It’s over, but the pictures are still coming in

Nov0109Halloween is over, but the contest isn’t!  I’ve got tons of pictures that have come in over the weekend, and they will be going up over the next couple of days.  These are fabulous, guys!  You really outdid yourself this year.  (grin)

Contest pictures


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34 responses to “It’s over, but the pictures are still coming in

  1. Brittany

    I really didn’t know where to post this so i figured anywhere would be good – On the cover of OnceDead… there is a pink embossed half-wing that I am just drawn to for some reason. I wanted to know who’s wing it is.. if you got it from somewhere or if it was an illustrator? I kind of want to get it as a tattoo and just wanted to see if there was anything to it. You are by far one of my favorite authors and its cool to say its from your book but there are other slightly more personal reasons that i like it as well (subject matter etc.).

    In other news – I don’t think ill be sending in any Halloween pictures this year. My mother got married on Halloween and we dressed up at the reception but it was such a crazy night that I think only the photographer has any good pictures and i doubt her return on them will make your deadline. 🙂 Maybe next year


    • Hi, Britt. This is the perfect place to ask me anything. You asked about the pink half-wing? That came from the cover artists to imply angels were involved in the storyline, and I don’t know if that image is under a copyright, but honestly, I can’t imagine anyone fussing if you wanted to use it for your personal use. It’s when you try to make money from a copyrighted image that people get stiff-necked.

      No Halloween pictures from you? I totally understand. It was a crazy day for me, too.

  2. Phil

    Kylie, you would have had my vote! 😉

  3. Kylie Ru

    I’m very glad you liked my drawing! Made me smile! So sadness on Halloween. I entered a costume contest at Broadway Palms. I was a mad scientist (pic soon, I promise!). I lost to an old lady. She was a “lost balloonist”, which consisted of a few balloons and a basket of kitty stuffed animals. Not really surprising she won, since 93.8% of the audience consisted of 75 years and older. But COME ON!! I was a MAD SCIENTIST!! With a story behind it! And I thought my honest competition was the cross dresser. . .

    • Kylie, that’s too funny! You lost to a balloonist! It just goes to show you never know what’s going on in the minds of a judge. Can’t wait to see your picture. –Kim

  4. Thursday

    Okay so i’m sending me and my son’s costumes in today. He was a lil reaper and i was a vampire! hahaha fun times!

    also – I have to say I’m salivating like a hungry vampire for Book 9! My eyes must be as black as death here! I just re-read your entire series for the 9th time! Every time I get done with the Hollows I feel sad because I’m in withdraw for more Rachely goodness! I have a question. Well a few actually. I don’t know if we are aloud to ask questions about wwbc yet so I’ll mask it but you’ll know what i’m talking about.
    Were you trying to make a kind of off putting feeling with Jenks being so against the Rachel Candy? Is there a important reason other than the obvious? I always listen to Jenks in your books because I think he is one of the wisest characters that you have made! He seems to always be my compass in your world when I want to know the right path to take. And in the last book he seemed to point the opposite way as everyone was going. So I’m a bit confused as to what to think. Sorry I must sound so stupid. Oh my question sniffs fairy farts!!

    • Kylie Ru

      I really don’t know what to make of the Rachel Candy. I like him, but at the same time I don’t like him. I assume we will find out more in Black Magic?

    • Hi, Kylie. Perhaps . . . (grin)

    • Hi, Thursday.

      Cool! I can’t wait to see your costumes!

      You asked about the books. Actually, watching Jenks is a good way to see what’s coming. He’s very intuitive, and yes, that’s why he never really liked Marshal. As for what’s on the horizon? Not long to wait now. –Kim

    • Thursday

      hahaha you are so sneaky with your answers! I can’t wait for the next one!!

    Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit…

    I’m loving the costume contest. It totally sucks to NOT be able to see the kids in their costumes, or the punkin’s in their carved glory (or even the occasional traditional rutabaga!) This way I get to enjoy it, even vicariously.

    Does it count that I dressed like a girl to go to the Symphony? After all, I usually dress like a guy 🙂 RL does get in the way of a lot of stuff, I hope yours wasn’t bad.

    • I missed rabbit rabbit this month, Mud. Sounds like you remembered. 😉

      Aren’t the costumes wonderful this year? Your pumpkin should be going up on Tuesday. I prepped it Monday night. 😉

  6. Phil

    Hi Kim, well it was a quiet Halloween on the east end of Long Island … most of the trick or treaters were in the village center.

    I’m re-rereading ODW. Is that where Rachel and Ivy missed out on the Halloween party? I’d so like to see them in those costumes. 😉

  7. Dragon

    i have FINALLY gotten outlaw demon wails! my book store is nothing but slow…. but in time after halloween i can slow down have a hot cup of tea and enjoy the book, and view of the decorated cemitary
    hope you have a great time!

  8. Chastity

    Had a great Halloween, hope you did too!!!

  9. Antonio Rich

    I was over at Amazon recently and saw the new cover for JIM BUTCHER’s new Dresden book – Changes – to be released in April,2010…Anyhoo–I read the little “blurb” about the plot/story…AND, I was SHOCKED that they revealed such a major MAJOR SPOILER!? I assume Mr Butcher is cool with this, but as a writer do you have any say in the promotional materials/information given to Sellers, or do they do whatever they want?

    • Antonio Rich

      I don’t have any Halloween pictures of myself…A few years back, a friend took a picture of me reclining among her Christmas presents, in front of her lit,ornamented tree wearing nothing but one of those red Santa hats…she ended up sending a few out as Holiday greeting cards. Ahhhhh innapropriate behavior, public nudity…good times, good times…

    • Kylie Ru

      O_o . . . I suppose that would be inappropriate behavior, but still hilarious!

    • Phil

      Hey, Antonio! I want to thank you for asking about me yesterday … I’m doing, okay 🙂

      Hope you had a great b’day! All Saints Day, cool! I’m not asking if you were, um, you know, “saintly”? Lol.

    • I can veto what goes on the cover, yes, but Jim might not. Or he might not care. Mmmm. That’s too bad about the spoiler. –Kim

  10. Jenn

    Hi Kim,

    Happy Hallowe’en! I hope you had a great one! Mine was pretty sad, we only had 14 kids for the entire night 😦
    Do you know that I still haven’t seen the Jenks novella in our outlet stores here in Canada? I got it at Chapters & loved it! It was fantastic to see inside Jenk’s stump. I also really enjoyed seeing Ivy from Jenk’s point of view.
    I can’t wait to see all of the entries for the contest. I did enter as well but I made Guy work for it since I don’t know how to shrink my photo!
    Hope you have a great day!


    • Gothar

      It was in the romance section at the local Coles.

    • Hi, Jenn. Thank you, but I think you had a better Halloween than I did, actually. 😉 Mmmm, I’m so glad you finally got your copy. Thanks! I’m so glad you enjoyed it.

      Pictures are going up. I think yours will be up on Tuesday. I prepped it Monday night. –Kim

  11. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am.

    Did you get your package from the post office yet?

    Good to know there are going to be more Avery books. As you know, I’m not in her demographic but a good story knows no such bounds.


  12. Marsha

    Great pictures! looks like a lot of people love Halloween as much as I do. I should have just taken a shot of my face in the mirror at 4:00 am getting ready for work before the shower and make-up…but that might have given me an unfair advantage in the gruesome department : )

  13. Regine

    Hey Kim *smilie*…whats up? Its me, Regine ;-)))
    I hope you remember me. *grin*

    Yeah, Halloween is fantastic! Have you celebrated? Were you dressed up?

    I could not celebrate. I have caught a cold and lie in bed. Your new book came just correctly for me. *hehe* I have read your new book and I love it!!! You get still better and better, Kim. I am enthusiastic. I have read every day and could not stop.*hihi* I have been afraid, the history goes on without me. *grin* Joke ;-))) How one can these write book still better? The next part has a hard time.*grin* Its perfect! I am really astonished, what you have done from Rachels story. You can be proud of it. I find it good, this you have not solved the secret about Kisten at once. The tension shall remain. I am very curious about the next book. What will Rachel learn from Al? Will he let back her go? No sex said Rachel. *laugh* Will hearts be in Al`s red eyes soon? *hihi*

    I am veeeery curious. *grin*
    I must wait now. ;-((((

    Do you shorten the time for me? *hehe*

    Your Regine VV

    • Hi, Regine. No, I didn’t get to celebrate this year, either, unfortunatly. But I’ve got a bunch of candy I might eat. (sigh) I’m so glad you’re enjoying the books. Thanks!