i’ve seen that whip lash affect first-hand.

      I used to work for a book distributor, and even when i was in management, there was no way to avoid cracked nails and ink, and YES women would comment on it!

      My male perspective on UF/Supe-Romance is OFTEN singular and lonely. I love the heart, soul of the stories but sometimes…I’ll give you an example: I just finished Skinwalker by Faith Hunter which i really liked, reccomend. The heroine spends alot of the book naked, naked in her loaned house, naked in her backyard, and in one memorable scene – naked next door fighting a bad guy with a sword! But, i can’t describe how she looked, how she felt, or how others percieved her because it wasn’t described to me! BUT – the author easily describes how “well-endowed” 2 barely-in-the-book bodyguards are naked!? Really, i’m cool with the girls getting theirs, but how about the male fans? Jeaniene Frost, Richelle Mead excluded(even J Butcher is shy about women’s bodies), it’s obvious we men are NOT the targeted audience, which is a shame.

    • mudepoz

      LOL, poor Antonio. See, I finished Skinwalker and didn’t notice those little things. Then again, I had the cover image in my mind. Bad Cover Image, bad. *Passes over ancient Beeline and early Zebra books* Far after the old man was a national sales rep for the bigger houses, he became a porno pusher. the old ladies term. Nowadays that would be poorly written erotica, but back then… How about Conan? LOL.
      Mud, who only reads the articles. Really.

    • Antonio Rich

      I pushed magazines as well as books and i DID sometimes feel like a “porno pusher”. I had one memorable account, a beer drive-thru in Cincinnati owned and run by a nice Korean couple. They liked to count out and verify the product with the invoice with the driver. They would read off the title and i would verify and count. I mean wierd, fetish, ethnic titles…Oh myGosh! we would all be laughing at their pronunctiation and the titles. Can you imagine someone in their car asking for a can of colt 45, a pack of smokes, and a “Big Butt” magazine? It happens!

    • mudepoz

      Now where did this segue come from? LOL. Oh yeah. I think Sierra would be a wonderful Ivy.

    • Antonio Rich

      Yes, let’s clean this up and act like adults. Sierra would make a fine Ivy. She can act, has nice hair, hands…AND, ass. OK, B Good. Football is on and this alpha needs a beer himself.

    • Hi, A.N.

      Wow! That is a really good image of Ivy! I like! Thanks, A.N!

  6. 12 pages, great job! I’m plugging away, too. Didn’t get as much done today, but I had important things to do, like help the tot make pumpkins out of pixos and going shopping for the fixings for the pecan pies we’re making for turkey day. I’ll make it up over the weekend.

    The tot loves books and is starting to learn how. Tomorrow we’re going to PJ story time at the bookstore where all the kiddos wear their jamies and listen to “Polar Express”, jingle bells will abound, I’m sure.

    She wants to see new moon, so does the teen. I guess I’ll have to look up and see if it’s tot appropriate (she’s in love with “shark boy” lol).

    Happy Weekend.

    ~Suzanne and the tot

  7. Gwendalla

    I’m from Canada so I have no idea what you are talking about with post Thanksgiving shopping or Black Friday? I got my sister hooked on your books so maybe I’ll buy her the paperback and I’ll indulge in the teaser. I LOVE teasers! Thank you once again Kim.

  8. Marsha

    I hear you on the “Black Friday” thing. I don’t go to a mall between Thanksgiving and New Years! Being a semi hermit, I can’t handle that for any amount of discount, in fact not even if they paid me would I go. Have a nice relaxing weekend if possible, and I hope your family will be able to get together for the Holiday.

  9. Dawn8226

    Any chance you could put that 1/2 chapter teaser on your website somewhere or anywhere else online? I already purchased the hardcover and won’t spend more just for the teaser (love hardcovers since I like to re-read when the book is good and the hardcover holds up better over time). I suppose I can always go to Barnes and Noble and sit in the store to read it, but I hate doing that, feels a little bit like stealing to me since I’m not paying. Thanks and have a great weekend.

  10. Phil

    I’ve always avoided shopping the day after Thanksgiving, too, not that I shop that much anyway, but since one does need clothes and shoes eventually, lol, my friend and I bravely ventured out to the mall the day after T-day last year and it was kinda fun! Would I do it again? No way! 😉 I won’t press my luck (grin.)

    Okay, i admit i’m tempted by the BMS tease in the MM but i’m not giving in, though it’s torture to wait ’til Feb. i kinda like not knowing what to expect before i begin a new book … but that’s just me! 🙂

    Have a great pre-Thanksgiving weekend, Kim and Guy!

  11. Lurker

    Call me dumb. I don’t know what this mass market of a book that is already out means. Paperback version of it maybe?
    bah. I don’t wait for paperback of the Hollows anymore 🙂

    PS: Kim, do you ever think about doing a ‘Hollows’ located in some other part of the country/world?

    • Hi, Lurker. Yup. mass market is paperback. Trade paperback are the oversized books. Publishers like those because the seller sends those back instead of tearing the cover off for credit.

      A non-Cincy Hollows? With different characters? I might. Don’t know. 😉

  12. SeattleRobin

    Man. I’m so glad I have the Kindle. If I didn’t I’d only just now be getting my copy of WWBC. The wait for mass markets is agony!

    The keys are awesome and has my mind picking at possibilities of how it could relate to the story. Something to keep us occupied until release day. I’ll have to remember to send an envelope for my friend and I.

    I’m still chuckling in disbelief over Azra’s comments from a couple days ago about giving up your books because of errors. Not just what he said, but that he actually came to your blog to say it. It takes all kinds I guess. I don’t know if I’ve ever read a book with zero errors in it. A few spread throughout isn’t that big of a deal. If they’re on almost every page then I start muttering imprecations against copy editors.

    NaNo Update: 32,399 words. You’re gonna pass me before the finish line!

    • Marsha

      Whoa! I must have missed something while I was on business travel, again. What errors? I must get so caught up in the stories that I don’t see them. Must be a jealous rival’s fan.

    • mudepoz

      Eh. Or just jealous. After all, I am a fan of several authors, some have been dead for years…

      Some errors are egregious some are just typos. I figure that it’s the fault of the typesetter. It’s pretty silly to buy a bestseller and discover that nearly every page has a typo. It gets to the point I just highlight them to see how many different colors I can use!

      Obviously I need a life.

    • Antonio Rich

      Yeah, it’s not the editor(s), something seems to happen on the way to the printers…Poor Jocelynn Drake had some serious mistakes in her last one…MAYBE I’LL EMAIL HER AND GIVE HER A PIECE OF MY MIND! I like how his “rant” wasn’t even grammitically correct, like he was talking to Kim’s web mistress and not Kim!? Dude. Maybe he’ll re-think what he said and apologize…?

    • When I first started, the copy editors were people who had done this for years and years. They knew the language, and they knew how to treat _authors_ (with respect, even when we do something stupid in the text.) Now it’s become more of an entry level position where the copy editors are rude and treat you like you’re stupid when you make a mistake. I’m just going to stop right here before I get angry. My last two copy editers were wonderful. When I learn something from them, it’s great. When I go through a pound of chocolate going over their comments, it’s not.

    • Hi, Robin.

      Thanks! I really like the keys, too, and I expect the first envelopes to come in today.

      I’m so not worried about Azra’s comments. I’m going to assume that he or she didn’t realize that I talk back. (grin) How embarrassing! Can you imagine? At least, I’d be embarrassed.

      Nicely done on the NaNo! I hope to add to my total today.

  13. COngratulations Kim. Not many folks get hardcover and mass market. 😉 Also, I haven’t shopped on post Thanksgiving in years. 😀 Too dangerous. LOL.

  14. Kylie Ru

    Did Ninja Friday attack you, too? It feels like we just had a friday! I’m definitely going to have to find a MMWWBC so I can read the teaser. Gah! I keep sneezing! Someone must be calling me, but I don’t got an awesome mirror. Haha! Okay, hope you have a good day, Kim-san.

  15. Roger Simmons

    Over at Bitten by Books –

    “Who is the Vilest of Villains” poll –

    Piscary still first, Al in fourth.

    Piscary IS/WAS THE VILEST ! ! !

    Envelope on the way for a key – Great giveaway. Thanks Kim.

    Roger – Illinois

  16. Congrats on the MM release. I should have waited for this release, it would be easier to store, but then again, there is no way I could have waited that long!

  17. lisa mulder

    I can’t blame you about wanting to hide from the post-Thanksgiving shopping mob. I use to get up at 3:30am and go with my 4 sisters. Not anymore. It’s mighty cold here in Michigan at that time of morning.
    The keys look amazing! You two come up with the most clever ideas ;>)

  18. Jenn

    Woohoo! I’m sitting at my desk doing a butt wiggle (can’t dance, broke my ankle)! I borrowed a copy of the book from a friend months ago & can’t wait to get my OWN copy!

  19. Indy

    Hi Kim!!! I just saw the keys, and they rock!!! Very cool indeed…big props to you and Guy for the thought. I love how the items really tie it, and are not just like a bookmark of the cover. I know when I got the toe tag for Rachel I was just totally confused, but it was fun to find out how it fit in. Happy Shopping this weekend!!! The day after Thanksgiving isn’t too scary, unless you need electronics, I love to shop that day.~Indy

  20. Gothar


    Kim, Any chance you could post the links to the french bread and soft pretzel recipes you found?

    Have a good weekend

  21. mudepoz

    *Sigh*. Maybe I should Library for the HB release and then buy the MM since they have the good stuff…. or maybe the reverse? Then again…