Happy Friday! Happy Halloween!

I’m going out on a limb and saying that I’m going to be busy this weekend. 😉   Pictures are going up at the website for Halloween, but keep sending them in.  Contest runs to the second week of November.

Kim’s 3rd Annual Halloween Costume Contest



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80 responses to “Happy Friday! Happy Halloween!

  1. Oh no I haven’t sent them in yet, I didn’t get any pictures of myself.

  2. HeatherfrmAZ

    Ahhhhh I can’t find any of my pictures noooo!!!

  3. KC

    Hi, Kim. I hope your Halloween went well. I was wondering will readers hear more about Jenk’s daughter Jih and her new mate and if, they had any newlings of their own? That would be so cool. Is the Coven of Ethical and Moral Standards a corrupt body of witches? And are they appointed or elected?

  4. mudepoz

    Burning Bunny Burning Bunny Burning Bunny

  5. Chris

    Just another October 31st here in central PA…T or T was Friday. This year
    there were a lot less visitors. Seems as though the flu has really impacted here lately. our daughter went as a scrub nurse w/surgical mask. Came back with an impressive haul. We have a home visit with our autistic son this weekend. It is so great to have him home for awhile. my dad celebrated another bday on the 31st. Too bad my parents are sooo far away geographically. Our best to everyone.

  6. Frotee

    Happy Halloween Kim! (I know, I’m a day late, but yesterday was my birthday so I was kinda busy)
    I hope you had a nice one, as my Halloween was kind of dissapointing this year – planned on joining some friends for a party in a local club, only to discover that 1., they’re allowed to smoke in there (I hate breathing that stuff, let alone trying to get it out of my hair, skin and clothes afterwards >_>), and 2., that there was nothing good to drink if you had to drive home. We ended up leaving for another club after a short time, where we finally had some fun (after midnight though, so it was no longer Halloween -_-). Well, at least my boyfriend got to show off his other zombie costume once more, and we got the chance to make another friend really happy (I might have been in an overall better mood if my boyfriend had thought of something nice for me, too, apart from the tickets he bought for January…can’t have everything). We’ll just start planning Halloween (and my birthday) earlier next year so we can party at castle Frankenstein (which is about a 2 to 3 hours drive from here) 🙂

  7. lemonade

    Hey, happy Halloween! I hope you had a good one. My kiddo was a radioactive glow-in-the-dark zombie. As for trick or treaters, we had a kid dressed as Michael Jackson who would go from house to house saying “Trick or Tree-heet”. I think he was my favorite. Nothing like someone getting into the character.

  8. Kylie Ru

    Happy Halloween! I shall be putting on my constume momentarily, and I shall submit it soon. For now though, I give you the link to that drawing I promised you!


    • Chris

      very nice Kylie..wondering about how it would look like on a T ?
      Maybe a whole line of Hallows Tees for next Halloween.

    • Chris

      *Hollows…thats what i get for typing w/ a cavachon on my lap…lol

    • Kylie Ru

      Thank you! Hmm, that on a T? That would be pretty cool. Although, I think I just might faint . . . probably from SQUEEing to much, haha!

    • Antonio Rich

      Good job, kiddo…you know what would be cool? Ivy on her motorcycle…either that scene in DWW with Rachel and Nick in animal form on her gas tank…or, that scene in WWBC where Ivy, Rachel, and Jenks are fleeing Rynn Cormel’s place…B Good…

    • Kylie Ru

      Umm, hehe, I don’t know if I’m _that_ good yet. I could definitely try, though. Anyway, thank you!

    • Ooooo, Kylie! I like! Thank you. –Kim

  9. Thomas McNeill

    I have one wall of my living room covered with fan art pics of Rchel-Ivy-Jenks etc. but I’m allways looking for more.Do you have any links to other Fan art pages?
    We’re getting closer.Febuary will be here soon,just not soon enough,LOL.

  10. charmedwarrior

    Samhain Blessings to all….and those of you in the Southern Hemisphere…Beltaine Blessings to you.

  11. tattoolady

    Happy Halloween Kim! have fun tonight with guy and the kids.-tattoolady

  12. Indy

    Hi Kim!!! Happy Halloween!!!~Indy

  13. Vampyre

    Tink is a Disney whore…;)


  14. Marsha

    I just got back from Charleston and Savanah to find out about another contest…Of course I voted for you. I think I was up pretty close to your neck of the woods when my friend and I stopped in Colombia to have lunch with a former coworker who transfered there. I hope you have a wonderful Halloween!

    • Hi, Marsha. Normally, I would have been pretty close, but I was out of state this Halloween. (sigh) But isn’t it pretty in SC right now? Love it! I hope you had a great Halloween! –Kim

  15. Chastity

    HAPPY HALLOWEEN to one and all!!!! Be safe and try not to get too worked up on all the goodies this weekend!

    ****Please be sure to go over to http://www.bittenbybooks.com and vote for Kim in their latest poll: 2009 Favorite Paranormal Author of the Year FINAL Round*****

  16. Val-OH

    I’m so excited about the costume contest this year! My mom and me made costumes for the girls again this year. Sophia’s going to be the wicked witch of the west and shirley is going to be the good witch of the east. We went above and beyond this year they look exactly like the the costumes in the movie. I’ll get the pics sent probably Sunday. They’ve won two years in a row at their schools Halloween party we’re going for year 3!! I hope you don’t get annoyed with me but will you be releasing a teaser for black magic sanction? Jeez it’s been a while since I dropped in the blog I’ve been soo busy with my new baby I barely get on the computer anymore. I used to think infants were easy, but little Sylvie has colic and she has been so different from my first two girls. Good God I’m writing a letter! Just wanted to drop in and let you know I still got love for you!!

  17. Joy

    Happy Halloween Everybody!!!! Stay warm, safe and jacked up on sugar all weekend!!

  18. http://www.mso.org/main.taf?p=1,1,1,1&EventID=9147

    Have a great Halloween. No weenies made it to our house last weekend, I live in an industrial park (no, nothing in my life is particularly normal) but I have my punkin’s anyhow. Saturday Tall Dude and I have a date for the symphony. Not sure about the opera, but I LOVE Chihuly and his glass works, so I guess I can survive Bartok’s Blue Beard! We’ve visited Chihuly’s work in several states, it’s wonderful he’s back in Milwaukee!

    I wonder if I’ll be in sparkshine to finish writing the labs. And maybe write an article on the creative research and inspiration of authors.

    And speaking of Peer Reviewed Scientific articles, I just saw one done on The Vampire in Current Media 🙂 The things people get their degrees with! OK, I do think it’s cool.

    • mudepoz

      Yes. Very good, even for Opera 🙂 Though the Tall Dude says to take it with a grain of salt, Bluebeard was a bass profundo NOT a baritone (he is)

      The glass was so amazing, the feeling I think you imparted with your description of passion. I was inspired to play myself.

      I have trouble with classical music. In my time, cartoons were scored with copyright free classical music. So Bluebeard, a big man with wild black hair and beard (NOT a costume) reminded me…of Cookie Monster.

      *Shrug* I am such a dweeb.

    • Hi, Mud. Oooooh, sounds like a fabulous evening! –Kim

  19. Phil

    HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVE!!!!!!!! I’m trying to picture a Hollows’ Halloween … scary!!! 😉 Do the vamps dress up as weres, the witches as vamps, the elves as humans???

    PS~it was fun to see my pumpkin entry posted with the contest pictures.

    Have a safe and HAPPY HALLOWEEN everyone!!!

    • Hi, Phil. That was your pumpkin?! (grin) I thought so. What do vamps do for Halloween? I think I did that in Outlaw Demon Wails. (laugh) I hope you had a great night. –Kim

  20. Suzanne

    Happy Halloween! I just dropped off the tot at school and was surprised that there was not a single disney princess or tinkerbell. Granted her class only has 8 girls but it struck me as odd for kindergarten, lol. Lots of girl superheros, which was very cool. The tot was Minnie Mouse. The number of steampunk costumes among the rest of the school were a plesnt surprise especially the steampunk Jane from Tarzan and the gentleman air pirate, lol. The cadre of identically-dressed steampunk lolitas in their fishnets and mini-top hats was a little disturbing at a k-8 shcool, but haloween *is* a thinly veiled excused to wear stuff your parents normally didn’t allow.

    If my steampunk costume comes in time, I’ll wear that for halloween, if not I’ll just be ‘the mom” LOL. Are you dressing up?

    ~Suzanne and the tot

    • Hi, Suzanne. Nope, I’m not dressing up this year. Had something to do and I just about compleatly missed Halloween apart from the costume contest. I’ve not gotten through the pictures, but I hope there’s one there from you! 😉 –Kim

  21. Antonio Rich

    You do a 1+ page outline for every chapter before you start writing the first draft? Wow, i didn’t know you did that. Didn’t you also tell us about a character outline that you kind of overlay the entire story, gauging how often characters are in scenes/chapters? Keeping track of when and how often they show up, or are absent? Does this take form when you are doing the chapter outlines or is that later when you get thru a first draft?

    PS BIG WEEKEND for me too. I turn 29…again. For, like the 10th or 15th time…who’s keeping track?

  22. Jeannie

    Loving all the pictures for your contest. The we ones are adorable. Thank you for staying so involved with your fans, I hope we give you, half as much as you give us. Oh yeah, any word the 52 stories yet? I just don’t want to miss yours. And my daughter and I have voted-go Kim!

  23. Meg

    Hi, Kim! =] Heh, Happy Halloween Eve! Actually, I’m pretty sure I just said ‘Happy All Hallows Eve Eve.’ >.>’ If I manage to go buy my wings, I may just enter the contest this year.

    These last four weeks have been agony. Since I’m in the UK, DAWNBREAKER was due out a few days after the USA release. Okay, fair enough, I can wait a few days. Ten days later, they don’t have it. So I order it at my local bookstore and they tell me it’ll be here in another ten days. I go back, and they say there’s been a delay. It should be here next week. I go back in a week. Guess what? They didn’t have it. So, they re-ordered it for me. One more week. Nope, no book. Re-ordered it AGAIN and AGAIN it failed.

    Thing is, I’m running low on cash lately, and with my card I get the book a little cheaper, so that’s why I waited. But, alas, faith in my little bookstore is gone, burnt out. After talking to Jocelynn on her site, I’m pretty sure she’s a little disgusted too 😀

    Therefore, I think I’ll splash out a little extra and get it from Amazon. Man, my heart is broken… Thanks ~ Meg VV

    P.S. A few people have suggested I start taking hostages at my bookstore. Is it evil that I’m warming to this idea? M.

    • Antonio Rich

      One nice thing amazon does is their 4 for 3 promotion. Buy 3 books under $10 and get a fourth free. i think Jocelynn’s book is available for the promotion and you could add, say, Unbound and a couple of others. with free shipping you’ll get 4 books for a little less than $24 total. not bad.

    • Antonio Rich

      It’s a regular ongoing promotion…it’s how i buy most of my stuff now…

    • Hi, Meg. Oh no! That’s awful! I’m so sorry to hear that. I hope you get your copy soon. DAWNBREAKER is fab. 😉