ARCs are in!!

BlackMagicSanctionAnd are they purdy!  The cover art for BLACK MAGIC SANCTION (Feb 23) has been out for a long time, but this is my “official” reveal.  😉  Harper is doing things a bit different this year, and since there is no big spoiler (like Kisten) in it, there will be more available than usual.  So if you work at a bookstore, or know someone who does, keep your ear to the ground.  They will be going out soon!  And if you don’t have a clue as to what I’m talking about, ARCs are Advanced Reader Copies that the publisher sends out to reviewers and bookstores.  They are not finished products, and therefore, because of legal gobbledegook, are not supposed to be sold, either by those who receive them, or anyone else for that matter.  It can be a touchy subject with a lot of authors.  They are supposed to be gifts, and to see them sold, irritates.

I’m still swimming in the flood of Halloween pictures, so please be patient.  I’m trying to give everyone at least one day on the front page, and that limits how many I can put up in a day.  Wow, you guys have really outdone yourself this year!  Pictures


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89 responses to “ARCs are in!!

  1. Thursday

    ok remind me again when this book is coming out?

  2. proudfit

    Is the tour dates and locations set yet?

    • Hi, Proudfit.

      Yes, but because there are still some details to work out, I can’t say much other than I’m staying east of the Mississippi for this release. I might go west for the YA tour.
      Sorry. 😦

  3. marie

    ooohh PRETTY!!

    Mama wants Kim, looks fab! LOL
    As you can tell cant wait!

  4. Sharon


    Will the audio-books be released at the same time as the printed copy? If not, do you know when they will be? I love them just as much as I love seeing the books in my library.

    • Hi, Sharon. Thanks! I really like it, too.

      The audio books should be out at the seme time, yes. I’m glad you’re enjoying them. Thanks! Ms. Gavin is a wonderful reader.

  5. Shondrea

    i want to wear rachels outfit its cute. i thought that silver thing was a belt but its an knife how cool.!!!! i need to pass eight grade pray for me!!! LOL yep ive lost my mind. Cant wait till BMS comes out

  6. Shondrea

    OMG!!!! The cover is so cool! we finally get to see what rachel looks like!! Yeah!*jumps up and down* lol. I just reread the hollows series for the 7th time since school started.I read really fast and its scary. One minute im on page 1 tha next im on 360. Can’t wait till Febuary BMS comes out 4 days befor my bday! now my parents can quit asking me what i want. BMS is at the top of the list right now and i pre-ordered it at Hastings.
    Can Black Magic Sanction come out any sooner im losing patience. And for a 13 year old my patience is short. LOL!!

    • Hi, Shondrea.

      Yup! The first front view of her face. I like it! That is very cool you’ve re-read them so many times. Thanks! And thank you for your enthusiasm. 😉

  7. I can’t wait for this! The cover is great!

  8. proudfit

    We see Rachel’s for the first time cool

  9. Sweet cover! I’m surprised they actually show Rachel’s face. I don’t buy your books for the cover though. I just love the story:)

  10. Marsha

    I just checked out all the pictures that are up…Wow! You obviously have clever and talented readers. Good job everyone.

  11. Tammie

    I have a question about one of your books (I hope I’m leaving this in the correct place). I have never bothered you or any author with questions before & hate that I’m doing it but for some reason it’s bugging the crap out of me. Have read your Hollows series. With the exception of White Witch, Black Curse, which I am now reading. My ? Is: Why is it that Ivy cannot even comfort Rachel when she is hurt (for example when she blew up the fridge & Jenks begged Ovy to hug/hold her) yet Kisten, also a vampire had the control to makeou,etc. With Rachel without biting her??
    Thank you!

    • Hi, Tammie. Yes, this is the right place, and I’m glad you asked. Why does Kisten have more control than Ivy? Kisten has worked hard at it. He took a job in a highly-volatile area (bouncer/bar manager) to develop the skills to block her instincts. Ivy worked with dead people. She didn’t make any patterns of behavior to block her instincts like Kisten did. Piscary had something to do with it, too.

  12. Hey Ms. Harrison!

    The cover looks AWESOME! We don’t have that cover release in my country sadly (though the covers are just as cool). I’m anxiously awaiting the next book! 😉
    Thank you and keep on writing!


  13. I know I shouldn’t read your blog because I’ll get completely spoiled since I’m only in Book 5, but I can’t resist! This cover looks so good 😀 I can’t wait to get my hand on this book (after I finish all the other books, of course… I’ll probably be starting Book 6 tomorrow!)

    And one more fanart for you since your books have captured my brain and won’t let go:

  14. Ahg!!
    Thank you so much for that latest cover. It made me go into “Hollows/Nerd” mode (and yes, such a thing exists). As if I wasn’t already pining for the next installment! That made it ten times worse!!!

    It looks fantastic. I’m dazzled. :p

  15. Lurker

    I can’t wait. So far, the only thing I don’t like about your books is that I read through them faster than you write them.

    go go gadget keyboard! 🙂

  16. Tine

    Great cover. I too imagined Bis as being much smaller. And a little more kittenish instead of gargoylish. Will be waiting, very patiently for the next book…..yeah, right!


  17. lody

    LOVE THE COVER! Can’t wait to read it!!! ❤

  18. Oooooh gorgeous. Too bad I can’t pretend to be a book reviewer instead of a photographer for a day 😉

  19. Hi Kim,
    Sorry to hear your Halloween wasn’t the greatest. However, congrats on this cover!!! It looks great! (btw I went and pre-ordered my copy from Amazon)!
    I read Ley Line Drifter recently – I know it takes place between WWBC and Black Magic Sanction, but I was just curious if you wrote it before or after Black Magic Sanction?
    Also, I’m anxious to find out what will come of the new character Daryl you introduced – would it be correct to assume she will be a character in Black Magic Sanction?

    • Thanks, Tiffany. It was like the holiday that didn’t happen this year. (sigh) And thanks! I am really liking this cover, too.

      You asked about LEY LINE DRIFTER? I wrote it after BMS. I think. I’m very curious to see what happens with Daryl, too. She’s slowly entering the books, yes. –Kim

  20. Roger Simmons


    All your fans would love a chance at getting an ARC.
    Have a give-away for one . . . let us enter a contest or something!

    Roger – Illinois

  21. Jeannie

    Looove the cover. The shining moon looks real behind her. Is that Bis or a demon(red eyes?)Since the ARC is going out, any tidbits you can throw our way-if not the ARC??? Can’t wait til February, already requested the 23th and 24th off so I won’t be interrupted. Just finished listening to the audio books-really found it relaxing-have never listened to a book before. Thanks.

    • Thanks, Jeannie. That’s a good representation of a gargoyle, that’s what that is. I love it. No tidbits yet, but soon. Wow, you took time off from work? Too cool! Thanks! –Kim

  22. Judi in NJ

    Woot!!!!! SO EXCITED!!! Beau—ti—ful cover!!!! And again I say, WOOT!!!

  23. Jesse

    I assume thats rach on the cover? been waitin awhile for the next book hahah

  24. rhea brooks

    hi, the woman on the cover of the new book supposed to be the main character, or does she just happen to have red hair. just curious. thanks.

    • Hi, Rhea. Yup. That’s Rachel. What goes on the cover is more elemental than actual. There’s a science to it, and I try not to mess with it. They know what they are doing. –Kim

  25. That is such an awesome cover! Looking forward to seeing the new book. I wonder if it is too early to start a re-read on the series. Probably a month too early…

  26. RebiNkc

    Oh I can’t wait! So happy my birthday is in February! That will make a great gift! Yippeee

  27. Tia-Marie

    I love the cover, if you ever decide to throw out some ARC’s my way I’d be grateful cause I’m dying to read it. In a week I’ve read the series twice back to back just incase I missed something. lol I’m really starting to like Pierce!

    I will definitely be buying the book!

  28. Shanda

    Kim, is there anyway you can give us an advanced product description of BMS? Like that brief paragraph you get that’s on the inside of the cover that is an introduction/preview of the book? 🙂

    • Hi, Shanda. Er . . . that’s not really my forte, but I’m sure I’ll have one the closer we get to the release. Soon as I get one of my ARCs back, I’ll see what the back says. (Guy is hording it upstairs in his office)

    • I COULD write an abstract…but, um, well, I’m not as psychic as I’d like to be. I would need a touch of help.

  29. Great! Love the cover. 😀

  30. Phil

    Kim, just a thought since the cover art for BMS is so cool, do you think the next one might have Rachel and Ivy both on the cover? Please, please, pleeease … 😉

  31. Marsha

    Damn! Look at those abs…great cover. i am so looking forward to my advanced order copy coming in. I HATE to wait, but when you get a little older, time flies more quickly. I sure hope so this time.

  32. Indy

    Wow!!! The artwork on the cover rocks!!! That’s not Bis on the cover, is it? I don’t picture him that way. I see him as smaller. Can’t wait for the book. I’m ready for a pre-order now…or at least go drop a GIANT hint to my family about what to get me for Christmas.~Indy.

    • Hi, Indy. No, that’s not Bis, unless he’s been at some water and has increased his size. He’s more like a cat when he’s relaxed. Pre-order is good. Amazon keeps track of stuff like that. –Kim

  33. Alicia

    Love the cover art!! Rachel is so bad ass!! Cannot wait for this to come out!!

  34. Scott S, Clovis CA

    Great cover. And, gasp, Rachel actually has a face! About time. And if those pesky ARCs are cluttering up your desk, we’ll be happy to take them off your hands.

  35. Kylie Ru

    I usually “deal” with the wait for a book/video game/movie by conveniently forgetting about its existence. I’ve kinda screwed that up in regards to BMS . . . Curse you for having a blog and being so damn interesting! Haha!

    Anyway, the cover looks totally awesome! I may just have to figure out some ingenious plan to acquire me an ARC. . .

    Oh, my next drawing for you will be of Ceri. She isn’t getting much love on deviantART.

  36. Wish I knew people. 🙂 the cover looks pretty damn awesome. I cannot wait until February. Hope you’ll be coming to the seattle/portland area again for a signing. can’t wait!

  37. Oh my wow! I want an ARC to review it for my homepage! (you’re under Urban Fantasy- sorry it’s all German but of course it’s only good reviews!) Please tell me if you’re willing to send me one? *puppy eyes* ❤ Aimée

  38. Dawn

    Gorgeous cover Kim! Can’t wait for the new release.
    I’m currently re-reading/re-listening to the whole series. On EWWBD right now. They never get old and I always discover something new.

  39. charmedwarrior

    umm…all i can say for BMS cover art is….DAMN that SWEET! 🙂

  40. I love the cover!!! So is my favorite character, Bis, heavy in this book? I know, I know, wait. All I ever do is wait.

    I love ARC’s too, but…sadly no longer have access to them. Unless it’s a lab book I’ve worked on to check errors. *sigh*

    Funny story for you, and quite the compliment, in a weird sort of way. I haunt used bookshops. I love the smell, and the feeling, and find a LOT of primary research material. They also usually have used Audio books, and after finding out my library had abridged forms…(shudder)

    Went to look see if your books were there. Asked person in charge. There was one, in horror, just ahead of two shelves of LKH.
    “No, we can’t get a hold of her books. Her fans won’t give them up!”

    We’re special 🙂

    • Thanks, Mud. I like the cover, too. Bis is becoming more important, yes, but you’ll have to wait. (laugh)

      Ooooh, I like hearing that they don’t show up in the used books. Cool! –Kim

  41. Crystal G.

    Is there any other way to get a ARC? I am literally dying to read it and every book you write. Than you for your books Kim.

  42. woo hoo! can’t wait to get a copy of Black Magic Sanction!

  43. Phil

    Feel free to send an ARC in my direction, Kim! (lol). They must be so cool! Do bookstores ever put them on display (not-for-sale item)?