Winner and a new contest for WWBC

And it’s only Tuesday!  The grand prize winner of the BLACK MAGIC SANCTION ARC is none other than Chris, dressed as the Queen of Hearts.  His photo was pulled at random from the category winners, and I am just delighted that a pre-publication copy of the next Hollows book will soon be headed his way.  To see the other contenders and catagory winners, they are all up at the website, and will stay there until after the first of the year.

There is a signed copy of WHITE WITCH, BLACK CURSE up for grabs as well at fellow author’s site, Jocelynn Drake.  She has been giving away books for over 19 weeks, and this week it’s the Hollows’s turn again!  (No pun intended)  To be in the running, jump over to her website and drop her a post.  I think it’s that easy, but check the rules.  It may be open only to US citizens due to the shipping costs.  And if you’ve never heard of Jocelynn Drake, (which would surprise me) take some time to check out her work.  Her vampires don’t sparkle.  They are mean and nasty, and I love her work.  I can’t wait to see what is going to come from this woman’s mind as she stretches her writing skills.  Start with NIGHTWALKER.  You don’t want to come into this series half-way.

Today I’m planning on kicking my keyboard’s butt.  Monday didn’t turn out so well at my desk with real life taking priority and demanding my time.  I still worked, but there is no page count.  grrrrrr.  So today, I’m fighting back.  Can you just hear the Rocky theme music?  I can.



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  1. RebiNkc

    If it weren’t for the “sparkling vampires” I never would have found Kim and urban fantasy which I truly love now because of sparkling vampires. But I do have to say that I prefer them to not sparkle and I enjoy the more adult vampires, but I appreciate the sparkly ones too b/c reading those sparkly little books led me to the grown up vampires and wow what a great place to escape to.

  2. Jeannie

    Catching up today on your blogs, been busy at the hospital. So here goes. Thank you for sharing your writing process-I do not write but love to read. Love the new Madison cover, my daughter has already added it to her “next year list”. I did read the first, and liked it, so I will have to sneak her second as well. She does not like me reading her books because I “crease the binding”. lol. I think of them as well worn friends when I finish with them, she likes to keep hers looking like they do on the shelves. It works either way I guess. Laughed and laughed when I saw the queen of hearts entry, glad he won! There were a lot of great entries to look at. The bloody guy was something, hope his neighborhood children survived it. haha. Can’t wait for BMS. Have questions? After listening to the books–again…the vamp in the bar(maybe pulling on piscary’s power) in the first book that had the drops of rain on his lashes And/Or the cab driver, were either one of those Kisten-helping Ivy, maybe in disguise?? Was Jenks already with Ivy before Rachel moved in-was he aware of Ivy’s plan for Rachel or was it divine intervention that he was her backup that night and ended up with them?? And yes I know what curiosity did to the cat.

    Mudepoz: Sorry to hear about your dog. I’m sure he passed
    feeling loved.

    • Hi, Jeannie. Sounds like work has kept you busy, lately.

      Ooh, good questions! No, the vampire in the bar and the guy in the cab were not Kisten. Sorry. 😉 Jenks had not worked with Ivy before Rachel moved in, no. He was a happy accident, but he picked up on Ivy hunting Rachel before Rachel did. He’s a lot smarter than most people give him credit for. –Kim

  3. Bob J

    Dear Kim,

    All the costumes are great! As always I have enjoyed reading your blog. Last week was great, I enjoyed learning how you start a new book. Also both new covers are wonderful. Thanks for letting us look over your shoulder. I have been looking at other author’s web sites. No one else puts the kind of work into their site as you. The amount of time you put into the blog over a years time would add up to quite a bit. ( Maybe a two week vacation?) So Thanks again.

    Best Regards,

    Bob J.

    • Hi, Bob. Aren’t they wonderful? I have a hard time choosing any of them as being better than the others. (sigh)

      I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog. Detaiing out my writing process has been intensive, but I think a lot of people might find something that works for them there, so it’s worth it.

      I put in the time on the website, because I know you guys appreciate it, and it’s one way to thank you for the way you support my work and TRUST me to deliver a good story, even if it’s not the one you would like me to write. Because of you, I can do what I love.

  4. Phil

    Actually i prefer my vampires sleek and sexy like Ivy!! 😉

    • Antonio Rich

      I’m with you on Ivy…But, i like when authors do something different with vampires, Phil. Jim Butcher has created three distinct vampire cultures, and Ilona Andrews has made them scary, pathetic, and decidedly NOT sleek and sexy. When you read as much as i do ( after recently donating a couple hundred books, i still have over a thousand crammed into my little house…) you appreciate the variety. B Good.

  5. Phil

    Congrats to Chris!! Great beard! And congrats to all the other winners!

    On the sparkly vamp issue, i have to say i prefer mean and nasty vampires, especially the ones who hide their inner monster behind a cool, distinguished facade … i’m thinking Rhynn Cormel here! I mean how scary can a sparkly vampire be!? 😉

    • Hi, Phil. Isn’t that a great costume? (laugh) I don’t actually pick the grand prize winner. It’s a random drawing from the catagory winners, but I’m glad he won.

      I’m with you on the vampires, but there is a place for the sparkly ones.


  6. SeattleRobin

    Congrats to all the costume contest winners! There were some really amazing entries! Every time I looked at them I was relieved I wasn’t the one who had to do the judging.

    Kim, the new Madison cover is fab. I also enjoyed reading your comment to someone else on yesterday’s comments about having a new file for each chapter. Scrolling back is becoming cumbersome and I was starting to wonder if that might be a good idea.

    NaNo update: 28,308 words. Today I have to write a pivotal scene. (I’m here procrastinating.) And if I can really knuckle down, two of my main characters finally get to meet! Though they aren’t going to like each other much at this point. (grin)

    • Hi, Robin. It is hard to pick any of them, but someone has to win. 😉

      Thank you! I really like the Madison cover. I can’t wait to see how it is received. It’s not like a lot of the YA out there right now.

      Congrats on the word count! I know about procrastinating. Sometimes, you just have to do it. And I like having separate files for each chapter. It makes for a nice boost of confidence seeing those chapters start to accumulate.


    • Antonio Rich

      Damn, girl. 28,000 words in…what? 10 days(i know you got a late start). You’ve ZOOMED right past me. I’m so pokey i should wear one of those yellow caution signs that Amish buggies are required to use.

  7. I read your post before going out with a friend, and all through our conversation I remembered the phrase: “Her vampires don’t sparkle. They are mean and nasty…” I had to stop myself from giggling every time, not being fond of sparkling vampires myself (and unable to understand why everybody else is, but then again – each to his own…)

    Anyway, I’m glad the Queen of Hearts won, he was my personal favorite (I found it very funny). Thank you for hosting the competition! I enjoyed looking at the photos.

    🙂 I suspected that you had had a horse once! It isn’t something that ever leaves you. Mine is my base, a constant in a chaotic life. I love him very much.

    Hope you’re keyboard is showing some proper wear and tear!


    NaNoWriMo status: 34215 I keep expecting myself to run out of steam… But I don’t and the words just keep coming… You’re still it…

    • Hi, Alyssa. There is a place for sparkling vampires, and there is a place for nasty ones. You are absolutely right. But they aren’t for me, personally, either.

      Congrats on the word total. Dude! You’re almost there! 😉 I finally got some word count yesterday, and I hope to add to it, today.

  8. Momma Mystique

    PLease dont say that White Witch Black Curse was the end of Rachel Morgan. SHe has sooooo much living yet to do. I was gutted when you killed Kisten off…. gawd that guy was…. yes well he just was. Are there any plans for Rachel to walk amongst the undead again?

    • Hi, Momma Mystique. WWBC the end? Absolutely not! I’ve got tons more waiting to be written. (grin) I hope you enjoy it. I’m sorry about Kisten. I missed him, too, which might be why the graphic novels (Fall 2010) are set during the time he’s alive. –Kim

  9. Sara

    I had a real question to ask yeterday, but couldn’t recall it when posting. I blame lack of coffee.

    Anyway, if Rachel had tried to invoke those locator amulets in WWBC back before Minias took the focus out – would they have worked? Did his removal of the curse “leaving her more or less intact” take away her ability to invoke certain things?

    Apologies if you’ve been asked this one before. I’ve been busier lately and while I still have the time to read your posts every day, I can’t always scroll through the comments. 😦 By the way, the reread of WWBC is such perfect timing as it’s cold and yucky outside here and the story itself is very cold and yucky feeling too! Well, weather-wise. You’ve got an amazing knack for making the reader feel and smell and picture perfectly what’s going on. Will BMS get us back to better weather? 😀

    • Hi, Sara.

      Mmmm, no. Minias taking out the focus did not touch Rachel’s ability, or inability, to invoke the more sensitive witch charms. She’s always been like that, but she’s only now trying the ones where the difference shows. Hope that helps! 😉 BMS takes place in the summer, so yes! Better weather on the horizion.

    • Sara

      Helps indeed! Thanks!

  10. Kylie Ru

    It’s hard to best a man in a dress. I realized I could’ve been Al . . . if he wore red instead of green. Maybe next year.

    Anyway, congrats Chris!

    Show that keyboard who is boss! I must defeat my nemesis, Writer’s Block.

  11. mudepoz

    I’m lovin’ the ‘Queen of Hearts’ There is something special about a man wearing women’s clothes. With a beard. Real men wear skirts. Or at least they did. Hm, and the kilts. Though the Queens I know…Never mind. Excellent Costume.

    I hear you about RL. My eldest dog passed at 15.5, next to my office chair, in her sleep. A wonderful life, a peaceful death. Today I picked up her ashes. Funny, I accept her passing, I have her children and grandchildren. But each sympathy card, each email discussing her life from around the world, takes just one more tiny piece of my heart. For every joy, there is payment I suppose.

    Enjoy wrestling your keyboard into submission, I hate it when they get unruly (good thing most are pretty cheap).

  12. Lurker

    Grats on winning, Chris!
    I don’t know which scares me more. That the Queen of Hearts has no heart on her, or that she has a beard, or maybe its that she is suddenly two toned!

    Make that keyboard submit, Kim. SUBMIT! If there is no clear cut winner, I suggest a cage match with it tomorrow. I got dibs on ticket sales!

  13. suzannelazear

    I feel you on the real life. I had one of those days yesterday too. have to play catch-up today. Love the rocky theme music idea. (I’ve been listening to alot of Flyleaf, Nickleback, and Pearl Jam lately, lol).

    Recently I was with a friend and we drove past a teen wearing and “I love boys who sparkle” shirt and my friend told to me and say “Doesn’t she realize boys who sparkle like other boys who sparkle.” LOL

    The tot of couse wants to go see New Moon because “Shark Boy” is in it, lol (He’s Jacob).

    Rats. I just realized it’s next tuesday she has hot lunch not today (bad mommy). Good thing the pizza place across from her school delivers (sadly so many parents use this that they have lunch specials just for her school, it’s k-8 for crying out loud), but it’s handy in an emergency since it’s a ways from work. off to order the spoiled tot a pizza lunch (I want a pizza lunch, lol).

    Happy Tuesday.

    ~Suzanne and the tot

  14. I want to win. I’ve been entering a few of her contests, but no luck yet. I did win the third book in her series from someone else. Now I need the first two. LOl. Ah, I’ll get ’em sometime soon.

  15. Kat

    OMG! Funny costume! Congrats to Chris on the win! I really loved the Smurf family too. They were my favorite. I laughed out loud when I saw that picture.

  16. Roger Simmons

    Poll this week at Bitten by Books:

    Who is the Vilest of Villains? Can choose two.

    I voted for Piscary and Al.

    Roger – Illinois

  17. Antonio Rich

    Congratulations to Chris for winning the ARC, but if he’s a smartass and posts spoilers before i have a chance to read it, i’m going to hunt him down and strangle him in his sleep.

    I hear you on the cover art(i never pay any attention to the cover myself) but i do LOVE it when the cover/insert art matches the story. Speaking of art: how goes the Graphic Novel? Have you and the artist(s) had a meeting of the mind?

    • Hi, Antonio. I like it when the art matches the inside, too, and will often insert cover elements into a story already written to help it along, but I gave up trying to get the artists to change things a long time ago. They know what they are doing. At least, the people working on my covers do. (grin)

      Graphic novel is off my desk right now. Just wating to see what comes from the pencilist’s imagination.


  18. KennyG

    I LOOOOOOVE Rachel as Ivy!!!

  19. Mendi in STL

    Heyde Hey Kim! You need some new music to get rolling. If you didn’t see my post on you playlist blog, then check out Puscifer’s new EP. “Potions” is a definite Rachel song! Amazon link,


  20. Hey Kim,
    Sadly all i can hear is Muse: Supermassive Black Hole, Twilight is on all week here on sky tv and that part just sticks now, but i do love the song. And i hate that the vampires sparkle, WHY? its crazy urgh its one part me and Matt hate (his my vampboy) though i only call him that to annoy him). He writes too, about vampires.
    I’m finally past the nano half way mark i just have to keep pushing to the end. i think inside i’m crying what with the time i get up in the morning (04:30) but i intend to see this through to the end.
    I hope ‘today’ was inspiring and the keyboard didnt kick back 🙂

    Rachel-UK @}~

    • Antonio Rich

      Real Men don’t sparkle.

      We occasionally “glow” if given too many spirits to drink, but sparkle?…Nuh uh.

    • Kylie Ru

      He even managed to sound sparkly! If my dude sparkles, I may have to question a few things about him . . .

    • Hi, Rachel.

      I don’t have anything against sparkling vampires, but they aren’t for me, either. YA, though, loves the idea of “controling the beast,” and that’s exactly what sparkling vampires are. There is a place for them on the shelf, clearly. 😉

      Contrats on passing the half-way mark! Keep up the great work!