Yep. It’s another contest . . .

(grin)  Actually, it’s a continuation of one that started last month.  Bitten by Books is trying to find their reader’s favorite paranormal author of 2009.  Last month was the preliminaries, and now we are in the final voting.  I made the cut!  (yay!)  Voting runs from now to this Saturday 10/31/09 at or around 11:59 am CDT.  The authors that made the cut are, in no particular order:

Kim Harrison
Charlaine Harris
Candace Havens
Tonya Hurley
Richelle Mead
Karen Marie Moning
Stephenie Meyer
Michelle Rowen
So if you like contests, go vote for your fav!  Bitten by Books

Also, the costume contest is starting to heat up.  I got a bunch of new entries last night, so give me an hour or so, and I’ll have them at the main website.  It’s looking great this year!  I really like the pumpkin pictures.  Pictures.  Contest runs to the second week in November.


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29 responses to “Yep. It’s another contest . . .

  1. Indy

    Oh no, Kim is in 2nd. Don’t forget to vote at

  2. Caitlin

    I just voted, for you of course. You are way ahead! Looks like I’m not the only one with a magnificent taste in books.

  3. Kat

    I voted. You are the best IMHO!

  4. Gwendalla

    Yahoo! My sister finally started reading your series. Now when I talk about your books she’ll know what I’m talking about. It usually takes me about 3 days to go through 1 of your books but since she has 5 kids I think I will have to be patient while she catches up.I just checked the poll and you are in first with 417 votes.

  5. Lurker

    When I voted you were 3’rd. Now your first.
    go go !

  6. Thursday

    Well of course you made it! Your the best!!! Go Kim!!! I voted for you just now! Everyone Vote Kim For President! hehehe

    This message is supported by Thursday!

  7. Jodi

    Just a few questions for you=) First one being is Jenks going to be the sexy lil pixy in the graphic novel, that you describe him to be in the series of books? I absolutely love him!! And second is me just wondering when you are going to have another book out for the hollows?
    Love your work, you make me laugh and cry!
    Thank you

    • Hi, Jodi.

      Oh! Sorry. No Jenks in the GNs. They take place before Jenks and Rachel meet. But Kisten is still alive. Next Hollows book is due out Feb 23rd. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the books. Thanks! –Kim

  8. Sebrina

    So happy to see you’re pulling ahead in the voting. When I voted you weren’t doing so well. I’ve been checking back at random intervals. 😀

  9. Angela K

    I wonder on your fan base Kim… I am sitting at work (obviously not working) and refreshing the voting poll at Bitten by the Books and your vote count keeps going up – which is a good thing. But, yet I wonder how many of your voters are doing exactly what I am doing – slacking off…

    I don’t feel too bad though, part of my job is just sitting around; and the work I could do is dependent on the availability of someone else (who is not available). So, I’m just on fb, surfing the web and watching your vote count increase.

    Good Luck!

    • Hi, Angela. The Internet is one big time sink, that’s for sure. That’s one of the reasons I have one computer for the Internet, one for real work. Sigh. Thanks for the vote! –Kim

  10. Kylie Ru

    . . . . Can we vote multiple times? Or does it somehow manage to keep track?

  11. Congrats on making it to the final round at BBB. You won out over some tough competition. Rachel and her BBB crew put us readers in a tough spot choosing between our favorites. You were always on the top of my list (of course).

  12. Antonio Rich

    I think I’ve voted more for you in the last few years than i’ve voted in any Congressional/Presidential election in my entire life. It’s only a matter of time before some bright-eyed volunteer for Ilona Andrews or Carrie Vaughn asks to put a sign in my yard.

    • Antonio Rich

      For those of you outside of our fair country, we hold our elections on the first tuesday of November…so, it’s election time again and we are very big on SIGNS in our yard supporting whatever candidate/issue of our choice. Our last presidential election birthed more signs than all the rest combined!? I felt like an “outsider” in my own neighborhood for NOT having a sign(Nobody needs to know who i vote for)

      We should have an election here! You know, who supports Trent__who votes for I&R HEA…stuff like that.

    • Kylie Ru

      I didn’t have a sign either. But there was bunch, huh?

    • LOL, i’ve never voted in my country, but i’m about as involved in politics of the real world as a fish is with suntan lotion…
      Have voted for Kim though! Good luck!!!
      I would be SOOO pleased if she (you, hello Ms. Harrison) beats Stephanie Meyer…
      Have a great day everybody.

    • Hi, Alyssa. 😉 Thanks for the vote! 😉

    • It wouldn’t surprise me, Antonio. That’s what a widget is. An electronic sign in your electronic front yard. –Kim