Costume Contest catagory winners at website

Tomorrow, I’ll have the grand prize winner for you, but I ran out of steam today after making that new page with the catagory winners on it.  Being one’s own webmistress has its pros and cons.

But as promised, here’s the cover for the next Madison book, EARLY TO DEATH, EARLY TO RISE.  I love it!  I went pursing through the YA shelves this last weekend to study the covers, and I love it even more.  It’s got the facial close up that’s very popular right now, and the broody eyes, but the cover is light and bright, like Madison’s outlook despite the trials of being dead.  Angels, not vampires, it says without words, and I couldn’t be more pleased.


I hope you all had a great weekend.  It was unseasonably warm where I live, so I divided my time between raking leaves from my garden beds and baking.  Made some cookies, two loaves of French bread so I could have sandwiches from it, and tried my hands at pretzels.  I’d never made pretzels before.  I’m going to have to practice them because they tasted great, and I want to get them looking great, too.  Fun to make.  I had to boil them for thirty seconds in baking soda water.  Very cool.



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65 responses to “Costume Contest catagory winners at website

  1. That is one awesome cover! I can’t wait to read this 😀

  2. love THE cover! lol *doh*!

  3. wow, love to cover! is the girl the same model from ODTS? can’t wait to read more of madison’s adventures.. I was very pleased with ODTS, althought I have to be honest and say I was skeptical at first b/c it was for the YA audience (i know, shame on me)… but I’m glad I didn’t over look it and stayed a true, devoted fan to you (ha!?) ^_^

    • Hi, Ptchblkhrt. Yes, it’s the same person. I will likely have a different one for this next book, but maybe not? I’m so glad you took a chance on Madison. Thanks! Yes, it is targeting YA, but they like a lot of the same things we do in their reading. 😉

  4. lody

    LOVE THE COVER! Can’t wait to read it!!

  5. Kat

    Your cover model is beautiful!. I would be happy too!

    The baking results sound wonderful!

  6. Claudia from Duesseldorf, Germany

    I just ended a reread of the series and I am already craving for more, tg the new is out soon. Like your coverwork! btw- I infected an assistant in my favourite bookshop with rachelmorganitis. She now gets all of them for christmas and told me I am an expensive customer … do you see a smile on my face? Noooo!

  7. HeatherfrmAZ

    Love it I can’t wait to get my hands on it. o.O

  8. Kneosha

    Oh I love the cover! And its in my favorite color *grin* Have any clue as when it will be coming out? The first Madison book was a blast 🙂 Mmmm french bread and pretzels *homer simpson drool* 😀

  9. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    Love the Madison cover! It looks great and goes well with the previous cover. Maybe someday if you write enough of them, the covers can form a “flip book”? 🙂

    Sounds like you had a great weekend.


  10. Marsha

    She’s the same model from the first cover isn’t she? Very pretty. I can do the cookies, but for some reason I am intimidated by bread. I tried homemade bagels one time, they sound like the same method as the pretzels. They came out like hockey pucks “sigh” Congratulations on the new Madison book.

    • Hi, Marsha. Yes, she’s the same model, but I think we’ll have a new one for the third. Sigh. Ah well.

      I can see how bread can be intimidating. I grew up baking sweet rolls with my mother, so yeast doesn’t scare me.

      Ooooh, sorry about the hocky pucks. (laugh) That can happen!

  11. Aubree from UT

    Beautiful. We loved the first Madison book and can’t wait for the second one! Congratulations!

  12. Shanda

    I don’t know what it is but Madison looks like you! Is that how you looked younger Kim? Hehe. Have a great day!

  13. Super cool cover!
    *Remembers her manners*
    hello Ms. Harrison!

    I baked a banana bread for the weekend. My weekends are pretty busy because they are my peak times that I work (horse safari guide amongst other things) so I normally stumble into Monday feeling as if i’ve been hit by a truck. Tuesdays are my relax days. 🙂 But yes, I had a good weekend.
    On writing and descriptions – descriptions are a weak point for me, (I rely on dialogue to bring up the body) but I’m working on it!

    NaNoWriMo status: 31132 words. I attended my first write in this weekend and it was a ton of fun. I love writing, but I have to say, I haven’t had this much fun in ages. It’s different somehow, I love the group effort that goes into it – or rather, the group support. 🙂 Good luck with your words. *evil little laugh* tag, you’re it…

    • Hi, Alyssa.

      Mmm, I love banana bread! It sounds like your weekends are fun. I had a horse my last two years of high school. Sigh. I really enjoyed it. My dad did, too.

      Congrats on the fantastic total! You keep it up! I’ve got to kick my keyboard’s butt Tuesday.

  14. GreyIxia

    Hey recently proclaimed favorite author of mine!
    I am currently reading the Hollows series and afterward, I will read the Madison ones.
    The cover looks great, but I agree with Chrisy when she says that books are starting to look the same. If I ever get a book published, I would like it to be a drawing instead of a picture but it does not matter if I don’t like the cover because I will probably be so euphoric from having a book published anyway! 🙂

    I was just curious about your saving methods when writing. Like, do you have your novel saved on a flash drive and a computer and a laptop, or do you just save it on whatever you are writing it on?
    I personally must have everything backed up on a flash drive. It is part of my organization method (and I am a very organized person :D). And as a freshman in high school with a bunch of projects and papers, I cannot afford to lose something.
    NaNoWriMo sounds cool, and I would like to participate in it next year. I wish I heard about it earlier because I would have participated in it this year, but it works out fine because not working on that gives me plenty of time to work on my novel. (I am writing it for a contest. It gets published if you win. Hope I win!!)

    • Hi, GrayIxia. Thanks! I’m glad you like my work. 🙂

      You’re right that the covers look the same. It’s intentional. And you’re right as well that when you finally get publication, your cover is beautiful no matter what it looks like. (big smile)

      You asked about how I save things when I write? When I write, I start a new word file with every chapter, which helps me find and change things in a rewrite. I print out my chapters when I’m done, reusing old paper and a cheap inkjet printer. I save my work on a jump drive periodically, every day if I’m fine-tuning work without printing out my changes, or once a week if I’m doing rough draft and I am printing out pages nightly. A little overkill, perhaps, but I’ve heard too many horror stories. I also find out my expected life-expectancy of my computer and get a new one when I reach it–before I have problems. I don’t work on a laptop except for on-line promotional or communication stuff. They have a tendency to overheat. I work instead on a big, bulky, well-cooled tower. But whatever works for you is good, yes? I have too many people and dollars riding on my work to fool around.

  15. Lurker

    Well, me being the ultimate judger (new word?) of books by their covers, I give it 2 thumbs up and a snap. Has two requirements fulfilled in prime time. Author is Kim Harrison, and there is a cute chick on it 🙂

    Yes. Im shameless. Deal with it. 🙂
    Although I doubt I will check it out. I’m pretty far out of the demographic for that genre. hehe

  16. Chrisy

    Pretzels? 😀 ahahh I love it! English is so funny!
    Hmm I think there are too many book covers like this one. It’s not bad though.
    I like the dark shirt she’s wearing – it’s a good contrast.
    Have you ever considered drawing your own cover? Yes you said that it’s not your decision. But well you could propose a picture, couldn’t you?
    I don’t know. I just think books are starting to look the same. Like the designer is not really trying to make it a special cover. I could imagine that they are not even reading the books. Hm. But it’s still good that you like it so much. 🙂
    – Chrisy

    • Hi, Chrisy.

      Okay, I’m curious why you think Pretzels are funny. Is it the spelling, or that we boil bread before we bake it? (laugh) I think it’s pretty cool to see different ways to make familiar things, and I was surprised when the recipe called for it.

      I gave up trying to organize a cover pretty early. Once I realized that the cover is to flash images that tell the reader what’s inside, not about the main character’s looks, it became a lot easier to understand why the cover artist did what they did. Now I have to figure out titles, and I’ll be all set. 😉

    • Chrisy

      No I don’t mean the boiling – it’s german, I know how to make it. But in Germany we have lots of words which are originally english like ‘Internet, Hotline, Handy (I know it’s mobile phone in english but handy is still an english word) …
      And I just love to see this the other way round. ‘Kindergarten, doubleganger… or pretzel. You changed the spelling so it sounds nearly like our Brezel. ^^ For me this is very funny. I think I already said that I get excited very fast… (cough)

    • Hi, Chrisy. Oh! I get it. Yes, I can see why that would be funny. (grin)

  17. April W

    That is so beautiful. I bet this girl becomes super-famous.

  18. Kylie Ru

    That is one totally awesome wicked cover! I’ve always wondered this . . . do they have models for the people on the cover? I want to be a book cover model. . .

    • Hi, Kylie.

      It varies by cover, but yes, the Madison covers have real models. The Hollows books have models, too, but they photoshop a lot in around them.

      I’m glad you like it. Thanks!

  19. Phil

    Eye-catching cover, Kim! Guess what my teenage cousin is getting next Christmas, since i’ve already wrapped ODTS for her this xmas and know she’ll love it! 🙂 Oh, i didn’t catch the release date for the new Madison and i probably shouldn’t torture her by making her wait a whole year. And since you speak of baking, grin, that’s the reason i’m being so nice to my cousin this Christmas … she bakes the best cookies, Lol! 😉

    I’ve revised my NaNo- for-next-year storyline so it begins one year ago then flashes back ten years when the two central characters were teens and then moves forward to where the story began with a different perspective for that opening scene and continues to the present where we find out if their friendship survived thru angst, misunderstandings and tragedies. OK, I know it’s ambitious and i should simplify, but where’s the fun in that! 😉

    • Hi, Phil.

      Mmmm! I like your gift-giving ideas! 😉 EARLY TO DEATH, EARLY TO RISE will be out in June, right in time for summer reading.

      Good luck with the time shifts! It is agressive, but as you say, fun!

  20. Heya, when will it come out? (love it of course) 😉 Aimée

  21. Jenn

    The cover looks fantastic! I’m currently in the middle of re-reading Laurell K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake series but I think I’ll start on Madison next.

    Baking? Oh I’m so jealous! I’m stuck on my couch for the next while (well except for work). I broke my ankle! How? Walking down a crumbly sidewalk! I know…really smart huh?

    I love baking. My favourite thing to bake is lemon meragine pie. I have a “from scratch” receipe passed down from my mother-in-law! Mmmm…

    Well, I hope you have a great day!


  22. Wonderful cover, Kim. 😀 Can’t wait to read it.

    Your baking sounds wonderul!! 😀 Cool.

  23. mudepoz

    It’s against my religion to cook, but since the Tall Dude is a Luddite (huh, and he an Intellectual Property atty?) I found him a recipe I consider pure Mud Pornography. Just look at the pictures and DROOL>…
    (BTW kids, I’m too old to have beefcake or cheesecake, this is CHOCOLATE!)
    Please Sir, may I have more? I feel like a Dicken’s Character…

    • mudepoz

      LOL, that meant for Madison, not the truffles, though that works too. Do we get a bit of information, chapter or some such to whet the palate?
      (Jeez, what’s with my new culinary theme 🙂 )

    • Marsha

      Wow, those look good! I’ve made truffles every Easter and Christmas, but never with the sea salt. How did that taste?

    • mudepoz

      Since I’m an avid salt fan, and LURVE chocolate covered pretzels…I would think awesome. But the Tall Dude will make them this weekend…I’ll tell you then

    • Hi, Mud. Mmmmm, I’ve had chocolate with salt before, and it’s yummy. I might try that as a topping for my truffles this next time. Thanks for the suggestion!

  24. Frotee

    Wooohooooo, I actually won something! *happy dance*
    Boyfriend’s gonna be pleased his costume was labeled most gruesome :]
    (He’s in for a real treat if it gets me an ARC tomorrow ;))
    The cover is really neat – and with urban fantasy being quite popular among teens now, I bet it sells well 🙂 I even went to see if Once Dead Twice Shy was out in German yet, but couldn’t find it on the shelves. Maybe I’ll mention it in my interview on Wednesday at Carlsen’s (a large and well known publisher in Germany) 🙂
    (Shelves were brimfull with Stories about Vamipres – and about Dragons, interestingly. )

    Happy greetings from Germany, Carina

    • Hi, Frotee.
      Congratulations! Guy will be contacting you by week’s end. He’s bogged down right now. Things have been kind of rough this last four weeks or so. I’ll be picking the grand prize winner from a hat to help prevent favoritism. (grin)

      I’m glad you like the cover. Thanks! Dragons? Ooooooh, was there a story by Dawn Cook there? (grin)

    • Frotee

      I’m in no hurry 🙂
      I’m afraid I didn’t check the authors of the dragon books, but then, I was checking the teen section for Madison’s story – are the Dawn Cook books meant for teens? (I’ll be picking them up at around January as a treat for finishing my diploma and to bridge time until Black Magic Saction is out ;))

    • I was just curious if they had them there is all. The “Truth” books are targeting adult, but I think they make good “tween” reading, too. I am so excited they made it into the German market. Someone told me they were doing better than the Hollows there, but I don’t know for sure. How about that! (grin)

  25. Sara

    I love that cover! It really makes me want to chop off my hair and go for the same deep-parted shaggy ended cut. Damn. I actually wandered in a real brick and mortar book store the other day and perused the “young adult” section and was just…disappointed with the selection. *erases section of rant that included many unsavory things relating to what was found therein.*

    I think your book will stand out splendidly among the muck. 🙂

    Making french bread at home? Sweet zombie jesus lady! Is there anything you don’t bake? And also….how does one go about baking french bread at home?

    • Thank you, Sara! I’m glad you like it. When I was growing up, YA was full of SF. But it was targeting boys, mostly. I like seeing all the YA aimed at girls, giving them positive directions and characters that don’t take no sitting down.

      French bread? I found a recipie and just . . . made it? (grin) I like bread before it’s baked. So soft and delicate, yet tough.

  26. Suzanne

    Beautiful cover! I can’t wait for it to come out.

    Did you make hard pretzels or soft pretzals? The tot enjoys making soft pretzals (easy and yummy).

    Four days in, I’m at 13k of my 43k….fourteen more days…let’s see if i can do it, lol….

    The tot say’s hey. Have a great week.

    ~Suzanne and the tot

    • Hi, Suzanne. Soft pretzels! I think I’ll make them again next weekend. I didn’t make much progress on my wordcound yesterday, bogged down in real life, but Tuesday, I’m going to kick my keyboard’s butt.

  27. Judi in NJ

    Beautiful cover!!! Beautiful girl, too! Woot! Even though I’m (way) beyond YA, (added another digit this weekend 🙂 ) I’d snatch this right off the shelves. This is the type of cover that would pique my interest immediately. As an already-huge-KH-fan, I can’t wait to see what Madison is up to next..and BMS is right around the corner <<<sing-song voice<<<<! Ummm…send some cookies and French bread and pretzels over this way! Yyyyuuum! "Guy" is one lucky guy!

    • Thanks, Judi! I’m glad you approve. It’s probably right up your reading tastes. (grin)

      I think I made the bread so I wouldn’t make anything chocolate. I made truffles last week. And I ate them. Not necessarly a good thing. 😉

  28. cat

    This is a very eye-catching cover (and purple! Yay!).

    I am curious though. The main “complaint” many had about the first cover is that it doesn’t match Madison well in the hair department! Since such emphasis is put on her hair in the story, why wouldn’t they at least photoshop the hair to match? 😦 Her hair sounds so very cool, it would be nice to actually see it on the cover!

    Do you have any ideas on this? Or perhaps an inside scoop sort of thing? 😉

    • Thanks, Cat! I think it’s eye-catching, too. You asked if I had any ideas about her hair? Ahhh. I’ve come to believe that the cover is not to be an accurate representation of the character, but a five-second billboard of what genre the book is, and who it is targeted to. There is a science to covers, and it has nothing to do with what the main character looks like. (grin) And I love my cover. 😉

    • cat

      Don’t get me wrong, I do love the cover! And the more I think about it, it is true, the cover is a 5 second billboard for the book. I’m the biggest “buy a book because of the cover” person that I know. And this would get me to pick up the book in the store even if it didn’t have YOUR name on it (ha! I pick up anything that has your name on it!) I DO think that if you added the brightly coloured tips to the cover model’s hair it would make people pick up the book as well. I know I certainly would! (I’m also possibly manic panic’s number one fan ;)).

      Thanks for the insight though, because I’m always curious about book covers!