I finished a couple of big projects this week, (Graphic novel rewrite and page proofs for BMS) which clears my calendar for writing book ten.  Almost.  For the last couple of weeks I’ve been thinking about book ten as I finish my rewrite for book nine.  The last chapter has been a bear.  First 14 pages were a breeze, but then the possibilities of the next book raised their head, and I’ve been circling.  Do this, do that, what if, how about . . . 

Book ten doesn’t have an outline yet, and I don’t script the last chapter of any book.  So it’s been kind of goosey, and exactly why I don’t like working without an outline, and why I love it when I fall off the one I have.  It is usually something special when it happens.  Yesterday, I found the spark in book ten.  Now I just have to write it.  (laugh)



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  1. Thursday

    I have to say I’m salivating like a hungry vampire for Book 9! My eyes must be as black as death here! I just re-read your entire series for the 9th time! Every time I get done with the Hollows I feel sad because I’m in withdraw for more Rachely goodness! I have a question. Well a few actually. I don’t know if we are aloud to ask questions about wwbc yet so I’ll mask it but you’ll know what i’m talking about.
    Were you trying to make a kind of off putting feeling with Jenks being so against the Rachel Candy? Is there a important reason other than the obvious? I always listen to Jenks in your books because I think he is one of the wisest characters that you have made! He seems to always be my compass in your world when I want to know the right path to take. And in the last book he seemed to point the opposite way as everyone was going. So I’m a bit confused as to what to think. Sorry I must sound so stupid. Oh my question sniffs fairy farts!!

    • Hi, Thursday. Wow, you reread them that many times? Dude! (grin)

      I think I answered your question somewhere else here at the blog . . . Sorry. Sometimes it takes me a while to answer them if the post isn’t the current one. –Kim

  2. Just read yesterday’s post as well about Yo-Yo Ma. I am terribly envious. He is one of my most favorite musicians. (He and Nigel Kennedy, a violinist who has the capability to make a violin sound freezing when he plays Vivaldi’s four seasons) I love his Silk Roads Ensemble CD. He just has that something that makes him so much more capable of moving you than the other musicians have.
    😉 Kind of like certain authors and their troupe of workers.

    Anyway, good luck with all the projects that are leaping about your desk (not to mention the flaming plot bunnies). I am off to go and ride my horse.
    Have a good one Ms. Harrison,


  3. I am so excited for your graphic novel! The only GN I own is The Crow by James O’Barr… so I definitely need to broaden my horizons, and the Hollows would be a fantastic way to do it!

    If you could strategically place Trent in a towel somewhere in that outline of yours (grin), I’ll love you forever. 😉
    My emotional pendulum swings for that guy: “love him, hate him, love him, hate him…”

    • Hi, Becka.

      Mmmm. No Trent, but I’ve got Kisten in the bathtub. 😉

      I hear you about Trent. He’s fun to write, especially when Rachel is arguing with him. –Kim

  4. Jo

    Wow book ten. I love how each book is different than the previous book and how you keep the story moving. It’s always exciting to see how the characters evolve and just what Rachel gets herself into again. How did you find each characters voice? It’s what I am being challenged with in my writing. It seems that all my characters sound alike for the moment.


    • Hi, Joelle. Thanks! I’m so pleased that you’re enjoying the variety. I would get bored if I wrote the same story over and over.

      You asked about finding each character’s voice? I usually don’t introduce a new character unless the story needs something that the current characters can’t provide, and that gives them a unique voice. You might try examining your reasoning for bringing a character to life, and then expanding upon that. Be sure to give him or her good points, and bad points, things that irritate, and things that attract. Good luck!

    • Jo

      Thanks Kim! A weekend of character examination ahead of me as well as starting to write for the national novel writing month contest. Maybe it’ll spark a fire of creation.

  5. Lilly

    Hi Kim,

    First off i love the hollows so much, huge fan here. Um I know this is going to sound odd but I was wondering how tall would you say Trent is, cause sometimes, he’s either a few inches taller than Rachel (how tall is she too?) or a few inches shorter than Tall freak Jonathon, I was just curious is all. Ooh one more thing i have heared people say your going to put Rachel and Trent in a car for a roadtrip in book 9 – Is that true or not? cause I just love those two together, why would they go on a roadtrip i wonder…hmmm? Thanks for creating this series, I enjoy every page! – Lilly

    • Thanks, Lilly! I’m so pleased that you’re enjoying the books. Trent is a couple of inches taller than Rachel, but sometimes she’s in heels, and sometimes he’s wearing boots from the stables. Jonathan is clearly the tallest person in the books so far. I’m brushing up book nine right now. It should be done, but I can’t let it go. That’s a good sign, but it’s not doing anything for my productivity. 😉 –Kim

    • Antonio Rich

      You know, that’s a good question. How come I’m thinking Rachel is 5′ 10″, Ivy is 6′, trent is 6′, and Jonathon is 6′ 9″? Does anybody else remember from the books??

    • OMGosh, Rachel is only 5’6″.

  6. Gothar

    Circle the wagon a storm (of imagination) is coming!

    • OMGosh, Gothar, you are so right. The sad thing is that I’m enjoying it, and Guy is suffering the fallout. It can get kind of intense, and though I’m dealing with it, he’s suffering the winds and dammaging hail. (ha!) –Kim

  7. Phil

    Kim, thanks for your words of concern re my ER visit!! Everything’s ok … on the mend 🙂

  8. Phil

    Yeah! What Mud just said … 😉 Sparkshine! Even better than moonshine!

  9. Phil

    I second what Ezgi just said! Those sparks of inspiration when they come are products of your imaginative creativity, your love for what you do, and all your hard work, and so rewarding not only for you but for all of us, too! 🙂

  10. Lee

    YAY… kim is awesome. im torn at the moment, I just started reading your books (devouring is probably a better term) and want to know whats gunna happen sooo bad, but I also want to make the suspense last. Agh. but I’m forced to wait for WWBC, turns out not alot of places sell your book here in NZ. Very frustrating.

  11. And i love you all the more for waiting for and following sparks instead of sticking to a preset outline.

  12. Lurker

    I always wondered how writers strategize. I mean, do you know you are only writing one book, or 5? If your writing five, do you outline the story arc for all five, or just one at a time and hope you can link the next ones in as they come? (remember, hope is not a strategy!) And really, what happens when you expect to wrap up the series in x number of books, and the publisher comes back and says, ‘hey, great stuff! Can we have 5 more?”.

    • Hi, Lurker.

      It’s different for every book, series, and every writer. You just kind of float your strategizing to what the application needs. But I don’t know a writer who hasn’t written a book with at least _one_ idea of what might come next. And as for what do you do when you think you’ve ended the series and the publisher wants more? First you do the happy dance, then you bring trouble, woe, and pain to your protagonist and see what happens.

  13. Suzanne

    Hehehe, I do love it when characters get their own ideas of what they want to do, and i love being surprised by sudden plot lines and everything magically falling into place. It’s its own special kind of magic.

    ~Suzanne and the tot

  14. Kat

    “Circling” Great title…kind of says it all.

  15. charmedwarrior

    you go Kim…storm that castle of inspiration!

  16. Antonio Rich

    I see in today’s paper that Brandon Sanderson is finishing the last 3 books in Robert Jordan’s “Wheel of Time” saga. So often in music we see artists re-interpret someone else’s work. Tribute albums sometimes collect a group of musicians, or one artist will do an entire album(CD) of covers. Someone asked Jocelynn D on BBB what character in literature would she like to appropriate for her series, which i thought was interesting…1)what contemporary and/or historical character from someone else’s work would you like to write a short story about, if asked by the author/estate? 2)would you ever allow someone to put together a tribute anthology of your favorite authors interpreting your characters? It might be kind of interesting to see some of your buddies(F Hunter,R Vincet,Viccki P, Jocelynn D) writing stories about their favorite Hallow’s characters(and vice versa…)

    • I know I’m cutting in here, but that second question made my eyes water, it looked so delicious.

      That would be totally wicked! At the very least, to know what characters they’d like to play around with and which they think they could synchronize their own rhythms to.

      But personally, I wouldn’t want other authors touching the Hollows.

    • Antonio Rich

      Becka. Wouldn’t it be cool. Viccki P writing a story from Kisten’s point of view, Jocelynn D writing a Rynn Cormel story, Melissa Marr writing an Erica story, Jeaniene Frost writing an Ivy/Glenn story…Or, maybe Kim writing a Hunter or Bones story? I’ve always wondered why the Book world doesn’t take a page from the music world and get a little creative with their product(s)

    • I guess I couldn’t handle it. The characters speak with the authors voice. I mentioned that many times I can see certain influences from other authors, and much of it isn’t even fiction. If another author picked up that character they may not have the same background or understanding. The character would be destroyed for me.

    • Melissa Marr writing an Erica story??? omigosh, that would be AWESOME!

      Sorry, (laugh) a little excited.

    • Hi, Antonio.

      Golly, I’ve never given it any thought as to whose world I’d like to write in. I’ve just got so many things I want to write about and not enough time.

      And as for putting together an anthology of writers to write Hollows? Again, I don’t know. We’re all kind of busy with our own stuff, but that’s a fun thought.


  17. Phil

    Bursts of inspiration are always exciting. I love these glimpses into your creative process! 🙂

  18. Sparks are good, can’t wait.

  19. Kylie Ru

    Sparks are always great!

  20. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    Are there anymore plans for Madison Avery?


    PS I think the snail carrying your package hit a patch of salt and died. The replacement snail is lost.

  21. Sebrina

    How do you structure your outlines?

    • Hi, Sebrina. Mmmm. A six-word question with a 1000 word answer. There is no wrong way to write, but I can tell you what works for me. I usually write three outlines as I develop a story. The first is a three-page synopsis of the entire book, then I expand that into a ten-page synopsis to help me find my pacing and the slow spots.
      Now I write the outline I work from, which is basically a detailed breakdown of what happens–one page per chapter, usually. If there’s a fight, I try to detail it out. If there’s a spell, I just say “make up a spell” and do that later. Everything is hand written here, and I take my thirty or so pages to the keyboard. It’s from these one-page, chapter breakdowns that I write my dialog from.
      Dialog is when I start using my keyboard, and I usually end up with about 5-10 pages of typed dialog. Then I go back and fill in the action. I’ve been slowly developing this method over the course of a couple of series, and it gets tweaked every time I write a new book, but it works for me. I might take the chance to catalog just what I do when I start a new book. It will be my “celebration of a decade of the Hollows.” (laugh) Hope this was helpful!

    • Sebrina

      It was helpful to my nagging curiosity. Thanks! 😀 I always like seeing how writers go about writing. I seem to lack focus on occasion. I’m good for the first couple thousand words, but then I seem to forget the inspiration/main idea/what was written before. I was thinking maybe an outline would be a good way to direct my focus. I like your outline process.

  22. mudepoz

    The joy of a mind cleaned by the inspiration of music. I bopped onto Faith’s elist. She is another cool person. And I love the fact that either she is humoring me, or I did pick up Grandin’s influence. I wonder if there is a article on the minds and influences of writers of our time ?