Where you at in NaNoWriMo?

I’ve been thinking . . . which is a dangerous proposition in itself, but in this case, It might be useful.  As a lot of you probably know, this month is NaNoWriMo, which is short for National Novel Writing Month.  The deal is, you sit down and write a 175 page novel (50,000 words) in a month.  The emphasis is on quantity, not quality.  NaNoWriMo

It’s day four, so if you want to do this and haven’t started, then you’re already behind.  Its main aim is for people who can write only part-time in little snatches, which is sort of how most people get started.

If you’re wondering, I’m not taking part.  (grin)  However, I am going to be writing rough draft this month, and it might be fun to compare and contrast with some of you who are participating. 

So if you’re going to take part in the NaNoWriMo, write in and tell me where you’re at.  I’ll be doing the same with my plodding along, outlining format.  And again, there is no right way to write, so we are all doing this the correct way.

Today, in my official Not-NaNoWriMo, I have again procrastinated with other work, confining my rough draft of book ten to ideas in my head.  Tomorrow, I will pick up my pencil and write something down.  Promise.  How about you?  Where you at?


PS  Halloween pictures are still coming in fast.  Here are today’s offerings.


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103 responses to “Where you at in NaNoWriMo?

  1. daniel morrs

    This is the first I heard o Novel writing month, but it is a great Idea. I am a avid writer, most goes through three or four hundred drafts, getting it right just takes time, so every month is writers month Maybe someday they could have a novel publishing month and I might finally fulfill my dream, opportunities are slim while your on a ship overseas (or in the ocean).

    • Daniel, I like your idea of a novel-publishing month. I like that a lot. sigh

      It sounds like you’re on the right track for publication. Too often, agents and editors see work that hasn’t been revised enough. Good luck!

  2. ShadeSusurrus

    Whoa @.@ just realized that this event was going on. Signed up only moments ago, and hopefully I’ll make it even halfway to the 50k mark XD

  3. Yukonstylist

    Well, I’ve officially signed up! I started writing around 3:30 this afternoon and I’m at a whopping 934 words. It’s 7:08 pm here in Central Canada. Where is it coming from? I don’t know. But according to my calculations, to finish this story, I’ve got to write at least 2000 words a day. YIKES!!! Wish me luck! 😀

  4. SherArt

    I’m doing it this year and I’m so excited! I’m up over 10k words on day 4 and am hitting a stride where my main character is starting to perk up and tell the story for me. It’s kinda strange when that happens but thrilling!

    What I’m finding is that the majority of what I’m writing isn’t the actual book, but copious notes on character interactions, scenes and ideas that are flowing through my brain. For every page I’m thinking of entire scenes that I haven’t written, and I think the challenge will be to coherently piece it all together and write it down in a cohesive style that actually ‘shows’ what’s happening instead of just ‘telling’.

    Kim you are definitely an inspiration to my writing, and one of your online interviews was a catalyst for me to finally say, “I can do this even though I’m creeping up on 40 and never written more than a short story for creative writing classes”. Thanks for all you give back to your fans!

    p.s. Would love to hear your advice on how to come up with dynamic & horrible villians! 🙂

    • Hi, SherArt.

      40 has nothing to do with being able to write or not. Actually, you’ve got a lot up on the younger generation in terms of having seen how people react, so don’t ever think that age dictates success. Of course, this is coming from someone who still acts like a three-year-old when she has to clean her room.

      That’s wonderful that you’re taking part in NaNoWriMo! I love that stage of the story when the narrator takes over. happy sigh

      You asked how to come up with dynamic and horrible villans? Give them a redeming feature, and let them be bad!! And have fun.


  5. Ann

    I’m Nanoing this year after being a long time lurker. I’m at 7200 words which it tells me is 1100 words short for today’s goal – but I have until midnight…….
    I did a short outline. It’s mostly a chronology of the main events and how the pieces fit together. Then I have another few pages of questions, where I remind myself that I have some issues to resolve, and snippets of dialogue and ideas I wanted to add.

  6. Yukonstylist

    OMG!! I have to come read your website more often! I just read about this challenge today! I have a few ideas, …. but 50,000 words?? HOLY CRAP!
    I’ll see what I can do…. 😉

  7. Kathleen

    This is my second year of NaNo running. I did so much better earlier last year. T_T And this year I have so much more of a plan than last year. I wonder what that says about my writing style. . . >_>
    I felt a little overwhelmed yesterday and thought about dropping out, but – why? No matter how far I get, I’ll have more than I had before!

  8. Update on my 8000 its now 10,832 words and still going i’ll be a very happy bunny if i’m over 12,500 come the end of friday, since thats the weekly marker.

    • Rachel! That’a wonderful. Where are you now?

    • 14,778 words and slowing down unfortunately but i know why i havent the right muse for this part of the story which is now 9 years later. I’m crawling along at my own little pace but I won’t quit I liked ok loved this story idea when it hit me at full speed ok things have changed slightly but i loved it at the very beginning too i just need to get back on track is all. I need to get my character to go and seek something out i just wish i knew the why

  9. SeattleRobin

    I first heard about NaNoWriMo about three or four years ago and was intrigued. But I always forget about it until someone mentions it’s November and it’s underway again. I’ve thought it would be neat to participate, just to have done it and have something that I went after and finished. (I could win the World’s Greatest Procrastinator Contest, if anyone got around to holding it, and I got around to entering.) I often have ideas in my head, and sometimes I even write them down. But I get all caught up in the world building details and never actually write. A real writer I am not, especially since I totally suck at the actual wordsmith part of it.

    So great idea for mentioning it here and getting people pumped up! It’s great to read the posts from everyone participating. Good luck to all the speed novel writers!

    (Oh, and next year someone mention it in October and maybe I’ll give it a whirl.)

    • Hi, Robin. I hear you. I really do. But why not give it a go, anyway? I don’t have a thing on paper yet, either. And it’s not supposed to be good. It’s more like a free-flow thought your barfing out on the paper. (laugh) –Kim

    • Antonio Rich

      Robin. It’s not too late! Jot down some thoughts tonight and start tomorrow. Don’t sweat the details, concentrate on dialogue. The Writing Police are not going to write you a ticket. (oh gee, i hope not…)

  10. Stacie

    Got a late start to NaNoWriMo, but I am about 3,000 words in…hopefully I will have lots of time this weekend to make up for the late start =). This year is my first year, so hopefully I will actually make it to the end..

  11. me713

    i’ve not been on the site for some time. it appears as though much has changed. as i jotted possible stanzas down something of a haiku formed…albeit not season driven; • Overpower me / take me, make me yours, you, I / together we wake

  12. Tiffany

    NaNoWriMo hmm? I haven’t heard of it before, but I’ve been thinking about trying to write something for a while now (I’ve never written anything before…ok besides essays) but I like the idea of expecting it to be crap – takes the pressure off. No idea when I plan to do this…but I just roped my cuz’, who has also been non-productively aspiring, into trying it with me 🙂

    So a question for you: Back at the beginning – book one of a series – what is the catalyst for you that builds your idea? Is it a character that pops into your head that you then create a world for her to live in- where what she does comes from who and where she is? Or for you did the world come first and you think of what characters live there and what they might do? Or does a plot come to you first, such as “a story where x happens”? Or is there a theme you were inspired to write about that led you to think up who would best exemplify and embody an idea?

    • That is cool, Tiffany. And smart of you to get someone to do it with you. You’ll encourage each other. 😉

      You asked what the catalist was? It’s the characters for me, first, then the plot, then the world. Hope that helps!

    • Antonio Rich

      C’mon Tiffany. You don’t HAVE to make it to 50,000(I won’t make it), I think the idea is to Just Do It, no worries…If i can complete something, i KNOW you can. Take the nest day or so and jot down ideas that interest you, write a one page synopsis, and then just start and DON’T look back(no “crafting” allowed!). B Good…

    • Tiffany

      Thanks for the encouragement 🙂

  13. Disco Dude

    “I’M GOING TO DO IT!”, I told myself. Had my story in mind, did research on where other NaNoWriMo’s writers were meeting in my area to bond with someone to make me commit, then BAM!!! Someone close to me has Swine Flu and I have to take care of them. Got one page half-a*# written down while on break at my dead end job. Will I continue? I don’t know, but sometimes life throws you a punch in the stomach and knocks your breath out. Ohhh, you’ll recover, but it does send a loop on things you have planned.

  14. Just made an account NaNoWriMo! One of my friends has been pressing me about joining in on it, but I completely forgot! Thanks for the reminder. 🙂

  15. Leigh

    I’m at 14500 words. Here’s hoping I’ll make it this year :D.

  16. Lurker

    Sooo, reading between the lines here, what you are really saying this you have been holding out on us. At 175pages/mo, you could be busting out a new Hollows book every quarter.

    (I keed!)

  17. Hey Kim! It’s been a long time since I’ve commented. Hope you’re well and you had a great Halloween! I was wondering…are we going to see Rachel being tutored by Al in the everafter?

    As for the NaNoWriMo, I might try that next year! I’ve been doing a RPG set in the Hollows, and I’ve been getting better at writing. Take care!!

  18. Missy Waguespack

    Well I started a book then went back to school and hit harsh writers block. I have 50-something pages written and I like what I have so far, but am clueless as to where to go next.. Mayhap an outline would help 😛

  19. Marsha

    I have never heard of NaNoWriMo, but I ahve been out of CSUS for decades and I am not an avid reader not a writer. What happens if you don’t get to finish? Do they keep your “novel” if you want to finish it later? Does it cost to enter? Sorry for the questions, I guess I should just open up the link.

    • Hi, Marsha. I don’t know for sure, but I imagin that it’s your work, no one elses, and that they don’t even have a copy of it. You just clock in with your word count and they take your word on it. No cost. It’s for fun!

  20. I’ve done NaNo every year since I discovered it in 2004. 🙂

    This year, I’ve got about 7800 words in (I’ll have 10k+ later tonight, if I manage to stop procrastinating… ::innocent look::).

    My goal is to finish early this year, instead of trying to write the last 10-15,000 words in the last couple of days. We’ll see what happens. *grin*

  21. hey there Ms. Harrison,

    LOL, figures that you know of NaNoWriMo.
    I’m in this year, (did it a few years ago and loved it, then university started and…) though I suspect with my work load I’m going to be behind untill the very last minute.
    How many words? ehehehehe… ah. Well. Yes, everybody getls a little behind sometimes. It’s about the adrenaline at the end…

    • Right… Minor update…
      I’m 906 words in. lol. Yes, bow before my superior word count puny mortals… 😉 (walks off trying to hide thin sheet of paper…)
      Have a good day Ms. Harrison!
      I’m once again off to ride my horse. 😀


    • Alyssa, you made me smile! 900 words. That’s how it starts. 😉

  22. charmedwarrior

    i’m a reader…not a writer. but best of luck to ya’ll…and if you need a reader then i’m all yours! 😉

  23. Stephenie

    That is so depressing… I don’t even have a computer to write on, much less attempt to finish 14 chapters in a month… bleh… depressing day…

    • Hi, Stephenie. I wrote my first two novels on paper. Still have them tucked away in my lock bock. I wouldn’t do it now, but back then? Yeah. I didn’t have a computer, either.

  24. Linda D.

    Hi Kim! I remember reading an encouraging email from you on behalf of NaNoWriMo last year. You had written that one time you participated you ended up with a manuscript that underwent major tranformations into (I think) the first book of your young adult series. 🙂

    This year I’ve jumped in full swing at my second attempt at NaNo and so far, I’ve acheived a word count of 12,221 by the end of the third day. The novel is main-streem fiction with some paranormal aspects.

    I’m hoping to be able to keep up my ambition and high hopes for this novel and begin editing imediately after the rough draft is written.

    I’m very excited about this book. I can’t wait to finish it and get it polished up so I can share it with friends and family.

    • Hi, Linda. I think you’re mixing me up with another author, because I’ve never participated. I don’t do well under pressure, so I don’t set close deadlines like that. But I might have written along with you guys last year, sort of like I’m doing now.

      That’s fantastic that you’re going so fast! Whoo-hoo! Keep it up!

  25. Anna

    Adi is participating! He’s been wanting to write a novel since I met him – what a perfect opportunity to start! I am SO EXCITED about this for him! WOOT!!

    🙂 He has 2000 words so far. And I can’t wait to find out what happens next. He says he can’t wait to find out either. lol.

    • Hi, Anna. Woot is right! You two remind me of Tim and myself. He would wait every night for what I wrote that day, too. 😉

      Got your pictures up on the website. (grin) I like!

  26. You know, I have about 3-4 rough outlines for books that I am considering working on. I have not signed up to do this, maybe I am having commitment issues, or confidence ones.

  27. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am.

    The cover of BMS looks great. I’ll let Raven and DebbiM know you have ARCs ready. Both of them are very good at pimpin’ books. 🙂

    I’m happy you liked your surprise. In my head, I see you surrounded by pixie kids and pop corn, watching it.


  28. I wanted to do Nanowrimo, only I don’t write so I wanted to do a comic, but November came way too fast and I wasn’t prepared…

    I have a question! What color are Rachel’s eyes? 🙂

  29. Rachel

    HI Kim,
    I am 15000 words in. I have had an idea for a novel for ages but have been concentrating on typing up my vampire story…which is still not fully on the PC!! So I decided that as I am doing a creative writing course it would do no harm to set this challenge for myself.

    Luckily it is flowing out of me….I’m not looking forward to the edit, thats my downfall.

    Hope you are all doing ok with it 🙂

  30. Phil

    I absolutely love to write but getting ideas from my head to paper has been requiring more effort than I have time for. I am very happy though to leave such endeavors to those authors like you who are truly talented! 🙂

    i’m not giving up on writing just kinda deferring to some future point in my life.

    Oh, and I’m thrilled, Kim, that you liked my idea about having Rachel and Ivy on a cover together! I guess that was rare inspiration on my part … 😉

  31. Megara Noelle

    This is my fifth year doing NaNoWriMo, and this year I am a co-ML for my Region. Between going to class and organizing the write-ins with my other ML I’ve taken ont he endeavor to write two 50k novels instead of just one. I just had a second idea strike me and I couldn’t say no to it. At the moment I’m almost to 13,000 words, and I’m behind on my own personal wordcount!

    I’m a glutton for punishment, you probably well know what that feels like Miss Kim! 😀

  32. Hooray for NaNoWriMo! This is my third year, and I’m about 5100 words in so far, so I’m right on track. As always, I know this draft is going to be crap but hopefully i will actually follow through with rewriting it after I finish the first draft. i have a feeling that it’s going to be way longer than 50,000 words but I can only wait and see!

    I LOVE all the pictures in the halloween contest!

  33. Brooke

    Hello Kim, thanks for doing this!

    Well, yesterday was a bit of a bust. I got about two sentences in before my little Amber (2 yrs) woke up & wanted to watch Blue’s Clues. I can’t write to B.C. Too many dance breaks. And dance brakes require mandatory participation in my house. =o)

    She is about to fall asleep. So, I will be hitting it hard here in a bit.

    • Hi, Brooke. Man, I know what you’re dealing with. I wrote my first novel between Blues Clues and naps. That was when BC was so new that I had to make my own Blue out of a stuffed puppy and blue dye. Good luck!

    • Brooke

      Thank you! It’s slow going, but I’m sticking with it. I also have a 11 yr old (On Monday he turns 11) So I was watching BC when it was new too. =o) But I never had the skill to make my own stuffed animal. You are practically Martha Stewart!

      I, like many on this forum, am having trouble not editing as I go. Anyone who sees the state of my home knows I am not a perfectionist, but I have always had a hard time doing rough drafts. I’m re-training myself. Thanks again for setting this up!

    • Brooke

      Confession: I took yesterday off. It was my Birthday. =o)

  34. Antonio Rich

    I was going to bring this up yesterday, but didn’t. Yes, I am participating. I’ve done alot of prewriting work on a world and have a character i love that just doesn’t fit…at least i don’t think she does. So, i’m just going to follow this character and see where it leads…

    Have you ever had this happen? You don’t strike me as the kind of gal who gets side-tracked…B Good…

    • Hi, Antonio. Cool. It’s always easier to write when you know others are suffering as well. (laugh) Me? Side-tracked? (laugh again) All the time. Try plotting out an entire book and having someone show up three pages in and needing to be worked in the rest of the way. Thanks a lot, Ceri. 😉

    • Antonio Rich

      I miss beautiful, imperious Ceri, walking over in her bare feet and sundress…I hope pulling out all of Rachel’s support pays off in her growing up a bit…

  35. Good morning, Kim, from Memphis! I hope all is well with you and yours!
    I am indeed participating in nanowrimo this year. Actually, I have never heard of it until a gentleman in my writing group sent an email out inviting the rest of us to join him. It is now day four and I am 8700+ words in. I love it.

    I encourage all of you that want to do it to give it a try. November is just for putting pen to paper, if you will. December is when the editing starts.

    Good luck to you all! I can’t wait for the new book Kim. What is the projected date? Am I looking at another great birthday present?

  36. Hey Kim, I thought about it last year and decided no, this year i decided and signed up in september, i spent october putting some idea’s together and putting everything in some form of order. I am happy to say i am currently in the 8000 word range today which i hope to end today with at least 10,000 words. I’m probably lucky though, i have an early morning job so by the time i come home i’m awake and can get on with it without having to worry about work or being tired. and so far i love what i have.

  37. tattoolady

    hello kim! the cover for the new book looks AMAZING!! i am even more excited now. i wish that i could do NaNoWriMo but it is the crazy season with work and i am up to my ears in frames. i am lucky if i get in a sentence a day sometimes,lol. have a wonderful day.-tattoolady

  38. Sabrina from WV

    Hi Kim,

    This is my first year participating in NaNoWriMo. I’m currently at 11,077 words. I must say, I don’t like writing like this though. I’m an edit as you go kind of gal and just writing in a rush to make pages and not worry about revising is a painful process.


    • That’s wonderful, Sabrina! Good luck with it. You’re moving fast! If you keep up this pace, you will have time to go back and edit after you reach the 50,000 word mark. 😉


    Crap. Part time. Like… speechless.

    Outline, maybe.

  40. AyeQue

    Unfortunately I am not as far as I wanted. I only have a page of written down. And I am doing exactly what they tell you not to do. edit as I type.

  41. Chris

    I so wanted to participate this year, but I am having a horrible time trying to fit in more than momentary participation. After my exams this week maybe I will be able to squeeze some blood on the paper and catch back up. The first few starts I kept feeling like I was channeling Ivy even though I was writing about an adolescent witch… I blame you!

  42. Dawn

    Hey Kim, I’m in this year. I got a late start because I decided on Halloween to commit. I’m only a few hundred words in, but I think I have some really good stuff in my head. Have outlined the plot and now this weekend will be a major push to catch up!

    Have a great day!

  43. Indy

    Hi Kim!!! There is a Kim Harrison book chat going on at Bitten By Books. 🙂 For the novel, I have an idea, but I’m not sure I’m ready to write yet. Maybe this is the kick I need.~Indy

  44. Focusing on one word in your entire post. Pencil.

    Do you write out your rough drafts in pencil first before going to a word processor? I have done both, but most comfortable with banging out all my ideas on the PC, printing it out and doing manual edits and then back to the PC.

    • Hi, Tim. I just use the pencil for the first two weeks or so. When I get to dialog, I’m back on the keyboard, but I will take up my pencil again if I run into a snag and need to scribble for a half hour or so.

  45. I’m horribly behind, but I’ve started. And I’ve reclaimed this for me (after letting lack of support from one of my partners – who is no longer my partner – derail me). So no matter if I “win” or not, it’s a win in my book! Mostly I’ve got a bunch of characters in my head…I have no idea what they’re going to DO yet. 🙂 They’re introducing themselves to me as I type.